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网络社交英语口语 70:今天晚上蛮冷的SCENE⑤ F 晚上八点 演奏会上 Herbert: Oh, that's 1) music to my ears.赫伯特: 噢,这话听起来真是太悦耳了。 Rose: It's really 2) chilly tonight. 柔丝: 今天晚上蛮冷的。 Herbert: Here, why don't you have my 3) jacket. 赫伯特: 来,披上我的外套。 Rose: Oh, thanks, Herb.柔丝: 谢谢你,赫伯。 Herbert: Maybe I can put my arm around you... 赫伯特: 或许我该搂着你……语言详解 A: Here, try this jacket on. 来,穿这件夹克试试。 B: OK, just let me take off my sweater first. 好,先让我把毛衣脱掉。 【That's music to my ears. 我最爱听这种话了】 这句话的意思就是That's what I like to hear. 表示对方说的话,正好是自己喜欢听的,一如天籁般的悦耳。 A: I heard you're finishing up your dissertation this month. 听说你们行销计划这个月就可以写完。B: Ahhh. Say that again. That's music to my ears. 你再说一次。这话听起来真是太悦耳了。 1) music (n.) 音乐,对话里指的是“悦耳的话”。2) Chilly (a.) 寒冷的3) jacket (n.) 短上衣,外套 /200708/16853Lets come back to our tech CEOs question.再来说说科技公司老板的问题Where better to turn for advice than nature,哪里有向比大自然求教更好的呢?thats been in the business of life and death for longer than any company?大自然已经在生死轮回的游戏中比任何公司存活得都要久了As a lapsed biologist, I decided to immediately call a real biologist,作为一个不务正业的生物学家,我马上联系了一个更专业的生物学者my friend Simon Levin, Professor of Biology and Mathematics at Princeton University.我朋友赛门·莱文,普林斯顿大学的生物学和数学教授Together, we looked at a variety of biological systems,我们共同研究了许多生态系统ranging from natural tropical rainforests through to managed forests and fisheries.从自然热带雨林到人造森林和鱼塘And we asked ourselves the question: What makes these systems resilient and enduring?我们问了自己一个问题:是什么使这些系统具有抗压能力和持续性And what we found was that the same six principles that we saw underpinning the miracle of the human immune system我们发现恰恰是撑着人体免疫系统的六条规律,actually cropped up again and again, from redundancy through to embeddedness.从庞大性到镶嵌性一次又一次地表现出来。In fact, we saw these principles not only in biologically enduring systems,事实上,我们不只是在生物持久的系统中发现这些规律we also found them being very characteristic of long-lived social systems,我们还发现它们在寿命长久的社会系统中也表现得十分突出like the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, believe it or not.就像在罗马帝国和天主教堂中的表现,信不信由你。We also went on to look at business,我们还研究了商界and found that these very same properties also characterized businesses that were resilient and long-lived,也发现它们在坚韧且长久的企业中表现的非常明显and we noted their absence from ones which were short-lived.并且发现了短命的企业中这种品质的缺失Lets first take a look at what happens when the corporate immune system collapses.先来看看当企业的免疫机制失效时会发生什么201612/483570

My fellow Americans, This week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson, on the 250th anniversary of his birth. Jackson was an American hero. First, as the brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans saved our independence in the War of 1812. And later, as the seventh President of the ed States – when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day. Does it sound familiar? The memory of his leadership lives on in our people, and his spirit points us to a better future. This week, I also traveled to the Willow Run plant in Michigan. At that facility during the Second World War, the Ford Motor Company built not cars, but entire airplanes. At one point, workers there produced a complete B-24 Liberator every single hour – hard to believe. Today, on that site is a new facility, where the cutting-edge cars of the future will be tested. And this week, the old plant was filled once again with thousands of workers and engineers. I was there to share the good news for the American auto industry. We announced well be reversing an 11th-hour executive action from the previous Administration that was threatening thousands of auto jobs in Michigan and across America. And I mean threatening – it was very, very sad to see. In fact, we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting American businesses and American jobs. The first two job reports of my administration show that weve aly added nearly half a million new jobs. The days of economic surrender for the ed States are over. For too long, special interests have made money shipping jobs overseas. We need a new economic model – lets call it the American Model. Under this model, we will lower the burden on American Business but, in exchange, they must hire and grow America and American jobs. This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers. Lets buy American and hire American. Lets create jobs in America. Lets imagine new industries. And lets build a beautiful future together. Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady. You might have heard of her: they called her Rosie the Riveter. And when Rosies country called her, she answered the call. Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength – and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image. It said very simply: ;We can do it.; If Americans unite, and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson – I have no doubt that we can do it, and do it like never before. Thank you. Enjoy your week.201704/501612

  Change will never roll in on the wheels of inevitability It must be carried in on the backs of warriors of love. 变化永远不会载在必然性的车轮上 自动到来必须要有肩负爱的勇士 才能带来变化See yourself as those warriors Oh, say, can you see. 将你们自己看成这些勇士哦 你可看见That in this world we have work to do See cant you see that in this world that poverty and its ravages. 这个世界上 我们还有很多工作要做哦 你可看见 在这个世界上 贫穷及其破坏Can be a day that we only find then in our history books Oh, say, can you see that. 会有一天 我们将只能从历史书上读到哦 你可看见The blinds that divide us of the race and religion, of Democrat or Republican will one day be the ties that bind us in one destiny, in one nation, in one country. 将我们分裂为不同种族和宗教 分裂为民主或共和的盲目有一天会变为把我们联系成一种宿命 一个民族 一个国家的纽带Oh, say, can you see a day that everyone of our children. 哦 你可看见有一天我们的每一个孩子No matter what their background, or how pathways of their excellence they will have opportunities to have privileged educations like this one. 无论出身背景 无论个人经历都将有机会在像耶鲁这样的优秀大学读书That now are for the favored few, but one day, can be for the abundant all Oh, say, can you see. 今天这里只对少数幸运者开放 但有一天这里会对所有人开放哦 你可看见A world where indeed as it says in the Torah that righteousness will roll down like water and justice like a mighty stream. 一个实际在西五经中就有描述的世界惟愿公平如大水滚滚 使公义如江河滔滔And dear God if you can see it then be it. 亲爱的上帝 如果你能看到它那么成为它And if you be it, and somebody dare come up to you as you manifest your truth as you manifest your love. 如果你能成为它 而某人胆敢阻挡你展示你的真实阻挡你展示你的爱As you manifest your decency and kindness everyday, if someone dare come up to you and say. 阻挡你展示你的正直胆敢对你说Youre one of those optimists, those Pollyannish people, those dreamers what you live and what you talk about. 你不过是一个盲目乐观者 一个做白日梦的人你的生活 你所说的And what you preach, not with words, but with your deeds all of that I think is just a bunch of hooey. 你所宣扬的 不仅是言语 还包括行为所有这些都不过是胡言乱语Its impossible, I want you to put your hand on your hip and tell them my mama told me, aint no such thing as impossible. 这是不可能的 我希望你们能把手叉在腰间告诉他们 我妈妈教过我 没有什么是不可能的God bless you, class of 2013 God bless you. 上帝保佑你们 2013届毕业生上帝保佑你们God bless you.上帝保佑你们201612/476816

  But here Im being told that the piece of music is very quick.但是到这里,让我看一下,这段音乐节奏很快。Im being told where to play on the drum.根据乐谱,我知道该敲哪里。Im being told which part of the stick to use.该用鼓棒的哪一部分演奏。And Im being told the dynamic.该用怎样的强弱力度。And Im also being told that the drum is without snares.我发现这个小军鼓响弦是放下的。Snares on, snares off.锁上响弦,放下响弦。So therefore, if I translate this piece of music, we have this idea.因此,如果我把从乐谱上所读到的东西转移到乐器上,会是这种感觉。And so on. My career would probably last about five years.诸如此类。 我的职业很有可能只能持续五年左右。However, what I have to do as a musician is do everything that is not on the music.但是 作为音乐家,我所做的一切却与音乐没有半点关系。Everything that there isnt time to learn from a teacher,来不及向老师学习的事,or to talk about, even, from a teacher.甚至是无法与老师谈及的事。But its the things that you notice when youre not actually with your instrument hat in fact become so interesting, and that you want to explore through this tiny, tiny surface of a drum.但这是当你并不和你的乐器在一起时,你会发现的事事实上变得很有趣,接着你想探索通过这个很小小的鼓面。201604/439283。

  And so, as we evaluated, and as the dust settled from this tragedy,经历这个悲剧后we realized that, of those two problems --我们重新思考了这两个问题in the initial iteration of our organization,最初我们这个组织we were a disaster response organization that was using veteran service.是个聘用退役军人的灾难管理组织We had a lot of success,当时我们已经相当成功and we really felt like we were changing the disaster response paradigm.我们也觉得我们改革了灾难管理的原状But after Clay, we shifted that focus, and suddenly, now moving forward,但是克莱之后,我们改变了方向,向前发展,we see ourselves as a veteran service organization thats using disaster response.我把我们自己视为一个应对灾难的退役军人组织Because we think that we can give that purpose因为我们认为我们能够重新and that community and that self-worth back to the veteran.赋予退役军人的对社群、人生目标和自我认同And tornadoes in Tuscaloosa and Joplin, and then later Hurricane Irene,在塔斯卡卢萨和乔普林市发生风灾后,还有后来的飓风艾琳,gave us an opportunity to look at that.我们有机会看清这一点Now I want you to imagine for a second an 18-year-old boy现在我要你想像一个十八岁的男孩who graduates from high school in Kansas City, Missouri.刚刚从密苏里州堪萨斯市的高中毕业He joins the Army. The Army gives him a rifle.加入了军队,军队给了他一步They send him to Iraq.把他送到伊拉克Every day he leaves the wire with a mission.每一天他离开军营去参加任务That mission is to defend the freedom of the family that he left at home.捍卫他在家乡亲人的自由Its to keep the men around him alive.确保他身边的战友活命Its to pacify the village that he works in.维持他前往的那个村庄的和平Hes got a purpose.他有目标。But he comes home Kansas City, Missouri, maybe he goes to college, maybe hes got a job,但是回到堪萨斯城,也许他到学院上课,也许他找到工作but he doesnt have that same sense of purpose.他不再有同样的目标感You give him a chainsaw. You send him to Joplin, Missouri after a tornado, he regains that.你给他一把链锯,在飓风过后,派他到乔普林市,他就找回了目标。Going back, that same 18-year-old boy graduates from high school in Kansas City, Missouri, joins the Army,回顾过去,那个同样的十八岁男孩从密苏里州堪萨斯市毕业,加入军队the Army gives him a rifle, they send him to Iraq.军队给他步,派遣他到伊拉克Every day he looks into the same sets of eyes around him.每一天他面对同样的脸孔He leaves the wire. He knows that those people have his back.离开军营,他知道这些队友会关照他Hes slept in the same sand. Theyve lived together.他们睡在同样的沙地。他们一起生活。Theyve eaten together. Theyve bled together.他们一起吃饭。他们一起打拼。He goes home to Kansas City, Missouri.这个男孩回到堪萨斯市He gets out of the military. He takes his uniform off.他退出军队,褪下军He doesnt have that community anymore.他没有同样的团队了But you drop 25 of those veterans in Joplin, Missouri, they get that sense of community back.但是当你遣送25个退役军人到乔普林市,他们找回同样的社群感Again, you have an 18-year-old boy who graduates high school in Kansas City.再一次,十八岁的男孩从堪萨斯市的高中毕业He joins the Army. The Army gives him a rifle.加入军队。军队给他步They send him to Iraq.送他到伊拉克They pin a medal on his chest. He goes home to a ticker tape parade.在他的胸前别上徽章。然后他回国参加退役阅兵仪式He takes the uniform off. Hes no longer Sergeant Jones in his community.褪下军后,他就不再是队伍中的琼斯中士Hes now Dave from Kansas City.他现在是堪萨斯市的大卫He doesnt have that same self-worth.他没有同样的个人认同感But you send him to Joplin after a tornado,但是当飓风后你送他到乔普林市and somebody once again is walking up to him会有人走到他面前and shaking their hand and thanking them for their service,握他的手,感谢他的务now they have self-worth again.现在他们又有同样的个人认同感了I think its very important, because right now somebody needs to step up,我认为这是很重要的,因为现在总需要有人站出来and this generation of veterans has the opportunity to do that if they are given the chance.而恰恰我们这一代的退役军人做得到,只要我们给他们机会Thank you very much.谢谢大家201606/449478

  Id like to share three sets of examples, starting with adapting to violent storms and floods.我想分享三个例子,开始于适应猛烈的暴风雨和洪水。In New Orleans, the I-10 Twin Spans, with sections knocked out in Katrina,在新奥尔南,1-10双拱桥因其中一个被击垮,have been rebuilt 21 feet higher to allow for greater storm surge.已经重建高21码去适应更猛烈的浪潮。And these raised and energy-efficient homes这些建得更高且高能效的房屋were developed by Brad Pitt and Make It Right for the hard-hit Ninth Ward.是“布拉特皮特”和“使它变得更好”组织建立的,为了拥有九级防御功能The devastated church my mom attends has been not only rebuilt higher,这个被摧毁了的教堂是我母亲过去常去的一个,不仅仅被建得更高了,its poised to become the first Energy Star church in the country.而且还被建成了这个国家的第一个一星能源教堂。Theyre selling electricity back to the grid它们运输电源到输电网thanks to solar panels, reflective paint and more.基于太阳能面板和反光漆油以及其余东西。Their March electricity bill was only 48 dollars.他们三月份的电费仅仅是48美金。Now these are examples of New Orleans rebuilding in this way,现在这些是新奥尔南重建过程中的案例but better if others act proactively with these changes in mind.但是如果别人能够提前设想这些措施就更好了。For example, in Galveston, heres a resilient home that survived Hurricane Ike,举个例子,在加尔维斯顿有一个弹性结构房从飓风中得以幸存when others on neighboring lots clearly did not.当时它周围的建筑都被摧毁殆尽。And around the world, satellites and warning systems are saving lives in flood-prone areas such as Bangladesh.与此同时在世界各地,卫星和报警系统正在像孟加拉国这样的低洼地区拯救生命But as important as technology and infrastructure are,但是就像技术和基础设施一样重要perhaps the human element is even more critical.人为因素可能更为重要。We need better planning and systems for evacuation.我们需要更好的疏散计划和系统。We need to better understand how people make decisions in times of crisis, and why.我们需要透彻地理解当人们面临危机时,要如何做决定,而且为什么。While its true that many who died in Katrina did not have access to transportation,虽然真相是很多凯瑟琳台风遇害者都未能使用交通工具others who did refused to leave as the storm approached,而有机会使用交通工具的却在暴风雨来临时拒绝离开often because available transportation and shelters refused to allow them to take their pets.这常常是因为可使用的交通工具和避难所,都不允许他们带上自己的宠物Imagine leaving behind your own pet in an evacuation or a rescue.想象一下无法撤离和营救你自己的宠物。Fortunately in 2006, Congress passed the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act但幸运的是在2006年,国会通过了宠物撤离及运输标准法案it spells ;PETS; to change that.添上了“宠物”,从而改变了之前的情形Second, preparing for heat and drought.第二点,为和高温和干旱做好准备Farmers are facing challenges of drought from Asia to Africa, from Australia to Oklahoma,农民们正面临着旱灾的挑战,从亚洲到非洲,从澳洲到俄克拉荷马州while heat waves linked with climate change与此同时高温热浪和气候变化紧紧相连have killed tens of thousands of people in Western Europe in 2003, and again in Russia in 2010.在2003年在西欧和2010年的俄罗斯,已经杀死了成千上万的人。In Ethiopia, 70 percent, thats 7-0 percent of the population, depends on rainfall for its livelihood.在埃塞俄比亚百分之七十,是百分之七十的人口,依靠降雨来维持他们的生活。Oxfam and Swiss Re, together with Rockefeller Foundation,牛津饥荒救济委员会和瑞士再保险公司与洛克菲勒基金会携手are helping farmers like this one build hillside terraces and find other ways to conserve water,共同帮助农民们建造山坡梯田和找寻其余的方法保存用水but theyre also providing for insurance when the droughts do come.当旱灾来临的时候,他们也提供保险赔偿The stability this provides is giving the farmers the confidence to invest.这让那些农民坚定了投资的信心。Its giving them access to affordable credit.向他们提供可负担的贷款。Its allowing them to become more productive so that they can afford their own insurance over time, without assistance.这使他们变得更加多产,随着时间的流逝,他们有能力自给自足,从而不需要救助。Its a virtuous cycle, and one that could be replicated throughout the developing world.这是一个良性循环,而且是可以在发展中国家广泛使用的。201606/448536Next, Ill travel to the ancient city of Jerusalem to talk with my good friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu,接下来,我要前往耶路撒冷古城,与我的老朋友——以色列内塔尼亚胡总理探讨about bringing peace and prosperity to both our nations.如何将和平与繁荣带到彼此两国。Israel is an important American ally, but in recent years we havent always treated them that way.以色列是美国的重要盟友,但近年来我们不总以盟友的方式对待彼此。Its time to renew our friendship.现在,是时候重建我们的友谊了。While Im there, Ill also meet with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Bethlehem to discuss ways to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians.在以色列访问期间,我还会在伯利恒与巴勒斯坦民族权力机构总统阿巴斯会面,探讨如何推进以色列与巴勒斯坦的和平进展。From there, Ill head to the Vatican, where I will have the great honor of an audience with Pope Francis.我还将从那里出发到达梵蒂冈,我将非常荣幸地拜见方济各教皇。I look forward to speaking with the Pope about how Christian teachings can help put the world on a path to justice, freedom, and peace.我期待与教皇探讨基督教教义如何能帮助世界走上公正、自由、和平之路。I will also meet with friends and allies in Europe at a gathering of NATO in Brussels and at the G-7 Summit in Italy.此外,在布鲁塞尔的北约国家集会和意大利的G7峰会上,我还会与欧洲的朋友及盟国领导人会面。201706/515056

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  【中文这样说】喝酒太多对身体不好。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——To drink too much is bad for one’s health.American Style— Drinking too much is bad for one’s health. /200604/6396

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  Rosh Hashanah marks the start of a new year. It is a time of redemption and renewal, and hope for a new beginning. I am delighted to join Jewish communities across Canada and around the world in celebration of Rosh Hashanah.In the coming days, Jews will come together to pray and hear the blowing of the shofar, to reflect on the past year and look forward to the promises of the year ahead.I encourage everyone to embody the Jewish value of tikkun olam. We can all do our part to repair the world, and build a better future for our children and grandchildren.On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish everyone celebrating a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year. Shana Tova Umetukah!201610/475092

  5_10 I’m sorry. I’m sorry. 我很抱歉. I apologize. 我道歉. It’s my fault. 是我的错. I was wrong. 我当时错了. You are right. 你是对的. Please forgive me. 请原谅我. I didn’t mean it. 我不是有意的. It wasn’t on purpose. 那不是故意的. It won’t happen again. 这种事不会再发生了. /200706/14168

  009 parties Beginner A: are you going to helen’s birthday party on Friday evening? B: I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It’s sure to be fun. She’s invited a lot of people. Do you thind everyone will be able to get into her house? A: if everyone turned up, it would be a squeeze, but a feww people said that they couldn’t go, so I think it should be ok? B: are you taking anything? A: I’ve got her a birthday present and I’ll take a bottle fo wine too. B: that’s a good idea. She told she had bought plenty of food and snacks. I think it’s going to be a noisy party. I hope her neihbours don’t mind too much. A: helen gets on very well with her neighours. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went to the party too. B: I’m y looking forward to it. This party is going to be a blast! A: well, don’t be late. I’ll see you on Friday at helen’s. Intermediate A: that was a great party. Thanks for saying behind to help me clear up. B; it certainly was a great party. It’s a pity that a glass and a plate got broken and someone spilled a drink over there. A: I expected that something might get broken. That doesn’t bother me. That spilled drink won’t leave a stain ,will it? B: I doubt it, I ‘ll deal with it right away. Luckily it wasn’t a glass of red wine, I’ll just get a bowl of water and a cloth. A: I’m going to put all the rubbish into this big plastic bag. B: afterwards, we can do the washing up together. Everything will be finished within an hour. Your friend keith is really funny. I liked his magic tricks. A; yes, he’s very good.. isn’t he? He told some funny stories too. B: amanda told some very funny jokes. At the beginning of the party, she was being ver serious. A; I think that she had a litter too much of the punch. B: what did you put in that punch? It tasted great, but was quite strong. A: that’s my little secret. Did you lke the snacks and I prepared? B: very much. The birthday cake was delicious, wasn’t it? Emily told me that she and karen made it themselves. A: that cake tasted so good! It disappeared within minutes, so I think everyone liked it a lot. How’s that stain? B: all cleaned up. Are you y to start on the washing up: Words Birthday chrismas music dancing fun snacks punch games chat gossip celebrate drink Phrease Meet new people play party games have a blast have some fun break a glass spill a drink see old friends sing karaoke /200704/12815

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