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KING: Well, we don't -- all of our pain is not front page.ANISTON: No that's true.KING: What is that like?ANISTON: It's what you would imagine it to be. It's not great.KING: A bitch.ANISTON: It's a bitch. It's not great, no.KING: But you chose the profession.ANISTON: But I chose it. I also wouldn't trade it in for the world what I get to do for that. I mean just because of that.KING: But you sued successfully over it once didn't you?ANISTON: I have, yes, well...KING: In other words, when someone printed something about you that was wrong you took action.ANISTON: Yes. Yes, you -- well, I'll always take them head on if they -- they cross lines anyway but when they really go too far, you know.KING: Is it a thin line? What right, and this is for both of you, what right does the public have to your life?ANISTON: I don't really think any, private life none but it's somehow got through the cracks and it's just -- it's just OK.KING: So you don't say -- it doesn't go with the territory?ANISTON: No. I think we do our job. We go to work. We give them a movie, a television show, theater, you know. You buy your tickets. You go and see our work, if we're on the red carpet, we're at a premier, we're, you know, at a public event but when it's your backyard, when it's at your home, when it's...KING: They photograph you right?ANISTON: Yes.KING: They follow you around. It's got to be a weird life.ANISTON: Yes. But it's also -- there's nobody sort of stopping it or corralling it in any way so it's kind of just a free for all.200807/44956

5 还盘3句英文任你选 We regret we have to decline your offer.很抱歉,我们不得不拒绝你方报盘。We cant accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 7%.除非你们减价7%,否则我们无法接受报盘。We are not interested unless your price is reduced to a level in line with the market price.除非你们把价格降到与市场价格相当,否则我们不感兴趣。 Tip:unless是从属连词,引导条件状语从句,含有否定意义,相当于 if条件状语从句的否定形式 (if... not)。常用来引导一个含否定意义的真实条件句,有时也可引导非真实条件句。 unless引导条件句时,可能会出现下列两种情况:(1)主句为肯定句。例如 Youll fail in math again unless you work har-der. (如果你不再加把劲学习,你数学考试还会不及格。 )(2)主句为否定句。例如 1 wouldnt be saying this unless I were sure of the facts. (要是我对这些事情没有把握,我就不说这话了)。 /201603/434082

国家地理:Out of the Box 圣诞礼物 For most of us, the season evokes a kind of universal memory.My strongest memory of Christmas is the tree with all of the presents underneath it. And usually in the morning I wake up really early like at five o'clock. And when you come downstairs Christmas morning and the trees lit up, there is piles of presents, there might be a bicycle, there are skis, there is all... there's stuff all over the place. I really remember the lights, because that to me was the most magical. And hearing just the Christmas music that you only hear that one time a year. There is just lots to be happy for.Is that what you ask from Santa? Yeah.Christmas comes with a host of vivid images that bombard us from all directions for entire season: candy canes and carolers, stockings and store windows, Nativity scenes and nutcrackers, not to mention entire neighborhoods that explode in a kaleidoscope of light and colors. Then on top of all that, throwing the art character who's the master of ceremonies of this visual feast. Santa Claus.I'd describe him as fat and jolly.Big, chubby. A loving, very generous kind of guy. A good listener, listens to requests. I used to think that Santa Claus was probably one of the greatest people in the world.Merry Christmas!Santa's origins go back more than 2,000 years, but it took centuries of poetic embellishment and a few things lost in translation before the Santa that we know today emerged. The legend begins with a real figure, Saint Nicholas, a 4th century monk in what is now Turkey, who is famous for his kindness. It's said that he gave away his wealth to help children and the poor.He believed in, in helping others and doing it secretly, secret giving.Tim Connaghan, who plays Santa in movies and TV, has studied the evolution of Saint Nicholas from monk to myth. Nicholas was a bishop by the time he died around 350 AD, he was later canonized as a saint and became a revered symbol of generosity throughout Europe and beyond. There were so many churches, cathedrals and religious locations named after Nicholas. It was a very remarkable thing. The Greek adopted him as a patron saint. The Russians adopted him as a patron saint.The date of Nicholas' death, December 6th, was honored every year with a popular feast. But in 12th century France, the celebration took on a new twist that quickly became part of the tradition.Some French nuns decide one year, bake some little treats, go by all the homes, put treats in the shoes of the little children and tell them that Nicholas brought them for being good. And over the next hundred, two hundred years, more people pick up on this idea of giving something to the children. Because of the proximity of his feast day to Christmas. Saint Nicholas gradually became associated with the holiday as did the notion of a phantom gift giver who doled out rewards to the worthy.To give a gift subscription to any National Geographic magazine, log on to nationalgeographic.com/magazines.New Words:bombard: (v.) To attack with bombs, shells, or missiles. 炮击embellishment: (n.) The act of embellishing or the state of being embellished. 装饰canonize: (v.) To declare (a deceased person) to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such. 宣布为圣徒proximity: (n.) The state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness 接近200708/16990

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