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  • A man who posed as Justin Bieber online has been charged with more than 900 child sex-related crimes in Australia.一名在网上乔装成贾斯汀·比伯的男子,被指控在澳大利亚涉嫌900多起未成年人性犯罪The man, , masqueraded as the Canadian singer to gain explicit images from children, Queensland Police said.据昆士兰警方表示,这名岁的男子乔装成该加拿大歌手,从未成年人手中骗取裸照He was charged with 931 crimes, including three of rape, involving 7 alleged victims across the globe.犯罪嫌疑人面临的931起指控中包括3起强奸案,全球各地的受害人共计7人Detective Inspector Jon Rouse called the allegations ;frankly horrendous; and warned young fans of the singer and parents to be vigilant.探长乔恩·劳斯称这起案件“非常可怕”,并警告贾斯汀·比伯的年轻粉丝和家长们要保持警惕;The fact that so many children could believe that they were communicating with this particular celebrity highlights the need a serious rethink about the way that we as a society educate our children about online safety,; said Mr Rouse.劳斯探长说道:“这么多孩子都认为他们真的是在和贾斯汀·比伯聊天,这表明我们需要严肃地反思我们这个社会是如何教育孩子有关网络安全的”Queensland Police confirmed the investigation also involved international authorities. According to local media they are German police and US Homeland Security.此外,昆士兰警方还实该调查涉及一些国际机构据当地媒体报道,这些机构是德国警方和美国国土安全部Of the alleged victims, 50 were in the US, up to were in the UK and six were in Australia, police said. More precise inmation was still being gathered.据警方表示,受害人中有50人来自美国、人来自英国、6人来自澳大利亚目前警方正在搜查更精确的信息 8580
  • A group of explorers in Russia have found around a billion roubles in old Soviet money at an abandoned mine, but it all completely worthless.日前,俄罗斯一队探险者在一座废弃的矿洞里,找到了数十亿前苏联时期的纸币,但现在已经毫无价值了The group from Saint Petersburg, who publish a blog on abandoned sites across Russia, came across the money after following rumours that large quantities of cash had been dumped in old missile silos near Moscow after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Komsomolskaya Pravda news website reports.据《共青团真理报新闻网站报道,这队来自圣彼得堡的探险者,会发表有关全俄罗斯荒废地点的客他们在传言的引领下,在莫斯科附近的前苏联废弃导弹发射井里找到了大量现金After travelling several hours across rough terrain in Russia Vladimir region, they found the mine overflowing with cash.在俄罗斯弗拉基米尔地区探索了几个小时后,他们发现了这一充满大量现金的矿洞The site contains an estimated one billion roubles in Soviet Union banknotes of various denominations issued between 1961 and 1991, all no longer legal tender in the Russian Federation.这个矿洞里有1961年到1991年发行的约亿的苏联卢布,但是在如今的俄罗斯联邦已经不再有效了Team member Olga Bogdanova said that the sight of such ;riches; was difficult to convey in words.探险队成员奥莉加·波格丹诺娃表示,该景象的奢华难以用语言来形容;There delight and some sadness, because you realise that this is a bygone era which will never return, that all this money would have been more than enough anybody,; she said.她说道:“这让人悲喜交加,因为你会意识到那是一个再也回不去的辉煌时代,这些钱本应该对任何人来说都足够了” 59
  • A dream wedding in Thailand turned deadly after celebratory gunfire shot off by guests killed an innocent neighbour.泰国的一场梦幻婚礼最终却成了一场悲剧:宾客们开庆祝,不幸射死了一位无辜的邻居Sumet Lomrob, 5, posed in wedding pictures last Sunday brandishing two automatic assault rifles while his wife, who has not been named, stood next to him her white dress. The couple took similar photos their wedding invitation.上周日,5岁的Sumet Lomrob和穿着白纱站在他旁边的妻子(姓名不详)在婚礼上挥舞着两只自动冲锋摆POSE拍照他们的婚礼请帖也用的类似的照片Hours later, as his friends and family paraded through the country road near his village letting off gunfire, a stray bullet hit Thanet Kinwong, 37, as he sat in front of a friend home.几小时后,这对新人正在朋友和家人的簇拥下在他家附近的乡间道路上游行,一些宾客鸣为这对新人祝福时,一颗流弹击中了37岁的Thanet Kinwong,当时他正坐在一个朋友的家门前Thanet was killed instantly when the bullet - let loose from about 0metres away - struck the left side of his chest.Thanet当场死亡--这颗0米外飞来的子弹射中了他的左胸The wedding party first denied any involvement but five guests and the groom have now been charged after handing themselves in to the police station in Chonburi province of Thailand.起先,婚礼上的人都否认自己与此事故有牵连,不过,最终5名宾客和新郎向泰国春武里省的警方自首Police said that four men had admitting to firing guns during the parade. They were Wasin Kongkaew, , Arthit Lomrob, , Jirapat Lomrob, , and Tinnaphat Charoensiri, 3. A fifth man, Sahaphab Saboorum, 1, later turned himself in.警方表示,开始有人承认他们在游行队伍中开了--分别是岁的Wasin Kongkaew、Arthit Lomrob、Jirapat Lomrob和3岁的Tinnaphat Charoensiri后来第5个人、1岁的Sahaphab Saboorum也承认参与了其中The groom confessed to owning one of the guns used by his friends and relatives and was charged with possession of illegal weapons.新郎承认,他亲友使用的5把中有一把是自己的,警方指控其非法持有武器The case sparked outrage on social media and the dead man widow Weerawan Suppachon, 7, branded the men heartless.此事在社交媒体上引起了大家的公愤受害人的家属、7岁的寡妇Weerawan Suppachon伤心欲绝,称肇事者“没良心”She said: I want to know what their hearts are made of. Why did they dare fire a volley of shots in a residential area, where there are hundred of homes?她说,“我真想知道他们的心是什么做的他们怎么敢在居住区开这么多?这里住着几百户人家啊!” 7871
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