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1.In what denominations do you prefer? 您要什么面值的?.Please tell me the current rate sterling? 请告诉我英国货币的现行兑换率3.Please give me the currency exchange receipt. 请把货币兑换收据给我.Could you change these French francs me? 请将这些法郎兑换一下好吗?5.The buying rate notes is 53 yuan 0 US dollars. 0美元的现钞买入价是53元人民币6.Currency exchange rates are always subject to variation. 货币兑换率是经常变动的7.The rate traveler's checks is 300 yuan against 0 dollars. 旅行票的兑换率是0美元兑换300元人民币8.I'll want to know the exchange rate between US dollars and RMB. 我想知道美元对人民币的兑换率9.The balance will be settled in convertible currency within three months. 三个月内余额可以兑换成货币结清.You can exchange money at a bank or an office of tourist agency. 你可以到或者是旅行社的办公室处去兑换货币重点讲解:denomination 面额,(度量衡等的)单位例句:Which denomination of bill will you be paying with? 您要用哪一种钞票付款?sterling 英国货币例句:Sterling should be allowed to float. 应当允许英镑浮动receipt 收据区别 invoice 发票 例句:I paid the bill but he neglected to give me a receipt. 我付了账单,但他忘了给我收据convertible (货币)可自由兑换的例句:The dollar is convertible. 美元可以自由兑换 83

After a battle of 8 rounds, the th tournament of World Series of Mahjong concluded in Jeju, Korea on Nov. . Chinese players won the team title and Zhou Yong from east China Yangzhou city won the individual title. Jiao Linghua, a female player from China Shanxi province won the runner-up and the third place was taken by a French player.在8轮激战后,第四届世界麻将大赛于月日在韩国济州岛落下帷幕中国选手赢得了团体冠军,来自华东地区扬州的周勇赢得了单人冠军山西女选手焦灵花获得亚军,季军被一名法国选手摘得Zhou Yong, 39, boss of private computer company in Yangzhou, east China Jiangsu province, feels very excited to win the game, ;eign players are slightly better in psychological quality, but not as good when it comes to control of detail. After all, we practice frequently and are a little more experienced,; said Zhou.周勇今年39岁,是江苏省扬州市一家电脑公司的老板,赢得比赛让他十分激动“外国选手心理素质更好一点,但是在对细节的控制上就没那么厉害了毕竟,我们经常都练着,更有经验”周勇说The ancient game, thought to date to about 500, involves tiles showing Chinese characters. It is massively popular in Hong Kong and the mainland. Different rules are used around the world, but organizer of World Mahjong Limited operates a standardized set of rules in international contests.麻将这项古老的比赛项目可以追溯到公元前500年,一共有张带中国字的牌麻将在香港和大陆都非常风靡世界各地的麻将规则各有不同,但是麻将世界大赛的组织者将比赛使用的规则限制为一套标准化的国际比赛规则According to Zhou, the Chinese and Japanese were the only noteworthy teams bee, as Mahjong originated in China and Japan also has a professional league playing at a very high level. However the European level has developed rapidly in recent years. The French, Danish and Russian players are strong opponents. Yong said that the European Mahjong players are generally senior intellectuals such as engineers or scientists.根据周勇所说,以前中国队和日本队是唯一值得关注的队,因为麻将起源于中国,日本也有高水平的职业联赛然而欧洲的水平近几年长进迅速法国,丹麦和俄罗斯的选手都是强劲的对手周勇说欧洲麻将选手普遍是高智商人群,例如工程师或者科学家At last year 5th Open European Mahjong Championship in Strasbourg, France, among the 51 teams, China finished an embarrassing 37th while the top Chinese player, Yan Wenying, was ranked 30th. A Japanese player won the individual competition with a German player coming second. The result sparked somewhat of a fury among many Chinese, who wondered how eigners could beat them at their national pastime — a game often synonymous with gambling in the modern age.在去年的在法国斯特拉斯堡举行的第五届欧洲麻将锦标赛公开赛上,共有51队伍参赛,而中国队最终以第37名尴尬收场,中国队个人最好成绩闫文英排30一个日本选手获得了个人冠军,另一德国选手获得亚军这样的结果在许多中国人中引起不满,大家都不明白外国人是怎么在这项几乎是现代的同义词的全民性活动上打败中国人的

A lucky holidaymaker didnt have to worry about annoying seatmates, crying babies or a lack of space on his flight to an idyllic island – he had the entire plane to himself.一位幸运的游客在飞往度假小岛的航班上,完全用不着担心邻座吵闹、婴儿啼哭以及座位拥挤因为他自己拥有了整架飞机Alex Simon, , basically had his own private plane, as he was the only passenger who showed up a Philippine Airlines flight as he travelled from Manila to Boracay.今年岁的艾利克斯·西蒙基本上拥有了他的私人飞机他是菲律宾航空公司从马尼拉飞往长滩岛航班上的唯一一名乘客The travel blogger, who lives in Ischgl, Austria, was stunned when no one else boarded the twin turboprop – leaving him alone with two flight attendants and two pilots.这位旅行主住在奥地利的伊施格尔当他发现除自己以外,再没有人登上这架双涡轮螺旋桨飞机时,也惊呆了飞机上只有他、两名空和两名飞行员Simon shot footage on board the domestic flight and even had a chance to enter the cockpit and chat with the pilots bee the plane took off.在西蒙登上这架国内航班后,他就开始到处拍照,在飞机起飞前甚至还得到进入驾驶舱与飞行员聊天的机会Cabin crew had fun with the unusual situation, as they took turns filming Simon as he sat in his seat and walked off the plane.机组人员也因为这不同寻常的情况下来了兴致,轮流给西蒙拍了他坐在座位上以及下飞机的照片Simon told MailOnline Travel: When I arrived to the airport I just heard my name on the speaker, ;Sir Alexander Simon, please come to the inmation.;西蒙对每日邮报的旅游版表示:;当我到达机场的时候,就听到广播里叫我的名字:艾利克斯·西蒙先生,请速到问讯处;o the lady explained to me that I dont need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, were gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me.;然后有位女士向我解释,说我不用再等两个小时转接班机了,再过半小时我们就可以起飞,因为除了我没有别的乘客了;I was little bit surprised and I couldnt believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realised that it gonna be a special flight because this time I didnt even need to line up.;我当时很吃惊,以至于完全不敢相信,觉得这是在做梦直到开始登机我才意识到,这将是一次与众不同的飞行,因为这次,我甚至不用排队登机了;He added: I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window. She just answered, ;You can sit anywhere, because youre the only one passenger;.他接着说:;我坐在座位上,询问空是否能坐到靠窗的位置她说我可以坐在任何位置,因为我是唯一的乘客;The Austrian travel blogger took a seat in the front row and spent time chatting with the flight attendants这位奥地利旅行主选择在前排的位置坐下,并且和空们聊了一路He said: It was an ungettable feeling to take a flight to the one of the most beautiful islands of the world, but to be alone and feel like a superstar it made it more special.他说:;飞往世界上最美丽的岛屿之一的长滩岛是一次难忘的经历,但独自乘飞机享受明星般的待遇更是锦上添花; 5

It is natural predators to hunt their prey using sharp teeth and claws, but such bloody and ferocious scenes feel out place when they unfold at a zoo.食肉动物用锋利的牙齿和爪子捕食猎物是一件很正常的事情,但是这种血腥、残忍的画面在动物园上演就显得不那么合时宜了Visitors to Jiangsu Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou on June 5 were more terrified than amused when they saw a donkey eaten alive by tigers, after the donkey was pushed into a river near the tigers den.6月5日,常州市江苏淹城野生动物世界的游客在看到一头驴被几只老虎活活吃掉后,更多的是感到害怕而非快乐,此前这头驴被逼到一条靠近虎穴的河边;Two tigers immediately swam up to the donkey and bit its neck,; wrote a netizen, whose post on a local online um immediately drew attention.一名网友写道:“两只老虎立刻向这头驴游去,并咬住它的脖子”这则发布在当地一个网上论坛上的帖子立刻引起了关注Photos from the post showed that the donkey was carried to the river from a truck, which was loaded with other animals including sheep.帖子上的照片显示,这头驴从一辆卡车上被带至河边,车上载着包括绵羊在内的其它动物The men who threw the donkey were also allegedly trying to throw the sheep in as well, but were stopped by the zoo guards and some visitors.据称,扔驴的几名男子曾试图将绵羊也扔进来,但是被动物园的保安和部分游客阻止了;It may be normal to feed tigers live animals to imitate life in the wild, but it usually happens in the evening when the zoo is closed. This will scare children,; commented a netizen.一名网友道:“用活的动物喂老虎,模拟野生生活很正常,但是这通常发生在晚上动物园关门的时候这样会吓到孩子们的”;I was shocked when I saw that. I have never seen anything like that bee. I myself could not take it,; a visitor surnamed Li told Nanjing newspaper Modern Express.一名姓李的游客告诉南京报社《现代快报:“当看到这一画面的时候,我真是惊到了我以前从来没有见过这样的事情,我自己接受不了”A zoo employee later explained that the ;feeding; was not conducted by the zoo itself, but by a stockholder of the zoo, as the zoo had all its assets frozen by a local court after a liability court case in .随后,动物园一名员工解释道,“喂养”不是动物园干的,而是由动物园一名股东操手的,因为在年的一责任法庭案件后,动物园的全部资产已被地方法院冻结;The stockholder may be dissatisfied with the court ruling, hence the aggressive behavior,; said the employee.这名员工说道:“由于股东不满法院裁定,就做出了过激举动” 50

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