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新沂市中医院在哪里青口柘汪石桥金山黑林厉庄海头塔山镇人工流产哪家医院最好的We are not required to totally follow the recommendations of the advisory panels, but we really do so most of the time.我们不必完全遵循咨询专家小组的建议,但大部分情况下我们是听取他们的意见的。We are not required to totally follow the recommendations of the advisory panels,but we really do so most of the time.我们不必完全遵循咨询专家小组的建议,但大部分情况下我们 是听取他们的意见的。I think most of them are acceptable.我认为大多数建议还是可以接受的。The most beneficial merit of consulting experts is that not only can we refer to them but also discuss with them in depth.咨询专家最大的好 处在于我们不仅可以求助于他们,还可以与他们进行深入探讨。The experts also suggest using lights above places where cargoes are kept.专家还建议在放置货物的上方安装照明设备。To obtain the factual details, the adviser has completed a confidential questionnaire.为了得到真实的细节,顾问制作了一份机密调查表。To obtain the factual details, the adviser has completed a confidential questionnaire.为了得到真实的细节,顾问制作了一份机密调查表。Please keep it truly confidential.请保调查表的机密性。He made a questionnaire concerning computer utilization.他做了一个有关计算机使用问题的调查表。Please fill out this questionnaire.请填写这个调查表。We would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.非常感谢您能花几分钟时间填好这份意见调查表。 /201508/390662连云港早孕检查哪家医院最好的 I believe that by 2015. purely electric, zero-emission vehicles. will take 10% of the global car market.我相信到 2015 年, 純电动、零排放的汽车将拿下10%的全球汽车市场份额。 I believe that by 2015. purely electric, zero-emission vehicles. will take 10% of the global car market.我相信到 2015 年, 純电动、零排放的汽车将拿下10%的全球汽车市场份额。It definitely has a broad market.肯定会有广阔的市场的。I believe wc can successfully challenge for market share there.我相信,我们能够成功争取到郅里的市场份额.In 2015. we will make up most of the market.到2015年,我们将占領大部分的市场份额。Our competitor must not be allowed to get wind of our plan.千万别让我们的竞争对手听到我们的计划。Our competitor must not be allowed to get wind of our plan.千万別让我们的竞争对手听到我们的计划。Such security measures may make you more at ease.这种保密措旌也许会让你放心些。We have to compete with our rivals like all our competitions.我们必须跟对手竞争,就像所有竞争对手一样We need to study and figure out how to beat competitors.我们需要研究并找出方法来击敗我们的免争对手。 /201506/379376新海新区治疗肛门损伤多少钱

连云港治疗卵巢囊肿的权威医院职场社交英语 Lesson 41:你不打算想想办法吗?SCENE① B 艾文跌跌撞撞进了文斯的隔间 【你不打算想想办法吗?】Elvin: Aren't you going to do anything? You've got to 1) get rid of her!艾文: 你不打算想想办法吗?你得把她给除掉!Vince: I'm afraid that isn't possible.文斯: 这恐怕不可能。Elvin: What are you talking about? Fire her! Tell her to hit the road!艾文: 你在说什么?开除她!叫她走路!Vince: I can't do that. Zina has 2) convinced our 3) investors that she knows what's best for InfoKing.文斯: 我办不到。吉娜已经说了我们的投资人说,她知道什么对“资讯王”最好。Elvin: What? You mean to tell me that wacko is 4) in charge now? How?艾文: 什么?你要告诉我现在是那个怪胎管事?怎么会?语言详解:A: Judd doesn't want to go swimming with us. 贾德不想跟我们去游泳。B: I'll try to convince him. 我来试着说他。【hit the road 上路】hit the road听起来简洁有力,意思就是“上路”,不论是离开一地,去下一个地方,或是出门旅行,你都可以用上hit the road这个表达法。A: It's getting late; we need to get home and check on the children. 天色晚了;我们得要回家去看看孩子。B: OK, let's hit the road. 好,我们上路吧。A: Johnny just likes to drive his mom's car and hit the road around seven a.m. 强尼就是喜欢开着他母亲的车,在上午七点钟左右出门。B: What's the big deal? 那有什么大不了?A: Johnny is only six years old. 强尼只有六岁。1) get rid of... 摆脱……2) convince (v.) 说,使相信3) investor (n.) 投资者4) be in charge 管事,作主 /200602/4257东海县人民医院预约四维彩超 SECRETARY: Can I help you?JUDY: Yes. I sent in my resume at the end of last week.I'm applying for the accounts assistant position.SECRETARY: May I have your name please?JUDY: My name is Judy Liao. That's spelled L I A O. SECRETARY: Alright... And did you have some specific questions about your application? JUDY: Not really.I was in the neighborhood, and I just wanted to stop in to see if you received my resume.SECRETARY: Oh, that's no problem. Just give me a moment, and I can check.Judy Liao. Let's see... Yes, here it is. Judy Liao. We have received your resume.JUDY: Thank you.SECRETARY: Is there anything else I can help you with?JUDY: Yes, maybe. The ad in the newspaper said you wanted the resume, a cover letter,and two letters of recommendation.I included those things in the envelope. Is there anything else I should send?SECRETARY: No, that is all we need. If we have those things included, that is sufficient.JUDY: Do you know when they will start setting up interviews for the job?SECRETARY: I'm not really sure about that. But I know we are still receiving resumes.Maybe after a week or two they will start calling applicants.JUDY: I see. Well, thank you very much for helping me. You have been very helpful.SECRETARY: If you have any further questions, you can call any time.JUDY: Thank you.SECRETARY: Thank you. Goodbye. /200811/56291连云港市连云区人民医院网上预约电话

连云港做人流的费用是多少陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他在走廊上远远地看到美国同事Amy,连忙赶了过去。(Office ambience)C:Amy, 我有点儿急事想请教你。A:OK, What is it?C:跟我一个办公室的Todd, 他妈妈在美国去世了。A:I dont know Todd, but I am sorry to hear that.C:他要回美国奔丧。我想为他做点儿什么,但又不知道怎样做才符合西方的礼节,所以今天早上我一直在躲着他。A:Thats a perfectly natural response. May I suggest a few things?C:太好了,你快告诉我。A:First of all, dont avoid him. Make a point of going to him immediately and offering your condolences.C:什么是condolences?A:Condolences就是表示同情、慰问。C:我唯一能想到的就是 ;Im sorry to hear about your loss.; 就这么一句好像不太够吧?A:Sometimes thats all you can say. If you try to say more, it may be the wrong thing.C:是呀,我也是怕说多了反而坏事。A:If you can, follow your statement of condolence with an offer to help.C:帮忙,可我能帮什么忙呢?A:Think of what he may need that you can do. You might offer to take him to the airport.C:开车送他去机场确实是个好主意,可惜我没车。A:What about work issues? Are there things you can help him with while he is away?C:对呀,我们是一个组的,他请假,我可以承担一部分他的工作。我这就去跟他说。谢谢你,Amy.MC:午饭时陈豪又看见了Amy.A:Chen Hao, How did things go with Todd?C:你说得没错。我说可以承担他的工作,Todd显得如释重负。另外,我还想到了其它可以出力的地方。A:What was that?C:Todd是我的邻居,他养了一只猫,叫Fluffy. 我告诉他说,他离开这段时间,我可以照顾Fluffy, 他听了以后特别高兴。A:It is important to be specific at times like these. So often people simply say, ;Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.;C:Amy, 你觉得我还需要送花和卡片吗?A:You can, but thats not necessary since you are expressing your sympathy in a concrete way.C:Todd还让我帮他取信。我有他公寓的钥匙。他回来之前,我还可以帮他买点儿新鲜蔬菜和水果。A:You see how easy it is to think of acts of service for people who are grieving?C:是啊,我们总是不好意思求别人办事,要是能主动提出来,那是再好不过的了。A:Thats right. Too often when people dont know what to do at a time of loss, they end up not doing anything.C:幸亏有你,Amy. /201207/191794 to hone ones skills 磨练技巧英文释义To improve ones skills by careful and continual practice.例句Writing research reports every week under pressure enabled me to hone my skills as an analyst who could work quickly and accurately.每周在压力下撰写研究报告,磨练了我做一名干活又快又准确的分析师所需的技巧。 /201212/213014云港市海州区人民医院怎么样好吗连云港市妇幼保健院网上预约挂号



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