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栏目简介:Fans of Liverpool Football Club can now buy authentic jerseys online from a Chinese shopping site, meaning they no longer have to wait for weeks for their goods to make their way through customs. Wu Yina has more. Article/201703/492624

One ofthe people working for him said,他身边的一名工作人员说;You won#39;t ever guess what this man is doing to get to sleep.;这人为了能睡觉什么都愿意做And ll said, ;What?;And l was told he#39;s using an anaesthetic.我问 什么? 他跟我说他使用麻醉剂And l said, #39;What?我说 什么?#39;How do you do that? #39; l had never heard of such a thing.那要怎么用? 我从来没听过这种事He said, #39;Dude, l don#39;t know what to tell you, but that#39;s what#39;s going on. #39;他说 老兄 我也不知道 但这是真的Unfortunately, he did find doctors who were willing to do this crazy thing很不幸的他竟然找到了 愿意帮助他的医师that ultimately led to his death.最后连命都丢了Fire Paramedic 33. What is the nature of your emergency?33号消防局紧急医护中心 请问您有什么紧急事件?We have a gentleman here that needs help, he#39;s not breathing.这里有位男子需要帮助 他已停止呼吸We have breaking news for you tonight,今晚最新消息the singer Michael Jackson is reported to have died from a heart attack.歌手迈克尔·杰克逊 疑似因心肌梗塞身亡 Article/201511/410128

好虫战坏虫;有史以来最大动物援救志愿者队;这些演讲将剖解有关野兽与昆虫的最新理念。 Article/201501/354513

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/385399


  Ten light years from Earth, the star Epsilon Eridani天苑四恒星距离地球10光年Spectacular rings of dust and ice它有由尘埃和冰构成的壮观圆环And somewhere in there, planets forming out of debris在圆环里的某些地方,有碎片形成的行星being born before our eyes.就在我们眼前诞生Asteroids and comets everywhere到处都是小行星和彗星We could almost be looking at our own solar system我们几乎就是看到了数十亿年前的billions of years ago.我们太阳系的样子With comets delivering the building blocks of life彗星把生命材料带到to these young planets.这些年轻的行星上At the center of all the action, a star smaller than our sun主导这些行为的是一个比我们太阳小一些的恒星still in its infancy.这颗恒星还处于幼年Any life in this solar system would be primitive at best这个太阳系的生命应该还很原始There must be more mature solar systems out here这里应该还有更成熟更进化的太阳系But finding them is like looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack但是找到它们却像在宇宙海洋里捞针Twenty light years from Earth.距离地球20光年Star Gliese 581红矮星格雷司 581It#39;s about the same age as our sun.它大概和我们的太阳同龄This planet is just the right distance from its sun这颗行星距离它的太阳距离刚刚好Any closer and water would boil away, any further and it would freeze再近一点水会蒸发,再远一点则会结成冰Ideal conditions for life to emerge一个生命演化的理想环境And if a comet has struck, delivering water and organic materials如果彗星的撞击给它带去水和有机原料then life, complex beings like us, even civilizations like our own那么生命、像我们一样的复杂生物,甚至像我们一样的文明could be down there right now现在就可能在这里存在They could be tuning into our TV signals他们可能正调到我们的电视信号watching shows from 20 years ago.观看我们20年前的电视节目But until we devise a way of communicating但是在我们找到跨越这么远距离的over these vast distances, all we can do is speculate通讯方法之前,我们只能猜测Us and them, living parallel lives我们和他们各自的生存着unaware of each other#39;s existence.彼此都不知道对方的存在Unless life has come and gone除非这里曾有过生命和灭绝 Article/201507/383500

  Despite the minute success rate,尽管成功几率微乎其微the potential rewards are enormous.但潜在的回报却是巨大的We hope there would be chemicals in here我们希望这其中 有一种化学成分that would be the future cures for all sorts of disease areas.可以在未来治愈所有疾病It would be nice to think that here想象一下就在这里we do have the cures for cancer, AIDS, Malaria,能找到种药物 治愈癌症 艾滋病 疟疾any of the world Health Organisation top priorities.及所有世卫组织高度关注的疾病 那该多好If drugs are not designed but discovered,倘若药物并非设计 而是偶然发现得来then it should come as no surprise that那么 只有我们亲身尝试后we only find out what they really do to us when we take them.才知道它真正的效用也并不奇怪Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Liam!把手给我 把手给我 利亚姆This is Liam.这是利亚姆Aged five, he was disruptive, hyperactive and unable to focus.五岁 过度活跃 没办法集中 Article/201501/355904苏珊·凯恩:内向性格的力量 Article/201509/398084

  It could disappear before 2030.可能2030年会全部消失。Some predictions suggest 2015.有些则预言2015年。Soon these waters will be free of ice several summer months a year.很快这些水就会在夏天的几个月里脱离冰川。The sunbeams that the ice sheet previously reflected back now penetrate the dark water, heating it up.本来被大冰原反射的阳光现在直照深海并加热海水。The warming process gathers pace.这加速了暖化过程。This ice contains the records of our planet.冰雪包含地球的记录。The concentration of carbon dioxide hasn#39;t been so high for several hundred thousand years.数十万年来二氧化碳的浓度从未这样高。Humanity has never lived in an atmosphere like this.人类从未生活在这种大气下。Is excessive exploitation of our resources threatening the lives of every species?资源的过度开发正威胁所有品种的生存?Climate change accentuates the threat.气候变化使危机加深。By 2050, a quarter of the Earth#39;s species could be threatened with extinction.到2050年 地球上四分之一物种面临绝种的危险。In these polar regions, the balance of nature has aly been disrupted.在南北两极大自然的平衡已瓦解。Off the coast of Greenland, there are more and more icebergs.格陵兰岛的沿海冰山越来越多。 Article/201411/341093


  我们早在50年前就已经知道气候变暖正在发生,但是我们几乎没有采取任何的行动。Google.org基金会主任拉里·布利连如是指出。但即使是这样,即使还有其他令人沮丧的趋势,但是,布利连依然对未来报以乐观态度,不妨看看他是怎么说的。这是来自Skoll全球论坛的演讲。 Article/201410/331715。


  Five Pieces of Advice You#39;ll Hear in Every Grad Speech毕业演讲公式解密Five pieces of advice you#39;ll hear in every grad speech你在每场毕业演讲都会听到的五个建议I would encourage you to take risks now. Do something bold!我会鼓励你现在就冒险。做些大胆的事!Fortune favors the bold.幸运之神眷顾勇者。Imaginative and bold people make a difference.有想像力且无畏的人创造不同。Try to love others and serve others.试着友爱并务他人。A great responsibility—to serve and love others.一个重大的责任--务并爱其他人。Acts of sacrifice and decency, without regard to what#39;s in it for you.奉献和宽容的行为,不去考虑其中对自己有什么好处。The world needs your energy, your passion.这世界需要你的力量、你的热情。Your intelligence, your capacity for hard work.你的智慧、你的孜孜不倦。We need your enthusiasm, we need your energy, we need your imagination.我们需要你的热忱、我们需要你的干劲、我们需要你的想像力。Any 22-year-old who thinks they know where they will be in 10 years, much less in 30, is simply lacking in imagination.任何一个认为自己知道他们十年后会怎样的 22 岁青年,更别说知道三十年后会怎样了,他们纯粹是缺乏想像力的一群。And make no mistake about it, you are dumb. You#39;re a group of incredibly well-educated dumb people.别误会,你们很笨。你们是一群教育程度很高的蠢蛋。The law of averages, not to mention the myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at some point fall.平均法则,更不用提伊卡洛斯那则神话,预言了你们在某个点将会跌倒。So failing is okay, and it#39;s okay to fail really big.所以失败没关系,重重摔到谷底没关系。The world doesn#39;t care how many times you fall down as long as it#39;s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.这世界不在意你跌倒几次,只要你跌倒的次数比你重新站起来的次数少一次就好。 Article/201507/383476

  How To Ski Bumps / Moguls猫跳Bumps or Moguls are something you#39;re going to find a lot of if you#39;re going off-piste如果你是在野外滑雪,那么你将会体验猫跳的刺激感。They can be quite intimidating at times. But with some the techniques we#39;re going to look at,有时候,猫跳的确是有些恐怖。但是如果有以下我们要讲解的技巧,you#39;ll be amazed at how much more confident you#39;ll start to feel when you#39;re starting to ski bumps.你就会很有信心去感受猫跳的刺激感了。Try and find some nice ones, like this, they#39;re not too intimidating.尝试这些柔和的动作,像这样,他们也没有那么恐怖。The bumps behind me here are a little bit too big to start with.我背后的这个猫跳对于刚入门的话难度就比较大。You might be able to get down them,你也许可以领会这些动作,but if you#39;re try to work on your technique find some smaller ones that aren#39;t going to intimidate you.但一旦你要去尝试的时候,一定要在自己能力范围内做一些不会对你造成危害的动作。A good way to practice the bumps is find a few small ones like this and you can actually go across them.一个很好的方法去练习猫跳就是找到像这样的一些小幅度动作,你真的可以掌握这些动作的。We#39;re going to keep our hands in front shoulders over your feet and relax.我们要保持放松并把手伸向身体前方。Two goals:有两个目的:keep your head at the same level so you can absorb the bumps,pushed down into the trough, absorb.保持你头部一直在同一高度上,这样你才能吸收蘑菇,滑到包底的线路。And the other one is to keep your feet incontinence with the snow all the way through, nice and smooth.另一个原则就是要一直保持你的脚和雪地能够自然而又平滑地接触。So the hands are in front.Absorb. Pushed down, really keep that head at the same level.因此手一定要伸向前方。记住这一点。吸收然后下压,一定要保持头部不动。Stay balanced over your feet.保持你双脚平衡。Let the bump push your feet up and then extend down into the trough.让蘑菇推进你的脚向上滑行,然后向下延伸到滑行包底。We#39;re going to look at three ways to handle these bumps.我们将看到有三种方式来掌握这些蘑菇。The first one is actually turning on top of the bump第一个方法就是在蘑菇的包顶转弯。A lot of people try and ski around them the whole time and avoid them and it#39;s not always the best thing to do.很多人都是一直尝试绕过蘑菇,避免猫跳。事实上这并不总是最佳选择。We actually going to use that bump to help us.我们应该用包来促进我们滑行。It#39;s perfect here. I#39;ve got a lot of space around the bump.这就完美了。我在猫跳方面已经有了一定经验。They#39;re not too close and turning on the top is probably the best option.他们并不是很接近,在最高点进行扭转可能是最好的选择。So nice and positive on top of that bump, here#39;s another one on top, on top因此在包顶保持放松乐观的状态。这里是最高点另一个猫跳,在最高点的。Positive pole plant, turning on the bump looking ahead and anticipating what#39;s down the slope.向前点杖,滑到包顶,向前看,观察前面的线路。Get the timing right and the bump will help you turn掌控好节奏,蘑菇就可以帮助你转弯。So another way to do it for these small bumps.因此另一种方式来应对小包If you#39;ve got some space around them, you can turn around the outsides.如果你能有一定空间,你就可以在包的外侧转弯。If it looks like you#39;ve got an opening and space it#39;s not a bad option.如果你看到一条有空间的线路,它不是一个坏的选择。Start to use a combination of these two techniques in the smaller bumps在小幅度的蘑菇中,连接使用这两个技巧。It will give you more options on where you can turn关于在哪开始转弯,它可以给你更多的选择。Turnaround the bumps or on top.绕着包滑,或者在蘑菇顶端转弯。Be versatile.滑雪动作就会变得精绝伦。Once you#39;re feeling happy on the smaller bumps一旦能应对矮一点的蘑菇,we#39;re going to look at the third thing that is going to help you deal with steeper slopes and bigger bumps.我们就可以进入第三种方式了,它会告诉你如何应对陡坡和更大的蘑菇。The last thing look at is using the back side of the bump as a brake.最后一点就是让蘑菇的内侧帮助减速。So I#39;m actuating going to turn into it, use that face to slow me down and then gently turn around it.因此注意我下面的动作,滑进包底,用那一侧来让自己慢下来然后慢慢转身。You#39;ll probably find it happening more on steeper bumps that are a little bit closer together你可能会觉得蘑菇更密,and probably the slope is a bit steeper as well.斜坡太陡峭。Let#39;s take a look.让我们一起看一下。。So there#39;s a back. Use the back of that slope.因此有一个背面。利用斜坡的背面。I#39;m turning into the back side of the bump the around.我转向了蘑菇的内侧。Plant the pole, feel the break and then turn around.点杖,感受这里的停顿,然后转身。Think about where you gonna be on the first two or three bumps.想想在最开始的两三个蘑菇中哪个位置转身。Don#39;t just set off with no idea or plan for where you are going to be turning.不要没有考虑就实施或者为你将在哪里转身做计划。So for at least those first three you are going to be in a good position and get the rhythm and then you#39;re flowing down the run.因此在最开始的三个蘑菇中,你要去找一个好的姿势,并且抓住节奏,然后你要顺着动作滑行。The other thing to watch is your speed into the first turn.另一件要关注的就是在第一个转弯处你的速度问题。Don#39;t go off there like a man possessed and spend the next two turns trying to get control back.不要像一个男人一样突然动作,要在接下来的两个转身尝试控制住速度。Start off nice and easy and build it up.出发要优雅且放。I#39;m coming on to face here我将在这里开始。Some nice bumps down here .这里是一些不错的包。But before I#39;m going to go,I#39;m going to plan my first two or three turns after that it#39;s going to be much more ad-lib但是在我出发之前,在过于即兴的转身过后计划一下最开始的两三个转身。But get those first two or three sorted in your head before you actually set off.在你真正出发前,在你的脑海里策划出最初的两三个动作。You#39;re going to be in a rhythm and you#39;re going to have much more time to handle the rest the run.你要抓准你的节拍,然后你就会在滑行过程中有更多时间去掌控其它方面。So I#39;m looking in front of me, the hands in front, I#39;m going to do a turn around that one over there.因此我向前看,手也向前伸展,我将在那里的猫跳中转身。nice and smooth. Absorb those bumps ,keep those hands in front, looking ahead of you,always be a step ahead.优美而又平滑的。掌握这些猫跳保持双手向前,并要看向你的前方一步。it#39;s not about using any one of those techniques, it#39;s about using all three.这不是说只有其中一个技巧,而是三个都要用。Pick out the right one at the right time and you#39;ll find yourself having a lot more control coming down the bumps.在合适的时间里选择合适的动作。你就会能在猫跳中更好地控制自己的动作。It#39;s really important to look ahead and if you looked at a bump and decided to make a turn on it,向前看真的很重要。如果你已经准备猫跳,并决定在猫跳的时候转身,don#39;t keep staring at it.就不要保持凝视状态。Push that gaze forward.向前推进你的凝视。You#39;ll have much more time to react and you#39;ll see things coming at you earlier.你会有足够的时间做出反应,并且你会事先预见一些事情。Keep those hands in front and really trying and relax.保持双手向前,保持放松。You can actually turn something that is quite intimidating into something that is a lot of fun.你就可以真正将相对刺激危险的事物转化得充满乐趣。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379780

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