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鹰潭市妇幼保健院人流手术鹰潭184医院收费好不好鹰潭治不孕不育哪里最好 Another quarter, another set of disappointing results for Samsung. This time, net profit fell 27% from the previous year as intense competition continued to eat away at the company#39;s smartphone business.新季度,三星再次令人失望。由于激烈的竞争继续吞噬着三星的智能手机市场,公司净利润比去年下跌了27%。The fourth quarter results are troubling, but not unexpected. Samsung#39;s profits have now declined for three consecutive quarters, a trend that has prompted some real soul searching at the South Korean electronics giant.公司在四季度陷入困境,但并非毫无转机。三星的利润连续下滑三个季度,促使这个电子巨人重建新的企业灵魂。There were some bright spots: The company#39;s smartphone business showed signs of stabilization, and chip sales were strong.几个闪光点:公司智能手机市场呈现回稳迹象,芯片销售良好。Yet there is no doubt: Samsung needs to reinvent itself.然而,毫无疑问的是:三星需要重塑它自己。For years, the company relied on its smartphone division to deliver major profits. Samsung had a iron grip on major markets including China, and huge margins helped turn the firm into one of the world#39;s largest and most recognizable tech brands.多年来,公司一直依靠智能手机部来提供主要利润。三星对包括中国在内的市场上实行铁腕政策,巨大的利润帮助它成为世界上最大的科技品牌之一。But intense competition at both the high and low ends of the smartphone market have reversed Samsung#39;s fortunes. The company is now ranked third in China, behind Apple (AAPL, Tech30) and Xiaomi (a company that is only five years old). Analysts hold little hope for a return to dominance.但是,高端与低端手机市场同时进行的激烈竞争打破了三星的好运。这家公司现在在中国只排名第三,在苹果和小米(一家只有5年历史的公司)之后。分析师对重新掌控市场充满悲观。In response, Samsung is working to pare down its crowded smartphone lineup. It#39;s also making a major move into India to capture more of the low-cost phone market.作为应对,三星正在削减它臃肿的智能手机部门,并大举进军印度争夺更多的低端手机市场。But for a real turnaround, Samsung needs to identify its next silver bullet.但是,为了成功转型,三星必须祭出更多高招。;With slowing growth and a huge revenue base, Samsung is in need of a new growth engine,; Bernstein Research analyst Mark Newman wrote late last year.伯恩斯坦研究员马克·纽曼去年年末写道:“缓慢的增速,巨大的收入基数,三星需要一个新的增长引擎。”Chances are, this new growth engine won#39;t be a phone. It will be come from another sector of Samsung#39;s sprawling business empire. Newman identified medical equipment -- where Samsung is aly investing heavily -- as a promising area.机会是:新的增长引擎不能再是手机。它将来自三星不断蔓延的商业帝国的另一个部门。纽曼认为医疗器材(三星正在大力投资)是一个有希望的领域。The good news for Samsung fans is that the company has transformation in its genes. Newman points to the ;New Management Initiative; proposed by company leadership in 1993.对三星粉来说,好消息是公司正在从本质上转变。纽曼指的是,公司领导层1993年提出的“新管理办法”。Responding to the threats of globalization and digitization, the new strategy allowed Samsung to become the company it is today. Newman argues the company needs to find ;another 1993 moment.;为应对全球化和信息化的威胁,新的战略允许三星成为“今天的公司”。纽曼指出公司需要发掘“另一个1993年”But that, he notes, is no easy task -- especially with the health of Chairman Lee Kun-hee in question.但是,他又写到,这不是一个轻松的工作——尤其在李健熙董事长健康状况不佳时。 /201502/358027鹰潭专治盆腔炎的医院

鹰潭希正妇产医院妇产科怎样HONG KONG — ZTE is one of China’s few truly international electronics firms. Yet American companies will now need special permission to sell to it. 香港——中兴通讯(ZTE)是中国为数不多的几个真正国际化的电子企业之一。但美国公司现在将需要获得特别的许可,才能向它销售产品。 The company, which makes smartphones, was found to have violated American sanctions against Iran by selling ed States-made goods to the country, according to a Commerce Department statement on Monday. As a result, ZTE will be blocked from buying any technology from American companies without a special license. 美国商务部在周一发表声明称,该部发现这家生产智能手机的公司,向伊朗销售了美国制造的商品,这违反了美国针对伊朗的制裁。因此将禁止中兴从美国企业采购任何技术,除非该企业持有专门的许可。 ZTE planned to “illicitly re-export controlled items to Iran in violation of U.S export laws,” the Commerce Department said. The sanctions against Iran, many of which were recently lifted, were intended to restrict Iran’s nuclear work. 商务部表示,中兴计划“违反美国的出口法规,私自向伊朗再出口管控物品”。美国针对伊朗的制裁,旨在限制伊朗发展核武器,不过其中有不少制裁措施已经在近期取消。 The export controls against ZTE are unusual because such actions are rarely taken against such large companies. The action underscores how important the push is by the ed States to gain China’s cooperation in embargoes intended to combat nuclear proliferation. 针对中兴通讯采取的出口控制并不多见,因为美国很少对这样的大型企业采取此类措施。这一举动突显出,美国多么重视通过施压,来促使中国配合旨在遏制核武器扩散的贸易禁令。 The export controls are also risky because they could easily prompt a backlash from Beijing. Technology has become an increasingly major sticking point in Chinese-American relations, with Washington having openly accused Chinese government-sponsored hackers of stealing American trade secrets. 此类出口控制措施也存在风险,因为它们很容易引发北京作出强烈反应。随着华盛顿公开指责,受中国政府持的黑客窃取美国商业秘密,技术领域日益成为了中美关系中的一大难点。 Recent scrutiny in the ed States has also scuttled some Chinese investments in American tech companies. ZTE’s much larger domestic competitor, Huawei, is effectively banned from selling its telecom network equipment in the ed States. 美国最近的审查行动,也让一些中国公司对美国科技企业的投资成为泡影。中兴在中国国内有一个规模比它大得多的竞争对手——华为。这家公司已被禁止在美国出售其电信网络设备。 Beijing has fought back by increasing scrutiny of American companies’ operations in China. It fined Qualcomm for antitrust violations and raided Microsoft’s offices as part of a continuing investigation. 北京对此予以反击,加强了对在华经营的美国企业的审视。官方以违反中国的反垄断法为由给高通(Qualcomm)开出罚单,并在一项持续多时的调查行动中,对微软在中国的多个办公室进行了突击调查。 Chinese state news media has complained bitterly about revelations from the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden about American spying and has called for a domestic purge of ed States technology. 对于国家安全局(National Security Agency)前承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)披露的美国在华的间谍行动,中国官方媒体曾予以强烈指责,并呼吁在境内消除美国技术。 Although analysts said that the export controls against ZTE were most likely aimed at nuclear proliferation rather than being a new jab in heightened technology trade tensions, China’s interpretation of the action was an open question. 尽管分析人士表示,针对中兴的出口控制可能主要是为遏制核武器扩散,而非进一步刺激本就紧张的中美技术贸易关系,但目前尚不明确中国会如何解读美国的这一举措。 “Depending on how both sides it, this could be a specific case, or it could get overheated and extended,” said Scott Kennedy, a scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a nonprofit research group. “这取决于双方如何解读它,有可能会被看作一个特例,也有可能被激化和扩大,”非营利研究组织国际战略研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)学者甘思德(Scott Kennedy)说。 Trading of ZTE’s shares was suspended Monday before the announcement. News of the export controls was first reported by Reuters. ZTE was not immediately available for comment. 在美国商务部发出声明之前,中兴的股票已于周一暂停交易。出口控制的消息最早是由路透社报道的。记者未能及时联系到中兴置评。 ZTE’s status within China is likely to make the export controls big news there. Though not well known in the ed States, ZTE is an international champion of the Chinese high-tech industry, with a market capitalization of around billion. After China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan, aroused online criticism by using an Apple iPhone during a 2013 trip to Mexico, she switched to a ZTE phone for a public trip in 2014. 考虑到中兴在中国的地位,中国媒体可能会对出口控制进行重点报道。尽管中兴在美国并不为人所知,但它是中国高科技企业国际化的领头羊,市值约为100亿美元。中国第一夫人彭丽媛2013年访问墨西哥时使用了苹果公司的iPhone,这在网上引发了批评。2014年进行公开访问时,她就换成了一台中兴手机。 In Monday’s statement, the Commerce Department provided two internal ZTE documents to back up the claims that the company was violating sanctions. One, from 2011, signed by several senior ZTE executives, discussed the risks of ed States export controls and noted that ZTE had “ongoing projects in all five major embargoed countries — Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Syria and Cuba.” It also said that the Iran project was the “biggest risk.” 在周一的声明中,美国商务部公布了两份中兴的内部文件,用以佐该部对中兴提出的违反制裁的指控。其中之一是2011年的一份文件,该文件有多位中兴高管签字,文中讨论了美国实施出口控制的风险,并提到“目前我司在伊朗、苏丹、朝鲜、叙利亚、古巴五大禁运国都有在执行的项目”。它还表示,伊朗的项目是“风险最大”的一个。 In the other document, ZTE mapped out the way it could circumvent American export controls in a complex flow chart, including using a “shell” company structure. 在另一份文件中,中兴用一个复杂的流程图,拟定了规避美国出口控制的办法,包括采用一个“空壳”公司的结构。 The new export controls are likely to make business difficult for ZTE. Though the company sells its own branded smartphones and telecom infrastructure equipment, it buys components from American tech companies, using, for example, Qualcomm chips in some of its phones. Given the complexity of the electronics supply chain and the mass production of specific devices, it will probably prove costly for ZTE to shuffle the design and sourcing for its products. 美国新实施的出口控制,可能会让中兴比较难做生意。尽管该公司出售自有品牌的智能手机和电信基础设备,但它也会从美国技术企业采购部件,比如在它的某些手机中采用高通的芯片。考虑到电子行业供应链和特殊设备大规模生产的复杂性,它可能会让中兴在调整设计和为其产品采购部件时,付出不小的代价。 Daniel H. Rosen, a partner at the research firm Rhodium Group, said that given ZTE’s behavior, it would have “required an extraordinary degree of confidence building” between the ed States and China to avoid the current situation. 研究公司荣鼎咨询(Rhodium Group)合伙人荣大聂(Daniel H. Rosen)表示,考虑到中兴的行为,要避免出现目前的状况,需要中美之间“建立起非同寻常的信任”。 “That does not appear to have taken place,” he said. “这点似乎不太可能实现,”他说。 /201603/430760鹰潭宫颈糜烂治疗最好的医院 月湖区做无痛人流多少钱

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