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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457820。

Disney is in some trouble with the U.S. Department of Labor.迪士尼与美国劳工部有一些麻烦。Two Disney-affiliated resorts in Florida deducted money from employee paychecks for uniform or ;costume; expenses. But those deductions caused some workers hourly rates to fall below the federal minimum wage.佛罗里达州两迪士尼附属度假村从雇员工资中扣除制或装费用。但这些扣除使得一些工人的每小时工资率低于联邦最低薪资。Now the parks have to pay a total of 3.8 million dollars in back wages to more than 16,000 employees.现在,公园向超过16,000名员工付了共380万美元的拖欠工资。The two resorts also didnt pay employees for work done outside their assigned shift hours or keep track of required payroll records.两度假村也不付雇员分配的加班之外工作,或跟踪所需的工资记录。Apparently these problems arent uncommon. Last year, Life Time Fitness had to pay back almost 1 million dollars in wages to some 15,000 employees after deducting money for uniforms.显然,这些问题并不少见。去年,生活时间健身公司在扣除制钱后,向约15,000名员工偿还近100万美元的工资。An official with the Labor Department hopes the Disney cases set an example for other employers that might be violating labor laws.一名劳动部门的官员希望迪士尼案件为其他可能违反劳动法的雇主树立一个榜样。译文属。201703/498711。

Its an old ventilation shaft, this.It might be the best way down into the building.这是一根旧的通风管道 可能是进入建筑的最佳通道With no other obvious access points into the building,this ventilation shaft could provide you a route in.由于没有其他更显而易见的入口 这个通风管道可能可以给你提供一个入口Find it rusty,but it might well get through this stuff. Look.它有点生锈 但可能很容易穿过这东西 看This old steel shaft hasnt functioned for a long time and has suffered from severe weather damage.这根旧的钢制管道已经很久没用了 并且被恶劣气候侵蚀得厉害You see its completely rusted, this bit.你看到它完全锈了 这里It makes you feel pretty vulnerable, what were standing on.Also, quite high up.这使得我们站在这上面感觉很不安全 并且也很高But this could be a way down and into the building,so its well worth investigating.这里或许可以成为一条通路 所以格外值得探索一下I reckon we can do this.And it is pitch black down there.我觉得我们可以从这里走 下面伸手不见五指We need to make some sort of torch first.Okay. Lets go get something.因此需要一个火炬 先要找些原材料Wet rooftops are not the ideal place to find torch-building materials,but with a keen eye, you can usually find something.潮湿的屋顶也许并非 寻找火炬材料的理想场所 但是只要用心寻找 你总会发现些什么I can use this roof felt-- felt, as well.我想我找到了 我们可以用这些屋顶的油毡And this is gonna be good,cause its flammable and it burns for a long time.这种材料很不错 易燃 而且火焰相对持久201609/468517。

Look here, a flip-flop could be used for a lot things doing that.Start a fire with it.看这儿 一个人字拖鞋底板用处很大的 可以生火If you burn it, it will be black smoke, good signal fire.如果烧这个 会燃起黑烟 用作信号A bit float fishing keep that.Combine what you find with what you aly have.还可以用作渔漂 留着 把你已经有的东西 都联系到一起the most basic components produce amazing results.用最基本的部件制作出最好的工具a deer antler and a cord from the rucksack,make you a catapult with a range of up to 40 foot.鹿角和背包上的绳子 就可以做出一个 射程足有40英尺的弹弓When time is of the essence,You need to be creative fast.当时间很珍贵时 你必须迅速创造出可用的东西High in the mountains in Seberia,to escape the cold,youve got to find a quick way to descend.在西伯利亚的山脉之巅 为了防止寒冷侵袭 你必须找到迅速溜下山的方法In the nighttime here,the temprature is gonna plumbed.这里的夜晚 温度会急速下降You know winters Siberia...minus forty,not uncommon,I do not wanna be yappy.冬天的西伯利亚 零下40度 很常见 我不想冻得嗷嗷叫The fastest way down, is by sledge Ok.This is how to make toboggan,the bare way.用雪撬滑行 是最快的下山方法 好了 这是做平底雪撬的 最基本的方法the Tuvan tribe descendants of Chinggis Khan have carved out living here for centuries图瓦部落 成吉思汗的后代已经在这住了几个世纪To get around,they make sleds out of wood framworks,wrapped with deer fur.为了做雪橇 他们用木头制成雪橇框架 再和鹿皮扎在一起Yeah, Im gonna...Toboggan finishedI’m out of here.Lets go.很好 雪橇做好了 我可以走了 走咯It beats working anyday.Its a risky strategy,if I come off this speed I can break the leg,再好不过了 这个方法有风险 如果按这个速度滑下来 可能会摔断腿but I am going free,and leave some covering ground, super fast.但我还是没减速 有时还离开了地面 速度超快Every three hundred foot you descend,the temprature arises around one degree.每下降300英尺 温度上升1度左右And in freezing Sibirian nights,this could be a life saver.在西伯利亚冰冷的夜晚 这将会是一根救命稻草201605/442876。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461826。

Im on a desert island off the coast of Panama.我身处巴拿马海域的一座荒芜的小岛上The rains came last night,and the banana-leaf water trap has worked.昨晚下雨了 蕉叶蓄水器发挥了作用At least Ive got a decent supply now of freshwater.至少我弄到了令人满意的淡水补给You lose several liters of fluid a day through breath, sweat, and pee.每天 你的身体都会随着 呼吸 汗液 尿液而流失数升水Ill need more water before I set out to sea.在起航之前 我需要更多的淡水These sort of rock gullies, theyre often good places to try and free-dive for conch, oyster.这种类型的岩石沟渠 通常是尝试自由下潜 以捕获海贝 牡蛎的好地方Theres quite a lot of swell here,but they like that, they like that movement of the water over there.这下面暗涌很急 不过贝类就喜欢在这样的水流中生存Okay, lets try a bit of this.好吧 让我们来试试The oysters are deep and well hidden.牡蛎深藏在海底You can train your body to stay down longer你可以水上水下交替呆一分钟by spending a minute under the water followed by a minute on the surface.通过这种方式训练自己 以便在水中待得更久That way you flush out all the carbon dioxide which is your bodys trigger to breathe.这可以使你充分呼出体内的二氧化碳 以最大程度的呼吸Grabbing a rock,is a good way to counteract your bodys natural buoyancy.手中握一块岩石 可以帮你抵消身体在水中的浮力Hard to see without a mask.Get my breath back.I got an oyster.没潜水镜看不清楚 让我喘喘气 我弄到了一只牡蛎Its not the traditional,traditional dozen oysters,but its better than nothing.Come on. Lets get it to shore.这不是常见的 常见的那种成打出售的牡蛎 不过总比什么没有强 快点把它弄到岸上201607/452352。

This animal provides physical evidence that the jaws of the animals from the north and the animals from the south were different这些动物提供了自然据,北半球动物的颚骨与南半球动物是不一样的at this time and it provides probably the only clue that we have for this in South America.这一次提供的或许是我们在南美洲找到的唯一线索This is a unique specimen. Its fantastic.这是唯一的标本。太奇妙了。As the super-continent split, the jaw showed that mammals in the southern continent正如颚骨显示的结果,随着超大陆的分裂,南方大陆的哺乳动物were evolving separately from those in the Northern Hemisphere.与北半球的哺乳动物开始分道扬镳This was evidence that vicariance was beginning in the mid-Jurassic, at least for mammals,这就是地理分隔开始于中侏罗世的据,至少哺乳类是如此but was there proof of vicariance in the dinosaurs?那么是否也有关于恐龙地理分隔的据呢To find out they needed fossils from different times in the mid-Jurassic.为此,他们必须找到中侏罗世各个时期的化石We need dinosaurs from just before the break up of the continent我们需要大陆分裂前的恐龙化石and just after the break up of the continent and that is what we have here.和大陆分裂后的恐龙化石,我们在这儿找的就是这些So they carefully dug out the fossils于是他们小心地挖出化石and encased them in plaster to protect them on the long journey back to the lab.用石膏包住它们,以免在运回实验室的长途中受到损坏Only then could the analysis begin.之后,他们才开始分析研究。201706/514368。

It was the middle of summer and well past closing time in the downtown Berkeley bar那是盛夏中的一天,在伯克利市中心的一间酒吧里,where my friend Polly and I worked together as bartenders.我和我的朋友polly在那里当侍应,那会儿酒吧早就打烊了。Usually at the end of our shift we had a drink -- but not that night.通常,在交接班后我们都会喝上一杯,但那晚我们却没有喝。;Im pregnant. Not sure what Im going to do yet,; I told Polly.“我怀了。我还不知道要怎么办,”我告诉polly。Without hesitation, she replied, ;Ive had an abortion.;她毫无迟疑地回答我,“我做过人流。”Before Polly, no one had ever told me that shed had an abortion.在polly之前,从未有人告诉过我她曾经做过人流。Id graduated from college just a few months earlier and I was in a new relationship when I found out that I was pregnant.那会儿我刚从大学毕业没几个月,而当我发现自己怀时,我正处于一段新的恋爱关系中。When I thought about my choices, I honestly did not know how to decide, what criteria I should use.当我在思考要如何抉择时,我真的不知如何是好,该采用怎样的标准。How would I know what the right decision was? I worried that I would regret an abortion later.我怎么知道什么才是正确的决定?我担心如果我选择人流,将来也许会后悔。Coming of age on the beaches of Southern California, I grew up in the middle of our nations abortion wars.我在南加州的海滩上度过了童年,成长在全国性反堕胎浪潮的高峰期。I was born in a trailer on the third anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Our community was surfing Christians.我出生在罗伊诉韦德案胜利三周年之际。我们生活的社区都是基督教徒。We cared about God, the less fortunate, and the ocean. Everyone was pro-life.我们关心上帝,贫困人群,还有海洋环境。每个人都是反堕胎合法化的拥护者。As a kid, the idea of abortion made me so sad that I knew if I ever got pregnant I could never have one.作为一个孩子,堕胎的想法让我非常难过,所以我知道即便怀了,我也永远不会去堕胎。And then I did. It was a step towards the unknown.但我却真的这样做了。这使我向未知走近了一步。But Polly had given me a very special gift:但polly给了我一个特别的礼物:the knowledge that I wasnt alone and the realization that abortion was something that we can talk about. Abortion is common.让我懂得我并不是独自一人,让我意识到堕胎是一个我们可以共同讨论的问题。堕胎,是很正常的事情。According to the Guttmacher Institute, one in three women in America will have an abortion in their lifetime.根据Guttmacher机构的调查,美国有三分之一的女性会在她们的人生中经历堕胎。But for the last few decades, the dialogue around abortion in the ed States但在过去的几十年,在美国,关于堕胎的争论has left little room for anything beyond pro-life and pro-choice. Its political and polarizing.并没有给反对和持堕胎合法化人群以更多的空间。这是政治化、两极化的。But as much as abortion is hotly debated, its still rare for us,尽管堕胎的辩论处于白热化,但我们在生活中仍然很少提及,whether as fellow women or even just as fellow people, to talk with one another about the abortions that we have.无论是对于女性,还是普通大众,我们都很少相互谈及堕胎的话题。There is a gap. Between what happens in politics and what happens in real life, and in that gap, a battlefield mentality.这中间出现了脱节。在政治和真实生活之间,脱节的地方正上演着一场精神上的战争。An ;are you with us or against us?; stance takes root. This isnt just about abortion.一个“你们到底持还是反对我们”的立场已经深入人心。There are so many important issues that we cant talk about.这并不仅仅只是关于堕胎。And so finding ways to shift the conflict to a place of conversation is the work of my life.我们还有太多重要的话题无法谈论。所以寻找把冲突转化为对话的途径就成了我此生的追求。There are two main ways to get started. One way is to listen closely. And the other way is to share stories.我们可以以两种方式开始。第一种,就是认真倾听。另一种,就是分享故事。So, 15 years ago, I cofounded an organization called Exhale to start listening to people who have had abortions.所以在15年前,我与人合作创办了叫Exhale的组织,来倾听那些经历过堕胎的人们的故事。The first thing we did was create a talk-line, where women and men could call to get emotional support.我们做的第一件事,就是开启一条谈话热线,让女人和男人们可以打进来寻求精神持。Free of judgment and politics, believe it or not, nothing like our sevice had ever existed.无关批判和政治,实话实说,以前从来没有过一个像我们这样的组织。We needed a new framework that could hold all the experiences that we were hearing on our talk-line.我们需要形成一个新的框架去处理在热线上听到的所有故事。The feminist who regrets her abortion. The Catholic who is grateful for hers.后悔堕胎的女权主义者。对堕胎的决定感到庆幸的天主教徒。The personal experiences that werent fitting neatly into one box or the other.个人经历本来就无法被清晰地划分为某一类。We didnt think it was right to ask women to pick a side.我们认为让女人只选择一边是不对的。We wanted to show them that the whole world was on their side, as they were going through this deeply personal experience.我们想让她们知道,当她们步入这段深刻的个人经历,这个世界是站在她们那一边的。So we invented ;pro-voice.;所以我们创造了“持你的声音”。Beyond abortion, pro-voice works on hard issues that weve struggled with globally for years,除了堕胎,“持你的声音”也致力于全球范围内持续多年的许多棘手的问题,issues like immigration, religious tolerance, violence against women.比如移民,宗教包容,针对女性的暴力。It also works on deeply personal topics that might only matter to you and your immediate family and friends.它也致力于解决那些可能只涉及你个人,你的家人和朋友的问题。They have a terminal illness, their mother just died, they have a child with special needs and they cant talk about it.他们有人患了癌症晚期,有人的母亲刚去世,有人的孩子有特殊需求,但他们无法开口。Listening and storytelling are the hallmarks of pro-voice practice. Listening and storytelling.倾听与分享故事是“持你的声音”的标签。倾听,分享故事。That sounds pretty nice. Sounds maybe, easy? We could all do that. Its not easy. Its very hard.听上去真好。听上去也许,很简单?我们都能做到。但其实这并不简单,甚至非常困难。Pro-voice is hard because we are talking about things everyones fighting about or the things that no one wants to talk about.运作“持你的声音”难度很大,因为我们谈论的是大家都在抗争的问题,或没人愿意谈及的话题。I wish I could tell you that when you decide to be pro-voice,我希望能够告诉你们的是,当你决定加入“持你的声音”,that youll find beautiful moments of breakthrough and gardens full of flowers,你会发现突破自我的美妙时刻和满是鲜花的花园,where listening and storytelling creates wonderful ;a-ha; moments.倾听和分享故事时会有灵感一现的时刻。I wish I could tell you that there would be a feminist welcoming party for you,我希望能够告诉你们,会有一个女权主义者的欢迎派对等着你,or that theres a long-lost sisterhood of people who are just y to have your back when you get slammed.或者有一个久违了的会准备好在你遭受打击时在背后持你。But it can be vulnerable and exhausting to tell our own stories when it feels like nobody cares.但当讲述自己的故事却感到没人真正关心你的时候,我们会变得很脆弱和心力交瘁。And if we truly listen to one another, we will hear things that demand that we shift our own perceptions.而且,当我们真正在倾听别人的时候,我们会听到需要我们转变看法的事情。There is no perfect time and there is no perfect place to start a difficult conversation.从来没有完美的时间和完美的地点去开始一场艰难的对话。Theres never a time when everyone will be on the same page, share the same lens, or know the same history.从来没有哪一个时刻,所有人都能站在同一战线,分享同一视角,或了解同一段历史。So, lets talk about listening and how to be a good listener.那么,现在我们来讲讲倾听,和如何成为一个优秀的倾听者。Theres lots of ways to be a good listener and Im going to give you just a couple.有很多种方式可以成为良好的倾听者,我只打算分享其中的几种。One is to ask open-ended questions. You can ask yourself or someone that you know,一种方法是开放式提问。你可以问你自己或你认识的人;How are you feeling?; ;What was that like?; ;What do you hope for, now?;“你觉得怎么样?”“那是一个什么样的过程?”“你现在期待的是什么?”Another way to be a good listener is to use reflective language.另一种成为优秀倾听者的方法是使用反射性语言。If someone is talking about their own personal experience, use the words that they use.当有人谈论他们自己的个人经历时,用他们用过的词。If someone is talking about an abortion and they say the word ;baby,; you can say ;baby.;如果有人谈起堕胎并说了“婴儿”,你也可以说“婴儿”。If they say ;fetus,; you can say ;fetus.;如果她们说“胎儿”,你也可以说“胎儿”。If someone describes themselves as gender queer to you, you can say ;gender queer.;如果有人形容自己是“性取向怪癖者”,你也可以说“性取向怪癖者”。If someone kind of looks like a he, but they say theyre a she -- its cool. Call that person a she.如果有人看起来像个男人,但说自己是女人,也无妨,就称他为女人好了。When we reflect the language of the person who is sharing their own story,当我们重复故事分享者说过的语言,we are conveying that we are interested in understanding who they are and what theyre going through.我们传达出的是我们有兴趣了解他们是谁,和他们正经历着什么。The same way that we hope people are interested in knowing us.我们也希望人们能同样想要了解我们。So, Ill never forget being in one of the Exhale counselor meetings,我永远也不会忘记在一次Exhale顾问大会中,listening to a volunteer talk about how she was getting a lot of calls from Christian women who were talking about God.一个志愿者讲述了她接到了许多电话,都是来自想要大谈特谈上帝的女基督徒。Now, some of our volunteers are religious, but this particular one was not.事实上我们的很多志愿者都有宗教信仰,但这一位却没有。At first, it felt a little weird for her to talk to callers about God. So, she decided to get comfortable.一开始,接电话的志愿者对上帝这个话题感到很诡异。所以,她决定先让自己感到舒。And she stood in front of her mirror at home, and she said the word ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.;于是她站在家中的镜子前,说了“上帝”这个词。“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”。Over and over and over again until the word no longer felt strange coming out her mouth.一遍又一遍,直到这个词从她口中说出来不再变得奇怪。Saying the word God did not turn this volunteer into a Christian, but it did make her a much better listener of Christian women.讲出“上帝”这个词并不会把这名志愿者变成一个基督徒,但却会让她成为女性基督教徒更好的倾听者。So, another way to be pro-voice is to share stories,那么,还有一种持别人声音的方法就是分享故事,and one risk that you take on, when you share your story with someone else,当你向别人分享故事时,这当中有一个风险,is that given the same set of circumstances as you they might actually make a different decision.就是当别人处于和你同样的处境时,他们也许会做出不同的决定。For example, if youre telling a story about your abortion, realize that she might have had the baby.举个例子。当你谈论你的堕胎经历时,会意识到她当初可能选择把孩子生下来了。She might have placed for adoption. She might have told her parents and her partner -- or not.她也许让别人去收养这个孩子。她也许告诉了父母或伴侣,也可能没有。She might have felt relief and confidence, even though you felt sad and lost. This is okay.她也许感到释怀或自信,即使你觉得悲伤和迷茫。这都没关系。Empathy gets created the moment we imagine ourselves in someone elses shoes.当我们想象自己正经历着别人的处境,同情心就会油然而生。It doesnt mean we all have to end up in the same place. Its not agreement, its not sameness that pro-voice is after.这并不意味着我们都要最后达成一致。这不是一个协议,“持你的声音“并不推崇千篇一律。It creates a culture and a society that values what make us special and unique.它创造了一个认可我们独特性和唯一性的文化和社会。It values what makes us human, our flaws and our imperfections.它在乎是什么让我们成为人,以及我们的错误和不完美。And this way of thinking allows us to see our differences with respect, instead of fear.这种思维方式让我们能带着尊重去看待我们之间的不同,而不是恐惧。And it generates the empathy that we need to overcome all the ways that we try to hurt one another.而且它激发了我们所需的同情心,击败了我们尝试伤害他人的举动。Stigma, shame, prejudice, discrimination, oppression.耻辱,羞愧,偏见,歧视,压抑。Pro-voice is contagious, and the more its practiced the more it sps.“持你的声音”富有感染性,参与的人越多,就传播得越广。So, last year I was pregnant again. This time I was looking forward to the birth of my son.去年,我又一次怀了。这一次,我非常期待我儿子的出生。And while pregnant, I had never been asked how I was feeling so much in all my life.而在我怀期间,我从没被问过那么多次“你觉得怎样”。And however I replied, whether I was feeling wonderful and excited or scared and totally freaked out,而无论我如何回答,无论我感觉棒级了,兴奋极了,还是恐慌到快要崩溃了,there was always someone there giving me a ;been there; response. It was awesome.总会有人对我说“我会陪着你”。这感觉真太好了。It was a welcome, yet dramatic departure from what I experience when I talk about my mixed feelings of my abortion.这让我在经历过堕胎的复杂感受后,人生又迎来了新的起点,迎接我的是充满问候和惊喜的未来。Pro-voice is about the real stories of real people making an impact on the way abortion“持你的声音”关心的都是真人真事,他们造成的影响使得堕胎这个话题,and so many other politicized and stigmatized issues are understood and discussed.以及其他很多被政治化的,被玷污的话题都得以被理解和讨论。From sexuality and mental health to poverty and incarceration.从性和心理健康,到贫困和监禁。Far beyond definition as single right or wrong decisions, our experiences can exist on a spectrum.与其用单一的对或错的决定来定义,我们的经历更应该存在于某一个范畴内。Pro-voice focuses that conversation on human experience and it makes support and respect possible for all. Thank you.“持你的声音”关注那些关于人类体验的对话,而且它让持和尊重对所有人都成为了可能。谢谢大家。201706/514258。

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