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信江新区痛经哪家医院最好的余江县人民中医院在线咨询雪莉吃不惯公司的工作餐,于是叫了好朋友简到外面的大排档吃中饭,两个人对于吃的观念好像很不一样,一起来看看吧。Listen Read Learn Jane: How do you like the food sold in this sidewalk snack booth?Shirley: At least, it is better than my boxed lunch at work. I'm so fed up with the bland food. Thank you for having lunch with me!Jane: Any time. But I don't mind eating boxed lunch. The food sanitation is really good too.Shirley: It's hard to believe that you like it. You are so easy to be satisfied.Jane: Hey, it's not that bad. The food is nutritious and it's really convenient. I don't want to spend too much time on eating stuff.Shirley: Eating is important. You are what you eat. It's not only a daily routine.Jane: Well, will you just go back to work after lunch?Shirley: No. I'm going to pay the bill for the company's lunch.Jane: But you didn't eat anything today.Shirley: Well, the bill is paid by month. That's probably the only thing that I like about a take-out restaurant.Jane: All right. I'm going to the McDonald's.Shirley: For what? I thought you didn't like western food.Jane: No, I never did. It's for my son. He loves it, and I made an agreement with him that he can eat it once a week.Shirley: That's really smart. My son Daniel is the same with your son. I just don't get it, why all the kids prefer western food to traditional food.Jane: Me, either. But, it's for sure that the children market is a really big one.Shirley: That's for sure. It's always hard for the parents to say “no” to their children.听看学简: 你觉得大排档里卖的东西好吃吗?雪莉: 至少,它比我们公司吃的盒饭好吃。我受够了那些乏味的食物了。谢谢你陪我吃午饭。简: 我很乐意啊。但是我倒是不介意吃盒饭。那些食物的卫生也很不错。雪莉: 真难以相信你会喜欢。你也太容易满足了吧。简: 嗨,没有那么差吧。那些食物营养而且非常方便。我可不想花太多的时间在吃饭上。雪莉: 吃是很重要的。吃什么样的东西代表你是什么样的人。它可不只是每天的例行公事哦。简: 还有,你吃完饭之后会直接回去工作吗?雪莉: 不,我得去把公司的工作午餐的账结了。简: 但是你今天什么都没有吃啊。雪莉: 这个啊,账单是月结的。这可能是外卖让我喜欢的唯一一点。简: 好吧。我要去一趟麦当劳。雪莉: 去做什么?我原以为你不喜欢西餐的。简: 没错,我从来都不喜欢。是给我儿子的。他最喜欢了。我跟他约定每周只吃一次。雪莉: 这是个聪明的做法。我儿子丹尼尔也和你儿子一样。我就是不明白,为什么孩子们都喜欢西方的食品而不喜欢传统食物呢?简: 我也不明白。可是,可以确定的是儿童市场是一个非常大的市场。雪莉: 肯定的啊。让父母对他们的孩子说“不”总是很难的。经典背诵 RecitationShirley: Today I had lunch with my friend Jane at a sidewalk snack booth. The food there was far better than my working lunch which I never liked. But Jane was fine with working lunch thinking it was nutritious and convenient, and she didn't want to spend too much time on it. I couldn't agree with her on this. In my eyes, eating was important because I believed you were what you ate.生词小结booth n. 货摊boxed adj. 盒装的fed up 厌倦bland adj. 淡而无味的sanitation n. 卫生nutritious adj. 营养的routine n. 常规agreement n. 约定Functional structure 功能性句型扩展表示感谢的句型请朗读以下句型,家长和孩子交替进行。Thank you. / Thanks. 谢谢您。Thank you for doing / sth. 谢谢你……I (really) appreciate it that… 很高兴……It's…( 形容词 ) of you. 你……真是太……了。That's very… ( 形容词 ) of you. 你太……了。My pleasure. 不客气。You're welcome. 不客气。 /200808/47007江西鹰潭盆腔炎多少钱 资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句Don’t give me your attitude. 别跟我摆架子。喷倒老美Bill对调酒很有研究,有位同事想和他讨教,特意买了些酒,可是Bill故弄玄虚,一道关键部分就不讲了,同事有些急躁,对他说道:“Don’t give me your attitude.” Bill得意地说道:“This is my attitude.(这就是我的态度)”。想聊就聊Tom: May, could you tell me how to solve this problem?汤姆:阿美,你能告诉我这个问题怎么解决吗?May: That’s a secret. I couldn’t tell you.阿美:这是个秘密,我不能告诉你。Tom: Don’t give me your attitude. Please tell me.汤姆:别跟我摆架子。快告诉我。知识点津give me your attitude是个固定用法,意为“摆架子”。当你向别人请教问题或是请他人帮忙,而对方又故弄玄虚,你可以使用“Don’t give me your attitude.”,意思是“别跟我摆架子”,来表示你对他的不满。资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句We can pig out on potato chips and cookies. 我们可以大吃薯条和曲奇。喷倒老美Jenny和好友去游玩,中午了,朋友指着远处的餐厅,说道:“Let’s go there. We can pig out on potato chips and cookies.” Jenny心里在想:“人吃饭和猪有什么关系啊?”想聊就聊Shirely: I’m so hungry. Let me have a look at the .雪莉:我很饿,让我看看菜单。Bill: We can pig out on potato chips and cookies. They are very cheap.比尔:我们可以大吃薯条和曲奇,这些东西非常便宜。知识点津猪吃食大多是狼吞虎咽,习语中就用pig out形容“狼吞虎咽,大吃特吃”。如果要说吃什么食物,要说pig out on…,例如:We pigged out on dumplings. 我们吃了很多饺子。 /201101/123144贵溪人民医院联系电话

鹰潭希正妇科医院治疗妇科多少钱鹰潭希正妇科医院治疗妇科炎症怎么样好不好 由Peter Hewitt 导演,Jennifer Love Hewitt、Breckin Meyer 主演的电影 Garfield 问世已有几年,电影的主人公Garfield和主人Jon上演了许多令人捧腹的故事。影片不仅带给了我们欢笑,而且包含了大量的口语精华。下面就让我们一起来学习吧!1. You're not just my owner, you're my primary care giver. 你不仅仅是我的主人,你还要赚钱养我。——Jon赖床不起,Garfield一边用爪子拍他的被子,一边“晓之以理”。注意这里用“care giver”表示“……的供养者”,既简明又好记,值得我们学习和使用。2. Cut the sweet, easy now. 少来这套,别激动。——Jon不仅不肯起床,还想抱着Garfield一起睡,看来Garfield是要想想办法了。“Cut the sweet”表示“收起你那一套甜言蜜语吧”,“我不吃你的糖衣炮弹”,很实用!3. Out there it's a hornet's nest of trouble. 外面的麻烦可多了。——面对满载牛奶的卡车,Garfield竟然毫不为之所动,反而视之为“大麻烦”,真是一反常态啊!Hornet的意思是“大黄蜂,难缠的人物”,如果惹到的是一窝大黄蜂,可真是够麻烦的。4. —Ok, that's it. You're gonna get it good today. 够了,看我今天怎么整你。—I make a point to get it good every day. 我每天都整你。——Garfield和起了纷争,猫互不相让,打起口水仗。“Get it good”表示“让你好看”。5. So much time, and so little I need to do. 时间这么多,而我却无事可做。——看来Jon也比Garfield好不到哪里去,整天呆在家里“have nothing to do”。在这个句子中,以So开头的词组前置表示强调。6. What good is a cat that can't chase a mouse? 不会捉老鼠的猫有什么用处?——面对看到老鼠无动于衷的Garfield,Jon终于怒了!“What good…”这个疑问句很好地表达了“……有什么用处?”的意思,这个句子是相当的“good”啊!7. Cool, I owe you one. 好,我欠你一次。——Garfield虽然贪吃,却不吃老鼠。老鼠感激的表示“欠Garfield一个人情”。如果有人借了你二十块钱,你就可以说“You owe me 20 yuan”。 /200802/27121鹰潭市妇产医院

不育不孕鹰潭市【场景再现】几个好友坐在central perk里面打趣Monica交了一个小男朋友。(Monica本来以为大学四年级也无所谓,结果这位DD才高三,属未成年人) Monica: All right, I'll see you guys later. (raises)Rachel: Off to see young Ethan?Monica: Thank you. Joey: How young is young Ethan? Young? Monica: He's... our age. Chandler: When we were? Monica: Okay, he's a senior in college.Ross: College? Chandler: Whoa! And this manchild has no problem with how old you are? Monica: No, of course not. It's not even an issue. Cause I told him I was 22. All: What? Monica: Oh, I can't pass for 22? Phoebe: Well, maybe 25-26. Monica: I am 26. Phoebe: There you go. 【重点讲解】pass for 被看作,这里面这句话可以理解成难道我不像22岁吗?He speaks French well enough to pass for a Frenchman. 他法语流利得使人以为他是法国人。 /06/72817 李华和Larry正在商量去野营的事。今天李华会学到两个常用语:cold feet和do a number。 LL: Hey Li Hua, are you y for that camping trip this weekend? LH: 这个周末去野营的事呀? 嗯... 我还没一定是不是能跟你们一起去... LL: What? Don't tell me you're getting cold feet! You told me last week you wanted to come along! LH: 是,我上个星期是说要去来啦!可我现在说不好是不是能去。这跟我的脚没有关系。而且冬天还没有来,我的脚怎么会冷呢? LL: No, no... to get cold feet means, to become nervous or anxious and then change your mind about a decision. LH: 噢,你不是说我因为脚冷而不去。Cold feet是因为太紧张,太担心而改变主意。 LL:I still don't understand why you are afraid to go camping. LH:我不是害怕野营。下星期二要期中考试,你忘啦?我得学习,还得写一个报告... LL: Everyone has gotten cold feet at least once. When I was little, my parents sent me to a summer camp. At the camp I began to feel homesick, started getting cold feet, and wanted to come home. LH: 原来你小时候还有这事! 你父母送你去夏令营,结果去了以后你就紧张了,要回家,那你父母得提早把你接回去呀?Larry,那时你多大呀? LL: I was like 7-years old. When I was a teenager, I thought about joining the Army after high school. But as I got closer to graduation, I got cold feet, and changed my mind. LH: 中学时你又想参军,后来又因为害怕而改变主意了。这我知道,我哥哥也是这样。Larry,你听说了没有?乔治亚州一个女子结婚前几天由於太紧张而逃走了。 LL: Yes, she pretended she had been kidnapped. I feel sorry for her fiancé。 LH: 对, 她假装被人绑架了。她那未婚夫可真倒霉。Larry,上星期本来说好去跳舞,后来你改变主意,是真的病了呢,还是get cold feet? LL: Honestly, I got cold feet. I got nervous at the last minute, and made up an excuse. Sorry! LH:原来是最后一分钟胆怯了,所以装病。 ****** LH: Hi, Larry! 你们去野营,开心吗? LL: Sure, I guess so... but look at this sunburn I got! The sun really did a number on my face! LH: 哟,看你的脸给晒的! 你说太阳怎么啦?Did a number,太阳和数字有什么关系呀? LL: The sun did a number on my face. Did a number means that the sun did a lot of damage, I got a really bad sunburn! LH: Did a number 意思是造成很大损坏。对,你晒得可真厉害。你的手臂呢? LL: Oh, those are mosquito bites. The mosquitoes really did a number on my arms... and my legs, and my neck... LH: 蚊子把你咬成那样呀!瞧你的手臂,还有腿,哟,还有脖子上!不过,你总算去玩了。我呀,才倒霉呢。车子好好停在那里,一个人会开着车撞上去,把我的门给撞坏了。He did a number on the door. LL: Wow, too bad. At least you were lucky that you weren't in the car when he hit it, he could have done a real number on you, not just your car. LH: 对,幸好我没在车里,否则我肯定会受伤的。我以前就在出车祸时手臂骨给撞断了。 LL: That's terrible! A few years ago someone in a car hit me while I was riding my bicycle on the street. I was not hurt, but it really did a number on my bike! LH: 汽车撞你自行车,结果你居然没有受伤。自行车坏了没事。那个人赔你钱了? LL: Nothing, because he drove off. Good for him: I was angry and felt like doing a number on his face with my fists. LH: 撞了就开走了?那太不象话了。这种人真是该揍他一顿。不过像你这样软棉棉的手,受伤的可能是你的手,而不是他的脸。 LL: Speaking of doing a number, that camping food really made my stomach uncomfortable. I need some coffee. LL: 野营的饭让你的胃不舒?不过你空肚子喝咖啡... LH: Oh, yeah, that'll do a number on me, I'd better eat first. 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是:cold feet,意思是由于紧张和担心而临时改变主意。另一个常用语是:do a number, 这是指伤害什么东西。 /200809/49564鹰潭希正妇科医院月经不调怎么样好不好江西鹰潭市生宝宝哪家医院最好的



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