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第七篇 情感的表露 1. 词组句型高兴的pleased, happysentence patterns:Hes very pleased after seeing these animals.Shes very happy every day.非常高兴be over the moon, excited, wild with joysentence patterns:After winning that competition, she was over the moon.He is too excited to say one word.After seeing his girlfriend get off, he is wild with joy.2. 多种表达I am very happy.I am thrilled.I am pleased.I feel so happy.I am very pleased.I am really delighted.I am in heaven.Hooray!Wow!Yeah!Super!Smashing!Fantastic!Yippee!Very fascinating!Delightful!Fantastic!I am glad to hear it.I am delighted to hear it.I am pleased to hear it.Thats great to hear it.I am relieved to hear that.She is on top of the world.She looks cheerful.She is in high spirits.She is over the moon.Ive never been so happy. /201209/19815622 Impolite Questions for foreigners.第22章 老外的 “ 禁区 ”。You :In China, its common to ask people their age and salary but when we talk to foreigners, we try not to ask those questions.中国人之间可以打听别人的年龄和收入,但我们和外国人交谈的时候,就要尽量不问这些问题。David :Why?为什么?You :When I was young I was told it was impolite to ask westerners about their age and salary. So now I keep that in mind when I first meet foreigners.小时候就有人告诉我向西方人打听他们的年龄和工资是不礼貌的。因此当我和外国人初次见面的时候,我都会牢记这个原则。David :Its true. Dont talk about age or salary. But in Chinese culture, its OK to ask. It wouldnt be impolite to ask. People might just think this kind of question is a sign of ones interest in someone else.对,我们不谈年龄和收入。但在中国文化中,是可以问这些问题的。如果你向别人打听这些,不算不礼貌。人们会认为你对别人的事比较感兴趣。You :You can even ask girls in China about their age. Besides I also heard that in western countries it is impolite to ask someone about his or her marital status. Am I right?正是这样。连女孩子的年龄也能问。在西方,打听有关别人的婚姻状况也是非常不礼貌的。是吗?David :Youre right. In addition, questions about religious beliefs are also considered taboo for westerners. The taboo is related to our need for privacy, something that westerners take very seriously.确实是这样的。也有些西方人很忌讳别人打听他们的宗教信仰,这些忌讳都与西方的隐私问题有关,所以他们非常重视。You :That is one of the biggest differences between Chinese and Western cultures.这可能是东西方文化差异之一吧。 /201209/198393

Todd:So you went to Thailand, right?你去了泰国,是吗?Phil:Yep, I spent some time in Thailand. Unfortunately I didnt see very much of it. I saw Bangkok and Ko Samet.对呀,我在泰国呆了一段时间。但不幸的是我并没有看到什么。我只去了曼谷和柯赛门特。Todd:Oh, OK. Those are, Ko Samet is a nice place.哦,好吧,就那些。柯赛门特可是个好地方。Phil:Ko Samet is really nice. Good swimming.柯赛门特很不错,游泳的环境相当棒。Todd:Did you go to any countries around Thailand?你去了泰国周围的哪些国家呢?Phil:Yeah, we spent 2 weeks in Lao and I really, really enjoyed Lao. Lao is a very poor country. Theres not much industry, a lot of its still mining, fishing, on the Mekong you still see women panning for gold, but my favorite place in Lao is a place called Luang Prabang, and its, we really didnt do very much. Theres lots of things to do. You can go to caves. You can take inner tubes and go down the river, basically we just ate. The food is really good, a lot of French cuisine, the Lao cuisine is good as well, but we just hung around, books, and enjoyed our days because it was really, really hot, and really, really dry. This was in February.恩,我在老挝呆了两个礼拜。我真是好好,好好地欣赏了一下老挝。那是一个非常贫困的国家。那没有太多的工厂,比较多的还是采矿业,渔业。在湄公河上你还会看到女人们在淘金子,但是在老挝我最喜欢的一个地方叫琅勃拉邦。但我们还是没有做什么。那是有很多事要做的。你可以走进洞穴。你可以拿根内管然后水里,不过基本上都是我们刚刚吃过的。那儿的食物真是不错。还有很多法式菜肴。不过老挝菜肴也是不错的,但我们只是在周边转了转,看了些书,尽情享受了一下时光。因为那儿真的是又热又干。这可是在二月。Todd:Actually, Ive been to Luang Prabang and I remember jogging along the river and, just right outside the city and we would jog for miles and miles, on this little trail. It was just beautiful.其实我去过琅勃拉邦,我还记得我在河边慢跑。刚好就在城外,我们就沿着那条小路慢跑了数英里。那儿真的很美。Phil:Yeah. Yeah, its nice. I really like Luang Prabang. We went to Vietienne as well. Its not so much, its not as cultural as say Luang Prabang is, but a lot of people like to go there to relax, hang out. Thats where a lot of people take the tubes and go down the river so, but once again it was so hot we didnt really do any of that either.是,是,很不错。我非常喜欢琅勃拉邦。我们还去了Vietienne.那儿不像我们说的琅勃拉邦那么好,那么有文化底蕴。很多人都是去那儿放松,溜达的。同时也会有很多人到那儿坐地铁,下水游泳的。但是我再说一遍,那儿真的是太热了,我们还是什么都没做。注:译文属原创,,。 /201307/246996

Todd: Nicola, you were talking to us the other day that you went diving in Australia.妮可拉,你要向我们讲讲前几天你在澳大利亚潜水的事儿?Nicola: Thats right I did.是的,没错。Todd: Wow, so what was it like?哇,潜水怎么样?Nicola: Well, actually it was quite scary to be honest. When I first started I did an introductory course, which was just maybe like two days. And so they just sent you out with all of the equipment, put you in the sea, and guided you, but then when I did the real course we started in the swimming pool, which was fine and it was all great fun, although there were two men on my course who completely freaked out and had to leave.实际上,老实说很吓人。我第一次潜水前,先听了基础入门课程,大约只有两天的课程。然后他们就给了我很多器材,带我下海,有教练指导我,在我们在游泳池实际演练的时候,一切正常而且很有趣,但我的班上有两名男学员吓坏了,他们最后只得退出。Todd: Oh!哦!Nicola: Yeah! so that was fine but then they took us out to sea which was a bit different. Yeah, because they made us set up our own equipment, I mean they still checked us and everything so we didnt die, but we had to put on our own equipment. We had a diving buddy who I was with, and I was with my friend Graham, who I was traveling with anyway, and we went down into the sea. We went down maybe fifteen meters. And they always say like Dont Panic just keep breathing normally and everything. But I did kind of panic a bit.是的!这些还好,但接下来教练带着我们下海就有些不同了。因为他们要求我们自己穿戴器材,他们仍然会检查我们的器材和其他所有事物,以确保我们不会死于非命,但我们需要自己穿戴调试器材,然后下海。我有一个潜水伙伴,我的朋友Graham,我当时正和他一起旅行,我们两个一起下海。我们下潜了15米。教练会说“不要害怕,保持正常呼吸”。但我还是有一点害怕。Todd: Oh, no!哦,不!Nicola: So then I rose to the surface really quickly, which you know, youre not supposed to do in diving. So I went up really quickly. Luckily we werent deep enough to do any damage but my diving buddy Graham was having a great time down there looking at shipwrecks and didnt even notice that I was missing.下海后我很快就浮上来了,这对于潜水来说不是个好现象。好在我很快又潜下去了。幸运的是我们潜得不深不会受伤,但我的潜水伙伴Graham潜下去探险沉船废墟,他甚至没发现我已经不见了。Todd: What a terrible guy!真是个差劲的伙伴!Nicola: Yeah, I know. so, then...是的,我知道,接下来……Todd: Wow! Did they fail him? I hope he failed the course?哇!教练给他挂科了吗?我认为他这门课不合格。Nicola: No, he passed. He paid enough money. He passed. But it meant that I couldnt go diving for the rest of the day cause I had gone down quite deep, so that was a shame, but.没有,他通过了。他交够了钱。他通过了。但这意味着我那天不能再下海潜水了,因为我已经潜得太深了,很遗憾。Todd: Thats terrible. But you didnt hurt yourself, you didnt come up to fast?这太糟糕了。但你没有伤害到你自己,你没有很快就浮上来?Nicola: No, I was fine in the end, but it was a shame because that was the end of my diving day. But we had a few more days to do it.没有,我后来表现很好,但那是我当天最后一次下水了。好在我们还有几天时间可以下海潜水。Todd: So now you are comfortable diving. You dont freak out anymore?所以说,你现在能自如地潜水。你不再害怕了?Nicola: I dont freak out anymore, but I couldnt go diving now on my own because it has been so long. Yeah!我不再害怕了,但我现在不能自己潜水,因为已经时隔很久了。注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204425Todd: So, Akane, I was talking with my friend and hes just recently married and he was wondering should he rent a home or own a home. Thats a tough call. What do you think?托德:茜,我之前和我朋友聊天,他刚刚结婚,他在考虑是应该租房子住还是买个房子。这真是个棘手的问题。你怎么看?Akane: It is a tough call but I personally prefer to rent.茜:这的确是艰难的决定,不过我个人倾向于租房子住。Todd: Really? So why would you rather rent?托德:是吗?为什么你更喜欢租房子住?Akane: Well, because theres just no extra costs. You dont have to pay for extra things like maintenance and just keeping up your home. When something gets broken you dont have to pay to get it fixed. Property tax is aly included, things like that.茜:因为这么做不会产生额外的花费。你不用付用来维护房屋的维修费之类的额外费用。如果有东西坏了,你也不用花钱去修理。房租中已经包含了物业税之类的费用。Todd: Yeah but if you own a home I mean first of all I think the biggest reason is youre not throwing money away, its a solid investment. You can actually make a profit on the home later on.托德:没错,不过如果你拥有自己的住房,我想最重要的理由是你没有浪费钱,那是稳健的投资。实际上以后你还可以用这个房子盈利。Akane: Thats true but with this day and age you really never know when youre going to lose your job or if youre going to have to move for job reasons and for that reason I think that if youre stuck with a mortgage and you lose your job then you wont be able to pay it and what if you cant sell it?茜:这倒是不错,不过在当今这个时代你并不知道你什么时候会丢掉工作,也许你因为工作原因要搬家,鉴于此我认为,如果你房贷缠身可是你又失业了,那你就没法再付贷款了,如果你不能卖掉房子,那要怎么办?Todd: Thats a good point actually but you could always rent the house out, right, so… One common thing that rich people all have is that they own property and they own real estate. So you could just rent it to someone else.托德:这话很有道理,实际上你可以把房子租出去,所以……有钱人的共同点就是他们既有财产又有房产。所以你可以把房子租给别人。Akane: Well thats a good idea but still I think thats a lot of work for somebody as busy as me and Im not a rich person.茜:这是个好主意,不过我仍然认为这对于像我这样忙碌的人来说工作量太大,而且我也不是有钱人。Todd: Thats how you get rich!托德:这可是你成为有钱人的方法!Akane: Right! Well, I dont think I could be bothered with the hassle of renting to somebody and first you have to find someone to rent it and then you have to make sure that they pay the rent and then you have to make sure that things are fixed. Its too much of a headache for me.茜:是没错!不过我想我不喜欢被租房的这种麻烦事打扰,首先你要找到一个合租人,然后你要确保那个人会付房租,而且还要确保解决各种问题。这对我来说就是会让我头疼的事。Todd: Thats a good point. You know, actually I think the main reason why I would ever want to own a home is because you could have a dog.托德:有道理。你知道,实际上我认为我想拥有自己住房的主要原因是因为可以养。Akane: Oh thats a great reason; I love dogs.茜:这理由不错;我喜欢小。Todd: When you rent a house often they wont allow you to have a pet.托德:你租房的话他们是不允许是你养宠物的。Akane: Thats true. Well you can have a cat or fish and maybe a hamster.茜:没错。不过你可以养猫、鱼或者是仓鼠。Todd: True, but if youre a dog lover its not the same thing.托德:没错,不过如果你是爱人士,那情况就不同了。Akane: I guess so.茜:我想也是。 译文属 /201412/345516今天要讲的三个习惯用语里都是以soft这个词为主的。Soft这个词的中文解释就是,“软”。我们现在来给大家介绍今天要讲的第一个习惯用语:soft soap。Soap就是用来洗澡或者洗衣的肥皂。Soft soap这个习惯用语在美国人当中至少已经使用了一百五十年了,意思是“奉承”或者是“过分地恭维”某个人。Soft soap大概是指一种奉承的话跟肥皂水一样滑溜。美国以往有不少逐家逐户上门推销货物的推销员。现在由于种种原因已经没有以往那么多了,但是仍然有少数这样的推销员。下面我们来听一个美国人的讲话。他是在警告他的邻居不要上那个推销人寿保险人的当。他说:例句-1:Don’t listen to this guy. He is full of soft soap about what a great bargain he is selling, but if you the policy carefully and compare costs, you can see that it is not really worth the price.这个人说:别听那家伙的话。他把他推销的东西说得多么的合算,但是你要是仔细看看它的条列,再比比价格的话,你就可以看出这个价钱是不值的。******我们今天要讲的第二个习惯用语是:soft pedal。Pedal是什么呢?Pedal指的踏板,就像钢琴下面的踏板,或者是缝纫或自行车的踏板。作为一个习惯用语soft pedal的意思是不强调你正在说的事,就像我们常说的“低调处理”。下面例句里讲话的人正在说电视采访一位大学篮球队教练的情况。这个篮球队实力很强;很有希望赢得全国冠军的称号。我们来听听这个人是怎么说的。例句-2:This coach tried to soft pedal his team’s chance to win the title. He said he has very tough opponents to play, his best player is hurt and so on and so on, but from everything I hear he really ought to have the number one team in the whole country. 这个人说:这位教练把自己的球队获得全国冠军的机会设法说得并不怎么大。他说他的对手力量很强,他最好的球员受了伤,等等,等等。但是从我听到的种种消息,他的球队实在是全国数一数二的。******今天我们要讲的第三个习惯用语是:soft touch。Touch这个词最普遍的意思是用身体的某个部分,一般是用手指去触摸某样东西,看看它的感觉是什么样的。但是touch和soft合在一起作为一个习惯用语,它的意思就不同了。Soft touch指的是一个很容易被某人说去做某件事的人,例如借钱给你等;也就是说这个人很好说话。我们来举个例子。也个名字叫Freddie的人正积蓄一笔钱来偿付他的欠的债。例句里说话的人正在替Freddie出主意。他说:例句-3:Freddie, why don’t you tell our friend Bill you are in trouble with people you owe and ask him to loan you the money. He has a good heart and he is a soft touch for people in a tight spot. He knows you will pay him back as soon as you can.这个人对Freddie说:Freddie,你要不跟我们的朋友Bill说你因为欠了人的钱有点麻烦,问他借点钱。他心很好。听到有人有困难他很愿意帮忙的。他也知道你会尽快把钱还他的。请他就注意这个句子里有一个很有用的词组:to be in a tight spot。Tight就是很紧;spot在这里就是指在一个地方。在很紧的地方也就是动不了、没有活动的余地,那就是处境困难。 /201412/345137

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Jane: Home at last. Tonight we have a lot of homework though。终于回到家了,不过今晚我们有一大堆作业要做。Tom: Are you saying we don’t have time to watch our favorite show tonight? Jane, you know I really don’t like our teacher all that much. He gives far too much homework. He criticizes me in front of everyone all the time。你是说我们没时间看最喜欢的电视节目了吗?简,你知道我真的不那么喜欢我们老师。他布置的作业太多了。而且总是在大家面前批评我。Jane: To tell the truth, I don’t really like him either. He’s kind of boring and not very active. He always looks unhappy too。说实话,我也不是很喜欢他。他有点乏味而且一点儿也不活跃,看起来总是一副不开心的样子。Tom:Yes, and he also…对啊,他还....Jane: Do you think we should be talking about him like this behind his back?你觉得我们应该在背后这样说他吗?Tom: Probably not. After all he is our teacher. We should try to find something nice to say. If you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all。不应该,毕竟他是我们的老师。我们应该找点好的说。如果你不能说点好的,那就别说了。Jane: I absolutely agree. It’s getting dark. We should finish our homework now。我完全赞成。天要黑了。我们还是先把功课做完吧。Tom: All right. I want to take a shower first, I’m exhausted。好吧,我想冲个澡。累死了!重点句子:开门!Open the door!我找不到钥匙了。I can’t find the key。亲爱的,我回来了。Honey, I’m home。今天怎么样? How did it go today?累死了! I’m exhausted!倒霉透了。It’s just not my day。和平常一样。Just as usual。我现在情绪很低落。I’m feeling down。我饿死了,咱们出去吃吧。I’m starving, so let’s dine out。我太累,不想做饭了。I’m too tired, so I don’t want to cook。跟家人见面的感觉真好。I feel so good to see my family。我想先冲个澡。I want to take a shower first。 /201412/347193经典句型:Do you have anything to say? 你有什么话要说吗?A:Do you have anything to say?甲:你有什么话要说吗?B:Yes. I didnt do anything.乙:是的。我什么都没做。A:Do you mean you didnt steal anything?甲:你的意思是说你没偷东西?经典句型:You are wanted in this murder. 你涉嫌这起谋杀案被通缉。A:Just come with me.甲:跟我走一趟。B:Would you tell me why?乙:能告诉我为什么吗?A:Youre wanted in this murder.甲:你涉嫌这起谋杀案被通缉。B:What I dont understand.乙:什么?我不懂。A:You have the right to remain silent.甲:你有权保持沉默。Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law.但你所说的每句话可能作为呈堂供你不利的据。句型讲解:警察抓捕嫌疑犯时,可以说arresting you for…因为…你被捕了。也可以说Just come with me.跟我走一趟。 /201409/327792

1.That man really bugs me.那个人真让我心烦。 /201402/275925

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