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Got to be kidding me where is this guy?ڿЦ һģHi, Im Dr. Steven Strange, master of the mystic arts. ʿ˹ٷ صʦSorry Im late, but the traffic.was unbelieveble.Jimmy: Its 3:30.Ǹҳٵ ǽ̫ͨ Ѿ3:30You were supposed to 3:00. Im not paying for the last half hour.֮ǰӦ3:00 ҿɲСʱĵNice to meet you too. We just dispense with the small talk. show me the demons.ǿǸٴμ ض˵ ҿЩСħJimmy: All right. Here they are. I dont understand. Are they possessed?ð 治 ħˣBasically. They ate, like, 50 cup cakes.ǵ dz 50鵰Alrightalrightalright.Ill vanquish them.ð ð ð ѵHold on holdWhats know? No vanquishing. Pull a rabbit out of somewhere do tricks.ס ֪𣿲Ҫַʽ(ѵ) ϷһһӾͺA rabbit? Yeah Look I think theres been a misunderstanding. Do tricks. You dont do tricks.һӣǵ Ϊһ Ϸ ȷϷNo Hi This clearly says the mightiest magician in the cosmos. дǿħʦEveryone exaggerates theirprofile, dont they? Look at yours.Ҷǵ 𣿿Jimmy Kimmel, Americas favorite late night host. Watch!סĪ ÿҹ Thats true, is it not? Is it? Hi. Thats a cute necklace.ٰ ȷ һɰIs that etsy? Dont touch the eye of agomotto.etsy𣿲Ҫ֮Sorryyou know whatI dont think this is work out .Բ ֪ ҿɲΪI think Im going to hire a sponge bob or something.ΪӦùӶһ౦ʲôThanks you coming. How much? 0. Wait. I have an idea. You suck.Ǹлĵ Ǯ150Ԫ Ȼ һ үNext. Happy birthday to you--wheres Marcus? Marcu? Oh,he went home.һ #ףտ# Marcusȥˣ⣿ ؼDo you want go home with Marcus? No. Be quite.һؼ𣿲 ʵ201707/515941North Korea says it successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time.ʳ״γɹһö޼ʵThe launch was just a test the 11th one conducted by North Korea this year, at least that we know of. And the timing of it likely wasnt an accident.ηһ飬ǽ곯ʽеĵʮһ飬֪ġʱܲ⡣The order to launch the missile reportedly came from Kim Jong-un on the eve of July 4, or Independence Day in the U.S.ݱ䵼74ǰϦաOfficials are still trying to determine if the missile was indeed an ICBM. But some analysts say it had the range to strike Alaska.ԱͼȷǷȷʵ޼ʵһЩұʾ̿Ϯ˹ӡThe test came despite repeated warnings from the U.S., Japan and China. China, an ally of North Korea, has been under intense pressure to crack down on its neighbor in the east.һ⵽ձйľ档йΪʵͬ˹һֱԾ޴ѹƲóʡU.S. President Donald Trump tweeted hours after the launch, asking if Kim Jong-un has ;anything better to do.;Сʱͳɵ¡շأѯʽǷСõҪTrump also suggested China should come down on the country and end the ;nonsense.;ջ飬йӦóͷʣķϻ201707/516460

First, the bomb needs to be armed.ҪԭӵװCaptain William Parsons.One of its designers, bomb commander.ɭ˹ξ ԭӵ֮һ ҲͶָӹHe removed the detonator before take-off To make it safe to fly.ǰȡ׹ ԱеİȫUnscrewing bridge-plate.Now, he must re-fit it.Loading charges.Ű Ҫװ׹ װըҩThe core of the bomb: Uranium.ըĺBorn in a cosmic explosion 6 billion years ago,˲ʮǰըBefore the birth of our planet.ȵĵҪDormant, until scientists split its atoms,һֱݷ״̬ ֱѧҷԭUnleashing an apocalyptic powerͷųһĩհTo annihilate our species or fuel our future.ȫƶǵδDawn, 850 miles from Japan.ʱ ձа˰ʮӢAn American b-29 bomber, the Enola Gay,һΪŵb-29ը Carries the most destructive weapon In the history of mankind.Яʷ ƻI had been entrusted With the most frightful weapon ever devised.ί Яʷ෢µI thought, yes, were going to kill a lot of people,Ȼ֪ǻɱܶBut by God were going to save a lot of lives.ƾϵ۵ ҲWe have the power that we have always reserved only for God.ӵһ һһֱֻΪϵ We now have it to end everything.սһIts in human power.That pervades every single part of our lives today.͸ķ201605/446282

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