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Essential changes will take place 发生根本性变化A:Excuse me. Pro. Ren, I want to ask you a question.B:Go ahead.A:What will happen after your country joins WTO?B:Essentialchanges will take place at the core of thisancientcountry. WTO will put an end to our country economic isolation once and open even more markets and areas eign firms.A:WTO will put an end to our country economic isolation once and all. Our country WTO entry will boost the investers confidence and open even more markets and areas eign firms.B:That right. Since the beginning of the rem, our country has proceededbit by bit on its wayto WTO membership and has become more open-minded in theprocess. 重点注释:1. essential 根本的,本质的;必要的. ancient 古老的3. process 进程. “bit by bit on its way”意思是“一步一步地走”“bit by bit”是“点点滴滴”的意思,例如:I still remember the bit by bit of the campus life. 我还记得校园生活的点点滴滴汉语译文:A:打扰一下,任教授,我想问个问题B:问吧A:加入世贸组织后,你们国家将有什么变化?B:在这个古老的国家中,将发生根本性的变化世贸将终结我国曾经经济孤立的现象我国的入世将提高投资者的信心,并将面向外国公司开放更多的市场和领域A:入世既是机遇又是挑战B:对,自从改革开放,我国一步一步地前进并且在进程中不断对外开放 18鹰潭市长城医院妇产科怎样Coca-Cola is taking the millennial narcissism culture to the next level with a new gadget that lets consumers snap selfies while sipping its soda.可口可乐公司开发了一种新装置,消费者可以边喝汽水边自拍,从而把“千禧一代的自恋”文化推向了一个新的高度The firm has unveiled a custom designed elfie bottle complete with a built-in camera at the base. It uses sensors to take pictures when the bottle is tilted past a 70-degree angle capturing you mid-drink.该公司发布了一款底部配备内部摄像头的定制自拍瓶它用感应器来拍照,当瓶身倾斜度超过70°时,摄像头就会捕捉到你喝饮料时的画面All the images captured by the gadget are automatically shared to Coca-Cola Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.这个装置拍摄的所有照片都会自动分享到可口可乐的Facebook、Instagram、Snapchat主页上Coca-Cola Israel is the mastermind behind this game-changing product, which was inspired by a gap in the market novelty drinks, reports Business Insider.据《商业内幕网报道,可口可乐以色列分公司是从新型饮料市场的缺口中获得的灵感,策划了这一“划时代”的产品The beverage giant then turned to Israeli Gefen Team to help make this device a reality.该饮料业巨头通过向以色列一家名为Gefen Team的公司求助,从而将这种装置变为现实;It really does the trick and makes the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking.;“它真的有效果,可以增加派对的出席人数和活跃度,人们只要通过喝饮料就能分享他们特殊的瞬间”Although many believe snapping selfies is a way to boost your ego or feed your narcissistic needs, a recent study from the University of Calinia found it may be enhancing people overall well-being.虽然很多人认为自拍只是提升自我、满足自恋需求的一种方式,但是加利福尼亚大学最近的一项研究表明,自拍能增强人们的整体幸福感The findings suggest that taking one selfie a day will improve your confidence and make you more comtable with yourself.这项研究发现,每天自拍一张能够增强你的自信,让你更加舒适自在 836鹰潭市治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱鹰潭无痛人流最好的医院

鹰潭希正医院无痛人流多少钱鹰潭哪家医院做人流手术比较好Death, it seems, is rather a complicated affair, this is what your body goes during and after.死亡似乎确实是很复杂的一个过程我们一起来看看尸体将经历怎样的变化1.The last bit of oxygen in your body is used up, and brain activity surges briefly as neurons stop working and the brain stops secreting hormones that regulate body function.1.当你消耗完体内最后一缕氧气后,神经细胞会停止活动,大脑也停止分泌调控身体机能的激素,但此时的大脑活动却在短时间内激增The last of the energy stores (ATP) is used up and the sphincter relaxes, causing the body to release urine and excrement.储能物质(三磷酸腺苷)消耗尽后,括约肌会放松,之后大小便排出体内.Between and 5 minutes after death, the lack of blood flow to capillaries causes the skin to go pale..死后到分钟内,由于毛细血管内缺少流动的血液,皮肤会开始发白The heart is no longer beating, so blood is not being propelled around the body. As a result, the blood pools in the lower parts of the body.心脏停止跳动,血液也停止在体内循环结果,血液会聚集在尸体的下部3.After hours, the skin will have reached maximum discoloration (or a reddish purple colour).3.小时后,皮肤会完成最大程度的褪色(或变成紫红色)Calcium leaks into muscle cells, binding to proteins which are in charge of muscle contraction. The stiffness referred to as rigor mortis sets in three to six hours after death, and lasts between and 8 hours.钙会渗入肌肉细胞中和控制肌肉收缩的蛋白质结合尸僵会出现在死后3到6小时内,并将持续到8小时.Dead cells and carbon dioxide causes the PH level of your skin tissue to rise..死亡细胞和二氧化碳会使你皮肤组织的PH值(酸碱度)升高This makes the cell membrane weak and it bursts, releasing proteins and enzymes which further break down the surrounding tissue. This is the process of decomposition.然后细胞膜会变薄并破裂,释放蛋白质和酶,这两种物质能进一步分解周围组织这就是分解过程5.Micro-organisms start to break down your body.5.微生物开始分解尸体Bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract eats through the abdominal organs. This is called putrefaction, and it causes the smell of death associated with a dead body.胃肠道内的细菌蚀穿腹部器官这个过程我们将其称为腐烂,此后尸体会开始散发尸臭The breakdown of amino acids creates other strong-smelling acids which attract insects that lay eggs in the rotting tissue.氨基酸分解会产生带有刺激性气味的酸,昆虫被这种气味吸引过来并在腐烂的组织内产卵The eggs hatch after hours and the maggots eventually consume 60 percent of the body tissue over a number of weeks.虫卵在小时后会孵化,经过几周的时间,蛆虫会食用60%的身体组织6.Finally, the maggots create holes in the rotting flesh, which allow decomposition fluids and gases to escape.6.最终,蛆虫会在腐肉里筑造小孔,分解后的液体和气体会通过这些小孔释放出来After a month and a half, beetles and fungi further consume the remains. This is called dry decay which can take up to one year.一个半月后,食腐甲虫和真菌进一步分解尸体这就是干腐过程,大概会持续1年Eventually, every part of the body will have been broken down and used.至此,尸体的各个部位被分解吸收完毕 91鹰潭希正能做人流吗Three pieces of white paper were recently found amidst a pile of cash withdrawn from an ATM, Xinmin Evening News reported.根据新民晚报报道,近日,在一取款机的钱币当中竟然夹着三张白纸The woman who found the papers, surnamed Liu, told a reporter that it happened on March 18 when she withdrew ,000 yuan from a Bank of Communications ATM in eastern China Zhejiang province.发现白纸的女士姓刘,她接受采访时表示,这件事发生在3月18日她在中国东部浙江省的一个交通取款机上取000元现金的时候According to Liu, the size and thickness of the papers were the same as those of hundred yuan notes. Five black squares were printed on each paper, and at the bottom were the words ;test note.; Police confirmed that the paper came from Bank of Communications ATM.刘女士表示,这三张白纸的大小和厚度和一百元人民币一模一样,每张纸上还有五个黑色方块,纸的末端写着“测试纸币”当地警方确认了这三张纸币确实来源于交通自助取款机The ATM maintenance company later claimed responsibility the mishap. The company explained that the test notes are used testing machines after regular maintenance, and they were probably left behind accidentally by a member of the maintenance staff.自助取款机维护公司之后声称,他们为此次的失误负责该公司解释称,这三个测试纸币是用来在每次常规维修后检测机器的,可能是某位维修员工操作失误,把测试纸币遗留在机器里The bank said they will exchange the papers real cash as soon as the investigation is over.该交通表示,调查一结束,他们就会立即将测试纸币换为真实钞票 39鹰潭体检优惠

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