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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/406851

China#39;s government says it#39;s finally getting rid of the country#39;s ivory trade once and for all.中国政府表示将彻底禁止象牙贸易。The international ivory trade was banned in 1989, but China has one of the largest domestic markets left in the world. The country#39;s now planning to phase out all ivory processing and sales by the end of 2017.国际象牙贸易在1989年被禁止,但中国拥有最大的国内市场。中国现在计划在2017年底前逐步结束所有象牙加工和销售。That#39;s important for conservationists because legal ivory markets often fuel demand for poaching and the illegal ivory trade.这对于生态保护主义者来说是重要的,因为合法的象牙市场往往会激起偷猎和非法象牙贸易需求。And poaching is still devastating elephant populations in Africa. The Great Elephant Census estimated the African elephant population dropped 30 percent from 2007 to 2014, to around 350,000 elephants.偷猎仍在毁灭非洲大象种群。大象普查估计,非洲大象的数量从2007年到2014年下降了百分之30,到约350,000头。Similar blanket bans on ivory trading were adopted this year by the U.S. and Hong Kong, two major markets for legal and illegal ivory 今年美国和香港也采取了类似的全面禁止象牙贸易,这是合法和非法象牙交易的两大主要市场。译文属。 Article/201701/487325

When the sunspots disappeared something on the sun changed太阳黑子消失时,太阳表面的变化导致that cooled the Earth down.地球温度降低But it wasn#39;t that the solar output changed.改变的并不是太阳的输出量No matter how many sunspots there are不论表面有多少太阳黑子the sun doesn#39;t get any hotter or brighter.太阳的热度和亮度都不会改变So the spots must have another effect.所以黑子一定还有别的影响And to see it we need a different way to look at the sun.想看清这种影响必须以不同方式来观察太阳It#39;s not just heat and light that that the sun太阳对地球放射的is throwing at the Earth.不只是光和热As every sunbather knows,there#39;s ultraviolet light too.热爱日光浴的人都知道,还有紫外线Enough UV reaches the surface to burn our skin,抵达地球的紫外线量足以灼伤我们的皮肤but it is only fraction of the sun#39;s UV output.但这只占了太阳紫外线输出量的一小部分The rest is filtered out by the atmosphere.其他的都被大气层过滤掉了It means we don#39;t get a complete picture这表示在地球无法看清of the sun from the Earth.太阳的全貌To see the sun in all its glory you have to go into space.想要一窥太阳的真面目必须进入太空From here you can see the changing sun.在太空才能看清千变万化的太阳In the extreme UV the sunspots burn a brilliant white.燃烧的太阳黑子在强烈的紫外线中呈白热状态In the X-ray frequencies they look even more dramatic.X光频率下的太阳黑子活动更戏剧化Huge plumes of superheated gas spout from the spots.大量的高热气体从太阳黑子喷出When you#39;re seeing the visible一般用肉眼观察you#39;re really seeing the surface of the sun.只看得到太阳的表面But when you#39;re seeing the ultraviolet但是用紫外线或X光观察时or the x-rays you#39;re actually seeing that very hot atmosphere,看到的是温度高达一百万度的and that#39;s about a million degrees,高热气体whereas the surface is about six thousand degrees.而太阳表面的温度约为六千度So you#39;re seeing a different part of the sun所以我们观察到的是太阳的不同部位And you#39;re seeing a part that#39;s constantly changing.看到的是不断变化的部位These phenomenal displays of solar power1970年代天空实验室的太空人were only discovered in the 1970s,by the astronauts on Skylab.发现了这种太阳力量的惊人展现No-one had seen the sun like this before.从来没有人看过像这样的太阳Since then a number of Space telescopes have been deployed之后科学家为了观察太阳whose sole purpose is to look at the sun.部署了好几架太空望远镜The most used is Soho其中使用最频繁的是简称为SOHO的the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.太阳及日光层观测站 Article/201504/369075

  They say Messi doesn#39;t talk much. They are wrong.有人说,梅西不怎么爱说话。他们错了He#39;s been preaching to us all along. If you look him, you can hear him.其实,他一直都在告诉我们该怎么做。看他的比赛,你就知道了He is saying: don#39;t go down, brothers and sisters. Don#39;t go down!他在呐喊:不要倒下,兄弟们!千万不要倒下!When life kicks you, tries to tackle you, don#39;t go down!当生活踢了你一脚,试图阻拦你继续向前时,不要倒下;When your legs are heavy, you lungs are burning, don#39;t go down!当你已经步履沉重,肺部像炸开了一样时,不要倒下;When you have every reason to go down, do not go down!当一切都在迫使你屈时,千万不要倒下!You can#39;t defy the odds when you are down.一旦倒下,你就无法再藐视困难;You can#39;t make someone a believer when you are down.一旦倒下,你就不会再让人信Messi is spraining the world, don#39;t let things in outside.梅西令世界颤抖,不要屈,继续前进!Be stronger than what#39;s inside, because life has more stuffing, if you just stay up.坚强起来,超越自我!只要屹立不倒,生命便充满能量! Article/201701/487381

  艺术家碧翠丝·科伦用剪子和纸创造出了复杂而精巧的世界,以及城市和国家,甚至天堂和地狱。她身着一件用杜邦纸剪出的惊艳斗篷登上舞台,并娓娓道来了她的创作历程以及用剪刀和纸片创造故事的方式。 Article/201412/346781。


  People who do take Ritalin, I think they see我认为用利他林的人the benefits of it and it does help them with their revision.看到了它的好处 它的确帮助他们复习My friends that do, tend to do pretty well but I,我的那些用过的朋友表现更出色一些I like to think that#39;s because they#39;re quite clever.但我还是愿意相信是因为他们天资聪颖Ed wasn#39;t taking Ritalin for illicit gain.埃德用利他林 并非出于不当目的He took it at the behest of this woman.他是在这位女士的委托下用的Barbara Sahakian is Professor of芭芭拉·萨哈金Clinical Neuropsychology at Cambridge University.是剑桥大学临床神经心理学的教授She#39;s researching what drugs for她在研究治疗ADHD的药物those with ADHD can do to the brains of the healthy.对健康人大脑的作用Well, we knew that the drug worked as a cognitive enhancer我们知道这个药可以用作for conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,多动症儿童的认知增强剂but would they also work in,但对没有问题的健康人in healthy people who didn#39;t have any problems?它也能有作用吗Could we actually boost cognition我们真的可以in somebody who was you know functioning well?提高健康人的认知能力吗Ed was one of her research volunteers.埃德是自愿受试者之一They were each given Ritalin他们每个人都用利他林and put through a variety of intelligence tests.并进行一系列的智力测试 Article/201501/356283They trap the water from the monsoons as ice and release it in the summer when the snow melts.它们冷凝雨季的水变成冰,夏天冰雪溶化时再变回水。The glaciers of the Himalayas are the source of all the great Asian rivers-the Indus, Ganges, Mekong, Yangtze Kiang.喜马拉雅山冰川是亚洲所有大河的源头,包括印度河,恒河,湄公河,长江。Two billion people depend on them for drinking water and to irrigate their crops, as in Bangladesh.二十亿人依赖其河水作饮用和灌溉,比如孟加拉国人。On the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra.位于恒河和雅鲁藏布江三角洲。Bangladesh is directly affected by the phenomena occurring in the Himalayas and at sea level.孟加拉直接受到喜马拉雅山的变化和海面上升的影响。This is one of the most populous and poorest countries in the world.它是地球上人口最多又最贫困的国家之一。It is aly hit by global warming.已经因全球变暖遭受打击。The combined impact of increasingly dramatic floods and hurricanes could make a third of its landmass disappear.越来越严重的河水泛滥和飓风的蹂躏将令其土地消失三分之一。When populations are subjected to these devastating phenomena,they eventually move away.当人们遭受这些灾难,最终只能迁移。Wealthy countries will not be spared.富裕国家也不能幸免。Droughts are occurring all over the planet.全世界都出现旱灾。In Australia, half of farmland is aly affected.在澳大利亚,已有一半农田受影响。We are in the process of compromising the climatic balance that has allowed us to develop over12,000 years.我们正在向哺育我们一万二千多年的气候平衡作出妥协。More and more wildfires encroach on major cities.越来越多的森林大火侵害主要城市。In turn, they exacerbate global warming.反过来它们加剧全球变暖。As the trees burn, they release carbon dioxide.树木燃烧时释出二氧化碳。The system that controls our climate has been severely disrupted.调节我们气候的机制已被严重扰乱。The elements on which it relies have been disrupted.它所依赖的环境已被破坏。The clock of climate change is ticking in these magnificent landscapes.在这壮丽风景背后气候改变的时钟正在嘀嗒响。 Article/201411/341861one in our particular case第一章,生物起源takes us back to 4.5 million years.要将我们带回450万年前to when the earth was really quite young.当时的地球,初生不久Exactly what triggered life here is still a mystery生命的起源至今仍是未解之谜but there are several theories.但也有不少理论The most common one is that life began purely by accident.最常见的理论认为生命的起源完全是巧合In pools of primodial soup,起源于原始汤的水池里full of chemicals called amino acids富含名为氨基酸的化学物质These molecules would have collided at random for millions of years数百万年来,这些分子不断地随机碰撞until the perfect combination just happened直到一次完美地化合反应发生the ultimate lucky break that started the chain of life.这次幸运之极的碰撞,开启了生物起源之门It is extremely unlikely that life could spontaneously create itself.生命的自发产生,乍看之下让人难以置信But I don#39;t think that#39;s a problem with this theory.但在这一理论中,这却并非不可能之事It#39;s like winning a lottery.就像是中票with the odds are astro-nomical most weeks someone hits the jackpot.虽然概率微小,但几乎每周都有人中头But there is another intriguing idea called ;panspermia,;另一种有趣的理论,被称为;有生源说;which says that life could have originated somewhere else ..称生命可能起源于其它地方and it#39;s been sp from planet to planet被传播到各个行星by asteroids.载体就是小行星It seems possible that lumps of rock could carry frozen organisms inside them小行星内部似乎可以携带被冰冻的微生物organisms able to with stand extremes of temperature and the vacuum of space.能够忍受极端的温度和真空条件的微生物If so, asteroids could even now若真如此,小行星现在依然be transporting life to other worlds.能够作为行星间生物传播的载体Regardless of which theory is right,无论哪一种理论是对的once life begins, the next chapter starts.生命一旦出现,我们便进入了下一章That#39;s all about survival.物竞天择,适者生存survival links you me and ET它将你我还有外星人联系在一起and it generates rules all of its own.并且演变出了一套自己的法则Survival demands a source of energy what we call food,生存需要能量,即食物来维持 or else it would grind to a halt.否则生命便会慢慢消亡Once nourished, life can then copy itself to一旦有了养料,生物便开始了繁殖protect against the death of any one individual.来抵御种族的灭亡Ultimately, that leads to evolution最终,这导致了进化evolution that would happen even on alien worlds,这种进化即使在其它星球同样可能发生producing, in some instances,在某些情形下 animals that I think we would recognize as being alive,产生的动物我认为我们可以称之为生命even if they look a bit strange.即便它们看起来有些奇怪 Article/201505/376689

  Michael called me and said,迈克尔打给我说#39;You do something nice and people try to fuck you. #39;你想要对人好 他们却反过来捅你一刀And that#39;s what he said to me.他这么对我说And he was just so hurt.他真的很受伤And l rarely heard him cuss.我很少听到他讲粗话Michael was on tour迈克尔当时在巡回and they took great care to wait until he go on tour to put this stuff out.他们还刻意等到他巡回时 才将这事爆出来lt did appear to me, and to everybody in the circle,不光是我以及我们的朋友圈and also to Michael,还有迈克尔也感到that the district attorney, Tom sneddon, was really after Michael Jackson.地方检察官汤姆·史奈顿 根本是冲着迈克尔·杰克逊来的And he said, #39;Why would people believe this? #39;他问 大家怎会相信这些?And l said, #39;You know, l#39;m having a hard time understanding it, too, Michael,我说 我也不清楚为何会这样 迈克尔#39;but what l think is that但我想for so many years, people have wondered about your sexuality大家已经质疑你的性向多年了#39;and they#39;ve wondered, #39;ls this guy gay, is this guy straight?#39;他们一直在猜 你是同性恋还是异性恋;No one really could understand it.没有人真正理解;And now that this has happened, people feel that they have the answer,现在出了这件事 他们觉得突然有了个;And it#39;s something that they#39;ve decided to latch on to.;所以才死命抓着不放And he said, ;Yes, but it#39;s not true.;他说 是但那不是真的And l said, #39;Yeah, l know that, but this is what#39;s going on.我回 我知道 但目前的状况是这样#39;You know, this is what you are up against. #39;这也是你将要面对的And he was devastated by the #39;93 allegations, there#39;s no doubt about it.1993年的指控几乎击跨了他 这点是不可置否的 Article/201510/402696【TED演讲】阿里·卡·切尔曼Ali Carr-Chellman-男孩们通过打游戏激起对学习的热情男孩的教育问题真的个让人头疼的问题,男孩子天生好动,Ali Carr-Chellman根据科学研究告诉你:男孩打游戏其实是可以激发对学习的热情的,很震惊的研究吧。TED Technology, Entertainment, Design在英语中的缩写,美国的一家私有非营利机构,以它组织的TED大会著称;将“用思想的力量来改变世界”作为宗旨。事实上,除了“科技”“”“设计”的主题,这场盛会涉及的领域还在不断扩展,展现着涉及几乎各个领域的各种见解,TED的演讲简短且深刻,参加者们称它为 “超级大脑SPA”。 Article/201412/350313


  Our solar system, the place we call home太阳系,我们的家园lies about 26,000 light years from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.位于距离系中心二万六千光年的地方or around two thirds the way out.或说是系直径的三分之二处The story of how these huge planets came to be orbiting这些巨大行星用了六百万年才开始an average yellow star is six billion years long,环绕一颗中等大小的金色恒星运行and since we don#39;t have that much time, I#39;ll speed it up a bit.由于时间有限,我会加快速度解释过程It starts with a bang.故事的开头是一个大爆炸Long ago an ancient star exploded,很久以前,一颗古老的恒星发生爆炸littering space with swirling clouds of the materials it had made while it lived向空中抛出旋转的它燃烧时产生的物质云团and the heavier metals it created as it died.和灭亡时产生的更重的金属We know this because we我们之所以知道这些是因为can see similar feels of dust out in space today.现今能从星际尘埃中看到相似的感觉They are called nebulae and they are very beautiful.它们叫作星云,形态绚丽多Every nebula is different,每个星云都不同 and in our case the clouds contained nitrogen and oxygen and iron and silicon我们的星云包含氮,氧,铁,硅and all the other stuff needed to build a world like ours.和其他构成丰富多的世界所需的东西Then the tireless force of接着,不知疲倦的万有引力开始gravity started to pull it all back together.将一切牵引到一起And the heavy engineering that produces planets began.创造行星的浩大工程开始了Vast spirals of dust began to form大量尘埃飞扬,开始排列and at the center of one of these,某片尘埃中央a rocky planet called Earth started to take shape,一颗称为地球的岩状行星开始成形built of stardust and assembled by gravity.由星尘为材料,由万有引力组建而成 Article/201509/399836。

  Luigi#39;s methods are rather more scientific.路易吉的方法则要更为科学We did a range of other medical tests,我们做了一系列其他医学检验including blood tests.包括血液检查Now he#39;s about to give us our results.现在他要告诉我们结果Feels like being in the headmaster#39;s office, doesn#39;t it?感觉就像在校长办公室里 不是吗Waiting for the results.等待自己的考试成绩Will you get an A-star? Will I get a B-minus?你会得A+吗 我会得B-吗Luigi#39;s face tells me路易吉的表情告诉我that what I#39;m about to hear is not good news.#39;接下来我将听到的不会是个好消息Total body fat in Joseph is 11.5%.约瑟夫的体脂肪率为11.5%This is typical of a super athlete.这是典型的顶尖运动员体脂率11% body fat is very low11%的体脂率for a 54-, 55-year-old man.对于一个54 55岁的人来说非常低Yours is 27.1% fat.你的体脂肪率为27.1%A third of your body is fat.你身体的三分之一都是脂肪Thank you...for making that point so emphatically!多谢你特意强调这点重点解释:1.a range of一套; 一系列例句:A range of hills rose on their left.连绵的小山耸立在他们的左侧。2.about to 即将; 刚要例句:A new book is about to be brought out.一本新书即将出版。 Article/201509/400209

  But the experiment doesn#39;t end there.但实验并未在这里结束All the words produced by the first candidate前一位候选人所创造的单词are used to create the language for the next person in the experiment,都作为下一位候选人创造语言时的参考including the words they invented for the unfamiliar fruit.包括他们为陌生水果创造的那些单词Each of these learners thinks每个实验对象都认为that they#39;re giving us back the same thing that we trained them on,自己是尽力将我们教他们的东西as best they can,原样交给我们but in fact each of them,但实际上随着时间推移 unconsciously, is changing that language,原始语言一点点地被他们每个人changing it piece by piece over time.无意识地改变了As it#39;s passed through generations of users,经过了一代代测试对象的改进the language slowly turns from a random chaotic one测试的语言从最初的混乱无章to one of structure with combinations that can be easily remembered.慢慢地形成了容易记忆的语法结构By the ninth generation, the words have been divided into parts到了第九代 单词已被分为几部分and each of these has a different meaning.每部分都有其自身的含义N, L and R describe the different colours.N L R用来表示颜色The middle of the word describes the number,中间部分用来表示数量and the end of the word like ;plo; or ;pilu;而单词末尾比如;plo;和;pilu;describes the type of fruit.用来表示水果种类 Article/201501/353203

  Our relationship with pills我们和药物的联系starts from the very beginning of our lives,从生命的最初开始from the medicines handed to us by our parents.从父母递给我们药片时就开始了I used to get so upset having to以前必须吃这些止痛药take these pain killers because I didn#39;t want to,总让我很烦恼 因为我不想吃so my mum, I was probably about five,我当时大概五岁 所以我妈and my mum used to snap them in half把它们掰成两半and tip the actual medication into orange squash for me.把药倒到橙汁里给我喝My mum gives me my tablets every day.我妈妈每天都给我吃药As we grow up, we begin to pop pills for everything.随着我们长大 我们开始凡事依赖药物There are the antibiotics we take to fight off disease,我们用抗生素 去抗击疾病more than one course every two years of our lives.每两年还要吃不止一个疗程The 28,000 pain killers we each take有28000种止痛药供人挑选to make us feel better.用于减少痛苦Pills to stop us having babies.还有帮人避的药片I actually got pregnant on the pill.我其实是靠吃药帮助才怀的So...所以Medicines to carry us through middle age.帮人度过中年综合症的药物Statins.抑制素[他汀类药物 用以降低胆固醇]Simvastatin. Simvastatin.辛伐他汀 还是辛伐他汀Even tablets to extend our youth甚至还有帮我们延缓衰老and improve our performance in bed.提升床上战斗力的药物 Article/201501/354662

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