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Science and Technology Premarital sex The waiting game科技 婚前性行为 等待的游戏Chastity before marriage may have its uses after all婚前守贞可能的确有作用WHEN is it the right time to do the deed?什么时候做爱做的事情合适呢?If priests had their way, it would be shortly after the wedding ceremony—but recent studies show such advice is rarely heeded.如果让神父们来说,这档事应当发生在在结婚典礼的不久之后——但是最近的研究显示,这样的建议很少得到人们的重视。Roughly 85% of the American population, for example, approves of premarital sex.比如说,大约85%的美国人赞同婚前性行为。Faced with numbers like that, what hope do the Vatican and its ilk really have?面对这样子的数据,梵蒂冈和它的同仁们又到底是做何想法呢?More than they did a week ago. Until now, the argument that couples should wait until they are married before they have sex has rested on mere assertion and anecdote.相对于已在一周前亲热过的情侣来说,现今依旧认为夫妇应将童贞留于婚后的论调,已仅仅成了一种口头宣言或是奇闻轶事。Dean Busby and his colleagues at Brigham Young University, in Utah, however, have gathered some data which support delay.然而,犹他州杨百翰大学的院长Busby和他的同事却收集了一些数据来持延迟(婚前的)性行为的做法。Fabian tactics费边战术Little is known about the influence of sexual timing on how relationships develop.目前,还不清楚性交往的时间节奏安排对两性关系发展会产生怎样的影响。Even so, opinions abound.但即便如此,各种意见观点仍然比比皆是。Some argue that the sexual organs, both physical and mental (for, as the old saw has it, the most powerful erotic organ is the mind) need a test drive to make sure the chemistry between a couple means they will stay together both in sickness and in health.有人认为,性器官包括生理和心理两部分(比如,如古谚所言,最能引发人情欲的器官是人心),它们需要一种驱动性的考验以确保情侣两人身上的化学吸引能够维持长久,让两人能够同甘共苦。Others suggest that couples who delay or abstain from sexual intimacy early on allow communication to become the foundation of their attraction, and that this helps to ensure that companionship and partnership keep them together when the initial flames of lust die down.还有人认为,推迟过早的亲密性行为或者禁欲的情侣,他们之间的沟通理解成为了相互间吸引力的基础,这样以来,即使他们最初燃烧着的爱之欲火慢慢熄灭,他们也可以保持长久的友谊和伙伴关系。To examine these suggestions more closely, Dr Busby and his colleagues recruited 2,035 married people ranging in age from 19 to 71,为了更进一步的去检验这些意见观点,Busby士和他的同事征集到了2,035对已婚夫妇的数据,他们的年龄从19岁到70岁不等,and in length of marriage from less than six months to more than 20 years. Their religious affiliations varied widely; many had none.婚龄从不满六个月到超过20年不等,而且他们的宗教信仰差异也非常之大,很多人没有宗教信仰。All were asked to complete an online questionnaire normally used to help couples understand their strengths and weaknesses.所有的夫妇都被要求填写一份网上问卷调查,以帮助夫妇了解自己的长处和弱点。Among the nearly 300 questions, participants were asked when they first had sex with their partners, whether their sex lives were currently good, how they resolved conflicts, and how often they thought of ending their relationship.在将近300个问题中,参与者被问及到他们第一次与自己伴侣发生性行为的时间,他们的性生活目前是否良好,和他们如何处理矛盾冲突以及他们考虑终结伴侣关系这种想法的频繁程度。In addition, the questionnaire had 14 items that evaluated how good participants were at expressing empathy and understanding to their partners and how prone they were to be critical or defensive.此外,这项问卷调查还有14个项目,评估参与者能够多好的向他们的伴侣表达自己的同情和理解,以及他们在面临批评或自我防御辩护时将倾向于做什么。All questions, apart from those about frequency of sex, were answered on a five-point scale, with one indicating strong disagreement and five indicating strong agreement.所有的问题,除了性爱频度以外,选择的回答都是五分制计量的,由初始的1分表达强烈的反对到5分表达强烈的赞同。Because religiosity delays sexual activity, Dr Busby and his colleagues also asked participants how often they attended church, how often they prayed and whether they felt spirituality was an important part of their lives. They used the answers to control for religiosity.由于笃信宗教可以延缓性活动,Busby士和他的同事同样也询问调查参与者他们出入教堂参与教会活动的频率,他们多久祷告一次以及他们是否认为精神生活是他们生活中重要的一部分。They also controlled for income, education, race and length of relationship.他们采用的限定了信仰虔诚度,同样他们的也划分限制了不同的收入、受教育程度、种族以及两性关系维系长度。Their report, just published in the Journal of Family Psychology, suggests that people who delay having sex do indeed have better relationships, on four different measures (see table).他们刚刚在《家庭心理学杂志》发表的的报告认为,那些延缓推迟性行为的伴侣在四种不同的测量比较上(见文图)的确拥有一份更良好的两性关系。That result applies to both men and women.并且这个结果同时适用于男性和女性。Unfortunately, Dr Busby’s method cannot distinguish the cause of this.但不幸的是,Busby的方法不能区分到底是什么原因导致的这个结果。It could be, as many moralists preach, that the delay itself is improving. It could, though, be that the sort of people who are happy to delay having sex are also better at relationships.正如很多道德说教所言,这结果很有可能是因为延缓推迟(性行为)本身就正在经历改变。然而,这也有可能是因为乐于推迟性生活的人更善于经营两性关系。Correlation, in other words, rather than causation.换言之,这是一种相互左右的关系,而不是因果关系。That is material for another study.谈到婚姻则是另一份研究学问了。If the result persists, though, even when personality is taken into account, it will provide useful ammunition for priests and marriage-guidance counsellors.如果这个结论还是坚持其所持观点,那么即使考虑到人不同的性格问题,它也不免成为神父和婚姻指导顾问的强力攻击火药。 /201212/216169Books and Arts; Book Review;Iraq under Saddam;Only obeying orders;文艺;书评;萨达姆治下的伊拉克;唯命是从;The Weight of a Mustard Seed: The Intimate Story of an Iraqi General and His Family During Thirty Years of Tyranny,By Wendell Steavenson《一粒荠菜籽的重量:一个伊拉克将军和他的家庭在三十年暴政时期的亲密故事》,温德尔·史蒂文森著。Why did so many apparently decent Iraqis serve Saddam Hussein so loyally for so many years? An American-British reporter, Wendell Steavenson, has interviewed a score or more of Iraqi soldiers, from sergeants to generals, trawling through their life histories to find an answer. In particular, she befriends the family of a brave general, Kamel Sachet Aziz al-Janabi, delving into his life story through his wife, several of his nine children and numerous friends and admirers.为什么在那么多的年月里,会有那么多看起来很正直的伊拉克人对萨达姆是那样的忠心耿耿呢?为了找到,美裔英籍记者温德尔·史蒂文森采访了二十多名伊拉克军人,其中既有中士也有将军,深入了解了他们的人生经历。值得一提的是,她还为英勇的将军卡米尔·萨西尔·阿齐兹·阿尔-贾纳比的家人提供了热心帮助,并通过他的妻子、9个孩子中的几个以及众多朋友和崇拜者,对他的人生传奇进行了探寻。Only later does the er discover that he was one of countless Iraqis executed by Saddam, for reasons that never become clear, in his case only a few years before the Americans toppled the dictator. General Sachet emerges as a fundamentally honest and upright, though occasionally ruthless and intellectually limited, soldier who turns to religion, like so many other Iraqis, as the regime putrefies. His family is battered. Though its members have every cause to celebrate Saddams demise, most of them sympathise with—and some of them actively support—the anti-American insurgency that was still rife as this book went to print.然而随后读者就发现,他是被萨达姆处决的无数伊拉克人之一,而原因一直不明不白。他是在美国推倒萨达姆独裁政权仅仅几年前被处死的。萨西尔将军给人的感觉是一名比较老实、正直的军人,但偶尔也会显示出残忍和不够聪明的一面。随着伊拉克政体的败落,像许多其他伊拉克人一样,他也加入了宗教。他的家庭现已破落不堪,可尽管他的家人完全有理由为萨达姆的死而欢庆,然而对于在该书行将付梓之时仍旧愈演愈烈的反美暴乱事件,他们中大多数人却持赞同态度,有的甚至予以了积极持。Ms Steavenson seeks to examine the inner lives of other Iraqi military men. She relentlessly tracks them down to their abodes of exile in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Damascus and London. After a while, there is a dispiritingly drab sameness about their stories. In short, you had to lie to survive. Perhaps the most honest in his reflections is a doctor who became a senior officer in the medical corps. “You had to lie against your principles. You had to say things you did not believe. It was mental conflict. To live 35 years like this. It becomes a personality trait.”史蒂文森试图探查其他伊拉克军人的内心世界。不屈不挠的她循着他们的踪迹,找到了他们流放至迪拜、安曼、贝鲁特、大马士革以及伦敦后的住所。交谈不一会儿,她便感到气馁了,因为他们的故事千篇一律,单调而乏味。简单点说就是,每个人都不得不靠撒谎活下去。一名后来成为医疗部队高级军官的医生对往事的反思或许最为实在。“你不得不违背原则地说谎,说一些你不相信的事情,这是一种心理矛盾。35年都是这样活过来的,它已经成为一种个性特征。”All those interviewed have tales of horror. Just about all of them witness summary executions: of enemy soldiers (mainly Iranians), of Kurds, of Kuwaitis, of Iraqi deserters, of senior Iraqi officers who are deemed to have been guilty of losing battles or even merely of retreating when they should have stayed to fight and die. General Sachet is ordered to oversee such executions. A sergeant witnesses an Iraqi, who was alleged to have abused a woman in Kuwait, hauled up by a crane to be shot by fellow Iraqi soldiers. The same happens to an Iraqi colonel caught smuggling gold. Kuwaiti prisoners have their ears nailed to a plank of wood.所有被采访者都经历过恐怖的事情。几乎所有人都目睹过处决现场,被处决的有敌军(主要是伊朗人),有库尔德人,有科威特人,有伊军的逃兵,也有因为打败仗或者因为本该战斗到死却撤退而被认定有罪的伊拉克高级将领。萨西尔将军受命监督了这些处决过程。一个伊拉克人被指控曾在科威特对一妇女施虐,一位中士亲眼见到他被吊在起重机上然后伊拉克士兵开把他击毙。一位走私黄金被抓的伊拉克上校也有同样的遭遇。科威特战俘的耳朵则被钉在厚厚的木板上。A former bodyguard of Saddams describes, admiringly, how he saw the dictator taking out his revolver and “shooting between the eyes” one of his own relatives who had taken a younger wife and had rejected the presidents request to go back to his original one. A relation of General Sachet tells how Qusay Saddam Hussein, the dictators son, gave an order to kill 2,000 prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison (which became notorious for abuses during the early years of the American occupation) to relieve overcrowding.一名萨达姆前任贴身护卫描述了他看到的这位独裁者拔出左轮手,朝自己的一名亲戚开并“打中眉心”的情景,言语中流露出钦佩之意。那人娶了一名年轻的妻子,而总统要求他回到他原来的妻子身边但被他拒绝了。萨西尔将军的一个亲戚说,这位独裁者的儿子乌赛·萨达姆·侯赛因曾下令杀死阿布格莱布监狱的2000名囚犯,以减轻监狱人满为患的压力。(在美国占领伊拉克的头几年,阿布格莱布监狱曾因虐囚事件变得臭名昭著。)Perhaps most dispiriting of all, virtually none of those interviewed acknowledges responsibility for what was done. Most of their explanations are variations on “we were only obeying orders”. “What could I do?” “But I helped people, many people!” “I suffered also, you know.” “This was usual then.” The gassing of 5,000 Kurds in Halabja was, concedes a seemingly upright general, “a political mistake”.或许最令人气馁的是,事实上没有一个受访者承认对自己的所作所为负有责任。他们的辩解说来道去,大多都是“我们只是在执行命令”,“我有什么办法呢?”“但我还是帮了人的,很多人!”,“你知道的,我也很痛苦。”一名似乎还算正直的将军说,在哈拉布甲用毒气杀害5000名库尔德人的事件,“是一个政治错误”。“I liked them. I joked with them. I sympathised with them,” writes Ms Steavenson. “But not one ever looked me straight in the eye and admitted responsibility for the crimes of the government which they had served.” Even after the depredations of Saddam Hussein, many of those Ms Steavenson talked to still hankered after someone like him. Iraqis, says one, are “an unruly mass of shirugi—slang for thick-headed Marsh Arabs—who need the rule of the rod, a strongman, to control them.” Judging by this remorselessly bleak account of Iraqs moral collapse, one cannot but feel squeamish about Iraqs future, under any regime.“我喜欢他们,和他们一起开玩笑,我同情他们,”史蒂文森写道,“但是没有一个人直视过我的眼睛,承认他们对自己曾经效忠的政府所犯下的罪行负有责任。”尽管受尽萨达姆的蹂躏,接受史蒂文森访谈的许多人依然渴望以后还能有像他那样的人出现。有一个人说,伊拉克人是“一群不守规矩的shirugi(俚语,指愚笨的沼地阿拉伯人),需要棒压统治,需要一名强势之人来管住他们。”伊拉克的道德崩溃竟然会有一个如此无情、黯淡的注脚,我们不禁要为伊拉克的未来捏一把汗了,不管它是怎样的政体。 /201303/231225In a country not so very far away, a 2.5-billion-pound contract has been signed. It will see Darth Vader working alongside Mickey Mouse after George Lucas signed away his empire to Disney.在一个并非很遥远的国家,一份达25亿英磅的合同业已签署。在乔治#8226;卢卡斯将其电影帝国售于迪斯尼之后,人们将看到黑武士达斯#8226;维德将与米老鼠并肩战斗。The saga began in 1977 and went on to become a global phenomenon. But despite his success, many fans believed George Lucas went over to the dark side with the prequels. The deal will make him Disneys second biggest individual shareholder with 2.2%.这一科幻电影始于1977年,逐渐成为风靡全球的奇迹。但是尽管他的巨大成功,许多粉丝认为乔治#8226;卢卡斯随着《星球大战前转》正在走向衰退。不过这笔交易将使他成为迪斯尼第二大单个股东,拥有股份2.2%。For me, its a retirement plan which is I have taken my company, bought stock in the best entertainment company in the world. And that will hold me for the rest of my life.对我来说,这是一个退休计划,我将公司卖给了世界上最好的公司,并得到了它的股份,足够我的余生了。Disney paid just under 2.5 billion pounds for Lucasfilm. It has announced the first of three new films will come out in 2015. Since 1977, the movies have earned 2.73 billion pounds at the box office, but including merchandise it’s close up to 14 billion.迪斯尼只付了卢卡斯影业公司不到25英磅,宣布首批三部新电影将于2015出品。自1977年,电影的票房收入已达27.3英磅,不过这里面包括高达14亿英磅的电影成本。This is the original mold from 1976.这是1976年电影的一套装原型。Andrew Ainsworth has made many of the original Star Wars costumes. Hes still a fan of George Lucas despite once being sued by him for over 12 million pounds for breach of copyright.安德鲁#8226;安斯沃思设计了第一部星球大战的许多装。尽管他曾控告卢卡斯侵犯版权,要求超过1200万英磅的赔偿,安斯沃思仍然是卢卡斯的星球大战迷。Hes been the saga of the film business, so the fact that hes had enough lot of people that admire him. I dont think he deserves it quite honestly. I mean I wouldnt have a business unless it was for him. So, you know, the selling-out to Disney and Disney can carry it on. I think its the best thing for him. I hope hes happy with money he earns from it.他曾经创造了电影界的奇迹,因此事实上有很多人崇拜他。我认为,坦率地说,他并非当之无愧。我的意思是,除非是自己的公司,不然就没有自己的事业。你知道,公司卖给了迪斯尼,由迪斯尼来经营。我想,对他来说,这是最好的事情了。我希望,他会因为从中挣了这么多钱而感到高兴。Its been 35 years since the first film came out. And over the years, fans of the franchise have been very critical of George Lucas and the direction in which hes taken the films. But will Disney fare any better?自从第一部星球大战上映已经35年了。过去的这些年里,其授权放映商都对卢卡斯以及他对这些电影的未来发展方向非常不满。迪斯尼的授权放映费是否会优惠些?I think Lucas is over the moment. He touched the original 3 Star Wars films.我认为卢卡斯已经过时了,他曾指导过前三部星球大战电影的拍摄。Figures are interesting. New people might be a bit different. Less cartoon, you may be less aimed at young kids.电影中的人物很吸引人。不过,现在的年轻人可能会有些不同。少一点卡通成份,减少一些对小孩子的针对性。I think there are pretty good hands as they like a lot transit chemise from Hannah Montana or something like that.我认为现在有很多出色的帮手,他们喜欢大幅度转型,比如从汉娜#8226;蒙塔娜或其他类似的转型。So although some fans have a bad feeling about the future, but others eager for more. The deal offers a new hope.因此,尽管有些影迷对星球大战的未来感觉不佳,但是其他人则期待得更多。毕竟这笔交易带来了新的希望。 201211/210725

We may never know if the chicken or the egg came first, but scientists have discovered a fossil that sheds light on how turtles got their shells. Since the time of the dinosaurs, turtles have looked much the same as they do today, complete with boney shells. But scientists know turtles didnt just appear on the Earth fully formed.可能我们永远不会知道先有鸡还是先有蛋,但是科学家们发现的一个海龟化石揭示了它们是如何长出龟壳的?自恐龙时代起,海龟的外貌就跟现在相差无几,一样背着骨组织外壳。但是科学家们知道原始海龟的龟壳并没有发育完整。There must have been an ancestor with a partial shell or no shell at all. So how did the shell get there? Some dinosaurs and present day reptiles, like crocodiles, have boney skin plates called osteoderms. So researchers thought turtle shells might have evolved from these plates. The trouble was, when they studied turtle embryos, they found that shells grow out from the backbone and ribs and dont appear to be over-grown osteoderms.海龟的祖先中一定有只长出部分龟壳,或者根本没有龟壳的海龟。那么龟壳是如何长出来的?远古时代的恐龙和现在的爬行动物(比如说鳄鱼)都长有叫做“皮内成骨”的骨组织皮肤板块。因此研究者认为龟壳是从这种皮内成骨进化而来。问题是当他们研究海龟胚胎时发现,龟壳从脊椎骨和肋骨里长出,并没有参差不齐的骨化鳞片。The evolution of the shell remained a mystery until a 220- million-year-old fossil was unearthed in Ghizhou Province, China. The fossil was named Odontochelys semitestacea, or half-shelled turtle with teeth. Unlike modern land turtles, this sixteen-inch-long species was found with other marine reptiles, indicating it was aquatic. It had a plastron or lower shell.直到中国贵州省出土了一个2.2亿年前的海龟化石,龟壳进化的迷雾才被揭开。这个化石被命名为半甲齿龟。与现代的陆地海龟不同的是,这种长约16英尺的龟类与其他海洋爬行动物一同被发现,这表明它是水生动物。它长有龟板。But the upper shell, called a carapace, was not there, only a thickened backbone and ribs. Odontochelys not only answered some questions about the shells origin, it also gave a clue as to why a turtle has a full-body shell. Scientists think the shell evolved as a defense against ocean predators. On land, the belly is protected by the ground, but in an aquatic environment, turtles can be attacked from above or below. After the plastron evolved, the carapace developed, giving turtles extra protection.但是背部却没有壳(即没有甲壳),只有增厚的脊椎骨和肋骨。半甲齿龟不仅回答了龟壳起源的问题,还为海龟为什么长出完整龟壳提供了线索。科学家们认为海龟张出硬壳是为了防御海里的猎手。在陆地上有土地来保护肚皮,但是在水生环境里,海龟容易腹背受敌。龟板进化之后,甲壳也开始进化,这给了海龟更多的保护。原文译文属!201208/193157

Look at a cloud-filled sky, then look again through a pair of amber sunglasses.观察那布满云的天空,再戴上黄色镜片的眼镜去观察。Youll be surprised to see the hazy, bluish clouds jump suddenly into focus, revealing a world of unexpected detail.你会惊讶得发现,蔚蓝朦胧的云朵突然聚焦于眼球,呈现出一个无比精准的视界。Many skiers use amber sunglasses too, to help see detail in white banks of snow.许多滑雪者也使用黄色的眼镜,用以看清白茫茫雪地。On todays Moment of Science, well learn how amber-tinted sunglasses make things appear so much sharper.今日时差N小时,我们将学习黄色眼镜怎样将视像变得更清晰。The answer has as more to do with your eyes than it does with the sunglasses.相比眼镜,我们更应该从眼睛成像原理出发找。Behind the pupil of your eye is a natural lens like a tiny bag of transparent jello.人眼瞳孔之后是透明的果冻似的自然晶状体。This lens focuses images on the back of your eyeball the same way a cameras lens focuses images onto film.就像照相机镜头可以把图像聚焦在胶片上,晶状体则把图像聚焦到眼球的后部。Unfortunately, even healthy eyes cant focus everything perfectly.不幸的是,即使是正常的眼睛也不能十分完美得聚焦图像。This is because each color of light focuses slightly differently through a lens.这是因为每一种不同颜色的可见光在透过晶状体聚焦时有微小的差别。Imagine a slide projector showing a red and a blue image on the same screen.想象一个幻灯放映机在屏幕上同时放映红色和蓝色的图像。If you focus the red image sharply, the blue one will be slightly blurry.如果你专看红色的图像,蓝色的图像会显得模糊。If you twist the knob to focus the blue image, the red one will drift slightly out of focus.如果你转动旋钮,目光集中在蓝色的图像上,红色的图像会轻轻漂出视线。You can only get ultra-sharp focus of one color at a time.人眼一次只能聚焦一种颜色。Healthy eyes are set to focus yellow, the middle of the color spectrum.健康的眼睛注定要聚焦位于光谱中间的黄色。This is great for yellow--and pretty good for green and orange--but it makes red and blue appear slightly out of focus.人眼看黄光会显得非常清晰,看绿光和橙色光也很清楚,但是看红光和蓝光似乎显得模糊。White sunlight contains all the colors, so the red and blue extremes will make any white object seem somewhat hazy.白光包含了所有颜色的单色光,所以临界的红光和蓝光会让任何白色的物体看起来模糊。Amber sunglasses block the blue and red parts of sunlight, letting you concentrate on the yellow colors that are easier to focus.黄色镜片则阻挡红光和蓝光,提高对比度,让眼球聚焦在黄光上。Without blue and red, everything seems sharper. 没有红蓝两色,一切似乎显得清晰起来。201205/182166

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