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英语口语听力易混淆词学习() -01-7 18:5:51 来源: ) be a credit to:为……增光e.g. I hope you will be a credit to your school.do credit to:为……增进荣誉e.g. This piece of work does credit to you.) bear in mind:记住e.g. I hope you will bear in mind all I am saying.have in mind:考虑e.g. Don’t give your confidence to others regarding the plan you have in mind.) begin with:以……为起点e.g. He advised me to begin with something easy.to begin with:首先e.g. To begin with, we must consider the problem from all sides.) build up:逐步建成,增强e.g. They are trying hard to build up an independent economy.He went an ocean voyage and built up his health.build on:以……为基础,依赖e.g. Let’s build on your idea.We shall build on your supporting us.) by day:在白天e.g. Most of them work by day and study by night.by the day:(指工作报酬等)日计算e.g. Will you pay me by the day or by the hour?) can but只好……罢了e.g. We can but try to make him see how unreasonable he has been.cannot but:不得不,禁不住e.g. I cannot but tell her the truth.(I cannot help telling her the truth)) come th:出现,发行e.g. Many new things are coming th..Do you know that a set of new stamps has come th?come ward:自告奋勇,提出供讨论They have come ward with an offer to help.The matter was deferred at last evening’s meeting, but will come ward at our next session.18) compare … to比拟(指出其中的相似点)e.g. Man’s life is often compared to a candle.compare … with:把……和……相比(指出其不同之处)e.g. He compared his camera with mine.19) consist in:包含在……中e.g. Happiness consists in good health.consist of:由……组成e.g. The apartment consisted of two rooms and a kitchen.) end on:两端相碰,正对e.g. The two ships collided each other end on.We shouldn’t place the bicycles end on.on end:竖着,连续地,不断地e.g. Place the box on end.She often works hours on end. 1) familiar to:某事为某人熟知 e.g. There were facts not familiar to me.familiar with:熟悉或通晓某事e.g. He is familiar with English, German and French..) feel sb.:同情某人,为某人难过e.g. I feel you in your sorrow.feel sth:(用手、脚、棍子等)摸索,寻找某物e.g. She felt under the pillow her watch.3) a moment:片刻,一会儿e.g. She was silent a moment, weighing in her mind the pros and cons. the moment:此刻、暂时e.g. I cannot recall his name the moment.) get down:下去,下来;写下来e.g. The bus was so jammed that I could not get down.Here’s the telephone number I got down you.get down to:认真着手进行处理e.g. It is no good shirking the job, it will have to be got down to. 学习 混淆 听力 英语口语

我们不能通过事物的外表来判断它的价值那些貌似华丽的,往往并没什么价值而那些看起来很平常的,却可能价值连城判断事物如此,判断人亦是如此伯乐选马,关注的不是马的颜色,马的性别,而是它自身的价值Gold and DiamondA long time ago, in Egypt lived a famous mystical person named Zun-Nun. A young man came to visit him and asked,"Teacher, I do not understand why people like you when you dress in such a simple way?" The mystic only smiled and took his ring from one of his fingers, and said"Young friend, I will answer your question, but first do one thing me, take this ring and go to the market across this street, can you sell this one chip of gold?" Looking at Zun-Nun's dirty ring, the young man became doubtful, "One chip of gold? I am not sure this ring could be sold at that price." The young man went to the market quickly. He offered the ring to the textile, vegetable, meat, fish traders, and the others. The fact is that no body was willing to pay a chip of Gold. He went back to Zun-Nun's residence and reported,"Teacher, nobody's brave enough to offer more than one chip of silver." With a wise smile Zun-Nun said,"Now go to the Gold Shop at the back of this street and show this to the owner or to the gold trader. Don't give your price; just listen how much he will pay this ring." The young man went to the shop mentioned and returned with a different expression on his face. He then reported,"Teacher, the traders in the market really didn't know the value of this ring, the gold trader offered this ring one thousand of gold, and the value of this ring was one thousands times from what the traders in the market offered." Zun-Nun just smiled subtly and spoke softly," That was the answer of your question, my friend. Someone cannot be valued only from his dress. The traders in the market give value like that but not 'the gold trader'." The gold and diamond inside someone only could be seen and valued if you could look at the inner soul. It needs heart to see, and it needs a process. We cannot see it from the words or attitude. Many a time what we think is a gold, is only a brass but a brass is a gold. 860

十一句地道口语搞定圣诞礼物 -- :7: 来源:   圣诞节就要到了,你给家人和朋友选好礼物了吗?现在我们来看看购买圣诞礼物时常用的句子吧!  1. This croquet set is right up Craig's street, isn't it?  这套槌球游戏是克雷格喜欢的,没错吧?  . It looks great, but the price is a bit steep  看起来不错,但是价格太高了  3. She's been going on about getting jewellery weeks  十一句话搞定圣诞礼物  她念叨要买首饰念叨了好几个星期了  . She'll be over the moon if I brought her this lovely earings  如果我买这对漂亮的耳环给她,她可要乐疯了  5. I'm just looking  我随便看看(如果你对自己要买的东西犹豫不决,这是对"Can I help you find anything?"的最佳回答)  6. I want to take the raincheck the hat  我要拿一张帽子的延时优惠券(你中意的特价商品被抢购一空了?没关系,你可以去跟他们领一张 raincheck 等到过一段时间后,你还是可以用特价时的价钱去购买该样商品)  7.Do you have any of these in stock?  这件还有存货吗?  8. Can I put this on hold?  可以帮我保留一下吗?(让售货员"put it on hold",他们便会将商品为你保留一到两天时间,以便你在一番辛苦搜购后最终折回原位时那件宝贝不至于已落入他人之手)  9. I'd like a gift receipt this  十一句话搞定圣诞礼物  我想要一张礼品收据(不显示物品价格,但标明该物品其它细节的收据)  . Can I get a price check this?  能帮我查一下这个多少钱吗?  .Do you provide gift-wrapping?  你们提供礼品包装务吗? 圣诞 礼物 搞定 口语

口语动词短语:let someone off 放某人一马 -01-7 19:: 来源: let someone offlet someone off是指「放某人一马」,也就是let someone off the hook,就如同你在钓鱼,鱼儿上了「钩」hook,而你把它放掉let it off the hook「放它一马」come hell or high water这个短语的使用时机是当你要去执行一项任务或是做一件事之际,只许成功不许失败的决心就犹如中文的「就算天崩地裂…」,比喻不论发生什么状况都要去完成使命可以用在句首当作一句话的开头,或是放在句尾补述 动词 短语 口语 hook

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