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After capping three days of announcements about military leadership with the news Wednesday that Mr. Kim had been given the new rank of marshal - and even calling attention to that with a big news is coming report Pyongyang ordered up a meeting of the military brass and dancing on the streets.朝鲜周三宣布了金正恩被授予元帅头衔的消息,它甚至事先以一则“将宣布重大新闻”的报道来吸引人们对此事的注意。至此,朝鲜已经连续三天发布有关军方领导层人事变动的决定。随后,朝鲜政府下令举行高级军事官员会议和街头的舞蹈庆祝活动News photographers for the Korea Central News Agency and Associated Press produced pictures of shiny, happy soldiers laughing.朝中Korea Central News Agency)和美联社(Associated Press)的摄影记者发布了神采飞扬、喜上眉梢的朝鲜官兵开怀大笑的照片Shortly before the dancing, they captured hundreds of officers applauding the speeches that the militarys top brass gave in praise of Mr. Kim.舞会之前不久,记者们还拍下了军方高级将领发表赞美金正恩的演讲后数百名军官鼓掌的场面KCNA, in its account of the meeting, revealed that the newly-appointed Vice Marshal Hyon Yong Chol had also taken the title of chief of the general staff. That clarifies some ambiguity about whether he was the direct replacement of Ri Yong Ho, the former chief of the general staff whose ouster was announced on Monday.朝中社在报道这次会议时透露,新任命的次帅玄永哲(Hyon Yong Chol)同时获得了总参谋长的头衔。此前外界对于玄永哲是否将取代李英浩(Ri Yong Ho)的疑问被彻底解开。曾任总参谋长的李英浩周一被解职North Korea attributed Mr. Ris departure to illness, though few outside observers buy that. The rapid series of events suggests Mr. Kim has tamped down some type of turmoil inside the military and that senior leaders have come into line.朝鲜称李英浩被解职是因为健康原因,不过几乎没有外部观察人士相信这种说法。短时间发生的一系列事件明,金正恩已经平息了军队内部的某种混乱局面,高层领导人现在已经一条心了Mr. Hyon spoke at the meeting. And the KCNA English-language account gave the most details about his speech that offered the highest glory and the warmest congratulations to the respected supreme commander.玄永哲在会议上发了言。朝中社的英文报道提供了有关其演讲的最详尽信息。朝中社称,玄永哲的演讲向尊敬的最高司令官致以最大的光荣和热烈的祝贺Analysts who are trying to determine whether this weeks actions in North Korea signal a shift in the power balance between the military and the ruling Workers Party are likely to zone in on this e that KCNA attributed to Mr. Hyon:如果有分析人士试图弄清楚本周的事件是否意味着朝鲜军方和执政的劳动Workers Party)之间的权力平衡发生了转变,可以参考朝中社在报道中援引的玄永哲的发言We will make ceaseless innovations in the construction of major projects for building a thriving nation and improving the standard of peoples living and take the lead in implementing the WPKs intention to provide the people with a happy life under socialism, bearing in mind Kim Jong Ils patriotism.全体官兵将心怀金正日爱国主义,在建设强盛国家和改善人民生活的重要项目建设中不断取得创新成就,带头贯彻落实朝鲜劳动党要使人民尽情享受社会主义荣华富贵的意图WPK is an abbreviation for Workers Party of Korea. North Koreas military, estimated to be around 1 million people who are conscripted for 10 years, is responsible for more than just the defense of the nation. It also handles major construction and infrastructure projects.据估计,朝鲜军方拥有大约100万官兵,役期为10年,他们不光负责朝鲜的国防任务,还负责实施主要的建筑和基础设施项目That e suggests Mr. Hyons military will be more focused on improving the North Korean economy than menacing South Korea. But KCNA also noted Mr. Hyons call to reunify the country and achieve the final victory, North-speak for placing the South under the Norths control.从这段话来看,玄永哲所领导的军方将更加专注于改善朝鲜经济,而不是威吓韩囀?但是朝中社还提到了玄永哲关于实现祖国统一和主体革命事业最后胜利的呼吁,这是朝鲜方面的说法,意思就是让韩国处于朝鲜的控制之下 /201207/191792必背句型:A:At this point the police interfered.此时警方介入进来B:What will happen?那将会发生什么?其他说法:At this point the police interfered.此时警方介入进来At this point he stepped the room.此时他踏进房间At this point the law came into ce.此时法律生效延伸阅读:A:Did the accused man confess?被告认罪了吗?B:After six hour questioning by the police the accused man confessed.经过警方6个小时的审问,被告供认了犯罪其他说法:After two hour walking they met the mountain.经过两个小时的行走,他们见到了这座山After three hour trying he finished the work.经过3个小时的努力,他完成了工作After one day talking they knew each other deeply.经过一天的交谈,他们深深地了解了彼此 658

36 Drink diet soda. 36 喝低糖汽水Spare yourself a couple hundred calories per -ounce can by drinking sugar-free soda instead of regular.Drioking diet soda may also help get you into the spirit of rutting sugar from your diet.喝无糖汽水来代替一般汽水,可使你在每次喝完十二盎司的汽水就少摄取了两百卡的热量喝低糖汽水也可帮你进入理想的精神状况来把节食计划中的糖分减少A research study compared people who drank 3. 3 cans of dite soda each day three weeks with people who drank the same amount of regular soda. Those who drank diet soda ate fewer sweets,while those who drank regular soda ate many more foods high in sugar and fat.Choosing diet soda,the resarchers concluded.“may reflect a whole set of attitudes toward one own body.;一项研究把连续三周每天喝三点三罐低糖汽水和喝了等量的一般汽水的人作了比较那些喝低糖汽水的人吃糖的量变少了,而那些喝一般汽水的人则吃进了更多高糖分和高脂肪的食物研究人员得出结论,选择低糖汽水“可以反映出一个人对自己身体的态度” 35800Your bags will be at the Bell Captain Desk.您的包存放在行李部Could you come down to the Bell Captain Desk with your claim tag to pick up your bags?请您拿着行李牌到行李部领取您的包好吗?Im afraid we cannot accept perishable goods here.我们这里恐怕不能受理易腐烂的物品Would you like to deposit or withdraw something?您要存取什么东西吗?Id like to use a safety deposit box.我想用一个保险箱How long would you like us to keep it?您希望我们替您保管多久?Is there anything valuable or breakable in your bag?您的包里有什么贵重物品或易碎品吗?Please fill out this m. Here is your tag No. 19.请填好这张表,标签号是19.When does the cloakroom close?寄存处什么时候停止营业呢?This is your claim tag.这是您的取物条 393383

Fixing a Flat Tire更换爆胎Evan encounters an unwelcome surprise in his plans.艾凡遇到了一件不愉快的意外事件K:Copenhagen! I cant wait! I hope the border crossing into Denmark is as smooth as it was into Germany.凯西:哥本哈根!我等不及了!我希望横越边界到丹麦时能和到德国一样的顺利E:It should be. We have our U.S. passports, and I have all this car papers in order, too. 艾凡:应该会很顺利的我们持的是美国护照,而且车子的件也都齐全Besides, do we look like terrorists?此外,难道我们看起来像恐怖份子吗?K:I know I dont, but...凯西:我知道我看起来不像,但是……E:Funny. Really funny.艾凡:好笑真的很好笑K:Her! What that sound? Why is the car bumping like this?凯西:嘿!那是什么声音?为什么这辆车颠簸成这个样子?E:Uh-oh. Weve got a flat. Ill pull over here onto the shoulder.艾凡:惨了轮胎漏气了我把车子停靠到路肩去K:Oh, no! Is this serious?凯西:哦,糟了!严重吗?E:No, just a flat. There a spare tire in the trunk. And a tool kit. 艾凡:不严重,只是轮胎没气而已后车箱内有一个备胎和工具箱Why not fix us up some sandwiches and drinks? 你为什么不为我们准备一些三明治和饮料呢?Now is the perfect time.现在正是时候K:OK. Can I help?凯西:没问题我可以帮忙吗?E:yes, by preparing the snacks. This is a man job.艾凡:可以,只要准备点心就帮上忙了修车是男人的工作K:Ugh! I have to tour through Europe with Rambo Junior.凯西:唷!看样子我得和蓝波二世结伴环游欧洲了E:Here the jack, the wrench, and the spare tire. Im all set. Out of my way, roung lady. Let a man do his work!艾凡:千斤顶、板手、备胎都在这里一切就绪,别妨碍我让男人干活吧!K:Spare me!凯西:拜托! 567PRESIDENT Xi Jinping said yesterday that China would never assess the performance of an official simply on his or her record in boosting the economy.习近平主席昨日表示中国将再不会以官员在促进经济方面的业绩来考核其表现。The Party should adopt more comprehensive criteria for assessing the performance of its officials, said Xi, who is also the Party chief.党应该采取更全面的标准来评估官员的的政绩,党的总书记习近平说。He was speaking at a meeting on personnel resources on the eve of the 92nd founding anniversary of the Party.他在建党92周年前夕的全国组织工作会议上讲话。It should consider a local officials work in aspects including peoples livelihoods, the development of local society and quality of the environment.应该从人民的生活水平、当地社会的发展以及环境的质量等方面来考虑当地官员的业绩;We should never judge a cadre simply by the growth of gross domestic product,; Xi said.“我们不应该仅仅通过国内生产总值的增长来评价一个干部,”习近平表示。When promoting officials, authorities should consider integrity as a priority and then capability, he said.在提拔官员时,政府应该优先考虑各个方面,然后才是能力,他说。They must serve the people heart and soul, exercise their power carefully and resist corruption, Xi added.他们必须全心全意地为人民务、慎用权力、抵制腐败,习近平补充说。To select and promote good officials, the Party needs an efficient and reasonable system.挑选和提拔好官员,党需要一个合理的机制。More efforts should be made to improve the transparency of promotion and promote an upright style in the recommendation and assessment of officials, he said.应该作出更多的努力以提高选贤任能的透明度,在提拔和评价官员时形成一种正直的风气,他说。来 /201306/245964面试英语口语Lesson6:About Ways to Contact You (Ⅰ)经典对话:70.Well send you a letter then,if youre hired.我们如果决定雇佣你,就会给你去信71.Your phone number?你的电话号码是多少?7.What number could we reach you?你的联络电话是?73.My home number is 3755818.我家电话是37558187.In case Im not there,please leave a message and I will call back your instruction.假如我不在,请留言,我将打回电话询问您的指示75.We will let you know probably next Tuesday.I hope to give you the positive reply.我们大概会在下星期二让您知道,我希望让您有个肯定的答复76.Thank you,I will be glad to hear that.谢谢,如能听到这消息我将很荣幸77.If your application is successful,we will notify you by mail.如果你申请成功,我们会去信通知你78.When can I know whether I am accepted or not?我什么时候才能知道是否被录用呢?79.I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.我想,如果你被聘用,我们将在下周初给你去信80.We may give you a call.我们可以打电话给你81.By the way,have you got a telephone?顺便问一下,你有电话吗?8.Yes.My office phone number is 373833.我办公室电话是37383383.What the best time to call you,then?那什么时候给你打电话最合适呢?8.Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.恐怕在下午点至5点之间85.When can you give me your final decision?您什么时候可以给我答复?86.Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I tele-phone you?我们最迟下周四就通知你我打电话给你行吗?87.You wont be able reach me directly by phone.您打电话找不到我88.But you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.不过您可以呼我的BP机,我的BP机号码是7-656689.Do you have my number?你知道我的电话号码吗?90.Yes,I see it here on the resume.是的,我看到你的简历上有情景案例:Dialogue A(IInterviewer主试人 AApplicant受试人)A: When can I know whether I am accepted or not?I: I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.Or we may give you a call.By the way,have you got a telephone?A: Yes,My office phone number is 373833.I: What the best time to call you,then?A: Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.I: Thank you coming,Miss Yan.A: The pleasure is mine.It been nice talking with you,madam.Good-bye.Dialogue BA: When can yon give me the final decision?I: Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I telephone you?A: You wont be able to reach me directly by phone,but you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.I: All right.Thank you coming today.A: Thank you your interview with me,madam.Dialogue CI: How can we contact you about our decision?A: By telephone,please.De you have my number?I: Yes.I see it here on the resume.May I call you at your office about our final decision?A: Yes,please.I: Thank you,Miss Zhao, your interest in this job.Good luck to you.Notes 注释:1.The pleasure is mine.我也感到很荣幸.How can we contact you about our decision?我们决定下来后怎么跟你联系?3.Good luck to you.祝你好运Words and Expressionsin case 万一,假如positive a.肯定的,正面的notify v.通知,告知by mail 邮寄want v.聘用by the way 顺便问一下page v.找寻,呼唤,打传呼 60

Some fund managers in Europe could be caught by unexpectedly strict pay curbs when the first EU attempt to regulate the hedge fund and private equity industry becomes a reality next year. 欧洲一些基金经理可能受到意外严格的薪资限制。欧盟监管对冲基金和私人股本行业的首次尝试将在明年成为现实There is increasing industry alarm that draft guidance on how to implement the law could see restrictions such as bonus deferrals and clawbacks which are aly enforced in the banking sector imposed on a wider range of big funds than first thought. 该行业越来越多的人警告称,有关如何实施这一法律的指南草案,可能会对数量超过最初想象的大型基金实行各种限制措施,如奖金延期和收回——业已经实行了这些限制措斀?These measures, which if strictly enforced would overhaul the sectors prevailing pay practices, are included in the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), a highly contentious EU law that must be enforced by July 2013. 这些举措如果得到严格实施,将彻底改革该行业通行的薪资惯例,这些举措已被纳入另类投资基金经理指令(Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, AIFMD),这一极具争议的欧盟法律必须在2013月之前实斀?Some investment firms were technically covered by similar remuneration rules when they were introduced for banks last year. However, UK guidelines spared almost all investment firms from the most prescriptive curbs. 从技术上来说,在去年实施薪酬规定时,一些投资公司也在限制范围之内。然而,英国的指南让几乎所有投资公司免受多数规定的限制Hedge funds expected the Financial Services Authority, the City watchdog, to apply the same principles to AIFMD sparing them from deferring at least 40 per cent of variable pay for three to five years or inserting clawback provisions for ;subdued; performance. 对冲基金原本期望伦敦金融城监督机构——英国金融务(FSA)对另类投资基金经理指令实行同样的原则,不让它们将浮动工资的至0%推迟3年至5年领取,或为;糟糕;绩效纳入奖金收回规定But draft guidance from the European Securities and Markets Authority last month includes no explicit means for national authorities to effectively exempt categories of funds from the toughest curbs. While the requirements are tailored to firms according to size and risk, the lack of a broad exemption would mean more managers are hit. 但欧洲券及市场(ESMA)上月出台的指南草案,没有就国内监管机构如何在实际上让某些基金免受最严格限制提出明确方法。尽管这些要求将根据公司的规模和风险进行调整,但缺乏广泛豁免将意味着更多基金经理将受到冲击Jon Terry, a partner at PwC, said there was now ;considerable uncertainty; over rules that could have ;a major impact; on affected funds. The curbs are also potentially problematic for the ;carried interest; model used in private equity. 普华永道(PwC)合伙人琼#8226;特里表示(Jon Terry)表示,可能对受影响基金产生重大影响的规则存在重大不确定性。这些限制措施对私募股权基金所用的利润分成模式同样构成潜在问题Regulation of pay is an extremely sensitive topic for the hedge fund industry, which has long awarded its members sums far in excess of those found elsewhere in finance. 在对冲基金行业,对从业人员收入水平的监管是极为敏感的话题。长期以来,对冲基金向其成员付的薪酬水平一直高于金融行业的其他领域Many managers insist that the sometimes eye-watering payouts are necessary to attract and retain the best talent. Hedge funds are typically partnerships that derive most of their earnings by taking a 20 per cent cut of all profits from their trading. 很多对冲基金经理坚持认为,有些时候这种令人眼红的薪酬水平是吸引并留住最佳人才的必要手段。对冲基金通常采取合伙人制度,他们的绝大部分盈利来自对其交易利润的20%提成;Pay is one of the things this industry has got right. We only make money if our clients are making even more money,; said the head of one London-based hedge fund. 一家位于伦敦的对冲基金主管表示;薪酬制度是对冲基金行业做对了的几件事情之一。我们赚钱的前提是我们的客户赚到更多的钱; Joe Seet of Sigma Partnership, a specialist advisory firm to fund managers, said imposing deferral and clawback rules was ;wholly unreasonable;. 为基金经理务的专业咨询公司Sigma Partnership的乔#8226;希特(Joe Seet)表示,奖金延期发放以及收回条;完全不合;Esma is holding a consultation on the guidelines but the agency is limited by the text of AIFMD. When the draft guidance was unveiled, Steven Maijoor, the Esma chair, said it aimed to ;ensure consistency of the rules for remuneration across financial sectors;. ESMA目前正在就指导条例进行意见征询,但该机构受到另类投资基金经理指令明文规定的限制。ESMA主席史蒂#8226;迈耶尔(Steven Maijoor)在指导条例草案公布时指出,其目的;保金融行业各领域的薪酬规则一; /201208/194917Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a software for mobile phones that can track your facial features in real-time. Eventually it will be able to tell who the user is, where they are looking and even how they are feeling.  曼彻斯特大学的科学家们日前研发出了一款可以实施追踪人类面部表情的手机软件。据悉,该软件能够让手机辨认主人并识别主人看向哪里以及感受如何。  The method is believed to be unrivalled for speed and accuracy and could lead to facial recognition replacing passwords to log into internet sites from a mobile phone.  据了解,这种新技术在速度以及精确性方面独一无二,从而使手机用户通过脸孔识别技术而非密码登陆网站成为可能。来 /201011/116984Booking a table 餐桌预订Id like to book a table two.我想预订一张两人桌Id like to know whether you accept reservations.我想知道你们是否接受预订Do I need a reservation?我需要预订吗?Could you make reservation me?请你帮我预订好吗?How late is it open?你们营业到几点?Im wondering if I can reserve a table tonight.我不知道能否预订一个今晚的位子I need to order a dinner here.我想在这儿订餐Please prepare a bunch of fresh flowers me.请为我准备一束鲜花Can I book a table Sunday?我能订星期天的位子吗?Is the table reservation necessary the dinning room?在餐厅有必要订餐吗?What time can we reserve a table?我们什么时间可以预订桌子? 398881

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