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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/453967。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464444。

The man accused of crashing into a group of bicyclists in Michigan is now facing multiple murder charges. 在密歇根被指控开车撞向一群骑自行车人的男子现在面临多重谋杀控告。Police say Charles Pickett Jr. was behind the wheel of the pickup truck that crashed into a group of nine cyclists. The Kalamazoo County prosecutor charged Pickett with five counts of second-degree murder and four counts of reckless driving.警方称,查尔斯·皮科特驾驶着小型货车撞向九个骑自行车的人。卡拉马祖县检察官以5项二级谋杀罪和4项粗心驾驶罪控告皮科特。The crash Tuesday evening killed five and injured the other four cyclists. Three of the injured are in serious condition, and the fourth is in fair condition. 周二晚上的事故造成骑自行车中5人死亡,另有4人受伤。伤者中3人伤势严重,第四人情况尚好。In the 30 minutes before the crash, area police agencies received multiple calls reporting an erratic driver in a blue pickup truck. 在事故前30分钟,地区警察机构接到多个电话,举报一辆蓝色小型货车司机开车不守规则。The bicyclists were part of ;The Chain Gang; that took weekly 30-mile bike rides. They were just five miles into this weeks ride when the truck crashed into them from behind. 骑自行车的人属于“链条帮”,每周骑行30英里。当货车从后面撞上他们的时候,他们只骑行五英里路程。译文属。201606/448485。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466633。

栏目简介:How new technologies can change the way we live at home? Some of the latest products of this field are being shown at this years Consumer Electronic Show, or CES Asia. The new technologies will bring you a new home that is safer, cleaner and more convenient to your life. Wu Ying has more...201703/492626。

The Hungarian capital, Budapest, is situated on the banks of the Danube in Central Europe. Its the political, economic and cultural heart of the nation,匈牙利的首都布达佩斯屹立在中欧多瑙河畔。布达佩斯是匈牙利的政治、经济、文化中心,and one of the most beautiful and livable cities on the continent.也是活跃在欧洲大陆上的最具魅力的城市之一。For centuries this has been a tale of two cities, the city of Buda rising from the steep western hills, and Pest, stretching away into the flat plains of the East.几世纪以来,“双城记”在布达佩斯上演,起初布达佩斯是两座遥遥相望的城市——城市布达从陡峭的西部小山缓缓升起,而城市佩斯则延伸于东方平原。The Danube kept these two cities apart until 1873, when the first of Budapests seven bridges began stitching the two halves into one.两座城市在多瑙河两岸遥遥相望,直到1873年,布达佩斯7桥之首的出现才将这两座城市缝合在了一起。This tale of two cities has been one of destruction and renewal too.“双城记”即是布达佩斯的毁灭也是布达佩斯的重生。Just as the Danubes waters have coursed through Budapest, so too have the great tides of European history,正如多瑙河的水流过布达佩斯那样,欧洲历史的伟大潮汐也流淌于此,often gracefully, but sometimes with ferocious force.时而优雅温柔,时而来势凶猛。Budapest is a big city, and navigating its patchwork of districts can be as challenging as understanding its complex history.布达佩斯,要在这座区域众多的大城市中驰骋,就像想要了解布达佩斯复杂的历史一样颇具挑战。For a sweeping overview, head to the Citadella on the Buda side of the Danube, and take in the views from the 19th century ramparts on Gellért Hill.想要一览布达佩斯所有景观,你可以朝着多瑙河布达区的兵营城堡方向,站在自由山的壁垒之上,欣赏布达佩斯的风景。Just upriver from the Citadella is Budapests oldest area, The Castle District, which is filled with medieval, baroque and 19th century buildings.兵营城堡的上游是布达佩斯最古老的区域——城堡区。在城堡区里,中世纪巴洛克风格的19世纪建筑随处可见。Ride the 150 year-old funicular up Castle Hill to Buda Castle.乘坐拥有150年历史的索道缆车,来到城堡山中游览布达城堡。First built in the 13th century, the castle has been home to Hungarian kings, a stronghold for Ottoman armies, and headquarters for an elite German Commando .首建于13世纪,这座城堡曾是匈牙利国王的住所,是土耳其军队的大本营,也是德国精英突击队总指挥部。Over the last seven hundred years, the castle complex has been reduced to rubble by wars and rebuilt in peacetime many times over.在过去的700年里,城堡群随着战争的消磨被夷为平地,而在和平年代,城堡群也被多次重建。At the northern end of castle hill rises the defiant spire of Matthias Church, which served as a mosque during the 150 years of Ottoman rule.在城堡山的北端,马提亚教堂的塔尖挑衅般的缓缓而现,在奥斯曼帝国统治下的150年里,马提亚教堂都充当着清真寺的角色。Step from the church and onto the terraces of Fishermans Bastion,走过教堂,站上渔人堡的露台,whose seven towers represent the seven Magyar Tribes who founded the Hungarian nation in the ninth century.渔人堡中的7座小塔代表着7个马札尔部落,在9世纪,马札尔部落建立了匈牙利。In medieval times, fishwives peddled their wares here;在中世纪,卖鱼妇在这里叫卖她们的商品;today the fanciful terraces are yet another great place to catch views across the city.如今,这里的露台成就了另一个一览全城风景的好地方。Once youve explored the heights of Castle Hill, stroll across another of Budapests iconic landmarks to the Pest side of the city.探究完城堡山的高度,不妨去城市佩斯,在布达佩斯另一个著名的地标建筑中漫步。Crossing the Danube wasnt always this easy, for centuries, travellers were at the mercy of the waters moods.跨过多瑙河并不是件容易的事,几世纪以来,布达佩斯的旅行者们可都得看河水的心情渡河。In 1820, a young count vowed to create a bridge after winter ice flows prevented him from attending the funeral of his beloved father.1820年,一名年轻的伯爵誓要在此建造一座桥梁,冬日结冰的河流阻挡了他参加挚爱父亲葬礼的脚步。Thirty years on, The Szechenyi Chain Bridge was completed. Hailed at the time as one of the worlds engineering wonders,30年过去了,链子桥也终于完工了。当时这座桥被称为世界工程奇迹之一,the bridge was just one of many achievements which earned István Széchenyi the title of The Greatest Hungarian.而这座桥也是为István Széchenyi赢得“最伟大的匈牙利人”头衔的众多成就之一。Once youve crossed the river, follow the riverbank upstream to Hungarys Parliament Building.当你穿过这座桥时,沿着河岸上游来到匈牙利国会大厦。Lovingly constructed from 40 million bricks, half a million precious stones and 88 pounds of gold,匈牙利国会大厦是由4千万块砖、5百万块珍贵的石头以及88磅黄金组成,this architectural masterpiece holds the hopes and dreams of the nation.这座建筑杰作承载了整个国家的希望与梦想。Its also the home of The Hungarian Crown Jewels, which have been hidden, lost, stolen and returned many times over.这里还是匈牙利御宝的所在地,这些珍宝多年来也遭遇了多次消失、遗失、被盗和归还。Join a tour to see the crown of Hungarys first king, St Stephen, which after being kept in Americas Fort Knox for safekeeping throughout much of the Cold War,加入旅游团,来看看匈牙利第一位国王——圣史蒂芬的吧,在冷战时期,这个珍宝被一直保存于美国诺克斯堡,now takes pride of place beneath the Parliaments central dome.如今,它就珍藏于国会大厦的中央穹顶之下。The Parliament Building is home to around 100 statues, but none is more cherished than that of former Prime Minister, Imre Nagy.国会大厦是将近100个珍贵雕像的所在之处,但是任何一个雕像都比不上前首相Imre Nagy的雕像珍贵。In 1956, Nagy enraged the Soviets by announcing his countrys withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact,1956年,Nagy宣布从《华沙公约》中退出而惹怒了苏联政府。sparking a gallant but doomed uprising which cost him and thousands of Hungarians their lives.Nagy以及数以千计的匈牙利人在这场命中注定的英勇起义中牺牲。201707/516846。

It finally happened,all Tesla cars will now be able to drive themselves.终于等到了,所有特斯拉汽车都将能够自己驾驶。The company announced the rollout Wednesday. All cars Tesla produces from here on will have self-driving hardware, though the company wont activate it until its tested more thoroughly.该公司周三宣布了首展。从这里生产的所有特斯拉汽车装有自驾硬件,尽管在进行更加彻底的测试前,公司不会去激活它。Teslas goal is to increase safety on the road. Using a combination of sonar, radar and on-board computers, the cars will be able to detect things humans cant. 特斯拉的目标是增加道路行车安全。通过声纳,雷达和车载电脑的组合,汽车将能够察觉到人类不能察觉到的事情。Those systems will allow the cars to see ;in every direction simultaneously; and detect things beyond human senses.这些系统能使汽车同时在各个方向上进行观察,并察觉超出人类感官的东西。The automaker does note some of its cars autopilot features wont be available while it continues testing. 该汽车制造商确实注意到,一些汽车的自动驾驶功能还不可用,在继续测试中。So if you buy one of the new models, dont rely on the car to brake by itself; it wont happen.因此,如果你买了一辆这样的新车,不要依靠汽车能自己刹车。这是不会发生的。译文属。201610/474378。

栏目简介:Several retired members of the US womens national soccer team watched a girls match at a primary school in Putuo District today. Yuan Chenyue brings us the story.201705/507179。