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Lu Jie suffered a lot during several “long journeys” to the office ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival which fell on Thursday.在周四中秋节这天之前,陆杰在“长途跋涉”中饱受折腾地到达办公室。“Normally it takes me 40 minutes to drive to the office in the morning, but I have had to spend more than an hour recently due to holiday traffic jams,” said Lu, who is among tens of millions of office workers in Beijing.“通常我早上花40分钟车程到办公室,但最近由于假日交通堵塞我不得不花一个多小时,”陆说,作为数千万在北京工作的白领之一。“It took me nearly 20 minutes to cover a few hundred meters in the morning rush hour, even though I left home half an hour earlier than usual,” he added.“在早高峰我花了将近20分钟才行驶了几百米,即使我离开家比平常早半个小时,”他补充说。September is considered the most congested month in Beijing with the new school year and holidays such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day contributing to congestion.由于新学年和节假日如中秋节和国庆节造成拥堵,9月被认为是北京最拥挤的月份。Festival traffic jams are particularly loathed by citizens, with some blaming the surge of private car ownership and the inefficiency of the public transportation system.节日交通堵塞特别使市民特别厌恶,一些人指责私家车数量的激增和效率低下的公共交通系统。Figures from the BMCT show that as many as 5.35 million private cars had been registered in the city by the end of July this year.BMCT的数据显示到今年7月底这个城市有多达535万量私家车登记。The congestion also raised public concern over air pollution from vehicle emissions.交通拥堵也引起公众关注来自汽车尾气排放的空气污染。 /201309/257539

Sometimes, a new design is so innovative that is completely obliterates all we know about the original object. Take the Fliz for example. This odd yellow arch is intended to be a replacement for the bicycle and, while it has the eponymous two wheels of the original it dispenses with just about everything else.有时候,一个新的设计是如此的创意十足,以至于我们对它的本来面目一无所知。Fliz自行车就是一个例子。车身上奇怪的黄色拱形替代了自行车中最基本的组成元件:两个脚蹬,以及和脚蹬有关的一切。Indeed, the Fliz is a “pedal-less” bike, that uses a harness instead of a seat. Once strapped in, the rider runs along to build speed, then pulls up his or her feet to glide along. Steering and braking are more conventional but still, operating the giant yellow arch has to be unusual.实际上,Fliz是一个没有脚蹬的自行车,它使用背带代替了车座,骑自行车的人固定好身体后,要先跑上一段使自行车动起来;然后靠脚在地面上的擦使它停下。方向和刹车的控制是最原始的,但是,操作巨大的黄色拱形依然非常困难。To really understand what’s going on, you have to see it in action. Check out the at TreeHugger.com.为了更好地理解发生在这架自行车上事情,你要看一看视频,看它动起来的样子。视频原载于上面这个网站。 /201209/197723

乐淘网的总裁有一天突然发现,第一个订货单最强势的时间在什么时候?早上6点钟到7点半!这都是人们在厕所里面订购的。看来拿着手机、iPad网购早已不是新鲜事,移动网购的时代正悄然而至。Couch commerce refers to the phenomenon of people doing their shopping using tablet and smartphone devices.沙发商务指的是人们用平板电脑和智能手机购物的现象。With the introduction of the iPad from Apple, tablet sales have skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Online retailers have jumped on the bandwagon by introducing versions of their online storefronts that cater to people who use tablet devices.随着苹果公司iPad的引进,平板电脑的销售量在过去几年猛涨。在线零售商跟随潮流也给他们的网店引进了适应平板电脑用户要求的版本。The term ;Couch commerce; is derived from the fact that many people will be sitting on their couch (or in the bath, or outside on the balcony, etc) while they do their online shopping this year. The introduction of the iPad and similar tablet devices has completely changed the buying experience forever. People no longer sit right in front of their computer screens, highly focuse on their task to find best deals.;沙发商务;这个词源于很多人网上购物的时候都是坐在沙发上(或者浴室、阳台等)。IPad以及同类平板电脑的引进彻底改变了人们的网购生活。人们再也不需要正襟危坐在电脑屏幕前专门购物了。 /201112/166204

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