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  • Not only is jumping rope a good cardiovascular workout, it improves coordination, agility, and the all-important footwork.跳绳不仅是一项有助于心血管健康的锻炼,还可以提高协调性,灵活性和十分重要的脚力。You Will Need你需要A jump rope跳绳And a small area in which to jump可以用来跳绳的小块地方Steps步骤Step 1 Choose a jump rope1.选择跳绳Choose a jump rope that fits your height.选择适合自己身高的跳绳。If you are under 5#39;5;, choose an eight-foot rope. If you#39;re 5#39;6; to 6;, choose a 9-foot rope. If you#39;re 6#39;1; to 6#39;6;, pick a 10-foot rope. Anyone taller, should use an 11-foot rope.如果你的身高低于5.5英尺,选择8英尺长的绳子。如果你的身高介于5.6英尺和6英尺之间,选择9英尺长的绳子。如果你的身高介于6.1英尺和6.6英尺之间,选择10英尺的绳子。如果比这还高,选择11英尺的绳子。Step 2 Hold rope from handles2.握住跳绳把手Hold the rope from its handles.双手握住跳绳的把手。Step 3 Step over rope3.跨越跳绳Step over the rope so it#39;s behind your feet as you#39;re standing.向前一步跨越跳绳,这样你站立的时候绳子就在你双脚后面。Step 4 Swing rope over head4.将绳子甩过头部Swing the jump rope over your head in a circular motion, making an arc with the taut rope.以环形运动将绳子甩过头部,拉紧的绳子形成弓形。Step 5 Jump over rope5.跳过绳子As it comes forward toward your feet, jump over the rope by hopping straight up with both feet.当跳绳底部到达双脚的时候,双脚直立跳起,跳越绳子。As you become more proficient, you can try jumping on one foot and other variations that combine agility and athleticism.当越来越熟练的时候,可以尝试单脚跳和其他花样,不仅锻炼协调性,还可以提高运动能力。Step 6 Continue jumping6.继续跳Continue jumping until the rope gets hung up at your feet. Then begin again from the beginning.一直跳到双脚绊住绳子。然后重新开始。Step 7 Practice7.练习Jumping rope isn#39;t just an exercise: it#39;s a skill. Practice and you#39;ll be great before you know it.跳绳不仅仅是一项运动:也是一项技能。坚持练习,你会在不知不觉中得到提高。You use many muscles while jumping rope, including your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and forearms.跳绳的时候需要运动许多肌肉,包括小腿,四头肌,大肌腱,臀大肌和前臂。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233481
  • Pope Called To Mediate In FalklandsArgentina#39;s President has urged the Pope to intervene in the row over the Falkland Islands on the eve of the Pontiff#39;s inauguration, reports Sky#39;s Robert Nisbet.出访罗马的阿根廷总统克里斯蒂娜请求教皇方济各干预阿根廷与英国之间的岛屿主权争议,防止因英国使南大西洋军事化的行动而发生意外事件。They had disagreed over their approach to sexuality and contraception, but President Kirchner and the new Pope have both supported Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands. So when the two met in Rome ahead of his installation mass, Cristina Kirchner sought common ground, she asked him to intercede in the dispute between London and Venezuela’s.Now we sit with a historical opportunity, a much more favorable outlook in front of us. Both UK and Argentina are governed democratically, there’s no danger of anything more aggressive than the UK’s military presence in the area. There are few countries more peaceful than Argentina. The only thing we want is that the UK complies with the UN Resolutions so we can sit down together and talk. I asked the Holy Father for his mediation in achieving a dialogue between the two parties.And that is just the first in a series of important meetings the new Pope will be holding this week. On Saturday he will fly here to the papal retreat of Castle Gandolfo have lunch with the pope emeritus. It is an event without historical precedent. And they’re once again expecting large crowds to throng this beautiful hilltop town 50 miles outside Rome. When Benedict took out temporary residence here ending his papacy, 12,000 witnessed his farewell words. The mayor of the town says the meeting will be hugely symbolic.It’s been the pope’s last goodbye, he looked out from there, and said a very warm and simple goodbye to us. Pope Francis shows the same simplicity and affection, so it seems that there’s a sort of continuity in the passage between these two popes.It’s just 18 days since the extraordinary papal saga unfolded when Benedict flew from Vatican City. 4 days later, the Church started preparations for the Conclave. 115 cardinal electors from around the world were then locked in the 16 chapel. It took 5 secret ballots for white smoke to emerge from the chimney. Later that evening, the new pope was unveiled. He’s now fashioning his image as a hands-on parish priest, leading a church for the poor.The inaugural mass is meant to be a uniting moment for a global church above politics and diplomatic squabbles. But Argentina’s president has ensured the rumbling row over the Falklands has secured headlines just hours before world leaders attend the historic ceremony.Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Rome. /201303/232169
  • 家庭暴力和性侵犯经常被成为“女人的问题”。但在这个大胆又锋锐的话题里,贾克森·凯兹指出,这些问题,在本质上其实是男人的问题——并且他也告诉我们这些暴力行为是如何和我们所谓的“男子气概”挂钩的。这为我们——所有男人女人——吹响号角,号召我们看清这些暴力行为,并以身作则去改变它。 Jackson Katz问了一个至关重要的问题,挑战当下的性虐待,强奸,和家庭虐待的现状:男人到底是怎么了? Article/201403/278579
  • 作为邪恶轴心喜剧团的创始成员之一,脱口秀演员马兹·乔布拉尼即兴表演身份为伊朗裔美国人的挑战和内心冲突,“如,我自身一部分认为伊朗有核计划;另一部分又认为美国不可信。” Article/201307/248014
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