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【视频欣赏】How To Have Summer Fun on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Summertime means fun time! Check out these tips on getting the season-long party started.You Will NeedBeach towel Bathing suit Sunscreen Water Trowel Vegetable seeds Sports equipment Book Camping gear Star chart Mason jar (optional) Step 1: Take a dip(泡个澡)Grab a towel, don a bathing suit, and cool off with a swim. Wear waterproof sunscreen and play a little Marco Polo; before you know it, you’ll be having such a good time, you won’t realize you’ve burned off all those ice cream calories.Drink plenty of water, even when you’re swimming. You might not feel thirsty, but you’re still moving around in the hot sun.Step 2: Get growing(种菜)Start a vegetable garden. Find a plot of land and map out areas for various veggies. Aerate and weed with a trowel, then plant summer produce like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Water regularly and watch the perfect complements to a summer barbecue come to life.Step 3: Find a sport(开展一项运动)Toss a ball around, shoot some hoops, ride a bike, spike a volleyball, toss a Frisbee, play some tennis, go for a run — anything that gets you up and moving outdoors. Being active in the sun improves sleep, promotes vitamin D production, and boosts your mood — just be sure to wear sunscreen.Step 4: Grab some ing material(阅读)Pick a book, stretch out in the shade, and . Choose a book that interests you, rather than something you think you have to . Try a masterpiece you’ve always meant to check out, and challenge yourself to finish it by Labor Day.Step 5: Go camping(野营)Explore the great outdoors with a camping trip. Grab a canteen, food, and a flashlight, pack up a tent and sleeping bag, throw it all in a backpack, and hit the road. Even if you’re just in your own backyard, the summer months are the perfect time for a night away from the television.If you live in an area with fireflies, bring a mason jar on your trip and catch some to give your camp a little extra mood lighting.Step 6: Look to the heavens(眺望夜空)Wait for night to fall, go outside, and stargaze. Consult a star chart to find constellations, many of which were named centuries ago. Let your imagination run and find new shapes and images in the sky to inspire you as you consider your next fun summer activity.In August 1969, Sly and the Family Stone’s single “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” hit no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Article/201006/105115【视频欣赏】【视频文本】Step 1: You're Not Lazy(你并不懒惰)The word "lazy" is a condemnation. It's shameful. It's not you.Step 2: Illness(懒惰易生病)If your energy level is low for months on end, get checked out by a doctor. It could be depression or illness. Make sure you're ok before moving on to step 3.Step 3: Plan(计划)Write down what you want to get done - in order of importance - and put it on a daily schedule.Step 4: Find Your Groove(找到自己的毛病)Experiment with your life. Try working at different times of day and in different locations. Maybe you need background music to keep you focused or a snack or nap at a specific time.Step 5: Set That Alarm(准时)Studies show people who get up early and show up on time are happier and more productive. And eat a good breakfast. Healthful eating increases energy. So does exercise. Article/201001/94083Dr Miklosi has developed a system to analyse the barks.米克洛斯士开发出了研究吠的系统It#39;s helped him decode how dogs communicate meaning.这帮助它解密是如何来传递信息的I measure the three features of this sound.我测量了这个声音的3个特征One was the frequency, the other was the tonality一个是频率 另一个是音调and the third was the interval between the barking sounds.第三个是吠之间的时间间隔Probably, this is also what the judgment of people is based这或许也是人们根据情感内容来when they are describing the bark in terms of emotional content.评判吠的根据But what#39;s more surprising is not our但令我们更加惊奇的并不是ability to interpret the barks,我们解释犬吠的能力but what it reveals about dogs.而是吠表露出的信息In the natural world, dogs#39; wild relatives don#39;t really bark.在自然世界 野并不会真的吠叫Amazingly, it seems that during the course of domestication,让人不可思议的是 在被驯养期间dogs may have evolved their elaborate vocal repertoire似乎进化出了精巧的发音技能especially to communicate with us.特别是与我们交流的时候#39;at the basic level,一般来说everyone can do it and there is a good chance that#39;每个人都可以做到这点(辨别吠)barking is a very good means to communicate with humans.犬吠是与人类沟通的一个好方法The evidence from these recent experiments而以近来实验所搜集到的据来看seems to confirm what dog owners have asserted all along,似乎更实了主人一直坚持的观点That we#39;re incredibly attuned to比起其他物种而言 each other in a way that no other two species are.人与配合得更加默契But new research has uncovered that新的研究揭示出the bond between humans and dogs may be even deeper.人与之间的联系可能会更深 Article/201302/224482

Step步骤Step 1 Communicate openly坦诚以待Communicate openly about the present and the future. If she expresses a desire to raise a family together, she is likely interested in marriage.对两人的现在和未来倾心交谈。如果她表达出了成家的想法,她很可能有结婚的想法了。Step 2 Pay attention to attitude注意态度Note what she says about marriage, and write it down. If the experiences and discussions are positive, she is likely open to it.记录下她对婚姻的看法,写下来。如果她的态度是乐观的,她就有可能会接受你的求婚。Tip: Pay careful attention to her past relationships with friends, family, and former partners.小贴士:注意她的其他社会关系,例如朋友,家人,前男友。Step 3 Count the conversations about marriage提到婚姻的次数Count the number of times she brings up marriage and family. If at least once every time you#39;re together, she#39;s y.留心谈话中她谈到婚姻和家庭的次数。如果每次谈话她至少提到一次,那她已经准备好接受你的求婚了。Step 4 Pay attention to your discussions留意对话Pay attention to your discussions with her about marriage. If you are both comfortable with the discussion, the idea of marriage is likely a welcome one.和她谈论到婚姻时要留心。如果你们双方谈到婚姻都不反感,甚至感觉舒,这说明婚姻也会使你们感到舒。Step 5 Notice how she reacts to behavior留意她的行为举止Understand that if she isn#39;t trying to change your behavior, she#39;s probably y to accept you as you are, and this means long term.你要知道,如果她没有试图改变你的行为习惯,她可能已经准备好接受最真实的你了,而这意味着长期关系。Fact: Did you know? The most popular marriage month in the ed States is August, with 9.3 per 1,000 people.你知道吗?在美国结婚最多的月份是八月,平均每一千人中有9.3人都是在八月结婚的。You Will Need你需要Listening skills学会聆听The ability to pay close attention多留心A notebook or journal记事本或杂志 Article/201209/202094演讲简介:你是怎么看待穷人的呢?也许杰西卡的经历明:穷人需要的仅是我们的滴水之恩。KIVA网站创始人讲述了,她对穷人态度的改变和她在小额贷款方面所做的努力。这些努力给生活质量徘徊在贫困线的人们带来了新的力量。 Article/201210/203073

The woolly bear caterpillar does not need the warmth from flowers灯蛾毛虫却不需要花朵的温暖to kick-start its spring.就能迅速迎来它们的春天It#39;s always the first insect to appear after the snow retreats它向来是积雪融化后第一个出现的昆虫and the story of how it does so is truly astonishing.它为做到这一点所付出的努力令人惊异At the start of spring,春季伊始the caterpillar eats as fast as it can,毛虫就拼了命地吃as indeed it must, for this far north, the season will be brief.它必须这么做 因为北极的春季转瞬即逝The days shorten only too soon,白昼很快就会变短but the caterpillar has not yet毛虫却还没有got enough reserves to transform itself into a moth.足够的储备来转化成蛾It can#39;t leave the Arctic, for it can#39;t fly,它还不能离开北极 因为它无法飞行so it settles down beneath a rock.所以只好在一块岩石下面躲了起来The sun#39;s warmth rapidly dwindles.太阳的热度迅速褪去Beneath the rock, the caterpillar is out of the wind,岩石虽能为毛虫挡风遮雪but the cold penetrates deep into the ground.但严寒仍蔓延至地下Soon, its heart stops beating.很快 它的心跳停止了It ceases to breathe, and its body starts to freeze--也停止了呼吸 身体开始结冰first its gut, then its blood.先是内脏 接着是血液 /201211/207672How to Learn Life Skills on HowcastStart practicing these useful, practical skills now to reach your full potential.开始练习这些有用的、实践性的技巧,充分开发你的潜能。Step 1: LoveLove yourself. Set and reach goals, step out of your comfort zone, learn, and build your self confidence. The more you are motivated to learn, the more skills you are likely to pick up.第一步:自爱要爱你自己,设定目标并实现目标,从舒适的圈子中走出去,建立自信。你越想学,你就越有可能学到更多的技巧。Step 2: LearnLearn how to do home repairs such as painting, carpentry, or fixing a leaky faucet. You can save thousands of dollars over a lifetime.第二步:学习学习如何做些家里的修补工作,比如刷墙,做些木工活或是换一个漏水的水龙头。这样,一生能省下几千美元。Step 3: Learn to gardenLearn how to garden and do outdoor maintenance such as mowing the lawn, planting vegetables, power washing, and installing sprinklers. Pass your learned skills along to your children, friends, and family.第三步:学会园艺学会料理花园并做些户外保养,比如修建草坪,种蔬菜,洗衣,安装洒水装置。将学会的技术教给你的孩子,朋友和家人。Step 4: Learn how to cookLearn how to cook. Try different recipes and keep practicing.第四步:学会烹饪学会烹饪。尝试做不同的菜,持续练习。Step 5: Get in shapeGet motivated to stay or get in shape.Tip: Look through books, magazines, and online for different exercises that fit your fitness level.第五步:保持身材小贴士:要保持好的身材。可以阅读书或杂志或是适合保持体形的各类网上信息。Step 6: Learn to sewLearn to sew your coat button back on, how to make a pillow, or to hem pants. Sewing is a valuable life skill.第六步:学会缝纫学着将掉落的纽扣缝回去,学会制作枕头或是镶边的裤子。缝纫是一项非常实用的生活技巧。Step 7: Manage moneyLearn how to manage your money. Save and spend wisely. Practice improving on your skills and continue to learn new ones. The more you learn, the more likely you are to reach your potential!第七步:学会理财学会理财。明智地花钱和省钱。不断提高技能并学习新的技能。你学的越多,你越有可能发挥你的潜能。 Article/201009/114017

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