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Where theres a smoke, theres fire.无风不起浪。Where theres a smoke, theres fire 直译过来就是:“哪里有烟就说明哪里有火”,这个短语的正确意思是:“无风不起浪”。因此,当美国人说;Where theres a smoke, theres fire.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Everything happens for a reason.;、;Nothing comes from nothing.;、;Everything has its seed.;。情景对白:Shirley: Everyone in our company is talking about her. Do you really think she stole those confidential documents?雪莉:公司里人人都在谈论她的事。你真的认为她偷了那些机密文件吗?Jane: Where theres a smoke, theres fire. Shes a strongly supported suspect.简:无风不起浪啊。她的嫌疑非常大。搭配句积累:①Our executive is going to be dismissed, isnt he?我们的主管要被解雇了,是真的吗?②Do you know that our opponent has a financial problem?你知道我们的对手公司出现了经济问题吗?③Do you really think he has taken bribes?有会议说他收受贿赂,你觉得是不是真的?④I could hardly believe that he has done that as it is said.我不相信事情像大家说的那样,那是他做的。单词:bribe n. 贿赂He was being investigated for receiving bribes.他因收受贿赂正在接受调查。He demeant himself by accepting a bribe.他接受了贿赂,辱没了自己。He is so honest that he will not accept bribe.他忠诚老实,不肯受贿。 /201307/246461。

第一句:Frank, can I introduce you to Dick, Dick Brown? Dick, this is Frank White.弗兰克,我可以把你介绍给迪克,迪克·布朗吗?A: Frank, can I introduce you to Dick, Dick Brown? Dick, this is Frank White.弗兰克,我可以把你介绍给迪克,迪克·布朗吗?B: How do you do?您好。C: How do you do?您好。Have you met May?认识梅吗?A: Have you met May?认识梅吗?B: Hi, May, I am Clark.嗨,梅。我是克拉克。C: Have you been in Montreal long?您到蒙特利尔很长时间了吗?B: No. I just arrived yesterday.不,我昨天才到。为他人作介绍时的礼仪顺序大致有以下几种:1. 介绍上级与下级认识时,应先介绍下级,后介绍上级。2. 介绍长辈与晚辈认识时,应先介绍晚辈,后介绍长辈。3. 介绍女士与男士认识时,应先介绍男士,后介绍女士。4. 介绍来宾与主人认识时,应先介绍主人,后介绍来宾。5. 介绍与会先到者与后到者时,应先介绍后来者,后介绍先到者。其他表达法:Allow me to introduce Frank Brown to you.请允许我向您介绍弗兰克·布朗。This is Frank Brown.这是弗兰克·布朗。 /201205/183821。

13:At the Trade Fair在交易会暂无文本 相关专题:视频商务英语口语 /200807/44846。

1.Housing 住房 A:How about the housing costs in this town?B:The average house will cost 0,000. If you rent, you are looking at ,500 a month for a nice apartment. A:这个地方的住房费用怎么样?B:平均的房价是20万美元,如果租的话,好的公寓差不多一个月1500美元。 2. Income tax 所得税A: Does the company withhold income tax?B: Yes. You need to fill a W-4 form, so we know how much we should withhold.A:公司预扣所得税吗?B:是的,你得填一个W-4表,以便我们知道我们需要扣多少。 3.Insurance payment 保险金A: How do we pay our portion of the insurance payment?B: It will be deducted from the salary for each paycheck.A:我们怎样付自己承担的那部分保费?B:从每次发的工资里扣除。4.Lunch 午餐A: Where do you go for lunch?B: Some of us go to the Cafeteria. You can go out for lunch as well.A:你们在哪儿吃午饭啊?B:有的去自助食堂,你也可以出去吃。5.Outside line 外线A: How do I get an outside line?B: Easy! Just dial zero. A:我怎么拨打外线电话啊?B:很简单!只要加拨0就可以了。 /200807/44850。

Chris向一家香港公司的老板Hank 和部门主管Rebecca介绍申请国际认的程序。首先是安全,其中还有防范恐怖袭击的要求。老板Hank表示不解。C: Well, after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, all the rules and regulations have become much stricter. If you ship a container to the ed States, it could possibly be used by bad guys to send dangerous materials.R: So what kind of precautions do we need to take?C: You need to have a 24-hour surveillance and alarm system set up, and the doors and gates should be monitored by guards to make sure only those who should be in the factory are in the factory.H: Thats pretty reasonable and I think we can handle that.Chris解释说,九一一恐怖袭击事件发生后,保安方面的要求严格了很多。要得到国际认,需要安装全天候的监视和警报系统,24-hour surveillance and alarm system; 门口需要警卫站岗。老板Hank觉得。这些要求很合理,pretty reasonable, 公司完全可以做到。We can handle that. Chris继续说,C: OK, lets move on to the next point: treatment of workers.H: You know, I dont mean to be rude, but why do U.S. companies need to know how we treat our workers? Thats an internal affair, isnt it?C: I can understand your frustration, but nowadays its a big issue. A few years ago, many activist groups began targeting the big American retailers. They demanded that the big sellers prove that the cheap items they are selling werent made by child laborers or through other unethical practices.除去安全保障措施外,还有工人待遇的问题。Hank不明白,自己公司的事情,internal affair,美国公司为什么要插手。Chris解释说,这是因为几年前,一些人权活动团体开始针对美国一些主要零售商家,要求他们明,自己出售的廉价商品,没有使用童工child laborers, 也没有其它unethical practices不正当的做法。R: So now any company that sells to the big retailers has to prove they are above board?C: Yep. And its not just America. When you sell to Europe you have to do the same thing;in fact, the European laws are even stricter!H: Well, I guess I can understand their position, but it is quite a hassle.R: Yeah, but its worth it. As soon as were certified we can sell our goods all across Europe and the U.S.因此,现在凡是这些美国零售商的供货商家,都必须明,They are above board. 他们的经营方式是光明正大的。虽然申请国际认很麻烦,it is quite a hassle. 可是Rebecca觉得值,its worth it. 因为有了国际认,跟美国和欧洲公司做生意就可以畅通无阻了。 /201201/169184。

around the corner --- 1.附近(成语);2.即将(成语)英文释义 1. (IDIOM) Located nearby.2. (IDIOM) Arriving soon; not far in the future.例句 There are several good restaurants around the corner from our hotel.我们酒店附近有几家好餐厅。At the end of winter, finding a few blossoms on the trees tells me that spring is around the corner.冬末,树上的几朵花告诉我,春天即将来到。 /201412/349503。

M: I will need copies of your mission statement and employee manual. I will also set up a schedule to interview all employees strarting from the executive branch down to the laborers.F: That's going to take a lot of time, do you really think that's necessary? we need help to define our company's problems, but it seems just a bit meticulous, not to mention irrelevant to interview the janitor.M: I know what I'm doing. The health of an organization is based on the attitude of all its components. Rest assured that I'll not waste time. My time comes with a hefty price tag, and I respect my time enough not to waste it. However, as an organizasion consultant, I need a broad-spectrum view of your company.F: Very well! Is there anything else we can do for you?M: Yes, I will need to arrange weekly meetings with the managers of departments to march your progess on the implementation of improvement plans. /201001/94494。