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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Chinese President Hu Jintao on Wednesday and pledged greater cooperation despite tensions on a rising number of issues.美国国务卿希拉里#12539;克林Hillary Clinton)周三会见中国国家主席胡锦涛。尽管中美之间在越来越多的问题上存在矛盾,克林顿仍旧承诺加强合作But a meeting with Mr. Hus expected successor, Xi Jinping, was unexpectedly canceled for what a U.S. official said was a back injury. 但她会见习近平的计划被意外取消。一位美国官员说这是因为习近平背部受伤。预计习近平将成为胡锦涛的接班人The severity and cause of the injury wasnt clear on Wednesday. The U.S. official said the cancellation wouldnt likely affect the tenor of Mrs. Clintons visit. A senior State Department official said Mr. Xi had also canceled appearances with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and an unidentified Russian official. 伤势的严重程度和受伤原因不明。上述美国官员说,取消与习近平的会晤不太可能影响克林顿此行的重要性。美国国务院一位高级官员说,习近平还取消了与新加坡总理李显Lee Hsien Loong)和一位俄罗斯官员共同露面的活动。这位俄罗斯官员的身份没有透露Mr. Xi, who is 59 years old, wished Mrs. Clinton a productive visit in a message delivered by Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, according to another U.S. official. Mr. Xi is widely expected to succeed Mr. Hu as Communist Party chief at a once-a-decade leadership change this fall. 据另一位美国官员说,现9岁的习近平通过外交部长杨洁篪传话,祝愿克林顿的访问取得成果。外界普遍预计习近平将在今年秋季10年一次的中国领导人调整过程中接替胡锦涛成为中共总书记Speaking in Beijings Great Hall of the People, Mr. Hu and Mrs. Clinton highlighted areas of cooperation between the worlds No. 1 and No. 2 economies in an apparent effort to put the relationship in a positive light after weeks of sniping on issues ranging from trade to regional disputes over Chinas claims of sovereignty over local waters. 胡锦涛和克林顿在北京人民大会堂发表讲话,强调了世界第一大和第二大经济体之间的合作领域。这似乎是为了在双方就一系列问题争执数周后,让外界可以积极看待两国关系。这些问题既有贸易,也有关于中国海上主权主张的地区争端Mr. Hu cited Mrs. Clintons previous work with Chinese officials. All of this shows the high level of importance you attached to the China-U.S. relationship and the efforts you have made to push forward that relationship, he said. 胡锦涛提到了克林顿先前与中国官员的合作。他说:这一切显示了你们对中美关系的高度重视,以及你们为增进两国关系所做的努力Mrs. Clinton said the relationship is on a strong and solid base, adding that, we are able to explore areas of agreement, and areas of disagreement. 克林顿说,中美关系有着牢固的基础。她还说:我们能够探索有共识的领域,以及有分歧的领域In a later news conference, Mr.s Clinton noted that this was her fifth visit to China and that she visited the country on her first foreign trip as secretary of state. 在后来的新闻发布会上,克林顿指出,这是她第五次访问中国,而她当上国务卿之后的第一次出访目的地也是中国She said that the U.S. were working to build habits of cooperation and that the two countries literally consult almost on a daily basis. 她说,美国正在着手“培养合作的习惯”,两国“几乎天天都在磋商”Our two nations are trying to do something never been done in history, she said. When an established power and a rising power meet. 她说:我们两个国家努力做的一些事情,是历史上老牌大国遇上新兴大国时从来没人做过的Mrs. Clintons visit comes as Chinas government and public shows increasing skepticism of heightened U.S. strategic engagement in Asia. Mrs. Clinton will likely press Chinese leaders over deepening territorial disputes with neighbors over portions of the South China and East China seas. Washington has repeatedly said it doesnt take sides in territorial disputes but maintains an interest in protecting freedom of navigation in the region. 克林顿此次访华正值中国政府和民众对美国在亚洲不断加强的战略接触表示日渐怀疑之际。克林顿可能会就中国同邻国在南中国海(中国称南海)和东中国海(中国称东海)部分水域日益加深的领土争端问题向中国领导人施压。华盛顿方面曾多次表示,在领土争端问题上美国不会偏袒任何一方,但保该地区的通航自由符合美国的利益The visit isnt expected to spur diplomatic breakthroughs. Rather, it is viewed by diplomats and analysts as paving the way for a regional summit in November, where the U.S. and some territorial claimants will likely push to discuss territorial disputes in a multilateral setting. Beijing has resisted similar efforts in the past, and prefers handling disputes on a bilateral basis. 预计克林顿此次访华不会取得外交突破。相反,外交和分析人士认为克林顿此行只是在为将于今年11月举行的区域性峰会铺路。美国和部分存在领土诉求的国家届时可能会推动在多边框架下讨论领土争端问题。中国政府此前已多次拒绝过类似倡议,中国希望在双边会谈的基础上处理领土争端问题A barrage of commentaries in state media in recent days underscored mistrust of Mrs. Clintons strategy. Many in China fear the U.S. is attempting to contain Chinas rapid economic and political ascent. 最近几天中国官方媒体刊登的一系列文章凸显了中国对克林顿外交战略的不信任。许多中国人担心美国正试图遏制中国在经济和政治上的迅速崛起Mrs. Clinton told Mr. Hu that her trip most likely is my last visit in this capacity as secretary of state. She is expected to step down following Novembers presidential election. 克林顿告诉胡锦涛,此行很有可能是她最后一次以美国国务卿的身份访华。今1月的美国总统大选后,预计克林顿将离任We hope Clinton can reflect upon the deep harm she is bringing to the Sino-U.S. relationship in the last few months before she leaves office and try to make up for it, an editorial in the Global Times, a tabloid affiliated with the Communist Partys flagship Peoples Daily.The editorial bore the headline: Hillary, a Figure Who Deeply Exacerbates U.S.-China Mutual Distrust. 中共党报《人民日报》旗下的《环球时报》在一篇社评中写道,希望克林顿在或许是她任期的最后几个月里认真审视她对中美关系的深层次伤害,她还有机会做点补救。这篇社评的标题是《希拉里,深度强化中美互疑的人》The Chinese Foreign Ministry last month in a strongly worded statement questioned U.S. intentions in the region. Hong Lei, a spokesman for the ministry sounded a cautious note during a daily news briefing Tuesday: We hope the U.S. side can keep relevant promises and do more to boost regional peace and stability and not the opposite. 中国外交部上个月在一份措辞强硬的声明中质疑美国在该地区的意图。外交部发言人洪磊周二在例行记者会上用谨慎的语调说,希望美方言行一致,多做有利于地区和平稳定的事,而不是相反During her visit, analysts say, Mrs. Clinton will be looking to balance pressing for Chinas cooperation on regional hot-button issues with a need for Chinas broader cooperation on wider diplomatic concerns over Syria and Iran. But Chinese analysts say there is concern among Chinese officials and the public that the U.S. is being disingenuous when it say its refocus on Asia isnt designed to contain Chinas influence. 分析人士说,克林顿将试图在此次访华时寻找到一个平衡点,一方面促使中国在地区热点问题上进行合作,一方面又需要中国在叙利亚和伊朗等更广泛的外交问题上与美国展开合作。但中国的分析人士说,中国官员和民众担心,美国有关其重返亚洲并非为抑制中国影响力的说法缺乏诚意Sometimes its not a matter of being soft or tough, said Wu Xinbo, who researches U.S.-China ties at Fudan University in Shanghai. Its a matter of trust and credibility. 复旦大学中美关系研究学者吴心伯说,有时这与态度强硬还是软化无关,这是双方是否互信的问题 /201209/198328

Nearly one in 11 graduates are unemployed six months after leaving university the highest proportion for 17 years, a study reveals today.  英国今日发布的一项调查显示,/11的大学毕业生在离校六个月后还未能就业,达到了17年来的最高比例。  Rising numbers are taking jobs that do not require degrees, including as waiters and checkoutworkers, the survey of almost 225,000 graduates shows.  该调查覆盖了2.5万名毕业生。结果显示,越来越多的毕业生开始选择那些不需要学位的岗位,其中包括务员和收银人员。  The poll, by the Higher Education Careers Services charity, covered 82% of those who completed an undergraduate degree last summer and live in the UK. The pollsters interviewed the graduates in January six months after they left university. It comes as ministers plan to substantially increase the amount graduates pay for their degrees.  此次调查由慈善机构高等教育就业务处进行。调查涵盖了去年夏季在英国取得本科学位且目前在英国生活的82%的毕业生。调查人员于今年一月份,即毕业生离校六个月之后,对他们进行了访问。调查进行之时,恰逢多位部长计划要大幅提高大学生的学费。  The study found 8.9% of graduates, or just over 21,000, were out of a job after six months, a one percentage point rise on the previous year.  该研究发现,8.9%的毕业生.1万多人)在毕业六个月后还没有工作,与去年相比上升了一个百分点 The proportion of university leavers with a graduate-level job as defined by the government has dropped 3.3 points to 62.4%, the charity found. The proportion working in retail and cateringrose by 3.8 points to 14.4% about one in seven.  调查发现,毕业生微薄的起薪赶不上通货膨胀的速度。目前大学毕业生的起薪平均为19695英镑,与去年相比增加8英镑。那些学习过汉语的毕业生起薪最高,年薪2.45万英镑。而艺术专业的毕业生起薪最低,仅为14625英镑。来 /201011/117930

An imprisoned former Taiwan president attempted suicide and was in stable condition, government authorities and his office said on Monday, as the onetime leader continues to wield considerable influence over the islands politics even from behind bars.台湾政府有关部门和陈水扁办公室周一表示,这位被囚禁的台湾前总统自杀未遂,目前情况稳定。虽然身陷囹圄,但台湾地区的这位前领导人仍然对台湾政坛施加相当大的影响力。Chen Shui-bian, 62 years old and serving a 20-year prison term for a corruption conviction, was discovered by guards after trying to take his own life on Sunday by hanging himself from a shower head with a towel, according to Taiwans Agency of Corrections.台湾法务部矫正署说,周日警卫发现陈水扁试图将毛巾系在淋浴头上上吊自杀。现2岁的陈水扁在年时被判受贿罪名成立,并被判0年有期徒刑。目前正在监狱刑。Mr. Chen had been very dissatisfied with an amendment that passed last week that pertains to academic personnel and elected officials accused of misusing another set of public funds, the Justice Ministry said.台湾法务部说,陈水扁对台湾立法院上周通过的一项修正案表示“强烈不满”。这项修正案规定,被控挪用“特别费”和研究费的教授及民意代表可以除罪。Mr. Chens supporters said the legislation would clear others of charges similar to those that Mr. Chen still faces.陈水扁的持者说,这项修正案将免除部分人遭到的指控。而这些指控同陈水扁目前面对的指控类似。Lawmakers from Mr. Chens former party, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, tried to amend the measure to exonerate Mr. Chen, but the effort was rejected by the majority from the ruling Kuomintang, said Ker Chien-ming, the DPP caucus whip.民进党党鞭柯建铭说,陈水扁此前所在政党、反对党民进党的立法委员试图修改这一法案,以免除陈水扁的罪行。但此举遭到执政党国民党大部分立法委员的反对。The Kuomintang said the purpose of the amendment was to give academic researchers more leeway to conduct their research projects.国民党说,通过这一修正案的目的是让学术研究人员在开展研究项目时有更多回旋余地。Mr. Chens office that was repeated on his son Chen Chih-chungs Facebook page said the suicide attempt was evidence of the ex-presidents deep suffering. Chen Chih-chung didnt respond to phone calls seeking comment.陈水扁办公室说,陈水扁企图自杀表明这位前总统正遭受“深深的痛苦”。陈水扁儿子陈致中的Facebook页面上也转载了这一信息。陈致中没有回复记者寻求置评的电话Society can accept it if all people involved in the same matter be judged on the same basis, the statement said. But who can accept it when only one person is heavily targeted?这份声明说,如果所有涉及同一问题的人都被按照同一标准进行审判,那么社会可以接受。但如果只有一人被严判,那么谁又能接受这样的结果?Mr. Chen served as president from 2000 to 2008; he was convicted in on charges of corruption. He still faces separate charges of misappropriation of his state-affairs fund when he was president. Mr. Chen has said the money was used to build ties with Taiwans diplomatic allies.陈水扁从2000年至2008年担任台湾总统,他009年被控贪污,后被定罪。目前他仍然面临在职期间挪用国务机要费的指控。陈水扁此前表示,被挪用的机要费用于构筑同台湾外交盟友的关系。The Kuomintang has supported tighter economic integration with mainland China, which considers Taiwan to be part of its territory. The DPP, which doesnt object to closer commercial ties with Beijing, advocates for Taiwans independence.国民党持提高台湾与中国大陆经济融合的程度。中国大陆政府认为台湾是其领土的一部分。民进党虽不反对与北京建立更紧密的商业联系,但却主张台湾独立。Mr. Chens supporters have argued that he should be released on medical parole. Government officials say Mr. Chen receives prompt and adequate medical attention.陈水扁的持者认为,他应该被保外就医。政府官员说,陈水扁接受了及时、足够的医疗照顾。Mr. Chen withdrew from the DPP in 2008, according to the party. Last month, Chen supporters pushed for his reinstatement as a member, but the party said he would have to reapply because he wasnt expelled.民进党称,陈水扁008年退出民进党。上个月,陈水扁的持者主张他应该被恢复党籍。但民进党表示,陈水扁必须再次提出申请,因为他并不是被开除出党的。来 /201306/242901

第一句:Please send a housekeeper to clean my room.请派务员来整理我的房间A: Good afternoon, housekeeping department.下午好,客房务部B: This is room 51. Please send a housekeeper to clean my room.这是51房间,请派务员来整理我的房间A: OK.好的第二句:Will you make the bed while Im out?我出门时麻烦你整理一下床铺好吗?A: Room service department. May I help you?客房务部,需要什么务?B: Yes. Will you make the bed while Im out?是的我出门的时候麻烦你整理一下床铺好吗?打电话吩咐务员整理房间时可以说:Please send a housekeeper to clean the room. 请派一个务员来整理我的房间通常在房间门把手上都会挂有写着 “Please do not disturb. 请勿打扰和 Please make the bed. 请整理好床铺” 的牌子 637Typhoon Haiyan displaced an estimated 4 million people in the Philippines-exceeding the number of those who fled their homes during Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami combined-posing an unprecedented challenge to the government and relief agencies.预计台风“海燕”已造成菲律00万人流离失所,超过了飓风“卡特里娜Katrina)和印度洋海啸造成的无家可归的人数总和,给该国政府和救援机构带来史无前例的挑战Consider the scale of what were are talking about here, said Orla Fagan, spokeswoman for the ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. We are talking about a number of people equivalent the population of some entire countries.联合国人道主义事务协调办公室(ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)发言人费Orla Fagan)说,从这个数字看,它相当于一些国家的人口总数。The typhoon, known locally as Yolanda, displaced more people than any other Philippines natural disaster in recent decades. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 on the populous northern island of Luzon required the evacuation of more than 250,000 people. Typhoon Uring that same year left 46,000 homeless, according to the U.N. More recently, in 2010, flooding in the capital of Manila displaced 600,000 people.此次台风造成菲律宾无家可归的人数超过了该国数十年来其他任何一次自然灾害999年人口稠密的北岛吕宋岛发生皮纳图火Mount Pinatubo)喷发时,有超5万人被要求疏散。据联合U.N.)的数据,同一年台风Uring造成4.6万人无家可归010年,马尼拉发生的洪灾造成60万人流离失所。Since storm hit more than a week ago, the Philippines has set up 1,551 emergency shelters, which are now crowded with more than 74,000 families. In some areas, the government and relief agencies are distributing tarps for people to live under.自一周多以前台风来袭以来,菲律宾已经建立,551个应急避难场所,目前这些地方容纳了超过7.4万个家庭。在一些地区,政府和救援机构正在向人们发放可供他们临时居住的帐篷。While it will take time, plans are under way for sturdier, more permanent homes for an undetermined number of the displaced.已经启动计划为人数有待确定的无家可归者建造更结实、更长久的住所,但这需要花费较长时间来完成。President Benigno Aquino III on Sunday said the devastated coconut industry in eastern Samar province will help solve the housing challenge: Six hundred people are being hired to cut toppled coconut trees and send the wood to be made into lumber to build homes.菲律宾总统阿基诺三Benigno Aquino III)周日说,东萨马省遭破坏的椰子业将帮助解决住房挑战:当地已雇佣600人砍伐倒塌的椰子树,这些树木将被加工成木材,用于建造房屋。The U.N., meanwhile, plans to raise 1 million to clear debris and build shelters over the next six months.与此同时,联合国计划募集3.01亿美元资金,供未来六个月菲律宾清理废墟和建造避难所使用。Philippines Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said he cant yet provide an estimate on how much it will cost to rebuild homes and subsidize people to be able to afford them.菲律宾财政部长普利斯Cesar Purisima)说,他还无法提供重建房屋和提供相关补贴所需费用的预估数据We do have fiscal space to spend for reconstruction, Mr. Purisima said. The estimates are preliminary, but we need to invest significantly on infrastructure.普利斯马说,我们确实有用于重建出的财政空间,目前的预估都是初步的,但我们需要投入大量资金来兴建基础设施。The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have each ied 0 million in loans to help the Philippines finance reconstruction.亚洲开发银Asian Development Bank)和世界银World Bank)分别准备好了5亿美元贷款,用于帮助菲律宾为重建融资。ShelterBox, Habitat for Humanity, Architecture for Humanity are among the groups helping provide shelter for those affected by Haiyan as well as by a recent earthquake in Bohol.ShelterBox、仁人家Habitat for Humanity)和Architecture for Humanity等组织正在帮助为受到“海燕”和近期保和省发生的地震影响的人提供避难所。Typhoon Haiyan killed at least 3,976 people, and about 1,600 are missing, according to the latest government tally.据政府最新数据显示,台风“海燕”造成菲律宾至,976人丧生,,600人失踪。In terms of displaced people in natural disasters world-wide, Haiyan ranks high. The worst in recent times was the Sichuan earthquake in China in 2008, which left 26.8 million displaced. Hurricane Katrina left 250,000 displaced in 2005, while the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami left 2 million without homes.“海燕”造成的无家可归人数在全球自然灾害中排在前列。近期最严重的一次自然灾害是2008年中国四川发生的大地震,当时,680万人无家可归005年飓风“卡特里娜”和2004年印度洋海啸分别造成25万人00万人无家可归 /201311/265337

Professional Terms专业术语operating system操作系统exactly adv.确切的,精确的involve v.包含,涉及logic n.逻辑load v.装入,加载What exactly does an operating system do? Basically ,it perms a number of supporting functions.操作系统究竟是干什么的呢?从根本上讲,它施行一些持功能 example, suppose an application program is stored on a disk例如,假设应用程序存储在磁盘上bee the program can be executed, it must be copied into the main memory first.它在被执行前,必须制到主存储器中,because the program that controls a computer must be in the main memory.因为控制计算机的程序必须要在主存储器中The process of copying a program from disk to memory involves considerable logic.把程序从磁盘复制到主存的过程涉及重要的逻辑The source of a computer logic is software.计算机的逻辑源来自软件Thus ,if the application program is to be loaded, there must be a program in the memory to control the loading process.,如果要装入应用程序,必须在主存中有一个控制加载过程的程序That program is the operation system.这个程序就属于操作系统 36639

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