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  • bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.Hello, there, I’m Watt Anderson and welcome to the showbiz tonight’s potcast. Now this is where we go inside Hollywood figure story. Right now bad girl gone good. Paris could learn a lesson or two from her frenemy Nichole Richey. She recently told People Magazine that motherhood has changed her life for the better saying,” Now that I look back on it, I was a different person last year than I’m now.” And listen sometimes I will be here and I'll think to myself I used to be fun, What if I’m not fun anymore? I have all those feelings but you know what, I am who I am and I’m still fun, just not in that way. Well, it's good to see this bad girl turned good. And She is not the only one. Think about all the bad girls out there in Hollywood who turned their life around for the good. I’m talking Madonna,Angelina Jolie,Mary J. Blige, Fergie. So how bad did they get before they turned it around and how did they do it? Showbiz tonight’s AJ Hammer investigate bad girls gone good. They wrote a book on being naughty, sexy, talented women who pushed the limits of being bad in their youth, but matured into some of the most respected women in Hollywood. Marie J blige had one of the most extraordinary and public transformations from bad girl to good. “That’s a celebration of the growth that I've made the growth that all my fans and all of us who have you know have made together.” She’s the Grammy Award-winning, reigning queen of hip-hop and soul. But this diva battled a hard-core addiction to drug and alcohol . “She’s talked with me once about it .She would just like guzzle gin as soon as she came off stage, you know, she was smoking weed um, we, she’s doing coke…” Her transformation came when she met her current husband Kendu Isaacs. She tells Showbiz tonight he saved her life. “My husband definitely came into my life and help me out, you know, save me.” Even better, Blige turned her heartache into another reason she's so beloved. “She, you know, sort of like worked all this into her art, the sort of. The turning point song for her was really a moving ballad called No More Drama.” (Music) “Here’s J's spiritual journey in her life is reflected in her music and I think the audience responds to that as much as they responds to her voice.” Another of showbiz tonight’s favorite bad girls gone good. (Music) Fergie, who battled a serious Crystal Meth addiction before she made it big in Black Eyed Pea. “Well, the funny thing with Fergie is a little different, because most of her bad girls stuff was before she was really in the public eye. I mean she was a child star,er,I mean, stars overstated” Yeah,that might be overstating it. Fergie was a regular on that old 80’s kids show “kids-incorporated”. It was later when she was in her first real girl group Wild Orchids that things got interesting. “She started you know like taking a lot of ecstasy. She was going out to the clubs all the time and she got seriously addicted to Crystal Meth” She says kicking the habit was the hardest boyfriend she ever had to break up with. “She’s been through some hard times. But you know she’s perhaps had the sort of wild, raunchy past. But, you know, she is like a little more in control now.”02/61793。
  • Japan's post-tsunami politics后海啸时期日本政治Flailing徒劳挣扎Political co-operation, hard before the earthquake and tsunami, has got harder 地震和海啸发生之前就困难重重的政治合作,现在更是愈发艰难AS JAPAN copes with its worst crisis since the second world war, the prime minister, Naoto Kan, is calling for a new politics. In particular, he wants collaboration with opposition parties mostly bent on ousting him. “Many ways of doing things in this country have come to the end of the road,” he said on April 11th. “To rebuild this country, we need a new mindset. I hope for—and expect—a new direction.”日本正在面对自二战以来的最大危机,现任首相菅直人正在呼吁出台新政。特别地,他希望能和决意令他下台的在野党合作。4月11日菅直人说:“这个国家一些处理事情的方法已经走到了尽头。为了重建这个国家,我们需要全新的精神状态。我希望着并盼望着能有新的出路。”He seems unlikely to get it. The quake and tsunami that devastated north-eastern Japan, and the nuclear disaster that followed, have disrupted the economy, with power shortages and stricken factories. Ordinary Japanese have cut back on inessential spending, in a mood of sacrificial restraint. Much has changed. Yet one constant remains: petty political bickering.看来菅直人不太可能看到这一出路了。摧毁日本东北部的地震和海啸,以及随之而来的核灾难,导致了能源短缺以及工厂受灾,从而扰乱了日本经济。在 “自肃”精神的影响下,日本普通民众减少了不必要的开。许多事情都改变了,但是琐碎的政治争吵却从未间断过。As the government has attempted to deal with the mess, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has picked on minor gaffes to justify exaggerated displays of outrage. Mr Kan’s offer to the LDP’s leader, Sadakazu Tanigaki, to form a “grand coalition” with his Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) was rebuffed. The opposition thinks Mr Kan is flailing and his prime ministership, which was in trouble well before the earthquake, is in danger.就在政府试图收拾乱摊子时,在野党自由民主党(LDP)通过挑毛病来替民众夸张的愤怒辩护。菅直人向自由民主党(LDP)主席谷桓祯一提出:由自由民主党(LDP)和他的民主党(DPJ)一起成立“联合政府”,但这个提议被谷桓祯一断然拒绝。在野党认为菅直人在徒劳挣扎,他本在地震之前就不牢固的首相职位现在更是岌岌可危。In opinion polls, Mr Kan’s personal support has increased slightly since then, but around two-thirds of voters are disappointed with the government’s handling of the crisis, particularly at the Fukushima nuclear plant. On April 12th the nuclear accident there was upgraded to level seven, the highest rating on an international scale of severity. That places it on a par with the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago this month (though the radiation released at Fukushima is only a tenth of Chernobyl’s, and nobody has died from it yet). 民意测验显示:在此之后菅直人的持率有了短暂上升,但是约有2/3的选民对于政府应对危机的能力表示失望,尤其是在处理福岛核电站的问题上。福岛的核事故在4月12日升至7级,这是国际范围内严重问题的最高等级。这使福岛达到了在25年前这个月发生的切尔诺贝利核灾难的高度(尽管福岛泄露的放射性物质只是切尔诺贝利泄露的十分之一,而且没有人死于泄露的放射性物质)。201104/134088。
  • For centuries, nomads and traders have made their way here. George is determined to follow in their footsteps. There is a timelessness about this place. And desert ghosts seem to haunt the hills. But that's not the wail of lost souls echoing through the cliffs. George is drawn deeper and deeper into the canyon by the sound of bellowing camels. It's a world-class beautiful place and all the camels are communicating. You could hear their voices echoing off the walls. It's kind of like being in a, in a cathedral. This is Gilt Arshell, a water pool visited by the ancients and a kind of grand central station for nomads and their camels. Gilters are like highway rest stops for those who travel in the desert. Here they can fill their goatskins with water, swap news and rest their animals. This wind-scoured canyon catches and holds rainfall like a barrel. Water in the desert is a rare gift and the much-trafficked reservoir is opaque with use. They're not really going to tell you about the peril of the walk through the water that's black with the dung of 10,000 camels. There are other reasons to watch your step when wading through these dark waters. Reasons that have teeth: there are crocodiles here, another vestige of a wetter time. Unlike their much larger cousins along the Nile, these crocs are only five feet long and at least for now, not very aggressive. George and Dan count only 6, though there may be a few more around. It's a mystery how such a small population manages to survive here. This is very strange seeing these pre-historic creatures that are, are trapped there like there, stuck on a little desert island if you will. In the desert, the islands are the water. And they are just got trapped there by the time. Later, in the upper reaches of the narrow canyon, George gets another surprise---cave art from thousands of years ago. Who were these ancient people? What were their lives like? You, when you are sitting there, you know you are sitting in exactly the same place as people did three, four, five thousand years ago. You don't know what they saw at their cave, but you can see what their impressions of that world were on the walls behind you. It's kind of like a window into an ancient dream.12/92772。
  • America’s embassies美国大使馆First, dig your moat挖壕筑壑Designing buildings for America’s diplomats is getting ever trickier为美国外交官员设计建筑变得愈加棘手Jul 30th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition “NOBODY can be messing with our embassy,” declared Barack Obama in mid-July, after a pro-government mob pelted America’s mission in Damascus with stones, eggs and tomatoes. That is not true, however, of the put-upon architects who have to design America’s embassies: they are constantly being hit with new restrictions, from both their own government and the host country.“任何人都不能滋扰我们的大使馆,” 美国总统奥巴马七月中旬向外界如是宣布。此前,大马士革亲政府民众曾向美国大使馆投掷石头、鸡蛋和西红柿。然而对于那些受雇于美国,迫于无奈才设计美国大使馆的建筑师来说,他们可没这样的好运:他们经常因为本国政府和东道主国家施加的种种新限制而苦恼不已。Ever since the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut in 1983, security has been the overarching concern when designing new embassies. Safety rules have been tightened repeatedly, and incorporated into a “standard embassy design” that dictates which offices should be adjacent to which (keep the bigwigs away from the public areas), how far embassy buildings should be set back from nearby roads (100 feet, or 30 metres), what materials can be used for walls and windows (nothing that is easy to climb or shatter) and so on. The result, critics say, is a dull series of near-identical, boxy bunkers. As John Kerry, who heads the Senate foreign-relations committee, put it in , “We are building some of the ugliest embassies I’ve ever seen…I cringe when I see what we’re doing.”自从美国驻贝鲁特大使馆在1983年发生爆炸事件以来,对于新使馆设计的安全性考虑向来是有过之而无不及。安全规则一再收紧并被纳入“标准使馆设计”——规定了各办公区的相邻性原则(政要办公区要远离公共区域)、使馆建筑距离附近公路应有的距离(100英尺或30米)和墙体和窗户所使用的材料(避免任何攀爬的可能性或可破坏性)等诸多因素。批评者认为,按此规则设计出的使馆不过是一系列单调得近乎相同、四四方方的掩体而已。正如参议院外交关系委员会主席约翰·克里年所言:“我们正在建造一些我见过的最丑陋的大使馆…每当见此情景我就深感厌恶”。He is not alone. Londoners are less than thrilled by the thought of the “crystalline cube” that will slowly rise from the semi-gentrified riverine site of Nine Elms. This, at billion the most expensive American embassy ever built, was made necessary when Grosvenor Square in Mayfair became too unsafe, despite the bomb-blast barriers that make the place look like a damper version of Baghdad.The new embassy will be separated from malicious sightseers by rolling parkland and a moat—100 feet wide, as required.不只克里有此想法。伦敦人对于九号榆树巷半人工河处徐徐崛起的“水晶立方”建筑丝毫没有兴奋之感。尽管防炸弹爆炸障碍物使得新大使馆看上去象阴影笼罩的巴格达,但当梅费尔区格罗夫纳广场安全性无法保障时,花费10亿美元建造这座美国史上最昂贵的大使馆就显得很有必要了。通过种植草坪和挖掘100英尺宽(视需要而定)的护城河,有不良意图的观光客将无法接近这座新使馆。201108/147088。
  • Visitors at Egypt's Giza Pyramids on Saturday got a rare opportunity. They were able to catch a glimpse inside an underground chamber, just south of the Great Pyramid containing the pieces of an ancient funerary boat which many believed was intended to ferry the Pharaoh Khufu into the afterlife. 周六,埃及吉萨金字塔的游客获得千载难逢的机会,得以进入金字塔的地下室。这座地下室位于金字塔的南部,藏有一艘古代埋葬的船只的碎片。据说这艘船用于载法老胡夫到达来世。 A camera was inserted into the unexcavated pit. Visitors watched images of the disassembled wooden sailing ship on a large monitor inside the nearby Solar Boat Museum.他们在未挖掘的坑里安装了录像机。游客通过附近的太阳船物馆的巨大的显示器观看分解过的木制帆船的图像。“Now, through a camera we transfer the photograph directly from the pits directly to this, this screen that you will see wood, see that wood, small and big ones, and you'll see mats, and also you will see, ur, ropes, and you can see for about 20 meters. All this material has been laid like this for more than 4,500 years ago.”“现在,我们通过镜头将深坑里的图像传送到这边的显示屏上,你们会开到木头,大大小小的碎片,你们会看到边缘,会看到绳子,可以看到大约20米的范围。所有的材料都已经按照目前的状态安放了4,500多年了。”In 1987, a team from the National Geographic Society drilled a hole through one of the limestone blocks sealing the chamber from above, and inserted a camera. Inside, they found stacks of wood for a boat similar to one excavated from a nearby pit in 1958. It's been decided that the boat would remain in its tomb for preservation. Dating back 4,600 years, they are the most spectacular vessels discovered to date. 1987年,国家地理协会的一组工作人员来在地下室封口的一块石灰石上钻孔,安装了一个录像机。他们在里面发现了一堆船只的木头,类似于1958年挖掘的深坑中发现的情形。他们决定,这只船必须留在古墓中保存。追溯到4,600年前,这是至今发现的那个时期最特别的船只.07/77961。
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