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A capitalist-loving Republican against Wal-Mart? Where would you find such a person? Well, you expect Walmart bashing from union types and liberals, but not one of the GOP's most trusted former advisers, advisers like Terry Holt, who says that Walmart is giving capitalism a bad name. He just joined the Wal-Mart Watch team. Terry, this is a bit of a surprise, why? Hi, Neil, well, you know, Wal-Mart, uh, it has its roots in small-town , America , in red-state America. But lately Walmart's lost its way and in, in, for lots of different reasons but specifically, Wal-Mart is a huge recipient of co, corporate welfare. In fact, a couple of years ago, they got 35 million dollars from the federal government to repave their driveway, now this is the largest cooperation in America, in the world in, for retail. And, and I just wonder if the American taxpayers should be footing the bill for things like that, and also for things like health care for tens of thousands of Americans who work at Walmart. The state government and the federal government pick up the tab because Walmart does not give a health care benefit that in the forces there-- it doesn't give an-an adequate health care benefit, and it forces these people onto the public rolls and it costs me, a republican money. Yeah. But Terry, you could argue, I understand that but you could argue that a lot of the workers not covered are not full-time workers. And workers at Walmart as ..., with a lot of other (ur) convenience stores, retailers establishments come and go. So is that the fault of a company just being cruel to its workers or one that just recognizes its financial realities of a shifting workforce. Well, but in fact Walmart had in, in documents that have been disclosed to the public, er, not to Wal-Mart's happiness, but they have made conscious decisions to prevent people from becoming full-time workers, and keeping them part-time workers, so that they can't even qualify for benefits, forcing them on to the public rolls for an even , even longer period of time. And frankly, you know, Walmart is, ur. . you know, it's, it's a highly successful company, but we have very low expectations for it, you know, price is keen at Walmart and all of us have been to Walmart because of price. But I wonder if most Americans, there's seventy million Americans who go to Walmart, I wonder if they would be surprised to know that their tax dollars being taken out of their bag pocket even while they are saving money. But Terry you would argue Wal-Mart's a successful institution that has generated a lot of revenue that has helped a lot of people that for Americans who shop there, it's also meant a big difference in saving a lot of money on everyday items they purchase, right? That's right, but there, there are better ways to do this, in fact, you know, Walmart used to make a big deal, of "Buying American" and in small towns all over America, most of us maybe still think that's true. But I'm not sure that most Americans know that 70 percent of Walmart's products are of Chinese origin. Even now do they make the point. . . Yeah. But Terry, you know now one of the workers I've seen at Walmart, (ur) that I've noticed, chained to a cash register or chained to an aisle, they are working there, their own volition they seem pretty happy with it. It's provided jobs and many of them would have never been able to find any. I mean, you seem to vilify a company that, that's done a lot of good as well. Well, in fact I'm not vilifying the company, I would like to see the company become a better neighbour, to become a better corporate citizen. You know, Walmart is unique because of its size, it's a huge company. And many people are, are looking it as an example of success. I just don't want that success to result in, in a corporate culture where we, we are inspiring people to be the lowest common denominator. We are expect(ing) more from our companies. (All right. ) I think that republicans ought to be in a position to say that a company in coming into its community is doing the community good. (OK. ) But in fact when Walmart goes into a community, small businesses close, Christian bookstores close. (Alright, maybe. ) Well, all right. I wish I had more time, Terry, but you argue your point very well. Good to have you on. Thanks, Neil. Terry Holt, thanks. 200809/47505Bush Expresses Solidarity With Pakistan布什致电吉拉尼声援巴基斯坦人民  U.S. President George Bush has expressed solidarity with the people of Pakistan in a phone call with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Mr. Bush talked earlier to former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. 美国总统布什在跟巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼的电话交谈中向巴基斯坦人民表示声援。布什稍早还跟巴基斯坦前总统穆沙拉夫进行了电话交谈。The separate calls followed a new wave of suicide bombings in Pakistan, and came just days after Pervez Musharraf resigned. 布什总统跟吉拉尼和穆沙拉夫分别进行电话交谈之前,巴基斯坦发生了一系列自杀式炸弹爆炸,而几天前穆沙拉夫刚刚辞去总统职务。The latest attacks occurred Thursday at the nation's main weapons complex, not far from Islamabad. Dozens of people were killed and with scores seriously injured the death toll is expected to rise.  最新这轮炸弹爆炸事件星期四发生在离巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡不远的一家主要兵工厂。爆炸造成几十人丧生,还有几十人受重伤,因此死亡人数预计还会上升。The twin suicide bombings were among the deadliest attacks in the country in recent years, and Pakistani Taliban militants have claimed responsibility. 这两起自杀式炸弹爆炸事件是巴基斯坦近年来造成死伤最多的袭击事件,巴基斯坦塔利班激进份子宣称对袭击负责。White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe says during the call to Prime Minister Gilani, President Bush expressed his condolences. Johndroe says he told the prime minister that the extremists behind these attacks pose a threat not just to Pakistan and the ed States, but to the world. 美国白宫发言人约翰德罗说,布什总统在电话交谈中对遇难者向巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼表示哀悼。约翰德罗说,布什告诉吉拉尼,策划这轮袭击事件的极端分子不仅对巴基斯坦和美国构成威胁,而且对全世界构成威胁。"President Bush expressed to Prime Minister Gilani the ed States' strong commitment to working with the prime minister and the government of Pakistan to address the ongoing battle against extremists and to assist Pakistan through its current economic situation," he said. 约翰德罗说:“布什总统向吉拉尼总理表示要和巴基斯坦政府一道打击极端分子,帮助巴基斯坦渡过目前的经济难关的决心。”Speaking to reporters in Texas, near the president's ranch, Johndroe said Mr. Bush also briefed the Pakistani leader on his call earlier in the day to Pervez Musharraf. 约翰德罗在德克萨斯州布什总统的牧场附近对记者讲话时说,布什总统还向吉拉尼简要介绍了他当天早些时候跟穆沙拉夫电话交谈的情况。"President Bush advised Prime Minister Gilani that he had just spoken this morning to former President Musharraf and that President Bush had wished President Musharraf well and thanked him for his efforts in the democratic transition of Pakistan as well as the fight against al-Qaida and extremist groups," added Johndroe.  约翰德罗说:“布什总统告知吉拉尼总理当天上午他刚刚跟前总统穆沙拉夫通过电话,布什总统祝穆沙拉夫一切安好,并感谢他为巴基斯坦民主过渡以及为打击基地和极端分子组织做出的努力。”Mr. Musharraf resigned on Monday to avoid impeachment. President Bush has often referred to him as a strong ally in the war on terror. But there have been concerns in Washington in recent months that Pakistan has not been doing enough to go after extremist and terrorist elements in the rough terrain near its border with Afghanistan. 穆沙拉夫为了避免受到弹劾而在星期一宣布辞职。布什总统经常把穆沙拉夫称为反恐战争中的坚定盟友。不过,近几个月来,美国认为巴基斯坦没有尽全力追剿阿富汗边界地形复杂地区的极端分子和恐怖分子,对此感到关注。These latest attacks may provide a clue as to the Gilani government's willingness to hit back at terrorists. A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban claims the suicide bombings were in retaliation for military operations in the border region. 上述最新的袭击事件可能会对吉拉尼政府是否愿意打击恐怖分子提供一些线索。巴基斯坦塔利班组织的发言人宣称,星期四的自杀式炸弹爆炸是对巴基斯坦政府在边界地区军事行动的报复。200808/46474

Thank you all very much indeed. Now the body of an 89-year-old woman is being exhumed by the police tonight as they investigate the death of seven elderly people at a care home. In an un-press dent investigation by even some said , police --- bodies first three been exhumed so post – examination can be carried out. There are all residents in care home in some sites which were closed down after death of 97 years old woman on new year’s day. Managers of home were arrested in fail of after the death on suspicions of administrating a noxious substance. Jane dodge reports form some on site.Usually a place of rest far from today it glass breath cemetery, the midnight polices would exhume body of ----, darkness more discrete for what police described as a drastic step. This is picture for Det last July at age of 89, there was no post mort examination, it’s assumed she died for natural courses.It’s very unusual . it’s very different clearly , suspicious death we normally do with, yes , it’s shopping in . as you come close as assuming someone it’s really just become quite horrify.Police are investigating the death of seven women, all of them residents of parkfields care home in a village --, neighbors who knew them are shocked by unfolding events.Under fact is evil to – you know, joined the bill—I thought , they were very—Terrible obsessing, I mean we are really upset about it, there’re nothing we can do it, we just sit and wait.The couple who run parkfields are the center of police investigation, Rachel Baker and Leigh Baker have been arrested and questioned on suspicious of administrating of not just substance, it’s one of the oldest residences in the home, Leigh has been charged in both been released in police bale , it’s the death of that old residents which trigger this current investigation.On the January 1st 97 years old Lucy Cox died posed – found her death suspicious , on Jan 4th , after receiving the tip-off thought to be member staff , the commission for social care Inspection or CSCI held unannounced the inspection on March 16th , parkfields was closed , its residents moved out where.When we conducted our inspection on end Jan ,we found it’s been a home where , we had serious concerns, poor prevention ,poor stand its care , affected peoples lives, affected residents lives.One of concerns the lack of records kept of meditation given to the residents echoing that police around still to be concentrating during quiry on whether that was misusing the prescribe drugs, two other bodies would be exhumed in next few weeks , the tumor for relatives and friends far from over.200805/39705

US Cites New Evidence of Iranian Support for Taliban美指责伊朗继续向塔利班提供武器The Pentagon said Wednesday Iran is continuing to provide weapons and other material to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, in addition to its alleged continuing support for Shiite militias in Iraq. Officials spoke to reporters Wednesday shortly after a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group arrived in the Persian Gulf.  美国国防部星期三说,伊朗继续为阿富汗的塔利班激进份子提供武器和其他材料。此外,伊朗还被指责继续持伊拉克的什叶派武装份子。五角大楼官员星期三对记者做出上述表示前不久,美国第二个航空母舰战斗群抵达波斯湾。The chief of operations for the senior U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General Carter Ham, says Iranian support for the Taliban, first reported last year, is continuing.  美军参谋长联席会议作战部部长卡特.哈姆中将说,最早在去年公布的伊朗对塔利班的持目前仍在继续。"There is indication that the Iranian support of the Taliban has continued," said General Ham. "Again, we don't believe it to be at the same level of which they have provided fighters and weapons into Iraq. But there is some clear evidence that it has occurred." 他说:“有迹象显示,伊朗对塔利班的持仍在继续。当然,我们不认为伊朗向塔利班提供的持达到了它向伊拉克输送战斗人员和提供武器的程度,但是有明确的据显示伊朗持了塔利班。”General Ham says the support involves "weapons and material," but he did not provide details of what Iran sends or how much. He did say there is no indication Iran is providing the high-powered roadside bombs it has given to insurgents in Iraq. 哈姆将军说,这种持包括“武器和材料”,但是他没有详细叙述伊朗输送了什么或者数量有多大。不过他明确表示,没有迹象显示伊朗为塔利班提供了它向伊拉克武装份子所提供的威力强大的路边炸弹。The new allegation comes as two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups are in the Persian Gulf in an unusual display of American military power in the waterway along Iran's southwestern coast. Officials say one carrier group is relieving the other, and the overlap will not last long. On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered this characterization of the temporary double deployment.  对伊朗的最新指控发布之前,两组美国航空母舰战斗群已经抵达波斯湾, 在伊朗西南边境的水陆通道上不同寻常地彰显着美国的军事威力。有关官员说,一个航母战斗群是为了替换另一个战斗群,两组航母群不会同时在那里停留很久。"I don't see it as an escalation," said Secretary Gates. "I think it could be seen, though, as a reminder." 星期二,国防部长盖茨就这种临时的部署方式表态说:“我不认为这是军事升级,不过我认为可以把它看成是一种提示。”General Ham says the message is aimed at both U.S. allies and potential adversaries in the region, but he said it would be a mistake to view the carrier overlap as designed specifically to send a message to Iran.  哈姆将军说,这个信息既面向美国的盟友,又针对该地区潜在的对手。但是他说,将两组战斗群同时出现在波斯湾看成一种向伊朗发出信息的特意安排,那是一个错误。"The message of commitment to the region is one that we think is important, but it's not intended to be any more than that," he said. "It's a message to all nations that the ed States possesses the capability and the will to operate globally. So this is an opportunity to do that." 他说:“我们认为对该地区的承诺是一个重要的信息,但不是刻意要超过这个意义。对所有国家来说,这是一个信息,表示美国具有这种能力和意志展开全球行动。因此这是展示这种能力的一个机会。”General Ham says the two carriers will enable U.S. commanders to order more air strikes in Iraq, as well as more reconnaissance flights and other missions.  哈姆将军说,两艘航母将让美军司令有能力命令在伊拉克展开更多的空袭行动,也能执行更多的侦察飞行和其他任务。He says it also provides an important training opportunity for the two carrier crews.  他说,这也为两艘航母上的军人提供了重要的训练机会。White House spokeswoman Dana Perino explained it this way. 白宫女发言人佩里诺对此解释说:"These exercises are not aimed at Iran," said Dana Perino. "They reinforce that the U.S. has an enduring commitment to the region and to our allies and we continue to protect our allies and interests wherever necessary." “这些军事演习没有针对伊朗。这仅仅是美国对该地区坚守承诺,对盟国坚守承诺的一种强化的表示。不论在任何必要的地方我们都将继续保卫我们的盟友和利益。”Also on Wednesday, the director of planning for the U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General John Satler, denied a news report that indicated there is increased planning for potential U.S. military action against Iran. 另一方面,美军参谋长联席会议战略政策计划部部长萨特勒中将也在星期三否认了新闻报导所说的美国加紧了可能对伊朗采取军事行动计划的说法。"There has been no order, specific order, to plan in any particular area of the world," said General Satler. "But I want to make it clear to everyone that we do plan. We challenge those plans. We challenge the assumptions of those plans, ongoing. And I would just leave it at that. We don't discuss, as you well know, specific plans that are ongoing or operations that are ongoing." 他说:“没有任何命令,特别的命令,针对世界某个特别地区进行备战。但是我要对各位明确说明,我们确实有所准备。我们也完善那些计划。我们持续地完善那些计划中的假设。我只能说这么多。就像各位所了解的那样,我们不就此进行讨论,不讨论进行中的特别计划,不讨论进行中的军事行动。”U.S. officials have said they do not want to have a military confrontation with Iran, and hope to work through allies and diplomatic channels to convince Iranian leaders not to support insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.  美国官员说过,他们不希望和伊朗进行军事对峙,希望通过盟国以及外交渠道来说伊朗领导人,不要持伊拉克和阿富汗的激进份子200805/37337

----And this morning on Today's How-To: saving time, work, family, errands, chores, oh, yeah, but how about having some fun once in a while? Did you feel like you need more hours from the day? Well, Good Housekeeping Magazine has some advice on how you can stop wasting time and get it all done. And here with the ur, top ten tips, is Carolyn Forte, hey Carolyn, good morning!---Good morning, Hoda, nice to be here!---You know, ah, well, a lot of us spend time looking for things in the morning? It's the glasses, it's the keys, and in my case it's always, always the other shoe.---(laugh) Yeah, the other shoe, (now, ah) yeah!I've been there.--- What are the biggest mistakes we made when it comes to that? ---And to speak to what you're saying, (Yeah) I think it's being organized. When you're disorganized, you don't know where things are, (right) you're rifling from drawers, rifling through closets, trying to find the thing that didn't go back where it belongs. So if you can stay your organized, you can really save some time.---All right. Let's start saving time right this minute. OK?--Okay.-- No. 1, your No.1 tip here is bank online. (Right). Now some people are afraid to do it, but you say (A little nervous) it's something smart. --Yeah, yeah, it is very safe. And we certainly recommend that you use your own bank's website. So go to the bank, talk to the consumer service representatives there. If you have some questions about how to do it, how safe it is, it's the best way to find out how safe it is and how easy...---And how much time do you think you saved, Carolyn, by doing that?---You know if you can, write, write in a lot of checks, if you're making transfers, checking your statements, you can save 30 minutes, up, even up to an hour.---I've seen um~a lot of this number, the second tip, which is online grocers (en hmm). Now, um that's really not for everyone, but you actually go grocery shopping online.---That's exactly what you do. And you know, if you are the type of person that wants to every label and look at every, every, er, piece of fruit, it's probably not for you. But, um, you know, if you wanna give up a little control, you can definitely save some time. ---And what's the good strategy if you decide to shop online?---What I would suggest is especially starting out, is do the staples online. The brands that you use all the time, the paper products, the cleaning products, the cereals, get that online and then go to the store for the meats in the produce.---Now for those who are big library people who like the library, you say make a preemptive strike basically and go online first before you actually make the trip out to the library. ---That's exactly right. Check, check the library's website. You can reserve books rather than make a trip and find out they don't have the book that you want. (Right) You can put it in order and they will call you and let you know when it's in and then you go get it.----Ah the fourth tip I like it a lot because I travel a lot. It is print your boarding pass before you go to the airport. (Yep) That is so smart, right?--- It, really, it's like why don't we think of this sooner, right? (Yeah). It's really amazing, especially you don't have to check luggage, cause if you have to check luggage it's gonna take you a little time. (Sure) But if you're just carrying on, you skip those chaos and go right to the gate.---That's brilliant. Now (yeah) for, for those of us who are always sort of looking for the same phone number, I know I'm like this. I leaf through the phone book, I find the phone number, I call it, I shut the phone book,(right), um, and then the next week I'm gonna use that same number.(right) What's the good way to sort of keep track of things? --- Highlight it, you know, just do it in a bright color, so it jumps out to you if it's something that you use often and organize your phone book (en hmm). That's really important. No more napkins and envelope flaps and old Christmas cards and phone numbers. Do it nicely and you will find things quicker.---Okay my big Achilles' heel for me is my purse. It is the bottomless horrible pit. (the pit) I don't even know what's in there. But you, show me the best way (Everything goes in there, right.) ---You've got a handy bag.---You've got a little, a little example here for you. And the first thing to do is keep a pen in every purse. (Pen in every purse), okay? (Yep) and a couple of pens, cause you, inevitably you are gonna run out of ink, (Yeah) so you wanna do that, em, what I like is a nice handy little bag, (what's in there?), a zip-topped bag of note cards, your stamps, (right) your address labels, so when you are waiting into, in line or waiting, for, a doctor's appointment, (en hmm, en hmm) you could write out notes quickly, okay? Keep an easy-to-find credit card, either credit card or ATM card. (ATM card, that's smart, you could have your ATM card in there), bright colors, you know, exactly where (right) it is to pull it out and a separate pouch inside for all your receipts, so that they don't wind up all over the place (en hmm). What you can do is keep them there organized. (Can I show you my purse just one second?) (laugh). Go through them once in a while. Just take a, take a shot in that baby. Can you see in there? There are Sudafed, makeup. Anyway. I thought it's a lot in there. ( We can give you a hand) It's bad. All right and you say, just lastly, it's good (ok), it's, it's a good idea to stash scissors in every single room so if you are wrapping presents, doing things.---Right, you'll, you'll always have a th you have to clip, a tag you have to take off, a little brush,er, and you know, right at the front door before you go out, make it look great. So...---You are so smart. I feel like we have saved time today, (we did,we did) Carolyn Forte, thank you so much. (Thank you) We really appreciate your time. 200810/51249

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