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鹰潭希正妇科医院人流价格鹰潭余江县看妇科多少钱鹰潭无痛人流费用多少钱 迷你对话:A:What will you do now? Propose to her.你现在怎么办?向她求婚吗?B:Of course I wontchill out. Opportunity knocks only once.我当然不会罢手的,几乎难得嘛。A:You should strike while the iron is hot.你应该趁热打铁。B:Youre right. I will have a talk to her about that.对,我要去和她谈谈。词海拾贝:1.propose to sb:向某人求婚Eg. He watched for his chance to propose to her.他在等待时机向她求婚。Eg. He was trying to decide whether he should propose to her.他反覆思量是否该向她求婚.Eg. Since youve got onto this basis, you can propose to her既然你们的关系已到这种程度,你可以向她求婚了。2.chill out:罢手,停止不干Eg. We will never stop until the experiment succeeds.试验不成功,我们决不罢手。Eg. I have always planned to knock off at thirty-five.我老是打算到三十五岁罢手。Eg. When things get this fouled-up its time for us to quit事情既已弄得这麽糟,我们就该罢手了。Eg. Shed never have stopped tiII she got what she wanted.因为她不得到自己想要的东西是不会罢手的。3.strike while the iron is hot:乘热打铁Eg. If I were you, Id strike while the iron is hot.如果我是你,我就会打铁趁热。Eg. Well, you should strike the iron while it is hot.你应该乘热打铁。4.have atalk to sb about sth:和某人谈论某事Eg. He turned aside to have a talk to someone else about what had happened this afternoon.他转过脸去同另外一个人谈论今天下午发生的事情。Eg. I want to have a talk to your manager about an urgent matter.我想和你们经理谈一件紧急的事。Eg. I don t get many chances to have a talk to her recently.近来我不太有机会与她会话。Eg. That is exactly what I wanted to have a talk to you about, Susan.这正是我想要跟你谈的,Susan。佳句妙言:Opportunity knocks only once.千载难逢。特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余均为未经授权。 /201207/189542Subject:Clothes make the man. 迷你对话 A: I never wear the former clothes when at work. So my colleagues say that I am not like a manager.上班时间我从来不穿正装,所以我的同事们都说我不像一个经理。B: Formal clothes are necessary. After all, clothes make the man.正式的衣是必要的。毕竟,人靠衣装嘛。 地道表达Clothes make the man. 解词释义在中文中,有句俗语叫做“人靠衣装,佛要金装。”,它的英文解释就是:Clothes make the man. Make的原意是“做”,在口语中是“成为”的意思。例如:This event has made the headlines. 这件事成了重大新闻。这个俚语表示意思是说:衣早就了一个人,引申含义为“人是要靠衣来打扮的”。也就是“人靠衣装”。 /201407/311246鹰潭做彩超B超价格

鹰潭医院妇科检查听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):I was recently tempted to bludgeon one of my students into recognizing that interesting things had happened, even before he was born, back in the ancient early 1990s, say.We were discussing the origins of the World Wide Web, the invention that actually made wide-ranging use of cyberspace possible. Having considered this, he said prior to that, I must have actually had to find things in books.I pleaded guilty, and told him that, in fact, though I am as much a slave to Google as any man, that I did, indeed, still books.He looked thoughtful, and said, ;Oh yeah. Like my dad still plays vinyl.;Well, I still play vinyl too, as a matter of fact, though I was afraid telling my student that would cause sensory overload.But I not only look things up in books, I them, and not just because I have to. You can indeed find all sorts of information about, for example, Soapy Williams, on the internet.Thats where I go if I suddenly need to know the date our legendary governor died.But that doesnt compare to Thomas Noers magnificent and fascinating biography, called, simply, Soapy, which came out 10 years ago, and which is a richly textured account of the man and Michigan during his lifetime, which spanned most of the twentieth century.Holiday season is here, as anyone not trapped in a mine shaft presumably knows, and some people are still looking for presents. You could do a lot worse than buying someone a good book, if only as a tiny gesture of defiance against Wikipedia.Heres something that bothers me about the media treats books.When something important or brilliant is published, we review it. It has a short shelf life to win attention, and then it is quickly forgotten.Well, that sort of treatment is perfectly justified for instant pseudo-books, like those thrown together following some kidnapping.Yet the best books dont rot, or become irrelevant for a long time, if ever.Sometimes people have told me they were utterly amazed at how much I know about the history of our state, something that manages to both please me and make me feel like a fraud.After all, I cant remember much about the policies of Governor Epaphroditus Ransom, who served back in the 1850s. But to the extent I do know something, it isnt just from scanning headlines or online encyclopedias, its largely from a lifetime of ing really good books.So if you have a er on your list who cares about this fascinating state, let me make a couple suggestions. The Soapy book is great, but so is Dave Dempseys biography of our longest-serving governor, called William G. Milliken, Michigans Passionate Moderate.Read those two well-written books, and youll know and understand a lot about how this state evolved. If you care about Detroit, Scott Martelles Detroit: A Biography is compelling and short. Nathan Bomeys Detroit Resurrected will give you the inside story of the bankruptcy.Theres also a pile of fascinating books on the human drama of the auto industry. And if you just one good book over the holidays, I guarantee youll feel a whole lot better than if you spent the whole time playing World of Warcraft.201612/485343鹰潭做人流到哪家医院比较好 Authorities say five children died in a house fire in western South Dakota. 当局称五名儿童死于南达科他州西部的一场火灾中。The fire was reported at 4:23 a.m. Saturday at a two-story residence in Spearfish, a town of about 11,000 people. 据报道,大火发生周六早上4:23,位于斯皮尔菲什一栋两层住宅,该镇约有11,000人。Spearfish police and fire officials say the victims were believed to be between the ages of 6 and 9 years old. 斯皮尔菲什警察和消防官员称,遇难者的年龄在6岁和9岁之间。Officials aren’t ruling out that there could be more fatalities, but believe they have accounted for everyone. 官员们没有排除可能会有更多的死亡,但相信他们已经尽力了。There was possibly a sleepover or party happening at the time of the fire. 火灾发生的时候可能正在进行派对或聚会。some adults tried to rescue the children and were taken to Spearfish Regional Hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. 一些成年人试图营救孩子,他们因烟尘吸入被送往斯皮尔菲什区医院接受治疗。Their conditions were not known. 他们的情况不知道。Officials say the house was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. A cause has not been determined. 官员表示,当消防队员到达时,房子被大火吞没。原因尚未确定。The investigation is ongoing.调查正在进行中。译文属。201704/501820鹰潭市铁路医院剖腹产需多少钱

鹰潭希正医院妇产科医院哪家好 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:束手无策,无能为力My hands are tied我束手无策,无能为力。【讲解】hands are tied 除了表示;无能为力;以外,还可以是;很忙;的意思。【情景一】面对别人的请求感到无能为力。I cant help you because my hands are tied.我帮不上你,因为我能力有限。【情景二】某些学校给学生的分数是有一定的规定的,学生必须在学校规定的期限内完成任务才能拿到相应的学分。All of the scores must be given to the office by Friday, so you must have your homework today. It is a school rule and there is nothing I can do. My hands are tied!.所有的分数都必须在礼拜五前交到办公室(学校), 所以你今天一定要有你的作业。这是学校的规定, 我无能为力。【情景三】My hands are tied除了表示束手无策和无能为力的意思之外,还表示很忙的意思。Can you get the phone? My hands are tied.你能接一下电话吗?我现在很忙。 /201202/172662鹰潭市妇幼保健院引产多少钱鹰潭余江县看乳腺检查多少钱




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