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People either love or hate their bosses. Learn how to be the best boss you can be.对于老板,总是有人喜欢有人恨。学习如何成为最好的老板。You Will Need你需要Leadership skills领导技能Listening skills倾听技巧Communication skills沟通能力Clear expectations明确的期望Weekly meetings每周例会Humility谦逊Management classes (optional)管理课程(可选)A party (optional)聚会(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Lead by example1.树立榜样Lead the team by example. Exhibit a positive and encouraging attitude.以身作则,树立好的榜样。向他们展现积极向上的态度。Step 2 Teach employees2.教育员工Teach employees the importance of the customer. The customer funds the paychecks, so train employees to get and keep the customer.教会员工客户的重要性。客户为你提供资金,所以训练员工如何保住客户。Step 3 Communicate3.沟通Communicate with your employees and ask for their opinions and suggestions. Give them updates about the company’s plans,purposes, and goals.与员工沟通,咨询他们的观点和建议。及时告知他们公司新的计划,目的和目标。Attend management classes.参加管理课程。Step 4 Give clear details4.给出明确的细节Give the employees your clear, detailed expectations. Let them know exactly what their job entails along with specific timelines.向员工给出明确的,具体的期望。让他们明确知道他们的工作职责和具体的时间规定。Step 5 Schedule meeting5.安排会议Regularly schedule meetings to discuss goals and ambitions. If there is a problem with an employee, handle it as soon as it happens.经常安排会议讨论公司目标和规划。如果任何一位员工出现问题,立即解决。Step 6 Encourage performance6.鼓励优秀表现Encourage performance by letting them know they are appreciated. Praise them in front of their peers.鼓励员工做出更好的表现,让他们知道自己的工作是受到赞赏的。在其他同事面前赞扬表现比较好的员工。Have a party when a big job is completed or a target has been reached.一项大的工程完成,或者比较大的目标达成的时候,举办派对来庆祝。Step 7 Admit when wrong7.承认错误Apologize and admit when you are wrong. Be fair and honest when they make a mistake.当你犯错的时候要道歉并承认错误。员工犯错的时候要公正而诚实。Do not lose your temper in front of your employees.不要在员工面前发脾气。Step 8 Interact8.互动Interact with your employees on a regular basis, give guidance and direction, and take a personal interest in every person.经常与员工互动,为他们提供指引和方向,对每一个人都感兴趣。Did you know? Workers in Northern and Western Europe say their supervisor treats them more as a partner than a boss. Eastern Europeans felt a more hegemonic relationship.你知道吗?北欧和西欧的工作人员表示,他们的主管对待他们像搭档,而不是像老板。东欧人则觉得老板比较霸权。201402/275886

Your skin is your bodys largest organ, so treat it as well as you would any other organ.皮肤是身体最大的器官,所以,像对待其他器官一样善待肌肤。You Will Need你需要A gentle cleanser温和的沐浴露A moisturizer润肤霜Humid air湿润的空气Whole milk or oil牛奶或植物油Soft cotton pajamas, socks, and gloves柔软的棉质睡衣,袜子和手套Steps步骤Step 1 Take short showers1.缩短洗澡时间Limit your showers or baths to between 5 and 10 minutes, and use water thats just warm, not hot. Staying in hot water,although it may feel luxurious, actually strips your skins natural oils.将淋浴或盆浴时间限制在5到10分钟,用温水,而不是热水洗澡。尽管用热水洗澡会让你感到舒适,但是会导致皮肤表层天然油脂流失。Step 2 Use moisturizing cleanser2.使用保湿沐浴露Use a moisturizing cleanser or one formulated for dry skin when you bathe. Regular soaps can be too harsh and will dehydrate skin.盆浴的时候使用保湿沐浴露或专门为干燥皮肤设计的沐浴露。普通的肥皂刺激性太强,会导致皮肤失水。When taking a bath, try adding two cups of whole milk to the water at the beginning of the bath to provide a little extra moisture for dry skin.盆浴的时候,尝试在开始的时候加入两杯牛奶,为干燥的皮肤额外增加一点水分。Step 3 Pat dry3.擦干Dont dry off completely after bathing. Blot yourself gently with a towel rather than rubbing so your skin is still damp.洗澡后不要完全擦干。轻轻地用毛巾吸干水分,而不是用力擦,这样可以保皮肤湿润。If you are using a topical prescription cream, always apply it between cleansing and moisturizing.如果你正在使用局部护理霜,在清洁和保湿过程之间涂抹。Step 4 Apply moisturizer4.涂抹保湿霜Apply a moisturizer to your whole body immediately after bathing and before your skin has completely dried. This helps lock the water into your skin.洗澡后皮肤未完全变干之前立即全身涂抹保湿霜。这样可以将水分锁在皮肤中。Step 5 Moisturize a second time5.再次保湿Moisturize again so youve slathered yourself twice each day--once in the morning and once before bed.再次保湿,这样你就每天两次大量涂抹保湿霜,一次是在早上,一次是在睡前。For really dry skin, try moisturizing with Vaseline and wear soft cotton socks, pajamas, and even gloves to bed. This will help retain the product so it softens your skin while you sleep.对于非常干燥的皮肤,尝试用凡士林保湿,穿柔软的棉质袜子,睡衣,甚至手套上床睡觉。这样可以帮助吸收保湿霜的有效成分,即使在睡眠过程中也可以柔软肌肤。Step 6 Raise the humidity6.增加湿度A humidifier or even a shallow pan of water near a heat source will help banish dry, dehydrating air, especially during the winter.加湿器或热源附近放一盆水都可以改善干燥脱水的空气,尤其是在冬季。The average persons skin flakes off 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells every minute.普通人的皮肤每分钟剥落30,000至4,000个坏死的细胞。视频听力由。201311/266103



  But not all pupils have to walk to school. These children are boarders.然而并非所有孩子都要徒步上学。这些孩子是寄宿生。As the day pupils near journeys end, the boarders are still making breakfast.当孩子们快要到达学校时,住宿生还在做早饭。In the schoolyard, someone seems to have switched the lights off.校园内仿若被关掉了灯一般黑暗。But this is no ordinary playground, and no ordinary school. Its housed inside a cave!但这里其实并没有正规的操场,以及正规的学校。只不过是在洞穴中的房屋而已。A natural vault of rock keeps out the rain so theres no need for a roof on the classroom.天然拱顶阻隔了雨水,为教室省去了屋顶。 /201406/308193

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Detroit is the capital of Michigan.底特律是密歇根的首府。Not true. Lansing is the capital, but Detroit is the largest city in the state.不对。它的首府是兰辛,但是底特律是该州最大的城市。AZUZ: And its the largest city to file for bankruptcy. 同时,底特律也是申请破产的最大城市。Thats when a person, company, or in this case a city doesnt have enough money to pay its debts.那是当一个人、公司或者是在这个情况下一个城市,没有足够的钱来付它的债务。The financial crisis hit Detroit and its auto industry hard. 经济危机沉重的打击了底特律以及它的汽车产业。People moved away, businesses left town. 人们搬走了,产业也迁走了。It all added up to less money for the citys government. 这些因素综合起来,城市政府的经费就更少了。By declaring bankruptcy, Detroit can restructure its budget. 通过申请破产,底特律能重构它的预算。That could mean cuts for current and retired city employees.这可能意味着会削减现任或者已退休的城市雇员的工资。 /201312/267361英文公益广告,反对的公益广告,通过子弹射击不同的东西,产生不同的动态美感。Stop the bullets. Kill the gun.Peace on the street.201402/277597Jasmine Orchard shows you how to convert a plain picture frame into a hanging wire picture frame. Attach eclectic or themed images to the frame with pegs for a simple, cool and striking effect.Jasmine Orchard向你展示怎样把一个普通的相框改装为可以悬挂的相框。用夹子把五花八门或单一主题的相片固定在相框中,取得简单而不同凡响的效果。You Will Need你需要picture frame相框pegs挂钩pliers镊子spray paint喷漆measuring tape卷尺wire/string线或绳子drawing pins图钉Step 1: Modify the Old Frame1.改装旧相框Place your picture frame onto its front. Remove the nails from the back of the picture frame, then remove the picture if there is one still inside. Spray the frame your chosen colour. Allow to dry.把相框反过来,取掉背面的钉子,如果里面还有照片的话也取出来。把相框喷成你喜欢的颜色。等待油漆变干。Step 2: Attach the Wire2.连上绳子Measure where you would like your wires/string. Cut your wire/string to measure and attach across the frame horizontally. To attach the wire to the frame, tie a knot in the string and use drawing pins to fix the wire securely to the back of the frame.估计一下你想把绳子连在哪个地方。按照合适的长度剪好绳子,水平地绑在相框上。可以把绳子打结,然后用图钉固定在相框背面。Step 3: Add your Pictures3.放入相片Hang the frame on the wall and use pegs to attach pictures to the wires. Stand back and admire.把相框挂在墙上,用夹子把相框固定在绳子上。退后一步,慢慢欣赏吧。Thanks for watching How To Customise A Picture Frame.感谢收看“如何改制相框”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/252091

  And what struck me most, as the red notes were being counted out, was that almost every one of them has on it the portrait of Chairman Mao.现代中国也有着同样的情形:红色的通用货币上印着毛主席的头像。Its ironic isnt it, that this spectacularly successful capitalist economy carries on its currency the portrait of a dead Communist revolutionary?如今,中国经济已是成功的市场经济模式,他们的货币仍使用了已故革命领袖的头像,其原因显而易见。We all know why: Mao reminds the Chinese people of the heroic achievements of the Communist Party, which is still in power.毛泽东的头像提醒着中国人民如今的执政党共产党当年的英雄壮举。He stands for the recovery of Chinese unity at home and prestige abroad, and every Chinese government wants to be seen as the inheritor of his authority.他代表着中国的统一、复兴与国际声望。每一届中国政府都希望能继承他的威信。Of course this kind of appropriation of the past, this kind of exploitation of an image, is nothing new.利用前人的成就及过世领导人的画像不是什么新鲜事。In the world of high politics, its been around for thousands of years, and whats happening today to Maos image on the Chinese currency was happening over two thousand years ago to the image of another great ruler.这样的方式已沿用了几千年。今天毛泽东的头像发挥着与2000多年前亚历山大头像一样的作用。Todays object is one of the earliest coins that we know with the image of a leader on it这枚银币是已知最早的带有领袖头像的硬币。its from around 2,300 years ago and it carries the head of the most glamorised military ruler of his age-and possibly of all time-Alexander the Great.这枚来自于2300年前的银币,上面的亚历山大大帝是当时,甚至是整个人类史上最伟大的军事指挥家。Hes on a coin about an inch and a half (3.8 cm) in diameter, so slightly larger than a two penny piece.银币直径约三厘米,比英国的两便士硬币略大些。201410/336609

  Once you know what makes a Leo tick, it will be easy to get under his or her skin.一旦你知道什么能够让狮子座的人打动,要俘获TA的芳心将轻而易举。You Will Need你需要Flattery奉承An uncritical nature不批判的态度Steps步骤STEP 1 Admire them1.称赞他们Admire them. Leos have a very healthy self-image, to say the least, so the first step to ingratiating yourself is to flatter them shamelessly. Trust us: You cannot overdo this.称赞他们。至少可以这样讲,狮子座的人自我形象非常健康,迎合对方的第一步就是大方地称赞他们。相信我们:你这样做绝对不会过分。STEP 2 Invite them to a pricey restaurant2.邀请他们去昂贵的餐馆用餐Invite them to a pricey restaurant – the more expensive and exclusive, the better. The only thing Leos love more than spending money on themselves is having someone else do it.邀请他们去一个昂贵的餐馆——越昂贵越奢侈就越好。除了为自己花钱之外,狮子座最喜欢的就是让别人为他们花钱。STEP 3 Let them talk3.让他们说话Let them talk. And talk. And talk some more. Leos love to talk. So ask lots of questions and, above all, do not interrupt them.让他们说话,说话,说更多的话。狮子座的人喜欢说话。所以,问他们许多问题,最重要的是,不要打断他们。Never steal a Leo’s thunder in any way; they’ll resent you for it.千万不要剽窃狮子座尚未发表的想法和观点,他们会为此憎恨你的。STEP 4 Make them laugh4.让他们笑Make them laugh. Leos have a great sense of humor and love to laugh – as long as the joke is not on them. Expect dire consequences if you dare to make them the butt of a joke.让他们笑。狮子座很有幽默感,喜欢笑——只要不是关于他们的玩笑。如果把他们作为笑话的对象,你将遭遇无法承受的后果。STEP 5 Give extravagant gifts5.赠送奢华的礼物Give them extravagant gifts, because Leos adore luxury. If you’re a cheapskate at heart, don’t even think about wooing a Leo.送一些奢华的礼物给他们,因为狮子座喜欢奢侈。如果你内心是一个吝啬鬼,不要想着追求狮子座的人。Airline tickets to faraway places and adventure travel packages make fine gifts for Leos, who love the exotic.前往远方的飞机票和旅行套餐对狮子座来说是很好的礼物。他们喜欢异域风情。STEP 6 Throw them a party6.为他们举办派对Throw them a party, especially if it’s to celebrate one of their accomplishments. Leos like nothing more than to be the center of attention, though they’d rather be in the spotlight for getting a big promotion than for turning 40.为他们举办派对,尤其是庆祝他们的某项成就。狮子座最喜欢的就是成为关注的焦点,不过他们更喜欢因为升职而成为焦点,而不是因为40岁生日。STEP 7 Give them space7.给他们一点空间Give them space. Leos need freedom and hate routine, so expecting them to meet you at the same place for sushi every Friday night is a quick way to alienate them.给他们一点空间。狮子座需要自由,讨厌束缚。所以期望每个周五在同一家寿司店遇到他们是疏远他们的快速方法。STEP 8 Never let your guard down8.永远不要放松警惕When it comes to massaging Leo’s ego, never let your guard down. A good-natured jibe about budding love handles will not be appreciated.在推敲狮子座的自负方面,永远不要放松警惕。善意地嘲笑TA的游泳圈不会让TA开心。Keep the flattery up and the criticism to yourself, and you have a good chance of winning Leo’s famed loyalty.奉承献给他们,批评留给自己,你将很有可能赢得狮子座忠贞的爱。视频听力译文由。201410/337016

  Thus, clouds form over the oceans and bring rain to the landmasses,whose rivers carry water back to the oceans.于是形成于海洋上的云给陆地带来降雨河流再将水带回海洋。Sharing is everything.分享就是一切。The green expanse peeking through the clouds is the source of oxygen in the air.从云层窥望的大片绿色是空气中的氧气。Seventy percent of this gas, without which our lungs cannot function,comes from the algae that tint the surface of the oceans.七成氧气来自海藻。这些海藻给海洋表面染上了颜色。Our Earth relies on a balance in which every being has a role to play and exists only through the existence of another being.地球要依赖万物各司其职互相依存的生态平衡。A subtle, fragile harmony that is easily shattered.一种敏感而脆弱的和谐 极易破碎。Thus, corals are born from the marriage of algae and shells.于是海藻和贝壳的结合形成了珊瑚。The Great Barrier Reef, Off the coast of Australia,stretches over 350,000 square kilometers...澳大利亚沿海的大堡礁绵延三十五万平方公里。and is home to 1,500 species of fish,4,000 species of mollusks...and 400 species of coral.哺育着一千五百种鱼类,四千种软体动物和四百种珊瑚。The equilibrium of every ocean depends on these corals.每个海洋的生态平衡都依靠这些珊瑚。The Earth counts time in billions of years.地球计算时间以十亿年计。It took more than four billion years for it to make trees.它花了四十多亿年创造了树木。In the chain of species,trees are a pinnacle,a perfect living sculpture.在物种的链条中,树木是至高无上的是完美的活的雕塑。Trees defy gravity.它们蔑视地心吸力。They are the only natural element in perpetual movement toward the sky.它们是唯一永恒地朝向天空的自然元素。201409/330080。


  We may have been physically able to speak从生理上说 我们那时就可以说话了but linguists believe但语言学家认为 its more likely that the birth of language coincided with语言的产生应该是在五万年前the proliferation of man-made objects around 50,000 years ago.与人造工具广泛流传的时间相同At this time there was an explosion in art and technology.那时艺术和科技空前繁荣We start to see, for the first time in the archaeological record,我们可以看到考古记录上首次出现了lots of different tool types, lots of different implements,各种各样的大量工具 lots of different huts that people lived in各种人类居住的棚屋and so these things seemed to appear rather abruptly,这些东西似乎是突然之间大量涌现suggesting that there was some change in the way we lived.表明人类的生活方式发生了变化Many scientists think that the birth of language很多科学家认为是语言的诞生instigated this cultural boom.带来了那次文化繁荣But without a time machine, we may never know exactly没有时间机器 我们可能永远无法知道when we started to talk.人类开始讲话的确切年代But what we do know is why.但我们能知道说话的原因Mark Pagel believes that language马克·帕杰尔认为语言probably developed as a practical way of defining roles可能是作为定义社会角色的方式产生的and it formed a kind of social glue.并进而成为了社会的黏着剂201501/352381

  More than any other place on Chinas coastline, Inner Deep Bay demonstrates that, with help, resilient nature can still thrive, even when boxed in and overshadowed by towering cities like Shenzhen.比起中国海岸线上的其他地方,后海湾内湾更能明在帮助之下,即使被包围在像深圳这样高楼环立的城市的阴影之中依然可自我调节的自然仍旧可以生存。Another successful example of mans intervention on behalf of nature can be glimpsed in the waters around Lantau Island. While egrets make the most of an easy meal, other creatures have their eye on the fishermens catch.人类保护自然的另一个成功范例就是大屿山。在白鹭饱餐之时,其他的生物则盯上了渔民的成果。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/332079

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