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上犹县妇幼保健人民医院看肠道疾病好不好赣州外痔大便出血治疗医院要多少钱赣州市中医院看外痔多少钱 Deep snow is still a novelty for her cubs, but she is much more focused.厚厚的积雪对她的幼崽们来说仍然是一个新鲜事物。但她必须更加集中。Let by her nose, she risks a 300-pound bulk on the thin ice of the bend in the Snake River.在她灵敏鼻子的引导下,这只300磅重的庞然大物在蛇河薄冰上步履蹒跚简直充满了危险。It doesnt look promising, but her cubs follow with only a little hesitation.看起来并非会有多幸运,但是她的幼崽们带着一些犹豫不定在追寻着母亲。With paws that can knock down an elk, she feels delicately in the water, a fish frozen beneath the ice by this cold winter.厚实的爪子可以拍倒一只麋鹿,这位母亲感觉水中有些微妙,那是一条鱼在这个寒冷的冬天被冻在了冰层下面。One fish wont feed the family, but she knows there are almost certainly more.区区一条鱼可喂不饱这个家庭,但她知道几乎肯定会有更多。The cubs must learn to find them.而幼崽们必须学会找到食物。注:听力文本来源于普特201208/197121The recession is much bigger than anybody in the troika ever foresaw, we have a humanitarian crisis in Greece, yes I totally agree with that, the problem with Mr. Tsipras, that he believes that there is a magical way to bring the situation back to what it was three years ago without making any changes, but this is not possible, we need a structural change in the economy.这一危机比troika公司任何人预见的预见的都更为严重。希腊目前正处于人道主义危机之中。今天,我和Tsipras先生的看法完全一致,他认为只有神秘的力量能够在不做任何改变的条件下,让局势回到三年前的样子。但是这是不可能的,我们必须进行经济结构性变革。Cancelling debt, we are talking about restructuring part of the debt see it was aly done as you know, there is a talk going on that maybe this is needed, its the IMFs position, we will see if it is needed, but anyway whatever is needed must be done in the decision making, must be made now, Greece cannot wait any more, what i said yesterday in another interview was that we cannot wait for the bailout money, because it was due yesterday, it was due in June.我们正在谈论债务重组的问题,它的进展情况如你所知,目前必要的谈话正在进行,即IMF的立场,我们将看到这一会谈是否有必要,但是无论如何,必须做出决定了,必须现在做出决定。希腊不能等待,我昨天在接受另外一个采访时说,我们等不起救市资金了,因为救市资金昨天就该到位,6月就该到位了。Whats your alternative? you have to wait if you put everything in the hands of the Brussels.那您的方案是什么呢?如果把希望完全寄托在那些布鲁塞尔人手中(欧洲委员会),你只能等待。Well i know we have to wait, thats why we are asking our European partners not to delay, it is very important that our European partners understand that we cannot afford any other delay, we need the money and we need the whole of the tranche and we need it now.我知道我们不得不等待,这也是为什么我们要求欧洲同伴不要拖延的原因所在。让我们的欧洲同伴知道我们等不起,我们需要钱,我们需要IMF全部救助款、我们现在就需要,这将非常重要。Should Greece stay in the Euro zone?希腊还应该呆在欧元区吗?Yes of course, thats why we fought very hard, there was two election campaigns fought over that, because practically for us it is a very very important target to stay inside the Euro zone, we understand that this is the biggest crisis the Euro has faced since it exists, and it shows also that the Euro was not well prepared for crisis, but from this crisis we must learn, we need new tools in Europe, we need another way of thinking, we need more solidarity, we need a quicker decision making, and i think that this is the lesson for all of European partners which we will have to take from this crisis.是的,当然。这就是我们努力抗挣的原因,过去的两次选举都为此抗挣过,因为对我们来说,实际上,继续保留在欧元区非常重要,我们知道这是欧元区有史以来的面临的最严重的一次危机。此次危机也显示出欧元区在危机面前措手不及。但是我们必须从危机中汲取教训。欧洲需要新手段,需要新的思路,需要团结,需要更快的决策。并且我认为,这是所有欧洲盟友都必须从危机中学到的经验。201211/211421会昌县肛肠检查哪家医院好排名哪里

安远县肛肠科哪家医院好排名哪里Still in Books and Arts; Book Review;A memoir of Nigeria;Madmen on the ground;文艺;书评;尼日利亚回忆录;尼日利亚游记;Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria. By Noo Saro-Wiwa.《寻找仙境:尼日利亚游记》, Noo Saro-Wiwa 著。Throughout her childhood and early teens, Noo Saro-Wiwa spent every summer in Nigeria. The flight back always came as a shock, as was the arrival itself. The noise, decay and corruption of Lagos airport were unending, along with the insects, power cuts and the higgledy-piggledy way of living that was far too intimate for one brought up in Britain’s home counties.孩提时代和少年时光的Noo,每年都要去尼日利亚度过她的夏季。到达尼日利亚和航班返回时的嗡嗡声一样让Noo感到厌恶。喧哗,肮脏的拉各斯机场永不停息,再加上昆虫和供电中断,这种杂乱无章的生活方式,对于从小在英国长大的noo说是陌生的。Ms Saro-Wiwa would far rather have stayed in the family house in leafy Surrey, with its golf clubs and Leylandii trees, or holed up with her smart boarding-school friends from Roedean. But her mother thought of their Surrey home as the “house”, whereas their Nigerian home was “home”, a character-building “tropical gulag” with kerosene lamps, rice-and-okra soup, “body-temperature Coca-Cola” and a live-in tribe of cackling uncles and aunts. Home, that is, until Noo’s father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, a businessman and activist from the oil-rich region of Ogoni, was arrested, imprisoned and then hanged in 1995 for his outspoken political views. The trips back to Nigeria came to an abrupt stop.Saro-Wiwa宁可呆在拥有高尔夫球具和Leylandii树的叶萨里郡家中,或者和来自罗丁寄宿制学校的淘气小伙伴们玩躲猫猫的游戏。但Saro-Wiwa的妈妈把这个叶萨里郡的家当成一座房子,而在尼日利亚的家才是真正意义上的“家”:标志性建筑“热带拉格”中的煤油灯和大米秋葵粥,暖暖的可乐,家族中长辈的高谈阔论--这才是真正意义上的家,直到Noo的父亲肯·萨洛-威瓦,这个来自于奥格尼的商人和活动家,因为他的直言不讳的政治言论,而逮捕入狱,随后又于1995年被处于极刑。尼日利亚的旅途才戛然而止。For a decade afterwards, Ms Saro-Wiwa traded Surrey and Roedean for new destinations which she wrote up for “Lonely Planet” and “Rough Guides”. As the rest of the world became increasingly familiar, Nigeria appeared to her to have more and more mystique. Eventually, she just had to return to the country no sane tourist would set foot in.随后的十年,Saro-Wiwa将叶萨里郡和罗丁做为新的旅行目的地,并写进“孤独的星球”和“旅游向导“中。随着对外部世界的逐渐了解,尼日利亚在Saro-Wiwa看来逐渐变得富有神秘。最终,她决定返回尼日利亚这个任何神志清醒的人都不愿意踏上旅途的国家。“Looking for Transwonderland” is a search for enlightenment. Why are Nigerians such “a nation of ruffians”? Why is Lagos, their largest city, such a “disaster of urban non-planning” characterised by “impatience, armed robberies and overflowing sewage”? How do Nigerians survive in their own country, let alone thrive? It would be easy to focus on the colourful insanitythat is Africa’s most populous nation. But Ms Saro-Wiwa is careful to avoid caricature. Curious, she travels out of Lagos to corners of the country many Nigerians never see: to the Transwonderland Amusement Park, to the beauty of the eastern mountains and to the northern city of Kano with its modestly covered women and its forest of ancient minarets. Along the way, she allows herself to be surprised by kindness and humour, making new friends who open her eyes to the passion, wit and ingenuity of her homeland.“寻找仙境“是探寻文明之旅。为什么尼日利亚是“绑匪之国”?为什么以骚动,持抢劫和污水泛滥为特征的最大城市拉各斯被称作“无规划城市灾难”?尼日利亚人如何生存下去?更别说繁荣昌盛?这个非洲人口最多国家,不难得到世人的关注。Saro-Wiwa却小心翼翼的避免碰触任何夸张描述。让人称奇的是,她游历了连诸多尼日利亚人都不曾到过的拉各斯的各个角落:充满奇幻色的主题公园,美丽的东部山脉,北部城市卡诺戴着头巾的优雅妇女,稠密热带雨林中的远古宫殿。Saro-Wiwa惊叹于尼日利亚人民的善良幽默,并结交新朋友—他们展开双臂拥抱这个充满,智慧,富有创造力的国家。 /201211/210338赣州华兴治疗脱肛价格 赣县治疗女性痔疮多少钱

全南县治疗大便出血医院FOR four years New York was adrift. When Eliot Spitzer, a crusading lawyer, became governor in 2007, his uncompromising ways caused political gridlock in Albany, the state capital. Just over a year later, he was caught frolicking with a prostitute and resigned. His successor, David Paterson, was affable enough, but too weak to push the state legislature to balance the books. When Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat like his predecessors, handily won the 2010 governorrsquo;s race on a promise to ;rebuild the government, restore competence, restore trust, [and] get the people of this state believing once again;, New Yorkers gave a cynical snort.近四年来,纽约的政局并不稳定。2007年,时任州长艾略特?斯皮策,他律师出身,作风凌厉,毫不妥协。这种做法曾让纽约州首府奥尔巴尼一度陷入政治僵局。且任职仅一年多,斯皮策就陷入招妓门事件,辞去了州长职务。民主党人大卫?帕特森继任,他亲和有余,力度不足,无力推动纽约州立法机构平衡财政收。同为民主党人的安德鲁?科莫,于2010年参加州长竞选,并轻松取胜。他承诺要;重建政府,重塑能力,重拾信任,让州民能够再次相信政府;。纽约民众曾对此不以为然。But Mr Cuomo has had an extraordinary year. In the first six months of his term he could point to three historic achievements. First, he balanced the budget: not only bringing spending under control;filling a billion hole and nudging the public-sector unions to make concessions worth 0m;but putting mechanisms in place to control spending in future. He even got the cantankerous legislature to agree. In June Mr Cuomo brought in a cap on property taxes, in a state which the Tax Foundation ranks as the sixth-most-taxed in the country. Robert Ward of the Rockefeller Institute called it ;the biggest change in New Yorkrsquo;s fiscal policy since the creation of Medicaid;, almost 50 years ago.但科莫继任一年来,政绩斐然,任期前半年便取得三大有历史意义的成就。首先,他平衡了纽约的财政收,填补了100亿美元的财政漏洞,并促使公共机构的工会做出了4.5亿美元的让步。此举不仅使当前的财政花销得到控制,而且使相关部门机构各司其职,以控制今后的花销。更为难得的是,他甚至征得了一向刁钻苛刻的立法机构的同意。六月,科莫引入财产税上限政策,此前按税务基金会的统计,纽约州的税收排名全国第六。洛克菲勒政府研究所副所长罗伯特?沃德称此项政策为继50年前;创立lsquo;医疗补助计划rsquo;后,纽约财政政策的巨变;。Then, also in June, Mr Cuomo signed a bill legalising same-sex marriage, having worked hard to drive the bill through the Republican-controlled state Senate. In December he got bipartisan backing to change the income-tax code, which he says will generate .9 billion in additional revenue for the state. It sets in place the lowest tax rate for the middle class in 58 years, while;according to Mr Cuomorsquo;s opponents and the Manhattan Institute;leaving the tax burden on the richest at its highest level since 1986.其次,科莫还于六月签署法案,将同性婚姻合法化,并全力推动该法案通过由共和党掌控的州参议院。十二月份,他获得两党持,修改个税法条款。科莫称此举将会为纽约州带来19亿美元的附加收入。新条款将中产阶级的税率降至58年以来的最低点。曼哈顿研究所和科莫的竞争对手们称,如此一来,课税负担便落在了富人肩上,富人的纳税金额将升至自1986年以来的最高水平。Still, most New Yorkers are not upset with him. Indeed, they rate him very highly. He learnt much about Albany politics at the knee of his father, Mario, a former governor. He is clever and determined. His most noticeable flaw is his arrogance, which he has tried to keep in check, but which slipped out in November when he remarked: ;I am the government.;但是大多数的纽约民众并没有因此对科莫不满,反而对他给予很高的评价。科莫的父亲马里奥?科莫是前纽约州长,科莫从小受父亲熏陶,谙熟奥尔巴尼政事。因此他更加机敏,更加坚定。他最明显的缺点是其傲慢的态度,虽然他竭力控制但还是在十一月的一次演讲中说漏了嘴,一句;我就是政府;令众人哗然。In that case, his cockiness was accurate. There is not much transparency in how he is getting the results, notes Gerald Benjamin of the State University of New York at New Paltz. Disappointingly, it is still three men (Mr Cuomo, the assembly Speaker and the Senate president) in a room making all the decisions.科莫的傲慢由此可见一斑。新帕尔茨纽约州立大学院长杰拉尔德?本杰明指出,科莫制定政策的透明度并不高。令人失望的是,做决定的仍然是州长、州众议员院长和州参议院议长三个人。 201202/170233 What will come up of here in Trainer Pennsylvania will keep these in the air. Its jet fuel.位于宾夕法尼亚的Trainer炼油厂被航天公司收购,发生了这样的变动主要是因为燃油。Delta Airlines has secured 80 percent of its jet fuel needs, cutting out the middle man buying this idle the refinery from ConocoPhillips for 150 million dollars.美国达美航空公司通过子公司收购了康菲集团的这家炼油厂,收购价为1.5亿美元,这样他们80%的燃油需求就有了保障。Delta Airlines is entering the oil refining business.达美航空正在进军石油炼油业务。When we first heard about it two months ago, I said no way in the world.两个月前首次听到这个消息时,我就说过路是人走出来的。Tell me whats happening with Delta and Trainer Refinery.达美航空公司和Trainer炼油厂之间发生了什么。Delta is gonna try something really interesting.达美在尝试的事业真的很有趣。I think they are looking at this same world tired of paying ten dollars or more over the price of crude which is very expensive for jet fuel.我认为他们已经厌倦了购买价格昂贵的燃油,因为燃油的价格比原油高出10美元以上。What Delta has secured is the delivery network for jet fuel rearching through out the north east including its hubs at New Yorks JFK and the Gaudi Airports.达美航空确保了燃油供给网络,这条网络一直延伸至东北部,包括位于纽约的肯尼迪机场和高迪机场。The refinery might cost 150 to 200 million dollars. And from the perspective of the airline like Delta thats less than that what they would pay for a model 777 aircraft.这家炼油厂的收购价为1.5亿至2亿美元。对于达美这样的航空公司来说,这些钱还不够买一架波音777。The state of Pennsylvania added 30 million dollars to the deal for job creation. And Delta plans to spend additional 100 million dollars to upgrade this facility to produce as much jet fuel as possible.宾夕法尼亚州州政府为创造就业机会,资助了3000万美元。此外,达美还将再花1亿美元来升级炼油设备,以求最大限度地生产燃油。Its jet fuel Delta wants. It will trade the gasoline and diesel that comes out here with other refiners for more fuel for its planes.达美的目标是燃油。它还将与其他炼油厂交易,获取更多飞机所需的汽油和柴油。The Trainer facility behind me is an oil refinery. Its an idol.我身后的Trainer就是一家炼油厂。它是这儿的象征性建筑。The fact that an airline would even consider buying an oil refinery underscores a drama unfolding in the north east.事实上,航空公司竟然考虑收购炼油厂,这样戏剧性的事件确实在东北地区拉开了帷幕。Nearly half of the refining capacity on the east coast has either shut down or could shut down later this year.近一半的位于东部海岸线的炼油厂,要么已经关闭,要么会于年内关闭。Buying and turning the Trainer facility back on helps Delta avoid a potential spiking prices and even a shortage which is also a threat to consumers in the north east.达美收购Trainer炼油厂并让它起死回生一是为了避免受燃油价格波动影响,二是为了防止东北地区燃油短缺,造成客户流失。I dont reckon there will be a, you know, a vision of 70s gasoline and rationing but certainly there could be the possibility that might be later this season but sure it is.你也知道,我很难想象再次出现70年代时汽油限量供应的情景,但是在这一季度很有可能会这样。But I think that would even procrastinate until August into the fall.但是我认为也有可能拖延至八月份。Even with gas prices close to four dollars a gallon, some north east refineries are losing up to a million dollars a day.即使每加伦汽油接近4美元,一些东北地区的炼油厂还是在亏本经营,最严重时每天亏损100万美元。Currently they are only equipped to handle imported oil from Europe and North Africa which costs up to 30 dollars more per barrel than the type through oil refineries on the gulf coast use. 目前的条件只允许他们从欧洲和南非进口燃油,每桶油价高达30美元之多,比当地炼油厂生产的油更贵。201205/181105上犹县妇幼保健院治疗直肠疾病价格赣州肛门瘙痒需要治疗医院要多少钱



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