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鹰潭市哪里人流鹰潭宫颈息肉手术哪做的好espresso浓咖啡,chef厨师,upscale高档的A Double EspressoThe chef of the upscale restaurant collided with a waiter one day and spilled coffee all over our computer. The liquid poured into the processing , and resulted in some dramatic crackling and popping sounds. After sopping up the mess, we gathered around the terminal as the computer was turned back on. “Please let it work,” pleaded the guilt-ridden waiter. A waiter replied, “Should be faster than ever. That was a double espresso.”双料咖啡一天,一家高级餐馆的大厨和一个务员撞到一起,把咖啡撞翻在电脑上液体流进处理器,引起不寻常的噼噼啪啪的响声把这场混乱收拾干净以后,大家都围着电脑,等着它重新启动那个闯祸的务员祈求说:“拜托拜托,让它正常运作吧”一个女务员回答说:“应该比以往更快,这可是一杯双料浓咖啡”1. chef厨师He is one of the top chefs in Britain.他是英国最好的厨师之一 .upscale高档的;高收入的an upscale neighborhood高消费社区3.collide相撞The ships collided in the fog.轮船在雾中相撞也可以指“(人、意见等 )冲突, 抵触, 不一致”:The interests of the two countries collide.两国的利益发生冲突 .dramatic戏剧性的,非寻常的He enjoys the dramatic arts.他喜爱戏剧艺术“引人注目的, 给人深刻印象的”:She plays a very dramatic woman with flashing eyes.她饰演一位双眼闪光的引人注目的妇人5.sop吸水be sopped through the skin 浑身湿透;用海绵、布等吸起(液体等):sop up the water with a towel 用毛巾吸水6.plead恳求 She wept and pleaded until he agreed to do as she wished.她哭着恳求他, 一直到他答应她的愿望去做 7671鹰潭市人民医院妇科人流 watering hole夜总会,shot烈酒,ritual习惯An Alcohol TesterI stopped at my favorite watering hole after a hard day’s work to relax. I noticed a man next to me order a shot and a beer. The man drank the shot, chased it with the beer and then looked into his shirt pocket. This continued several times bee my curiosity got the best of me. I leaned over to the guy and said, “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your little ritual. Why in the world do you look into your shirt pocket every time you drink your shot and beer?” The man replied, “There’s a picture of my wife in there, and when she starts looking good, I’m heading home! ”酒精测试仪忙了一天,我在我最喜欢的夜总会里轻松一下我注意到旁边的男子要了一瓶烈酒和一瓶啤酒他喝了一口烈酒,紧接着又喝了一口啤酒,然后往他的衬衣口袋里看了一下他这样反复好几次以后,我实在忍不住,凑到他面前问他:“不好意思打扰一下我实在忍不住注意你的习惯你究竟为什么每次喝一口烈酒,紧接着喝一口啤酒,然后又往衬衣口袋里看一下?”那个男子回答说:“那里有我老婆的一张照片当她开始变得好看的时候,我就该回家了”1.watering hole 夜总会这是比较口语化的表达,夜总会也可以说是night club. watering hole 也可以指水坑、海滨胜地或者像夜总会这样的公众聚谈场所,比如 a watering hole artists 艺术家聚会场所.shot烈酒down one’s glass in one shot把杯中酒一饮而尽shot还可以指“一针见血的评语”:That remark was a shot at me.那话是针对我说的也可以指影片、照片:There’s a shot of us all together.我们有一张大家在一起的合影3.curiosity好奇心Out of curiosity, he walked into the house.出于好奇,他走进了那所房子还可以指“奇物、古玩”:That old chair is quite a curiosity.那张旧椅子是稀奇之物“奇特性”:The curiosity of the room was that it had no windows.这个房间的奇特之处就在于它没有窗户. get the best of 得胜在文中的意思就是“在我的好奇心得胜前,旁边男人的古怪行为一直在继续”,换言之,“古怪的行为让我充满了好奇心” The facts he cited helped him to get the best of the argument.他所列举的事实帮他在辩论中取胜了Heart disease can get the best of us.心脏病可能会压倒我们5.ritual习惯make a ritual of one’s household duties把家务作为自己每天的例行公事也可以用来表示比较正式的程序、礼仪等等:the ritual of the law法律程序;Our society has many rituals of greeting, farewell, and celebration.我们的社会有许多关于招呼、告别和庆祝的程式6.head使朝着特定方向行进也有“位于…顶部”的意思:She will head the cast.她将担任主角His address headed the letter.他的地址在信的上端 83A Small Apartment小型公寓The big family lived in a one-bedroom apartment. Their apartment had only one bedroom. Mom and Dad slept in the bedroom. The two babies also slept in the bedroom. Four people slept in the bedroom. Four children slept in the living room. Two sisters slept in the living room. Two brothers slept in the living room. All four of them slept in the living room. They slept on air mattresses. They leaned the air mattresses against the wall in the daytime. They put the air mattresses on the floor in the nighttime. They all liked to sleep on the air mattresses. But the girls didn’t like to sleep next to the boys. “Daddy, we dont like to sleep next to the boys. We want our own bedroom. When will we get our own bedroom?” asked one girl. “You’ll get your own bedroom when I get a better job,” Daddy said.大家庭居住在一居室公寓公寓只有一间卧室父母睡在卧室两个婴儿睡在卧室总共四人睡在卧室四名孩子睡在客厅俩睡在客厅兄弟俩也睡在客厅四人均睡在客厅他们睡气垫床早上把气垫床贴靠在墙上晚上将气垫床铺在地上他们喜欢睡气垫床但是女孩不喜欢和男孩一起睡女孩说;“爸爸,我们不想和男孩一起睡我们想要自己的卧室我们什么时候能有自己的卧室?”爸爸说:“等我有了好工作你们才有自己的卧室”译文属原创,,不得转载 96鹰潭医院打胎多钱

鹰潭龙虎山风景区白带异常哪家医院最好的Does the government do a good job in protecting your personal data? CNN's Jeanne Meserve reports.Details of your medical history, and work record, financial transactions, your social security number, travel history, the kind of personal inmation entered into government databases. How often do prying eyes look at it? It's a handful each year that we know about. Now, of course there is always possibility that there are some that you don’t know about. Very possible, a report card on government computer security, issued last year, failed the State Department and 7 other federal agencies, the government-wide grade, C-minus. Some agencies have made improving security a priority. The Veterans Administration was red-faced when personal inmation of more than 6 million beneficiaries was compromised in . Now, all medical inmation in its files is encrypted and customized, thumb drives can only be on authorized computers. Other government agencies have privacy officers who are supposed to police the use and disclosure of personal inmation. Many agencies require employees and contractors undergo privacy training and sign privacy pledges. Many have computer systems designed to detect unauthorized snooping in files. Of course, the State Department had all these and still files were breached. The fact that it happened to 3 of the highest-profile people in America shouldn't be taken as a, as an indicator this only happens to the powerful. It happens to ordinary Americans, it just doesn’t get the same sort of attention. And Steinhardt says if it happens to you, it is very likely, you will never find out. Jeanne Meserve, CNN, Washington. WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. report card : n-countA report card is an official written of how well or how badly a pupil has done during the term or year that has just finished. (AM; in BRIT, use report) . Veterans Administration : (美国)退伍军人VA is an independent federal agency administering benefits and programs to veterans; it achieved cabinet‐level status as the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1988. Established by Congress in 1930, the VA absorbed three separate agencies: the Bureau of Pensions, established in 1833; the National Homes of Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, founded in 1866; and the Veteran's Bureau, created in 191. 3. red-faced : adjA red-faced person has a face that looks red, often because they are embarrassed or angry. . encrypt : verbIf a document or piece of inmation is encrypted, it is written in a special code, so that only certain people can it. 5. thumb drive : noun 可移动硬盘、U盘、闪盘USB drive, A flash memory card that plugs into the computer's USB port. Small enough to hook onto a keychain, it emulates a small disk drive and allows data to be easily transferred from one machine to another. Also known as a "flash drive," "pen drive," "keychain drive," "key drive," "USB key," "USB stick" and "memory key," numerous brand names have also been coined such as Lexar's JumpDrive and Trek 00 International's ThumbDrive. 8756鹰潭治疗不孕不育的医院有哪些   Understanding Jealousy  Most of us have experienced Shakespeare ;green-eyed monster; -- jealousy. It is a terrible obsession. Often in a crisis wed like to kill the person who tries to take our lover away. It is said that % to 35% of all murders involve a jealous lover. Just as falling in love seems ;natural; and unlearned, so does jealousy. It just comes over us when someone or something (like work, TV, or sports) threatens our love relationship.  There are four stages of jealousy:  Suspecting the threat: If you are insecure about a love relationship and very dependent on your lover, you are likely to be jealous. You may see ;signs; of disaster when none are there. In reality, 5% of the people in the Psychology Today survey had cheated on a partner while pretending to be faithful. If the threat to our relationship -- the competitor -- is attractive, intelligent, successful, etc., we will be more threatened and more disturbed.  Assessing the threat: We may spy on our lover and the competitor; we probably lie awake nights worrying about the situation and reviewing the signs, ;Did she come on to him?; ;I wonder if he has talked to her?; ;Does he love her?; ;Wonder if everybody but me knows about it?;... Women are concerned about their partner becoming attracted to other women by sex, intelligence, and other attractions, and dissatisfaction with the current relationship. Men are more concerned about protecting their egos if they are ;beaten out; by another man; they worry about their partner having sex with someone else (but theyd probably blame the partner if that did happen). It is in this deep worry and spying stage that we go crazy.  Emotional reactions: If we decide there is a threat to our love, we can have a very wide range of responses: clinging dependency, anger at the competitor or the partner, morbid curiosity, self-criticism, and depression with suicidal thoughts, hurt and resentment of the partner lack of devotion, social embarrassment, selfish -- sometimes realistic -- concerns (;Id better take the money out of the bank;), urge to ;get back at; the partner, fear of losing companionship, loneliness, regrets at giving up all the future plans, etc.  Coping response: There are two basic choices -- trying to save the threatened relationship or trying to protect your sagging ego. Men are more likely to become competitive or angry, often including getting drunk. Women more often become weak and depressed. After an affair, men want sexual details and women want to know how serious the relationship is. 1839鹰潭贵溪市治疗宫颈糜烂医院

江西铜业集团医院不孕不育科a!k73)GPgprdw~0qPjv8dWqFbSCEauyFy3;Tc|lLhfrZSJimmy dropped a piece of paper on the floor. He bent over and picked it up. He folded the piece of paper in two. He put it on the table. He picked up a pencil. He wrote a phone number on the piece of paper. He put the pencil on the table. He picked up the scissors. He picked up the piece of paper. He cut the paper in half. He put one-half of the paper on the table. He put the other half with the phone number in his shirt pocket. He put the scissors on the table.Ym|#3-1bn|VxBqNUpY.3W7[+IX]_RNm*s(N_pS~BWBdlJ(bJNq)YeXhQ 38897 鹰潭希正医院做人流怎么样鹰潭是解放军184医院能做人流吗




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