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鹰潭市红十字中西医结合医院能做人流吗鹰潭哪家医院看不孕不育Now that the vacation suitcases are put away and the children are back in school, it may be time to start planning for something that you may have been putting off-a divorce.既然旅行箱已经放好,孩子们也重返学校了,或许是时候开始准备一下你一直在推后的离婚计划了。Divorce is a huge step and not one to be taken lightly due in part to its enormous emotional and financial ramifications. But as the economy continues to improve, more couples who have postponed their divorces are likely to pursue them.离婚是一件大事,由于其会对情感以及财务状况产生巨大的影响,因此不可草率行事。但随着经济继续好转,许多曾推迟了离婚计划的夫妇可能会将该计划付诸行动了。 National U.S. divorce statics are pretty lousy. There is no reliable central database and some states, most notably California, don#39;t even count the number of divorces annually.美国的离婚统计工作做得相当糟糕,没有可以信赖的中央数据库,一些州、最明显的是加利福尼亚州甚至不统计年度离婚数据。That said, the reported number of divorces runs at about 40% of marriages. In 2011, for instance, there were 877,000 divorces and 2.1 million marriages, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.但据称离婚数量已经相当于结婚数量的大约40%。例如,据全美健康统计中心(National Center for Health Statistics)数据,2011年有210万对新人结婚,但有877,000对夫妇离婚。Whether it#39;s the seven-year itch or you#39;re just plain unhappy and you feel it#39;s time to make a change, there a few things you need to consider before you file.无论是因为七年之痒,还是仅仅因为你过得不开心,你觉得是时候做出点改变了。但在提交离婚申请之前你需要考虑好以下问题。 /201409/329429鹰潭妇科常规检查多少钱 If you are a resident of Lenoir City, Tennessee,you might want to remember to mow your lawn — otherwise, you will be spending the night in jail.如果你是田纳西州勒努瓦市的居民,你可能得记得修剪自家的草坪——否则,你将得在监狱里过夜。Karen Holloway just spent six hours in a jail cell for failing to maintain heryard in accordance with the standards set by thecity.Karen Holloway就因为没有按照城市设定的标准来维护院子里的草坪而在监狱里待了6个小时。The saga began last summer, when Holloway was sent a citation for her overgrown grass and shrubbery. Holloway, who works a full-time job and has two children living at home, a husband in school, and one family vehicle, admits the yard needed some attention but that it just wasn#39;t feasible to do the work. 这个故事还得从去年夏天说起,当时Holloway因院子里杂草灌木丛生而收到法院的传票。Holloway承认家里的院子需要打理,但她就是忙不过来。Holloway干着全职工作,家里有两个孩子,她的丈夫就职于学校,他们有一辆车。;The bushes and trees were overgrown. But that#39;s certainly not a criminal offense,; she says.她说,“灌木是长得快了点,但这显然不能构成犯罪”。Last week, Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence to Holloway for refusing to comply with the city ordinances regarding yard maintenance,specifically the lack thereof.上周,Judge TerryVann因Holloway拒绝遵守城市的庭院维护条例宣布她获5日监禁,但这显然缺乏根据。In addition to the severity of the sentencing, Holloway say she also feels that she was bullied during the process because she was never her rights or told that she could have a lawyer present.除了重判外,Holloway说自己在审判过程中还受到欺凌,因为她没看过自己有的权利也没被告知她可以找一名律师。This isn#39;t the first time Holloway has been cited by the city. While her husband was serving in the military and deployed overseas, she was also sent acitation. 这不是Holloway第一次收到该市法院的传讯。她丈夫在军队役和被派往海外的时候,她也曾收到过法院的传讯。On Tuesday, when she stood in front of the court once more, her sentence was reduced to six hours. The judge admitted Holloway is not a criminal, and that this is not a criminal case — but she was still sentenced to jail. Hollowayturned herself in Tuesday evening and served her six hours.周二,当她再次出庭,她获判的入狱时间减少到了6个小时。法官承认Holloway并不是罪犯,这也不能构成刑事案件——但她仍被判入狱。Holloway于周二晚入狱并被关了6个小时。Neither the judge nor the police chief have responded with comments.法官和警察局长都未对此置评。This is not the first time someone has been sentenced to jail because of the state of his or her property. Linda Ruggles of South Carolina was unable to pay the 0 fine for the loose shingles left on her roof after repairs stalled followingthe 2008 recession. She spent six days in jail.这不是首个因自身财产状况而被判入狱的例子。2008年遇上经济衰退之后,南卡罗来纳州的Linda Ruggles因屋顶木瓦失修获500美元罚金,她因无力付而入狱6天。 /201410/336962Things have changed a bit since Edward IV’s day. Britain’s first Plantagenet king would probably not have had the end of his loo roll folded into a smart point as ours is. Nor, in what the Middle Ages euphemistically called a “garderobe”, was Edward likely to have had the benefit of a complimentary spa manicure kit (“time for nails”). And while taps by Heritage Bathrooms (founded in 1924) might usually confer an air of architectural originality, in this bathroom (founded c1330) they feel daringly modern.自爱德华四世(Edward IV)“下榻”以来,迄今为止沃里克城堡(Warwick Castle)内部的摆设变动很小。英国金雀花王朝的首位国王(Plantagenet)或许不会把手纸两端折卷成如今我们这样的中空滚筒状,在中世纪所谓“卧房”(委婉说法)中,爱德华四世也不太可能免费获赠Spa美甲包(“修剪指甲的时间”)。修建于1024年的Heritage Bathrooms卫生间里,水龙头还颇有些建筑创意,而最初建于1330年的卫生间却有着大胆的登感。This is the Rose Suite in Warwick Castle, former seat of the Earl of Warwick, defensive stronghold of William the Conqueror and, for several weeks in 1469, the place where Edward IV is thought, the castle says, to have stayed as guest (or rather, as the history books have it, “prisoner”). And tonight, it is where I am staying too. Because, from this month, Warwick Castle is offering guests the opportunity to sleep in the same rooms in the tower where Edward slept. The castle is, perhaps inevitably, promising a “royal welcome”.这儿是沃里克城堡的玫瑰套房(Rose Suite),曾是昔日沃里克伯爵(Earl of Warwick)的领地,也曾是征者威廉(William the Conqueror)的防御要塞,据城堡档案记载,1459年,据说爱德华四世曾作为“客人”在此居住过几个星期(抑或按照历史著作的准确记载,爱德华四世曾作为“囚犯”在此住过)。今晚,此处也是本人的下榻之处。因为从本月起,沃里克城堡允许旅客入住昔日爱德华四世曾睡过的房间。或许这是必然结果:沃里克城堡承诺给游客以“至尊享受”。In many ways, the passing of 700-odd years has left relatively little mark. Edward, when he was here, would have climbed the same spiral staircase as I did and slept beneath the same vaulted stone ceiling. Perhaps most pruriently, as Aaron Manning, the castle’s head of historical interpretation explains, the modern toilet is plumbed into the medieval plumbing, so Edward “would have sat in exactly the same place as guests would today”. A happy thought.从多方面看,700多年的风风雨雨几乎未给城堡留下什么印记。爱德华羁押于此时,肯定与我一样爬同样的旋转楼梯,睡在拱顶石天花板底下同样的房间。或许正如城堡历史解说部主管曼宁(Aaron Manning)所说的,最让人想入非非的是:由于现代卫生设备已接入昔日中世纪的管道系统,因此爱德华“或许与如今入住的客人一样,坐在同样的马桶上方便”。想想甭提有多逗趣!Royal thrones aside, there have been some more obvious changes. Arriving at the entrance gate, I am waved through the ticket barrier by a wench in medieval dress who is chatting on the phone. A Viking and a Saxon (Emma and Mark, apparently) wander past together as they go off-shift and, it must be said, somewhat historically off-track. I am advised not to miss the flaming trebuchet at 4.30pm. You wouldn’t get this at Windsor Castle.先抛开爱德华四世不谈,如今的沃里克城堡已有了些明显变化。抵达入口大门时,一位身着中世纪裙子、正在大煲电话的乡下姑娘向我挥手示意,径直让我通过了检票口。一位维京人与另一萨克逊人(很明显就是艾玛与马克)下班后,也一起漫步通过了检票口,必须指出的是:这么做与历史事实有些出入。曼宁建议我务必不要错过下午4:30举行的火焰投石机表演。这种表演在温莎城堡(Windsor Castle)都没机会看到。But then again, given that Windsor’s royals are still in residence, you wouldn’t get to stay in their bedroom either. Which is the real difference here. It is often said that those visiting stately homes tend, in the face of all statistical likelihood, to imagine themselves as owners rather than the kitchenmaids. In many castles, such imaginings are hampered by the fact that the nobles are still in residence. Not so here: in 1978 the Earl of Warwick sold the castle and its heating bills to the Tussauds Group (owners of the famous waxworks as well as theme parks). The closest thing that Warwick now has to a noble is, well, me.但话又说回来,由于英王室目前仍居住于温莎城堡,所以诸位也没机会睡到其房间中,这才是本质差别。根据概率统计,参观开放豪华古宅的游客据说通常就把自己设想成是所有者,而不是厨房女佣。在许多城堡中,由于贵族仍然居住于此,这种美好想象只是黄粱梦而已。但沃里克城堡并非如此:1978年,沃里克伯爵把城堡连带所欠取暖费一并转手给了杜莎集团(Tussauds Group,诸多知名蜡像馆以及主题公园的运营商)。如今享受沃里克城堡贵族务的恰恰就是本人。And a very pleasant feeling it is too. I walk past groups of what Shakespeare would have called “commoners” in the courtyard as they enjoy their b and circuses (or at least burgers and vulture shows), content in the knowledge that I needn’t join their queues because champagne and canapés are waiting for me in my suite. I also discover that this suite is reached – and this is perhaps the most delicious experience of the whole weekend – through a door marked “No Entry”.而且这种感觉特别爽,我从院子里一队队游客(换作莎士比亚(Shakespeare),会称呼他们为“平民”)身边经过,他们正在享用免费美食及观看表演(抑或说至少是在享用汉堡与观赏秃鹫表演),颇为得意的是自己无需和这些游客一样排队,因为香槟和开胃点心已摆放在我的豪华套间里。我还发现进入套间得经过一扇门,上面标着“禁止入内”,这也许是整个周末我最为有趣的经历。I lounge on the bed eating canapés, drinking bubbly and playing with the television, which I discover rises – Excalibur-like – from a blanket box at the touch of a button. It’s certainly novel. Equally thrilling is the discovery that the fire escape opens on to one of the battlements.我懒洋洋地躺在大床上,享用着开胃点心,喝着香槟酒,摆弄着电视。只要一触碰按钮,电视机就会象亚瑟王的神剑(Excalibur)一样,从毯子盒里升起来。这当然很新奇,同样兴奋不已的是本人还发现了安全出口通向城堡的城垛处。However, although there is much to savour, I am mildly ashamed to admit that perhaps the most memorable pleasure is when lost tourists, thinking that the room is open to the public, tentatively push the door open. I wave them away imperiously, or so I like to think.然而,尽管可供把玩的地方还有很多,但我有些不好意思说出来的是:或许最难以忘怀的乐事是迷路游客以为我入住的房间为开放性场所,于是试探性地推开房门。我则傲慢地示意他们离开,大概我愿意这么做。Still, it does feel a little strange. I am more used to castles where the pleasures are in the Grand Tour mould: places that offer the past up amid silences and scones – and where even an audioguide can seem daringly avant garde. I am not used to places offering giant trebuchets (“the largest working siege machine IN THE WORLD!”), Castle Dungeon experiences (“terrifying”), and rising TVs. These have joys of their own, no doubt. But it’s hardly Wordsworth in front of Tintern Abbey.尽管如此,这的确让我感觉有些不习惯。我更习惯于从前英国贵族子女遍游欧洲大陆获取乐趣的那种城堡参观模式:一边享用烤饼,一边默默聆听城堡的渊源,甚至电子导游器都显得颇为标新立异。我不喜欢这样的城堡参观模式:巨大的投石器表演(“这是全球现存最大的攻城器械!”)、体验城堡地牢(“让人毛骨悚然”),以及电视机自动升起。毫无疑问,这些项目都自有乐趣,但这压根不是华兹华斯(Wordsworth)站在丁登寺(Tintern Abbey)前油然而生的那种感受。And that is perhaps the point. Romantic poets may have liked to sense the sublime before the crumbling walls of monuments; but then they didn’t have to pay the repair bill. Merlin Entertainments, the visitor attractions group which acquired Tussauds and now owns Warwick Castle, has spent more than #163;6m in the past 10 years restoring it. Next year another #163;1m needs to be found to repair the north wall. Warwick’s dungeon experience (entrance #163;9) helps. But the royal experience in the tower (admission #163;600) plays its part, too.也许这就是问题的实质所在。站在纪念碑的残垣断壁前,浪漫诗人或许喜欢领悟那种庄严肃穆感;不过,诗人无需为维修费用埋单。收购杜莎集团的旅游景区运营集团默林公司(Merlin Entertainments)如今是沃里克城堡的所有者,过去10年,它已为城堡维修花费了600万英镑。明年,它需要再筹集100万英镑以维修城堡北墙。沃里克城堡的地牢体验(门票费9英镑)可以起点作用。但游客的至尊入住(费用为600英镑)同样可助一臂之力。Still, I’m curious, so I descend from my tower rooms to the riverbank to watch the trebuchet. And I discover that it is fascinating. It’s not just the unexpected look of it when it is released (less of a ping than a lollop). It’s also the commentary, which tells me that blind men were used to walk in the hamster wheel that powered the machine (they didn’t suffer from motion sickness) and that if they fell, they’d probably break their backs. I don’t recall ever being told this by the National Trust.尽管如此,我仍颇感好奇,于是走出城堡的房间,来到河岸观看投石表演,我觉得表演精纷呈:石头投出去后,并非如大家所期望的那种壮观场面(石头并非呼啸而过,而是慢腾腾飞过);解说词同样精:说当初雇佣盲人脚踩仓鼠轮来驱动投石器(这些盲人不会患晕动病),他们若从转轮里掉下来,则很可能折断脊梁骨。保护英国文化遗产的慈善机构国家名胜古迹信托(National Trust)曾提醒过我,只是本人忘掉了这茬子事。There is, to my relief, more traditional entertainment, too: those who stay in the tower get a private tour of the castle. I meet Manning in the courtyard in the late afternoon. By now, the crowd is thinning; their places on the lawn taken by flocks of crows in search of the morsels of b the visitors have left behind.让我宽慰的是:城堡还安排了更为传统的表演:入住的游客可以单独游览城堡。傍晚时分,我在院子里与曼宁会合。此时,游客渐渐稀少,他们刚才站立的草坪上,如今已被一大群乌鸦占据,它们正在找寻游客掉落的面包屑。The tour is wonderful. We climb on to a forbidden battlement, its stones in places as whittled and wind-worn as Cappadocia, and the experience begins. Going past the “No Entry” signs and red ropes is the least of it. We peer at 17th-century civil war graffiti by the light of Manning’s iPhone, climb into the opening of a 14th-century secret passage and look at the dungeons by torchlight. When I admire a 16th-century suit of armour, I am invited to try on the glove. It bends easily as I move my hand.整个行程美不胜收。我们爬上不对外开放的城垛子上,有几处石头被切得跟卡帕多西亚地区(Cappadocia)如出一辙,我们的惊险旅程由此开始。经过“禁止通行”的指示牌与牵拉的红绳线根本没啥惊险度。借助曼宁iPhone手机照出的亮光,我们仔细察看17世纪英国内战时留下的各种涂鸦作品,随后又爬进14世纪的一座秘密通道,并借助手电光,实地参观了地牢。正当我欣赏16世纪的一套盔甲时,曼宁请我试戴一副当时的手套,戴上后活动手指时,感觉收放自如。I also learn that Warwick Castle provides a good historical precedent for ignoring historical precedent, not to mention a laisser-faire attitude to culture. One earl, having bought a portrait by Van Dyck, decided that its size didn’t fit in with the decorations in his sitting room, so chopped the head out and threw away the rest. The seventh earl, fancying himself as a movie actor, built a large cinema screen on the roof (Ingrid Bergman partied in front of it). Suddenly the flaming trebuchet (which is at least historically accurate) starts to seem less egregious.我还了解到:对于漠视历史,沃里克城堡开了漠视历史传统的恶劣先例,更遑论它对待文化那种放任自流的态度了。曾有位伯爵大人,买下范#8226;代克(Van Dyck)创作的一幅肖像作品后,发现画作尺寸与自己客厅的装饰物并不匹配,于是乎把画作中的头像切割出来,然后把剩余部分一扔了之。第七代伯爵则自以为是影视明星,一度在城堡顶上建了块电影屏幕(英格丽#8226;褒曼(Ingrid Bergman)曾在屏幕前参加过伯爵举办的社交聚会)。突然之间,灯火照射的地牢(至少符合历史真实)开始变得不再象原来那样毛骨悚然。By now, the castle is almost empty. Manning leaves and I walk back across the deserted courtyard. Even the crows have gone. I walk through a rose garden in the gloaming, its silence broken only by the cry of a peacock. Then I climb up the spiral staircase to the castle’s highest battlements. Alone, I stare down at the grounds, which are – just for tonight – mine.此时此刻,整个城堡几乎空无一人。曼宁告辞后,我一个人穿过空寂的院落走回房间。此时甚至游客都已离开。我趁着薄暮走过玫瑰花园,只有孔雀的叫声打破其宁静。随后我又顺着旋转楼梯爬回城堡最高处的城垛,此时的我孤身一人俯看着下面,就在今晚,我独享这片静谧世界。And suddenly, the silence, and the solitude, all starts to feel a bit too much. I go back to my room, pour a glass of wine, and switch on the exciting TV. I like to think the seventh earl would have approved.突然,自我感觉享受够了这片宁静与孤寂,于是回到自己房间,倒了一杯葡萄酒,打开电视观看有趣的节目。我想第七代伯爵大人也会持我的所作所为。Catherine Nixey was a guest of Warwick Castle (warwick-castle.com). A tower suite costs #163;600 per night, including breakfast, concierge service, a private expert-led castle tour, two days priority access to all castle attractions and car parking凯瑟琳#8226;尼克塞是沃里克城堡(详情请浏览以下网站warwick-castle.com)的游客,城堡套房每晚费用为600英镑,包括了早餐、门房务、专业人士导游的城堡私人游、两天之内优先参观城堡所有景点以及优先使用停车场。Castles you can stay in: towering examples英国供游客入住的古堡:Doyden Castle, Cornwall At the mouth of Port Quin inlet on the north coast of Cornwall, the castle was built in 1830 by wealthy bon viveur Samuel Symons, who wanted somewhere to drink, gamble and feast with friends, writes Kasia Delgado. A small fortress on the edge of a Cornish cliff, Doyden has one double bedroom with a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and cellar. The sandy beaches of St Ives, Polzeath and Port Isaac are within four miles. It costs from #163;855 for two nights (all prices listed are lowest available for summer period until September). nationaltrustcottages.co.uk始建于1830年的多伊登城堡(Doyden Castle)位于康沃尔(Cornwall)北部海岸Port Quin峡湾入海口,由腰缠万贯的塞缪尔#8226;西门斯(Samuel Symons)主持兴建。西门斯希望有个与朋友寻欢作乐的地方,卡西亚#8226;德尔加多(Kasia Delgado)在书中这样写道。多伊登城堡为修建于康沃尔悬崖边的一座小型要塞,拥有一个双人房间,此外还带有餐厅、厨房、浴室以及地下室。此处距离St Ives、Polzeath、Port Isaac等小镇的沙滩均不超过4英里。两晚起住价为855英镑(所有列出的价格均为夏季最低价,九月后重调价)。详情请浏览以下网站:nationaltrustcottages.co.ukBarcaldine Castle, near Oban in the west of Scotland, was built in 1609 and restored in 1897. It is now a four-star Bamp;B with five large rooms including the Caithness, at the top of the castle, which has impressive views over Loch Creran and the mountains of Glen Coe. Guests can do day trips from Oban, taking the ferry to Mull, Iona, Staffa, Kerrera and Lismore. There is a golf course nine miles away and a sea kayak centre close by. Barcaldine Castle is 90 miles from Glasgow airport. #163;185 for one night. historic-uk.com巴卡尔丁城堡(Barcaldine Castle):始建于1609年,重修于1897年,位于苏格兰西部奥本镇(Oban)附近。它如今为四星级客栈,共有5间客房,其中Caithness客房位于城堡顶部,可以饱览柯兰朗海湾(Loch Creran)以及远处Glen Coe群山的壮美景色。游客可从奥本镇出发乘坐渡船,参加Mull、Iona、Staffa、Kerrera以及 Lismore等小镇的一日游活动。距离城堡九英里的地方建有一座高尔夫球场,附近还有海上独木舟中心。巴卡尔丁城堡距离格拉斯哥机场(Glasgow airport)90英里,每晚客房费用为185英镑。详情请浏览以下网站:historic-uk.com。Peverell’s Tower was built on the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent by Henry III in the 13th century as an extra line of defence, and at one time it was used as a prison. The tower, which sleeps two, is comfortably furnished. Guests can access the castle grounds at night when the day visitors go home, exploring the castle and secret wartime tunnels. The castle itself, sitting on the famous white cliffs, was originally built as a palace designed for royal ceremony and as a showpiece with which the king could impress important visitors to England. #163;530 for two nights.www.english-heritage.org.uk。Peverell’s Tower城堡:由亨利三世(Henry III)于13世纪在多佛城堡空地上兴建而成,它是另外一道防线,曾经作为监狱使用。城堡可入住两位游客,房间设施齐全。白天游览的游客离开后,入住旅客可在晚上下到地面,游览城堡以及战时秘道。位于著名的怀特悬崖边(white cliffs)的城堡原是宫殿,为举办王室典礼以及英格兰国王向外国贵宾炫耀的样板。两晚入住费为530英镑,详情请浏览以下网站:www.english-heritage.org.uk。 /201409/327733解放军184医院四维彩超价格

江西省鹰潭市人民医院妇科挂号Since ancient times, the elusive concept of wisdom has figured prominently in philosophical and religious texts. The question remains compelling: What is wisdom, and how does it play out in individual lives? Most psychologists agree that if you define wisdom as maintaining positive well-being and kindness in the face of challenges, it is one of the most important qualities one can possess to age successfully — and to face physical decline and death.自古以来,智慧的概念一直在哲学和宗教文献中占据了显赫的地位。相关问题至今仍难以捉摸,引人深思:什么是智慧?它在一个人的生活中发挥了怎样的作用?大多数心理学家都认同,如果智慧的定义就是在挑战面前仍可以保持积极健康和慈悲的心态,那么,可以说它是一个人能够顺利步入老年阶段,并直面体力的衰退乃至死亡所需拥有的最重要的品质。Vivian Clayton, a geriatric neuropsychologist in Orinda, Calif., developed a definition of wisdom in the 1970s, when she was a graduate student, that has served as a foundation for research on the subject ever since. After scouring ancient texts for evocations of wisdom, she found that most people described as wise were decision makers. So she asked a group of law students, law professors and retired judges to name the characteristics of a wise person. Based on an analysis of their answers, she determined that wisdom consists of three key components: cognition, reflection and compassion.维维安·克莱顿(Vivian Clayton)是加州奥林达市的一名老年神经心理学家。在20世纪70年代攻读研究生时,她就对智慧作出了自己的定义,并在其后以此为基础就这一课题展开研究。她遍查了古籍中关于智慧的描述,发现被大多数人冠以“智者”之名的人都是决策者。于是她分别要求法律系学生、法学教授和退休法官列举出他们各自心目中智者的特征,并对他们的进行了分析。根据分析的结果,她认定智慧包含三个关键的组成部分:认知(cognition)、反思(reflection)和悲悯(compassion)。Unfortunately, research shows that cognitive functioning slows as people age. But speed isn#39;t everything. A recent study in Topics in Cognitive Science pointed out that older people have much more information in their brains than younger ones, so retrieving it naturally takes longer. And the quality of the information in the older brain is more nuanced. While younger people were faster in tests of cognitive performance, older people showed ;greater sensitivity to fine-grained differences,; the study found.不幸的是,研究表明,认知功能运作会随着人体的衰老而减慢。但速度并不能代表一切。《认知科学论题》杂志(Topics in Cognitive Science)上最近刊登的一项研究指出,老年人头脑中的信息要多比年轻人多得多,因此要提取信息自然也就需要更长的时间。此外,老年人头脑中的信息质量也更加细致。研究发现,虽然年轻人在认知能力测试中速度较快,但老年人“对细微的差异显示出更大的敏感性”。It stands to reason that the more information people have in their brains, the more they can detect familiar patterns. Elkhonon Goldberg, a neuroscientist in New York and author of ;The Wisdom Paradox,; says that ;cognitive templates; develop in the older brain based on pattern recognition, and that these can form the basis for wise behavior and decisions.按理说,人头脑中的信息越多,就越容易甄别出熟悉的模式。纽约的一名神经科学家、《智慧悖论》(The Wisdom Paradox)一书作者艾克纳恩·戈德堡(Elkhonon Goldberg)指出,在模式识别的基础上,老年人的头脑中可建立起“认知模板”,而这将为明智的行为和决策奠定基础。According to Dr. Clayton, one must take time to gain insights and perspectives from one#39;s cognitive knowledge to be wise (the reflective dimension). Then one can use those insights to understand and help others (the compassionate dimension).克莱顿士认为,要成为一名智者,一个人必须花费时间从认知性知识中提取出深层次的见解和观点(反思构面)。然后再使用它们来理解和帮助他人(悲悯构面)。Working from Dr. Clayton#39;s framework, Monika Ardelt, an associate sociology professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville, felt a need to expand on studies of old age because of research showing that satisfaction late in life consists of things like maintaining physical and mental health, volunteering and having positive relationships with others. But this isn#39;t always possible if the body breaks down, if social roles are diminished and if people suffer major losses. ;So these people cannot age successfully? They have to give up?; she recalled asking herself.从克莱顿士的框架出发,佛罗里达大学(University of Florida,位于美国盖恩斯维尔市)的社会学副教授莫妮卡·阿尔德特(Monika Ardelt)在工作中体会到,有必要加强关于老年人的研究,这是因为研究显示,对晚年生活的满意度包含维持身心健康、不求回报付出、与他人保持积极的关系等要素。但如果一个人身体衰弱,或他承担的社会角色有所减弱,又或者他遭受了重大损失,很可能就无法满足这些要素。“那么,这些人是不是就不能安享晚年了?他们是否只能放弃希望?”她记得曾这样问自己。Wisdom, she has found, is the ace in the hole that can help even severely impaired people find meaning, contentment and acceptance in later life.事实并非如此。阿尔德特教授发现还有一张王牌,即使是深受重创的人,也可以藉此找到人生意义,在晚年中怡然自安,这张王牌就是智慧。She developed a scale consisting of 39 questions aimed at measuring three dimensions of wisdom. People responding to statements on Professor Ardelt#39;s wisdom scale — things like ;a problem has little attraction for me if I don#39;t think it has a solution,; or ;I can be comfortable with all kinds of people; and ;I#39;m easily irritated by people who argue with me; — were not told they were being measured for wisdom. Respondents later answered questions about hypothetical challenges and crises, and those who showed evidence of high wisdom were also more likely to have better coping skills, Professor Ardelt found. In general, for example, they said they would be more active than passive about dealing with hardship.她制定了一份由39个问题组成的量表,以期衡量智慧的三重构面。在这张量表中,可以读到诸如此类的陈述:“如果我觉得某个问题根本没办法解决,那么它对我就没什么吸引力”,“我跟形形色色的人都相处得很好”,或者“我很容易被跟我争论的人激怒”等等。但她并没有告诉受访者这是一项衡量智慧水平的测试。然后,她又假设了一些挑战和危机,让受访者回答了相关问题。综合上述结果,阿尔德特教授发现,在测试中显示出大智慧的人也拥有更高明的处事技巧。譬如一般来说,他们在应对困难时心态往往更为主动积极。An impediment to wisdom is thinking, ;I can#39;t stand who I am now because I#39;m not who I used to be,; said Isabella S. Bick, a psychotherapist who, at 81, still practices part time out of her home in Sharon, Conn. She has aging clients who are upset by a perceived worsening of their looks, their sexual performance, their physical abilities, their memory. For them, as for herself, an acceptance of aging is necessary for growth, but ;it#39;s not a resigned acceptance; it#39;s an embracing acceptance,; she said.心理治疗师伊莎贝拉·S·比克(Isabella S. Bick)说,总是想着“我真受不了我现在的样子,因为我跟以前简直判若两人”,这是通往智慧人生的一大阻碍。虽然已经81岁高龄,她仍时不时离开她位于康涅狄格州沙伦市的家,从事非全职的治疗工作。在她的客户中,有一些老人因自己的外貌、性能力、体力或不如以往而大感沮丧。对于他们(以及她自己)而言,接受衰老是成长的必要条件,她说,但“这不是听天由命的不得已而为之;而是欣然地接受自然规律”。;Wise people are able to accept reality as it is, with equanimity,; Professor Ardelt said. Her research shows that when people in nursing homes or with a terminal illness score high on her wisdom scale, they also report a greater sense of well-being. ;If things are really bad, it#39;s good to be wise,; she said.“智者能够接受现实本来的面目,并泰然处之,”阿尔德特教授说。她的研究显示,住在养老院的人或绝症患者的智慧量表得分较高,他们所报告的幸福感也较强。“如果现实已经够糟糕了,保持明智就更加重要,”她说。The Berlin Wisdom Project, a research effort begun in the 1980s that sought to define wisdom by studying ancient and modern texts, called it ;an expert knowledge system concerning the fundamental pragmatics of life.; A co-founder of the project, Ursula M. Staudinger, went on to distinguish between general wisdom, the kind that involves understanding life from an observer#39;s point of view (for example, as an advice giver), and personal wisdom, which involves deep insight into one#39;s own life.“柏林智慧项目”(Berlin Wisdom Project)是一项于20世纪80年代启动的研究,该项目通过研读古代和现代的文献,将智慧定义为:“关于生活基本实用领域的专业知识体系。”该项目的创始人之一,厄休拉·M·斯托丁格(Ursula M. Staudinger)还进一步将其区分为一般智慧和个人智慧,前者指从观察者(比方说,从一个提供建议的外人)的角度来认识生命,后者指深入洞察自己的人生。True personal wisdom involves five elements, said Professor Staudinger, now a life span psychologist and professor at Columbia University. They are self-insight; the ability to demonstrate personal growth; self-awareness in terms of your historical era and your family history; understanding that priorities and values, including your own, are not absolute; and an awareness of life#39;s ambiguities.现任美国哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)生涯发展心理学家的斯托丁格教授表示,真正的个人智慧包括五个要素,分别为:自我洞察力;明个人成长的能力;对所处的历史时代和家族史的自我意识;认识到凡事(包括你自己)的先后缓急和价值都不是绝对的;认识到生活中充满了不确定性。Wisdom in this sense is extremely rare, Professor Staudinger said, and research has shown that it actually declines in the final decades. As a coping strategy, it is better to be positive about life when you are older, she said, and the older people skew that way. They are more likely to look back on their lives and say that the events that occurred were for the best; a wise person would fully acknowledge mistakes and losses, and still try to improve.斯托丁格教授说,满足上述意义的智慧实际上极为罕见,而且研究表明,在人生的最后几十年它还会呈下降趋势。她说,应对策略之一是在晚年也要尽量保持积极的生活态度,这样才可能逆转这一趋势。智慧的老年人更有可能回过头去审视他们的生活,并认可迄今所发生的所有事情都是为了追求最好的结果;他们勇于承认自己的错误和损失,并始终尽自己所能去改善现状。True wisdom involves recognizing the negative both within and outside ourselves and trying to learn from it, she said.她补充道,真正的智慧包括认识到自己内外部的负面因素,并试图从中汲取教训。Modern definitions of wisdom tend to stress kindness — even if it#39;s not on the order of Buddha, Gandhi or the Dalai Lama. Wisdom is characterized by a ;reduction in self-centeredness,; Professor Ardelt said. Wise people try to understand situations from multiple perspectives, not just their own, and they show tolerance as a result.智慧的现代定义往往更强调慈悲——尽管佛陀、甘地和达赖喇嘛的教诲中并没有这么一条。智慧的显著特点在于“减少自我中心”,阿尔德特教授说。智者会尝试从多个角度而不仅从他们自己的立场来了解情况,因此表现得更加宽容。;There#39;s evidence that people who rank high in neuroticism are unlikely to be wise,; said Laura L. Carstensen, a psychology professor and founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity in California. ;They see things in a self-centered and negative way and so they fail to benefit emotionally from experience, even though they may be very intelligent.;“有据表明,神经质指数偏高的人不太可能会很明智,”加州斯坦福长寿研究中心(Stanford Center on Longevity in California)的创始主任、心理学教授劳拉·L·卡斯滕森(Laura L. Carstensen)说:“他们以自我中心和消极的方式来看待世界,所以他们无法从经验中获得情感层面上的效益——即使他们可能相当聪明。”Professor Carstensen does not consider herself a wisdom researcher because ;there#39;s a piece of me that thinks it#39;s not useful to use a term that#39;s been around for 1,000 years.; Some researchers are skeptical about testing for such an amorphous trait as wisdom.卡斯滕森教授并不认为自己是一名“智慧”的研究人员,因为“在我心里,总有个小小声音说:使用一个已经有1000来年历史的术语没什么用处。”还有一些研究人员对检测像智慧这样含糊的特性持怀疑态度。But Professor Carstensen does study emotional regulation, and says that is a key component of wisdom.但卡斯滕森教授对情绪调节也进行了研究,并表示这是智慧的一个重要组成部分。If you are wise, she said, ;You#39;re not only regulating your emotional state, you#39;re also attending to another person#39;s emotional state.; She added: ;You#39;re not focusing so much on what you need and deserve, but on what you can contribute.;作为智者,“你不仅要有能力调节自己的情绪状态,还要能顾及他人的情绪状态。”她接着补充道:“你不会对自己需要或应得的东西斤斤计较,反之,你更在乎可以做出什么贡献。”Daniel Goleman, author of ;Focus; and ;Emotional Intelligence,; said, ;One aspect of wisdom is having a very wide horizon which doesn#39;t center on ourselves,; or even on our group or organization.《专注力》(Focus)和《情商》(Emotional Intelligence)的作者丹尼尔·戈尔曼(Daniel Goleman)认为,“智慧的特征之一是拥有宽广的见识,且并不以自己”甚至自己所在的团体或组织为中心。He said an important sign of wisdom was ;generativity,” a term used by the psychologist Erik Erikson, who developed an influential theory on stages of the human life span. Generativity means giving back without needing anything in return, Dr. Goleman said. The form of giving back could be creative, social, personal or financial, and ;the wisest people do that in a way that doesn#39;t see their lifetime as limiting when this might happen,” he said.心理学家埃里克·埃里克松(Erik Erikson)提出了人生社会心理发展阶段这一影响深远的理论,他还使用“慷慨”这一术语来形容智慧。戈尔曼士说,“慷慨”是智慧的一个重要标志,它表示不求回报的付出。付出的形式多种多样,可以是创造力方面的,社会意义上的,个人角度上的,也可以是经济层面上的,此外,“智者还认为,生有涯,贡献却无涯,”他说。Dr. Goleman interviewed Erikson, along with his wife, Joan, in the late 1980s, when both were in their 80s. Erikson#39;s theory of human development had initially included eight stages, from infancy to old age. When the Eriksons themselves reached old age, though, they found a need to add a ninth stage of development, one in which wisdom plays a crucial role. ;They depict an old age in which one has enough conviction in one#39;s own completeness to ward off the despair that gradual physical disintegration can too easily bring,; Dr. Goleman wrote in The Times.20世纪80年代后期,戈尔曼士采访了年已八旬的埃里克松及其妻子琼(Joan)。最初,埃里克松的人生社会心理发展理论包括从幼年直至老年的八个阶段。然而,当埃里克松夫妇自己迈入老年之后,他们发现还需要补充第九个发展阶段,且智慧在这一阶段里发挥着至关重要的作用。“他们描绘了这样的一种晚年图景:老年人对自己身心的完善充满了自信,这种信心足以抵挡因身体逐渐衰老所带来的绝望情绪,”戈尔曼士在《纽约时报》上写道。In the final years of life, ;Even the simple activities of daily living may present difficulty and conflict,; Joan Erikson wrote in an expanded version of her husband#39;s book, ;The Life Cycle Completed.; ;No wonder elders become tired and often depressed.; The book adds: ;To face down despair with faith and appropriate humility is perhaps the wisest course.;到了暮年,“即便是日常生活中的简单活动也可能成为难题,”琼·埃里克松在她丈夫的著作《生命周期的完成》(The Life Cycle Completed)的扩展版中写道。“无怪乎老年人开始感到疲惫,时而觉得沮丧。”这本书补充道:“以信念和适度的谦逊来面对绝望或许是最明智的选择。”;One must join in the process of adaptation. With whatever tact and wisdom we can muster, disabilities must be accepted with lightness and humor.;“适应是每个人都必须迈进的过程。我们要调动起所有的机敏和智慧,以轻松和幽默的态度来接受残障。”Whatever the nature of one#39;s limitations, simplifying one#39;s life is also a sign of wisdom, Dr. Clayton said, for example, by giving your things away while you are still alive. Some people have trouble with the idea of settling for less — ;they#39;ve gotten so used to the game of acquiring more,; she said.无论有着怎样的局限性,都能够将复杂的生活简单化,例如,在你仍然活着的时候主动放手也是智慧的一个标志,克莱顿士说。有些人对“知足常乐”这种想法并不买账——“他们已经太过于习惯不断索取,”她说。Settling for less and simplifying is not the same as giving up. In fact, when older people lack challenges, self-absorption and stagnation may take over, the Eriksons said. The key is to set goals that match one#39;s current capacities.知足常乐和简单生活不等同于放弃。埃里克松解释道,事实上,老年人在缺乏挑战时,“自我专注”(self-absorption)就可能占据他人生的主导地位,人也会随之变得死气沉沉。设定符合自己现有能力的目标非常关键。Continuing education can be an important way to cultivate wisdom in the later years, researchers say, for one thing because it combats isolation. But training in practical skills may be less useful for older people than courses in the humanities that help people make sense of their lives, Professor Ardelt says. She and other researchers recommend classes in guided autobiography, or life review, as a way of strengthening wisdom. In guided autobiography, students write and share their life stories with the help of a trained instructor.研究人员称,接受继续教育可作为老年人培养智慧的重要途径,其原因之一是它可以使人不再那么孤独。阿尔德特教授说,不过对于老年人来说,引导人们如何更有意义地生活的课程可能比实际操作技能的培训更加有用。她和其他研究人员建议老年人参加“引导性自传”(guided autobiography)或“生命回顾”(life review)之类的课程,以增进智慧。在“引导性自传”课程中,受过专业培训的指导人员将帮助学生们撰写并分享他们的人生故事。Dr. Clayton says there#39;s a point in life when a fundamental shift occurs, and people start thinking about how much time they have left rather than how long they have lived. Reflecting on the meaning and structure of their lives, she said, can help people thrive after the balance shifts and there is much less time left than has gone before.克雷顿士指出,这一刻,人生发生了根本性转变:人们开始思考他们的生命还剩下多少时间,而不是已经过去了多久。反思自己生活的意义和安排,可以帮助人们自如地应对这种重心的转移,享受人生最后的夕阳红。 /201410/335710鹰潭市铁路医院在线咨询 Chinese civilization stretches back at least to the 3rd millennium . It is the source of many of the world’s great inventions, including paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing, not to mention china (porcelain) itself. But maybe the greatest contribution that the country and its language have made to the Western world is tea. The drink is first mentioned in English in 1655. The Chinese connection first found in US English in the early 20th century.中华文明可以至少追溯到公元前300万年。它是世界上许多伟大发明的源头,例如造纸术,指南针,火药和印刷术。更不用说还有瓷器本身。但是对中西方语言文化交流作出最大贡献的是茶。茶最早在1655年引入英国,而英语和汉语的关联,最早也是在20世纪初的美式英语中被发现。People drinking something stronger than tea might say chin-chin, or ‘cheers!’ This is a mangled pronunciation of qing qing, a Chinese greeting. Another ‘doubled’ word is chop-chop, or ‘quickly’. Chop here is a pidgin Chinese rendition of Chinese kuaì ‘quick, nimble’, and is also found in chopstick.人们在喝比茶更浓的饮品时可能会说“chin chin”或者“干杯”!这是模仿中国“请请”的发音。另外一个双音节词则是”chop-chop”,意为“快快”。这里的chop基于“筷子”的“筷”的发音,是对中式发音“快”的模仿。Our range of savoury relishes was extended when traders introduced us to ketchup at the end of the 17th century. The name may come from Chinese ‘tomato juice’.在17世纪末番茄酱被引入之后,菜肴的风味有了延展。这个名字可能和汉语中的“番茄汁”相关。Contact with imperial China in the early 19th century introduced Westerners to the Chinese custom of kowtowing—kneeling down and touching the forehead on the ground in worship or submission. The word means literally ‘to knock the head’.19世纪初期,西方人开始了解了封建王朝叩头的礼节——双膝跪地,前额轻触地面以显示尊敬或降之意。这个词字面意思就是“头和地面相碰”。Ginseng is a plant whose root is credited with various health-giving and medicinal properties. Its Chinese name, rénshén, literally means ‘man root’, a reference to the root’s forked shape, which supposedly resembles a person.Ginseng是一种植物的根茎,被认为可以促进健康并有药用价值。它的中文名字“人参”的意思是“人的根”,因其形状酷似人形而得名。Gung-ho, meaning ‘unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager, especially about fighting’, dates from the Second World War. It is from Chinese gōnghé ‘to work together’, and was adopted as a slogan by the US Marines fighting in the Pacific under General Evans Carlson (1896–1947). He organized ‘Gung-ho’ meetings to discuss problems and explain orders to promote cooperation.Gung-ho,意味不加思考的热情和冲动,尤为好斗。它的起源可追溯至二战。原形为汉语中的“共和”,即一起工作,并在埃文斯卡尔森将军 (1896–1947)领导的太平洋海战中被引入作为口号。他组织召开“共和”会议来研讨问题,促进合作。Increasing interest in our living spaces in the 1990s led to the popularity of feng shui, the ancient Chinese system of designing buildings and arranging objects in rooms to achieve a positive flow of energy and so bring happiness or good luck. It goes back a long way in English, and even had an entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1797.对于生存环境的愈发好奇使得在20世纪90年代,“风水”一词被引入,它指的是中国古代建筑及安排房间内物品摆放以达到能量均衡,从而带来幸福安康的一种方式。该词早在1797年就被收入大不列颠百科全书。Not all our Chinese words are ancient, though. China’s first manned space flight in 2003 gave us taikonaut, a Chinese astronaut—taikong means ‘outer space’.然而也不是所有的中文都源自古代。2003年,中国对太空领域的第一次载人探索使得新词taikonaut诞生,意味中国宇航员。 /201410/333735江西省贵溪市人民医院不孕不育科

鹰潭贵溪市做人流哪家医院最好的Buying a house is an exciting but scary step. Home ownership means making an investment in your future, but it also means committing to stay put, at least for a while. Before you make that commitment, you should ensure you are making an informed decision, and not one based on how beautiful the home is or your desire to be on your own.买房子是令人兴奋却又让人慌乱的一步。房屋所有权意味着对你的未来做了一次投资,此外也表示将承诺扎根于此,至少也会是一段时间。在你做出承诺前,你应该明了你正在做一项明智的决定,而不是因为房子是多么漂亮或是你渴望能独立。1. Your Financial Situation你的财务状况Just because you qualify for a loan does not necessarily mean you should take a loan. On the other hand, if you don#39;t think you can qualify for a loan, you might be mistaken. When you consider buying a home, sit down with a professional--a loan counselor at your bank or a representative from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development, for instance--and discuss your options. Have tax and income documents y, as well as a list of your expenses and a copy of your credit report.仅仅因为你够资格去贷款也不意味着你应该贷款。换句话说,如果你认为自己没有资格申请贷款,那你可能误解了。当你在考虑买房时,和专业人士一起坐着谈谈你的选择——比方说的贷款咨询顾问或是美国住房和城市发展部的办事员。准备好税收和收入的文件明,以及开销清单和一份信用报告。According to CNN Money, you should try to find a home that is two and a half times your yearly salary. So, if you have a yearly salary of , 000, you should not choose a house that costs more than 0, 000. However, if you have large loan payments or other expenses, you may not want to, or be qualified to, go that high. Ask the professional to help you get a good picture of your earnings, expenses and how they would change if you bought a home.根据CNN财经频道,你找的房子房价应该是你年薪的2.5倍。所以,如果你年薪40,000美元,你不应该选成本超过120,000美元的房子。然而, 如果你有大额贷款或其它开销,你可能不会想或是没有资格去申请那么多的贷款。咨询专业人士,让他们帮你明了你的收入、出,以及如果你想买房收应该做哪些调整。 /201309/257741 江西省鹰潭希正医院四维彩超价格南昌铁路局鹰潭医院怎么样




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