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2017年10月19日 04:23:27 | 作者:大众手机 | 来源:新华社
适合七年级的英语话剧:寻找布莱克先生 -- :39:3 来源: 适合七年级的英语话剧:寻找布莱克先生  (一天,Mrs Black 向警方报案Mr Black失踪了,警察对此展开了调查,他在询问Mrs Black一些情况)  P: I’m sorry to hear that. Mrs Black. Can I ask you some questions.  M: (伤心地)Sure.  P: Does Mr black go to work in the morning?  M: Yes, he does. No,he doesn’t . He goes to work in …  P: Does he go to work by car?  M: Yes, he does. No,he doesn’t . He goes to work by…  P: Does he go to work alone?  M: Yes, he does. No,he doesn’t .He goes to work with his assistant(助手), Xiao Lin.  P: Oh, I see. Don’t worry ,Madam. I can help you.  (警察马上与Xiao Lin取得了电话联系.)  L:(电话铃响) Hello,this is Xiao Lin.  P: Hi,Xiao Lin .This is Police Satation. Can I ask you some questions?  L: (紧张地问)Sure,What’s the matter?  P: Does Mr Black goes to work today?  L: Yes, he does.  P: Does he go to work with you?  L: Yes, he does.  P: Where is he now?  L : He is tired. He is sleeping in the office.  P: Oh, I know. That’s all. Thank you ,bye.  L: Bye-bye. 适合七年级的英语话剧一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl) -- :18: 来源: 一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl)  Eva likes English very much. She works hard. She s English every morning. She likes speaking English.  She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.  Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.The Apple Tree 蘋果树 --7 :: 来源: The Apple Tree 蘋果树  A young apple tree begins to grow from a seed. When its roots reach into the soil, it gets water. The young tree uses light from the sun and makes its own food. several years, the tree grows bigger.  Then, in spring, it grows sweet flowers. During the summer, apples begin to grow. They grow bigger and bigger. In autumn, they began to fall from the tree.  People like apples because they taste good. And they are good health.  小蘋果树是由一颗种子长大的当它的根扎到土壤里,它就得到了水分小树利用阳光,制造了自己的食物几年以后,小树长大了  后来,到了春天,树长出了清香的花朵夏天时,蘋果开始生长它们长得越来越大到了秋天,蘋果开始从树上落下来  人们喜欢蘋果,因为它们味道好,而且对健康有益小学英语作文:我爱我的家乡 -- ::38 来源: 小学英语作文:我爱我的家乡I'm years old,i live in a village far away from cities.I like my village.我岁,住在一个远离城市的小山村我喜欢我的家乡In my village,rivers are clear and clean,fishes swimming in the river are active and cute,the air is fresh. In sunny days,you can happily run along the zigzag paths among the fields.在我的家乡,河水清澈干净,水中游来游去的鱼儿活泼可爱,空气新鲜天晴的日子,你可以沿着田地中蜿蜒的小路尽情地跑In spring, it's warm in our village,you can fly kites. In summer, it's very hot.You can swimin the river . In fall,it's cool,youcan go hiking and pick apples. They are tasty. In winter, it’s very cold. You can make snowmen.春天,我的家乡是温暖的,你可以放风筝夏天,很热,你可以到河里游泳秋天,很凉爽,你可以远足,可以捡苹果苹果很美味的冬天,很冷,你可以堆雪人Ilike my village very much, Do you like it?我非常喜欢我的家乡,你喜欢吗?

City and Countryside -- :35: 来源: City and Countryside  I live in a big city. But this summer holiday I want to go to the countryside to relax.     The big city is modern and lively, but there is much noise, pollution, traffic, and the people in it are very busy. I don’t like it.     I like to visit nice and quiet countryside far away from the city. I like walking where there are no shops, crowds or the tube. The air is fresh, the water is clean, the trees are green, and the atmosphere is quiet.  I can boat in the lake, fish and swim in the river, climb the hills and pick up the fruit.     I hope that I can go to the countryside. That will be very interesting and healthy.

A Man`s Worth Caot Be Measured by His Looks --19 :19:3 来源: A few days ago, I saw one of my classmates cheating on the ing exam. I was so surprised that she did such a thing. It made me feel sad and confused. Why did she cheat? Maybe she just wanted to get higher grades and didn't want to lose face. But at any rate, cheating is a vile action.   I told one of my friends about our classmate's cheating, and she found it hard to believe. Even though the girl has a good temperament, our impression of her has changed.   Now, I no longer trust people based on their looks. Maybe someone looks honest, but he or she has bad intentions. Can we tell by looks alone? So, I've lost faith in society.

我最喜欢的季节(My favorite season) -- :57:37 来源: My favorite seasonThere are four seasons every year,spring,summer,fall and winter,among them i like best is summer.In summer,it's sunny everyday ,we can go swimming in the river and have water fights.How funny it is.Besides ,i can wear skirts,when i turn a circle,the skirt will float up.Summer is my favorite season,hope it come soon.我最喜欢的季节一年有四季:春,夏,秋,冬,其中我最喜欢的是夏天夏天,每天都是阳光灿烂,我们可以去河里游泳,打水仗,多有趣啊!另外,我还可以穿裙子,当我转一圈,裙子就会飘起来夏天是我最喜欢的季节,希望它赶快来

我的闹钟 My Alarm Clock -- :7:19 来源: Iget up early in the morning, because I have to go to school. I have a lovelyalarm clock. I bought it two years ago. It’s a pink hello kitty. I like it verymuch, except it wakes me up in the morning. There are three hands in it. Thelongest one is second hand. It runs fast. The minute hand is shorter and runsslower. When the second hand makes one revolution, it moves 0 revolution. Theshortest one is hour hand and it runs the slowest. It only makes tworevolutions a day. Under the three hands is the face of hello kitty. I like mylittle lovely alarm clock. 我早上起得很早,因为我要去上学我有一个可爱的闹钟,两年前买的它是一个粉红色的Hello Kitty,我很喜欢它,当然除了它每天把我叫醒的时候闹钟里有三根指针,最长的那根是秒针,跑得很快秒针比分针短一些,也走得慢一些秒针跑了一圈,分针才移动一格最短的是时针,它移动得也最慢,一天就移动两圈Hello Kitty的脸在三根指针下方,看起来很可爱我喜欢我的小闹钟

《秘窗经典英文电影台词 -01- :50: 来源: 《秘窗经典英文电影台词《秘窗改编自史蒂芬·金的《午夜四点(Four Past Midnight)小说集的第二部分《秘密窗,秘密园(Secret Window, Secret Garden)畅销小说作家莫特遭遇共枕多年的妻子红杏出墙后心灰意懒他的生活步入低谷,一个神经质陌生人指责莫特窃取了其小说创意,他居住的木屋里有扇窗户经常发出些古怪的声音,甚至像是被人猛击一样颤栗在这一切神秘事件的背后,到底是谁操纵者?他是人还是什么怪物?他到底有什么目的? Shooter:You it?  Rainey:I did.  Shooter:I imagine it rang a bell, didn''t it?  Rainey:Oh, it certainly did. When did you write it?  Shooter:I thought you would ask that. I wrote it seven years ago, 1997.  Rainey:Drop it.  Shooter:Drop it?  Rainey:You said you wrote your story in 1997. I wrote mine in late 199.It was published the first time in June 1995 in a magazine.Nice try, Mr. Shooter, but I beat you by two years.  Shooter:You lie!  Rainey:No I don''t.  Shooter:If we do start to fight, it''s not going to end until one or the other of us is dead. Hold your water. I''m just getting my smoke s. I will give you three days. Show me the magazine with your sto-ry in it—if there is such a magazine--and I''ll be back.  舒特:你读完手稿了?  雷尼:读完了  舒特:我猜它让你想起什么来了吧?对不对?  雷尼:是啊,是这样你是什么时候写的这手稿呢?  舒特:我就知道你会问这个我是7年前写的,1997年  雷尼:算了吧  舒特:算了吧?  雷尼:你说你的故事是1997年写下的我的可是199年年底写成的,1995年6月第一次发表在一本杂志上干得不错,舒特先生不过我比你领先了两年  舒特:你撒谎  雷尼:我没有  舒特:咱们俩要是打起来的话,那就非得打到有一方先死掉不可别害怕,我不过是拿香烟而已我给你3天时间你把那本有你的故事的杂志拿来给我看——如果真有这么本杂志的话我会回来找你的 经典英文电影台词

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