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双语:世界首个蝙蝠侠主题D过山车 -- :53: 来源: Six Flags is building what it says is the world's first first 'four-dimensional free fly' roller coaster at its park in San Antonio, Texas.  六旗(世界上最大的主题公园连锁品牌)正在美国德州的圣路易斯六旗乐园打造据称是世界上首个“D自由飞翔”过山车  Batman: The Ride is set to open in July next year and will spin riders upside down on rotating seats that flip independently of the coaster's direction of travel.  蝙蝠侠飞车将于明年7月开放,其翻转式座位可随轨道方向独立翻转,让乘客整个倒置过来  It will reach speeds of up to 5mph and drop from 1 feet in the air.  过山车的最高时速将达到5英里每小时,可带乘客从1英尺的高空垂直俯冲而下  Riders will first be taken up a 1 feet vertical climb bee the coaster begins its twisted path down wards.  在进入高低起伏的下行轨道前,过山车将首先垂直爬升至1英尺  The seats will flip riders upside down six times throughout the ride, as the cars also plunge over beyond vertical drops on a one minute, ty second ride that is sure to require a strong stomach.  1分0秒的乘坐过程中,座位会把乘客翻转6次,车厢还会多次超过90度垂直俯冲,乘客必须得做好充分的心理准备  Riders will experience G as they are thrown around the coaster's twists and turns in five cars that accommodate eight passengers each.  过山车共有5节车厢,每节车厢能够容纳8名乘客迂回曲折的轨道将带给乘客惊险刺激的D乘坐体验  The 'free fly' system that flips the seats upside down is designed to give riders the feeling of weightlessness as they are thrown around the track independently of their direction of movement.  “自由飞翔”系统可将座位倒转,并让其跟随轨道方向独立翻转,为乘客营造出一种失重的感觉  It is an attraction with similarities to the Green Lantern: First Flight ride at Six Flags: Magic Mountain in Calinia.  这一设施与六旗魔术山主题公园的《绿灯侠:首次飞行过山车有异曲同工之妙  Park president Martin Bozer told KHOU: 'Every year we continue to provide more and more innovative technology and excitement our park guests and season pass holders.  园长马丁?兹告诉Khou网:“每年我们都会为乐园游客和购买季票的游客提供更加惊险刺激、更具创新技术的游乐设施”  BATMAN: The Ride is an entirely new concept in ride engineering and will provide a sensory experience like no other coaster.  蝙蝠侠飞车采用了全新的设计概念,将为游客带来别具一格的惊险体验澳洲妈妈Facebook晒娃遭朋友吐槽(双语) -- :: 来源:   Proud parents bragging about their little darling's every move on Facebook is a regular annoyance many people using the social network.  自豪的父母们在脸书上炫耀小宝宝的点滴进步是常常令社交网络用户们反感的事 澳洲妈妈Facebook晒娃遭朋友吐槽   But one Australian woman got so sick of her friend's constant updates about her baby daughter that she wrote her a scathing letter demanding the mother stop - claiming she is 'pissing a lot of people off'.  但最近一名澳大利亚女子,因为过于反感她的朋友频繁发布关于其女儿的更新,忍无可忍地写了封尖酸刻薄的邮件给这位当母亲的朋友,要求她停止这么做——因为她的晒娃已经"引起公愤"  Jade Ruthven, 33, was so upset by the 'poison pen' note that she got her own back by warding it onto comedian Em Rusciano - who shared it with her thousands of followers on social media.  33岁的杰德·鲁斯文收到"恶意匿名信"后心烦意乱为了反击,她把信件转发给喜剧演员瑞斯卡诺,后者将这封信公之于众,分享给她的数千名社交媒体粉丝  The incredible printed letter, littered with expletives and exclamation marks, starts with the anonymous author saying they had got together with 'a few of the girls' to say they are 'SO OVER' the running commentary of Ms Ruthven's life with her young baby daughter Addison.  这封打印的信上面堆满了咒骂的字眼以及感叹号,令人难以置信信以匿名的口吻写道:她们和"几个女友"一致对鲁斯文太太没完没了地秀她和女儿艾迪生的生活感到"忍无可忍"  It adds: 'Look we all have kids that we are besotted with - guess what - every parent thinks their child is the best. But we don't ram it down everyone else's neck!!!  信上还说:"我们都有孩子,也都爱自己的孩子——可不是吗——每个父母都认为自己的小孩是最棒的但我们可没有硬塞给别人看!!!"  'She wears a new outfit - well take a photo and send it PRIVATELY to the person who gave it to her - not to everyone!!!  "她穿了套新衣——我们拍完照,然后私下地发给赠衣的人——而不是所有人!!!"  'She crawls off the mat - we DON'T care!!!!! She's 6 months old - BIG DEAL!!!  "她爬到毯子外面了——关我们什么事!!!!!她都六个月大了——有什么大不了的!!!"  'Stop and think - if every mother posted all that c**p about their kid - I'm sure you'd get over it pretty quickly.  "请试想一下,如果每个母亲都把自己孩子的破事发出来——我敢保你会以最快的速度跳过"  'We can't wait you to get back to work - maybe you won't have time to be on Facebook quite so much.'  "我们都等不及你回来工作了——这样你就不会这么有时间泡脸书了"  After saying they think the offending child is 'gorgeous' and they 'love her', the writer continues - adding that Ms Ruthven is 'pissing a lot of people off'.  说完这些,她们觉得那个冒犯了她们的孩子还是"蛮可爱的",她们"喜欢她",写信人继续说道,鲁斯文太太的行为"引起的是公愤"  'We all thought it might ease off after the first month, but it hasn't', it adds.  "我们本以为过了头个月就会停消,没想到,竟然没完没了,"信上说  Not everyone is as interested as you are about what [deleted] does so give us all a break.  不是每个人都和你一样对(此处删去)的所作所为感兴趣,让我们清静会儿  'We're doing this to let you know what people really think.'  "我们这样做是想告诉你别人的真正想法"   Ms Ruthven the letter came completely out of the blue and was like a slap in the face, particularly as she is a first-time mother trying to find her feet.  对鲁斯文太太而言,这封信简直就是晴天霹雳,好比扇了她一个巴掌尤其她是个新妈妈,正摸索着育儿经  ‘I was actually excited when I checked the mail and saw a hand written envelope thinking it was an invite. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what was in it!’ Jade told Daily Mail Australia.  "当我查看邮箱时,看到一封手写的信封很是激动,我以为是邀请函但万万没想到里面竟是这内容!"杰德告诉《澳大利亚每日邮报  ‘At first I was in shock and thought this letter must be a joke. I it and re- it about four times.  "一开始我惊呆了,以为这是恶作剧我读了一遍又一遍,足足有四遍"  ‘I was shaking with anger and shock to think a so call friend of mine could be so heartless and gutless to not even sign their name.’  "我气得发抖,没想到我所谓的一位朋友竟如此地没心没肺,且懦弱地不敢署名"  The dental hygienist still doesn’t know who was responsible the letter. Jade can’t think why anybody would feel the need to be so nasty.  这位牙科保健师至今不知道这封信是谁写的杰德真想不到,为什么会有人做这么卑鄙的事  ‘To be honest I have no idea why anyone would do this to me. I don’t think I have had an enemy in my whole life,’ Jade told Daily Mail Australia.  "说真的,我不知道为什么有人要这么对我我觉得自己没和任何人为敌过"杰德告诉《澳大利亚每日邮报  However, Jade wants the coward author to know their nasty act has not brought her down. She has also vowed to continue to post photos of her treasured baby.  但是,杰德想告诉那名懦弱的写信人:他们的卑鄙行为并没有使她沮丧她还发誓要继续发她宝贝女儿的照片  ‘No way did I feel self-conscious or consider changing my online activity,’ laughs Jade.  "别想让我有所自觉或停止刷新脸书"杰德笑道  Jade says the attempt to shame and isolate her has ‘backfired’, as she is ‘feeling more loved and supported than ever’.  杰德说,这个试图羞辱她、孤立她的阴谋适得其反现在她"感受到前所未有的爱与持"  ‘The support I have received from family, friends and even total strangers has blown me away.’  "从家人、朋友、甚至素不相识的陌生人那里得到的持令我感动极了"  Vocabulary:   scathing:严厉的,尖刻的  expletive:咒骂,粗话  self-conscious:自觉的上海水下接吻大赛 为爱赴汤蹈火(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 年7 月日,上海玛雅水公园举办了第二届“亲一亲;水下接吻大赛”此次水下接吻大赛共吸引了对情侣这些情侣大秀恩爱,为了荣誉勇往直前 A couple participates during an underwater kiss contest held at a water park in Shanghai, July , . The competition attracted couples kissing the award. 最终,来自上海普陀区的谢先生和李以连续接吻1分秒的优异成绩摘得桂冠 Finally, Mr Xie and Miss Li from Shanghai's PuTuo district win the contest. 比赛结束后,不少情侣表示,安静的水面是最好的隔离带,外界的一切被短暂地屏蔽掉,只剩下双双相拥着感受爱情的唯一 After the game,a lot of couples said when we embraced each other, that the quiet waters became the best barrier from all temporary shield outside. But love is the only thing left. 这样的比赛是不是新奇又浪漫呢?欢迎大家给小编留言

日本推出一款由狮子操刀设计的“动物园牛仔裤” --9 ::51 来源:chinadaily How much would you pay a truly one-of-a-kind pair of jeans featuring an abstract pattern of scratches and bite arks designed by lions at a Japanese zoo? Only ten pairs will be available this year, so you’d better be y to break the piggy bank.日本一家动物园的狮子们设计了一款牛仔裤,上面布满了由它们的抓痕和咬痕组成的抽象图案,你愿意为这款独一无二的牛仔裤出价多少?今年只会限量发售十条动物园牛仔裤,所以你最好现在就准备好自己的小金库Zoo Jeans are part of a revitalization campaign Japan’s Tohoku region, and were originally thought up at Sendai City’s Tohoku Gakuin University. The first pairs were originally launched in , when lions, tigers and bears were given a series of toys wrapped in denim and allowed to literally leave their mark on the fabric. The toys were then retrieved and the denim was passed over to jeans makers who made sure the placement of claw and bite marks on the pants was just right. Although very pricey, Zoo Jeans proved extremely popular, so this year, the Tohoku Gakuin University is selling another pairs designed by lions, via online auction.动物园牛仔裤隶属于日本东北部的一项振兴运动,最初是由仙台市的东北学院大学提出第一款动物园牛仔裤于年发售,其制作过程是将一些包裹着牛仔布料的玩偶丢给狮子、老虎和熊,然后任它们随心所欲地在牛仔布上留下自己的印记这些玩偶随后被回收,牛仔布料则交给牛仔裤制造商,他们负责确定抓痕和咬痕在牛仔裤上的合适分布位置虽然这款牛仔裤价格十分昂贵,但它还是吸引了许多人争先恐后的购买所以今年东北学院大学将在网络拍卖平台上额外出售条由狮子设计的动物园牛仔裤The two resident designers -edition Zoo Jeans are Curtis, a 19-year-old male lion, and O’Neal, a -year-old female. On June 5th, they had their favorite playthings wrapped in denim and left to work their magic on them. The material was then sent to Momotaro and Japan Blue, two of the country’s top jeans manufacturers to create unique pairs of jeans out of it.版动物园牛仔裤的设计师是19岁的雄狮柯蒂斯和岁的雌狮奥尼尔6月5日,工作人员把它们最爱的玩具包上牛仔布再丢给它们,任它们在玩具上“大显身手”布料随后交予日本最顶尖的两家牛仔裤制造商桃太郎和正蓝屋,他们会用这些布料制造条独一无二的的牛仔裤This year’s Zoo Jeans will be sold online on August 1st, with auctions starting at 98,000 yen (US7.55), plus tax, per pair. Proceeds will be donated to Yagiyama Zoological Park to be used their animal environment preservation activities.今年,动物园牛仔裤将于8月1日在网络拍卖平台上开售,起拍价是每条税后98000日元(合956.55美元)所得收入会捐赠给八木山动物公园用于园内动物环境保护活动英文来源:odditycentral翻译:朱安琪(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

美到窒息:《太后拍摄地—扎金索斯 -- :31:58 来源:chinadaily 刘时镇对姜暮烟说,如果捡了这里的石头,就会再回来可是事实是,不需要石头,这里都会让你流连忘返 扎金索斯(Zakynthos)是希腊爱奥尼亚群岛大区南部的一个州,并不属于大家所熟知的爱琴海(Aegean Sea),而是位于爱奥尼亚海,由扎金索斯岛及附近的小岛组成,距离意大利比较近,被古时的人称为“东方之花” “扎金索斯”的名称来源于希腊神话,达耳达诺斯是天神宙斯(Zeus)和埃勒克特拉(Electra)的儿子,而扎金索斯则是达耳达诺斯(Dardanus)的儿子著名诗人狄奥尼修斯?索罗莫斯曾这样描述扎金索斯——“这是一个让人忘记天堂的地方”扎金索斯不仅是黑科林斯葡萄干的原产地,同时也是蠵(xī )龟的天堂虽然蠵龟并不算濒危的珍稀物种,但它却是现存最古老的爬行动物蠵龟在我国东南沿海地区广为分布,甚至在上海长江口外海域和黄浦江里也能见到它的身影不过,如果你想在湛蓝的海水里和古老的蠵龟来一次潜水之旅的话,还是在扎金索斯比较合适虽然提到希腊,很多人都会联想到著名的蜜月胜地圣托里尼不过,在《太阳的后裔(Descendants of the Sun)播出之后,恐怕扎金索斯也会很快成为年轻情侣到国外度蜜月的热门选择 因为扎金索斯不仅有无敌的海景沙滩,而且有设施齐全的度假酒店遍布周围,一定会让你的旅途倍感舒心 不过说道扎金索斯,就一定要说一下沉船湾,因为如果没有沉船湾,或许扎金索斯也不会如此出名 在《太阳的后裔中,一定有很多人对柳时镇带姜暮烟去的那个无人沙滩印象深刻沉船湾是一个裸露的小海湾,也被称为“海盗湾”,位于扎金索斯岛的西北海岸,与扎金索斯岛遥相对望沉船湾当然得有一艘沉船才能看上去更加名正言顺,不过这艘船并不是沉船 1981年的某天,希腊当局接到线报,有一条走私违禁品的船只闯入了扎金索斯海域希腊当局立刻派警察出动,于是警匪之间开始了一场惊心动魄的追逐战因为暴风雨天气造成的能见度太低,使得那艘走私船最终被冲上海滩而搁浅事情结束后,希腊当局放弃了那艘船,没有对它进行任何处理,任凭它接受了几十年的雨打风吹,最终变得锈迹斑驳以至于现在不知情的人们还以为这是一艘承载着什么样传奇故事的海盗沉船 虽然电视剧把沉船湾呈现为一片知者甚少的无人海湾,上演了一幕幕唯美的恋曲但实际上,这里是旅行者的乐园,每年都会吸引成千上万的游客,因为这片海滩对于游客来说是不收费的

WHO:寨卡病毒通过奥运会传播的风险‘十分小’ -- 19:6: 来源: 世界健康组织说Zika病毒通过巴西举办的奥运会向全世界传播的风险十分小 The World Health Organization (WHO) says there is a "very low risk" of Zika virus sping globally as a result of holding the Olympics in Brazil.世界健康组织说Zika病毒通过巴西举办的奥运会向全世界传播的风险十分小There is no need to move the Olympics from Rio de Janeiro, or to postpone or cancel them, WHO experts said.世界健康组织的专家说,没有必要把奥运会从里约热内卢改到其他城市,或者推迟、取消运动会The WHO reaffirmed earlier advice against imposing any travel or trade restrictions on areas affected by the virus, which is sp by mosquitoes.世界健康组织重申不建议在被病毒感染的地区实施旅游、贸易限制,该病毒由蚊子传播Zika has been linked to birth defects. The Olympics will be held in August.Zika会造成新生儿缺陷奥运会将在八月举行The WHO has aly declared Zika a global public health emergency. It has advised pregnant women to avoid travelling to the Games, and visitors to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites.世界健康组织之前已宣布Zika是全球公共突发卫生事件并建议妇不要去奥运会,以及旅客做好避免蚊子叮咬的措施But despite the concern voiced by some scientists, the WHO said mosquito activity was relatively low in Brazil in August.但不顾科学家的担心言论,世界健康组织说巴西八月份的蚊虫活动相对较少Brazilian officials expect about 380,000 eign visitors to come the Rio Olympics.巴西官方预计将有38万外国游客前来Rio奥运会Millions of travellers aly visit Brazil every year, so not holding the Olympics there would not reduce the numbers significantly, the WHO added.每年有上百万游客来巴西,所以即便不举办奥运会也不会显著降低数量,世界健康组织补充道The outbreak began in Brazil a year ago, but now more than 60 countries and territories have continuing transmission.该病毒于一年前从巴西爆发,现在已经有超过60个国家和区域在继续传播More than 1,00 cases of microcephaly in babies have been linked to Zika in Brazil. The babies were born with abnormally small heads, a condition threatening their brain development.超过00个新生儿小头症病例和巴西Zika病毒有关这些婴儿出生时脑袋比正常婴儿的小,而这将威胁到他们的大脑发育The virus has also been linked to a rare nervous system disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome.这个病毒还会造成较罕见的神经系统失调,Guillain-Barre综合症Last month 0 doctors, scientists and bioethicists from more than a dozen countries signed an open letter urging the WHO to consider postponing or moving the Rio Olympics because of the sp of Zika.上个月,十几个国家的医生、科学家和生物学家联名发表公开信,要求世界健康组织考虑推迟或在其他地点举办今年的巴西奥运会

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