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Complaints From Unhappy Husbands不幸福的老公都会有哪些抱怨?;I Wish She#39;d Appreciate Me A little More;;我希望她能更理解我;The expert says: Whether you work in an office, run a household, or some combination of the two, you#39;re both likely frustrated with your heaping plates of responsibility. And although it#39;s a natural reaction, piling on more the second your partner steps through the door is not the best way to get him to hear or help you. ;Instead of leading with a list, understand that he may need a few minutes to unwind,; says Kara Thompson, a licensed family and marriage therapist in Lenexa, KS. You#39;ll both listen better when you#39;ve decompressed and can actually focus on the issues at hand.专家认为:不管你是上班族还是家庭主妇,亦或是两者兼有,很有可能你会因自己肩负的许多责任而感到沮丧。虽然这是自然反应,但在另一半刚进门后就开始絮絮叨叨并不是让他们倾听或帮助你的最好方法。;与其说一长串自己的烦恼,倒不如为他们着想,也许他们也需要几分钟放松一下,;肯萨斯州莱内克萨的注册家庭婚姻治疗师卡拉·汤普森说道。在压力有所缓解并能真正专注手头问题的时候,你们才能更好的倾听。;I Wish She#39;d Plan Date Night Once In A While;;我希望她能偶尔计划一次约会之夜;The expert says: Good news: If you both feel like you need more one-on-one time, you#39;re aly on the same page, which means you#39;re well on your way. The next step is to stop keeping a mental score sheet of who made plans the last time and put it on both of you to jump at the opportunity to, say, see a band you like when they perform nearby or try a new restaurant with an innovative . In the end, it matters way less who dealt with the logistics than the fact that you bonded and enjoyed your time together.专家认为:这是好消息:如果你们都觉得需要更多单独相处的时间,那你们已经意见一致了,也就是说你们志趣相投。下一步就是不要再在脑海中思考上一次是谁做了计划,你们两个都应该抓住机会,比如你最喜欢的乐队在附近演出时,你们可以一起去看;或者你们可以去尝试一家菜单标新立异的新餐馆。最后,关键就在于事实上你们的感情更进一步、一起度过的时光也很美好,而不是在于谁进行了精心计划。;I Miss Having More Lighthearted Conversation;;我怀念那些谈话更为轻松的时光;The expert says: There#39;s no question that having an open dialogue about your children is important, but we understand that it can get tedious after a while. Once the kids go to bed or while they#39;re out at weekend activities, make an effort to chat about lighthearted topics, like more serious news or political issues to keep you connected and stimulated as a couple.专家认为:开放的谈论孩子更为重要并没有问题,但我们也明白一段时间之后这种对话就会变得乏味。当孩子们上床睡觉或周末外出参加活动时,你们应该多谈些轻松的话题,比如更为正经的新闻或政治问题,这样能让你们更心有灵犀、也更有。;We Aren#39;t Romantic Anymore;;我们再也不那么浪漫了;The expert says: Relationships change and evolve, and sometimes the very qualities that attracted you to your husband are the ones that wind up making you nuts. It could be that you#39;re simply too stressed with the day-to-day to experience romance the same way-and that#39;s okay. The key is to come to a collective understanding of what sweet gestures now do it for you. A change of environment may do it-consider taking a break from the grind and going away for a long weekend.专家认为:恋情会发生变化,也会升华,有时候你吸引你丈夫的那些品质正是到最后会让你感到抓狂的东西。也许日常生活的压力太大,你们再也无法体会到同样的浪漫--但没关系。关键就是达成共识:什么样的甜蜜举动会让你感到浪漫。也许换个环境就行了--可以考虑休假,一起外出度长假。译文属 /201701/488577Certain activities can be good – and some bad – for our grey matter, so see which you should carry on doing... 有些活动可以使我们的大脑更加敏锐,而有些则会使大脑变得更加迟钝。or ditch.下面让我们来看看哪些生活习惯该保持,哪些该丢弃吧!SITTING STILL: DRAIN坐着保持不动:让大脑变得更迟钝When we sit for long periods (more than three hours), our inactivity leads to reduced blood flow to the brain and less oxygenation and nutrient supply, says Dr Jenny Brockis, author of Future Brain: The 12 Keys to Create Your High-Performance Brain.《未来大脑:十二大方法打造高效大脑》的作者杰尼#8226;布罗基斯士称:坐着不动超过三小时,就会导致流向大脑的血液减少,从而使所需的氧气和营养供应匮乏。This leads to reduced brain activity in the part of the brain we use for heavy-duty thinking, planning, #172;organising and decision-making.这会导致高压下思考、谋划、组织和决策的大脑区域的活动量下降。ACTION: Take brain breaks by getting up to stretch and move around every 30 minutes. 建议:每半小时起身伸展身体,四处走动,让大脑得以休息调整。The new FitBit Alta monitors your movements and prompts you to move.可以使用Fitbit Alta 智能手环监测督促自己的行动。STAYING CURIOUS: BOOSTER保持好奇心:让大脑变得更敏锐Learning new skills leads to better neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to form new connections between existing neurons, explains Dr Brockis.布罗基斯士对此做出了解释,学习新技能可增强神经可塑性——指大脑在现有神经元之间形成新连接的一种能力。It used to be thought we only had a short period of relative plasticity in early childhood.人们过去认为我们只在幼儿早期的一小段时间里才有相对可塑性。;But although our brain’s plasticity does decline with age, we don’t lose it.然而,尽管随着年龄的增长,我们的可塑性有所下降,但它没有完全消失。ACTION : Why not take up a musical instrument or an evening class?建议:为什么不去学习一种乐器或去夜校上课呢?FAST FOOD: DRAIN快餐:让大脑变得更迟钝The quickest way to stuff up our brains is to stuff our bodies with fast food, says Dr Brockis.布罗斯基说,用快餐填满肚子是让我们大脑堵塞的最快方法。Too much sugar, trans fat and salt leads to greater inflammation and brain shrinkage.快餐里包含太多的糖分、反式脂肪和盐,这会导致大脑炎症和大脑萎缩。ACTION: Eat fresh and unprocessed foods as much as you can.建议:尽可能多吃新鲜和未经加工的食品。GOOD QUALITY SLEEP: BOOSTER高质量睡眠:让大脑变得更敏锐Studies have shown being deprived of sleep for 24 hours decreases memory and concentration, says Dr Michael Wasserman of the American Geriatric Society. But regular, restful sleep improves memory.美国老年协会的迈克尔#8226;沃瑟曼士说,研究表明24个小时不睡觉会降低人的和集中力,但有规律的安稳睡眠能提高。Scientists think that while asleep, we shift recent experiences over to more efficient storage regions in the brain where they become long-term memories.科学家认为在睡眠中,我们会将最近的经历转移到大脑有效存储区,从而变为长期记忆。It’s how we learn and remember facts and skills.我们正是通过此种方式学习和记忆知识与技能。ACTION : Try and get to bed before midnight and aim for 7-8 hours kip.建议:争取在半夜12点前上床睡觉,保每天7-8个小时睡眠时间。BEING OVERWEIGHT: DRAIN超重:让大脑变得更迟钝Minding your mind includes minding your weight, says Dr Brockis. 布罗基斯说,想让大脑变得更聪明还要懂得控制自己的体重。Obesity shrinks the brain and is also a risk factor for cognitive decline. 过度肥胖会造成脑萎缩,还极有可能导致认知能力下降。Studies have shown having more fat tissue leads to a greater release of cytokines, messenger proteins that contribute to greater brain atrophy (decline) in areas linked with executive function, learning and memory.研究表明,脂肪组织越多,释放出细胞因子和蛋白质信使也越多,而这两种物质会导致与执行功能、学习和记忆能力相关的大脑区域脑萎缩。ACTION: See your GP about losing some weight if you are obese.建议:如果你过度肥胖,要在医生的指导下减肥。CROSSWORDS BY THE CLOCK: BOOSTER计时填字游戏:让大脑变得更敏锐You’ve probably how doing puzzles can help keep your brain young.你或许已经阅读过如何通过益智游戏来保持大脑活力。高速运转。But if you want to stoke up synapses, get out the stopwatch.但如果你想建立更多的神经突触,拿出你的秒表开始计时。Studies have found timed tests train your brain to work quickly, says Dr Wasserman.沃瑟曼医生说:研究发现,计时测试能加速大脑运转。ACTION : Try timing -yourself when you solve a crossword or Sudoku, he adds. 建议:试着在做填字和数独游戏的时候给自己计时。他补充道。You’ll get faster and even eliminate that tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (where you can describe a word but can’t remember it).你会思考得更快,还可能彻底告别欲言难吐的情况,就是你可以描述这个词,但就是不记得确切说法。DRINKING ALCOHOL REGULARLY: DRAIN时常饮酒:让大脑变得更迟钝Regular drinking lowers the levels of serotonin in your brain and can lead to depression, says Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and medical adviser to alcohol -education charity Drinkaware.Drinkaware协会(一家传播酒精知识的慈善机构)的医学顾问、家庭医生萨拉#8226;贾维斯认为,经常饮酒会降低大脑的血清素含量,易导致抑郁。Drinking heavily over a long period of time can also have long-term effects on memory, she adds. Even on days when you don’t drink, recalling what you did yesterday, or where you have been earlier that day, is difficult.她补充说:长时间饮酒过量也会对产生长期影响,即使白天不喝酒时,也很难记起昨天干了什么,或几个小时前去过哪儿。ACTION: Many medical experts recommend taking regular days off from drinking to ensure you don’t become addicted. 建议:许多医学专家建议定期禁酒,以免上瘾。However, it’s important not to assume that taking a break means it’s OK to drink to excess the rest of the time.不过需要注意的是,定期禁酒并不意味着可以在其他时候无节制地喝酒。AEOBIC EXERCISE: BOOSTER有氧运动:让大脑变得更敏锐Besides increasing blood flow, exercise leads to an increase in the BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) our brain secretes, says Dr Brockis. 布洛克斯医生称,运动除了可以提高血流量外,还能提高大脑分泌物中脑源性神经营养因子(BDNF)的含量。BDNF has been dubbed Miracle-Gro for brains as it helps grow and strengthen them, allowing us to learn and remember information better.BDNF素有大脑美乐棵之称,它能强健大脑,提高我们的学习和记忆能力。ACTION: The best exercise for brains? Anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you puff a bit, says Dr Brockis. 建议:想知道益于大脑的最佳运动?布洛克斯医生表示:任何能够让你心跳和呼吸加速的运动都可以。A 30-minute plus session of aerobic exercise is ideal. 最理想的是进行一组30分钟的有氧运动。Whether it’s walking, swimming, running, cycling, table tennis, kayaking, rugby or golf, the trick is to schedule it on a regular basis, start slow and gradually increase the number of sessions each week, and their duration.慢步、游泳、跑步、骑车,划皮艇,或是打乒乓球、橄榄球、高尔夫,这些都可以,关键是要有规律,开始先慢慢来,之后逐渐增加每周的运动次数和时长。EATING SUGAR: DRAIN吃糖:让大脑变得更迟钝It’s tempting to reach for a can of cola or a bar of choc when your body and brain is flagging, but excess sugar is associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, both risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia, says Dr Brockis.布洛克斯医生称,当身体和大脑感到疲惫时,人们常常想来听可乐,或吃块巧克力,但是过多摄入糖分容易诱发肥胖症和II型糖尿病,这两者都易导致认知能力下降和痴呆。Plus, animal studies have shown that adolescents who drink sugar-sweetened drinks daily show increased inflammation of the hippocampus, the area of the brain associated with learning and memory, leading to an impaired ability to remember, she says.此外,动物研究报告表明,每天都喝含糖饮料的青少年,海马体的发炎概率会上升,进而导致受损。海马体是大脑中负责学习和记忆的区域。ACTION: Boost your glucose levels (and cognitive stamina) with the carbohydrates found in fruit and vegetables instead, says Dr Brockis. 建议:布洛克斯医生建议说,可以通过摄入水果和蔬菜中的碳水化合物提高体内的葡萄糖含量(和认知能力)。Eating a small banana will do the trick, as will snacking on blueberries, shown to boost memory and concentration for up to five hours.研究表明,正如蓝莓可以增强记忆,让人的注意力集中长达5小时,香蕉也有这样的效果。 /201609/468705

At one time in China weddings were simple affairs, with small ceremonies and bunches of flowers thrown in for good measure.曾几何时,在中国婚礼很简单,简约的仪式,几束鲜花,就已经很不错了。But over the decades, as this photo gallery reveals, nuptials have become much more extravagant as they have in other parts of the world, due to the rise of credit cards, larger disposable incomes and unprecedented pressure from social media.但时过境迁,几十年来从以下这些照片看来,婚礼变得越来越铺张,求花费远超其他国家,其原因有信用卡的普及,多余的可配收入,还有社交媒体的介入。On the cost front, prices are said to have increased sixty-fold since the 1990s. Indeed, one affair last year in China was panned for costing an #39;over-excessive#39; 2.8 million yuan (£290,000). In the 1970#39;s people apparently splashed an average of 680 yuan (£80) on their big day.单从婚礼花销来看,从20世纪90年代以来就翻了6倍。事实上,就在去年一桩奢侈婚礼的花销达到280万元人民币合计29万英镑。而20世纪70年代平均婚礼的花销在680元人民币合计80英镑。Liu Tong, a director at a local TV channel in the northeast province of Liaoning, recalled that in his parent#39;s generation, the bride would be picked up by bicycle instead of the swanky sportscars favoured by today#39;s generation. Looking at how the concept of tying the knot has evolved, Liu wrote on the social media site Weibo: #39;In the 1950s it was about having a bed, in the 1960s it was just about a bag of sweets, in the 1970s it was the Little Red Book, in the 1980s it was about having a radio, in the 1990s there was the extravagance of top-class hotels, and in the 2000s the wedding reception is a display of individuality.#39;刘同(音译),辽宁(中国东北)一家当地电视台的主管,回忆起他父母那辈人结婚,与现在年轻人结婚买车一样,那时新娘会选一辆自行车。瞧瞧现在结婚这点事是如何变化的,刘在社交媒体微上这样写道:50年代要有张床,60年代就要带喜糖,70年代就是小红本(结婚),80年代要个收音机,90年代要顶级豪华酒店,21世纪就是要展现个性。Dozens of Weibo users have shared imaged of changing wedding traditions, which they refer to as a #39;mirror of their time#39;.不少微网友都都晒出了不同年代的婚礼照片,称这是“他们那个年代的镜子”。 /201703/495712

I loathe that tall freak!我真讨厌那个高个子的“奇葩”!Look at that douche showing off over there!瞧瞧那草包在那炫耀的熊样!The mountains next to Mount Everest珠穆朗玛峰旁边的群山 /201612/481244

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