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This is proper sort of Cub Scout stuff.这些都是童子军耳熟能详的东西。Even though I got kicked out of the scouts. Dont worry about that. Dont judge me on that.尽管我被他们踢出来了。但不用管那些,也别用这个来判断我。Beautiful smoked fish, trout, prawns, horseradish sauce and a lovely little watercress and onion salad,熏鱼、鳟鱼、对虾、辣根沙司、西洋菜以及洋葱沙拉,you can go and buy a smoker but I dont want you to go and buy smoker,你可以用熏烟器,但我不建议你用,because to be honest,all you need is a bucket.因为一个水桶就足够了。Right, so we put holes in the bottom for airflow. Very very simple.你需要在水桶底部打眼,让空气流动起来,非常非常简单。So fill a bucket with about three inches of white hot charcoal from the barbecue.将烤架上的白炭放在水桶中,大约三英寸左右。Then Ive got some wood chips here which you can buy you know from garden centers and stuff like that,你可以从花香商场买一些木片,只要是这类物质都可以,or get a penknife and just, just do a pile of splinters.或是拿一个小刀,削一些木屑下来。You want to use things like oak, apple, cherry woods.你需要找一些像橡树、苹果木或是樱桃木这类木材。You dont want anything oily like pine.不要找那些油性很高的松树木。Even you see the smoke coming off it now, dead simple.看见烟了吗,非常简单。Over here, Ive got some prawns and trout.我这里准备了一些对虾和鳟鱼。Okay so first of all, Ive just got some nice big prawns.首先,我们用这些新鲜的大对虾。Ive taken the shell off. Let me show you how to do one.我已经把虾壳剥了下来,接下来我向你展示如何剥虾。Hold the head, just crack off the body shell.抓住头,将虾壳剥下来。Pull it off and go right down and leave the tail fin on,一直剥到底部,只留下尾鳍的部分,just because it looks quite cool its good to hold on to. 这样做更加美观,也利于拿着虾尾。So peel that off like that and then skewer it.剥下来之后将它插入竹签。And then just lay these just like that,之后将它们平放在这里,then I want you to get a load of skewers wooden, everyday skewer, you can use metal ones if you want.你要准备一些竹签,就是一些日常的竹签,如果你想用钢的也可以。And just lay it across almost like a game of KerPlunk.就像“插球”游戏一样,把竹签放在这里。Alright crisscross like that. Then Ive got some trout fillets and could use salmon.像这样横竖插在一起,我这里准备了一些鳟鱼片,你也可以用三文鱼。Some seasoning, we could even get some lemon zest if you want, just give it some freshness and some brightness.再加一点调料,也可以放一些柠檬片调味,这样看起来会更加光泽鲜美。And then Im gonna lay that trout over the KerPlunk.然后将鳟鱼放在这些竹签上。Flesh side down and the smoke will come around and it will kiss your fish.有肉的一面朝下,将鱼肉浸入到浓烟中。And then all you have to do is get a wet cloth Im just gonna lay it over the top like that.然后找一条湿毛巾,将它放在上面,就像这样。And that means its holding all the smoke in. So that bucket now is just full of like foggy smoke.毛巾的作用是留住这些烟,现在水桶中应该全是浓烟。And its only gonna take about five to seven minutes to cook.时间大约在5-7分钟。I wanna make a punchy dressing so its 50/50 horseradish sauce to yogurt.之后我要制作一个浓郁的调味酱,比例是50%的辣根沙司和50%的酸奶。And a good pinch of salt and pepper and squeeze a lemon.之后加入盐,胡椒粉,以及柠檬汁。I just think this is exciting. You know I cant wait to teach little buddy how to do this.我觉得做这些事情非常有趣,我已经迫不及待想要教小孩子做这些了。I love the fact that you know if you teach your kid to do it,如果你教给你的孩子,hell probably do it with his kids and I just love love love all that sort of stuff.他很可能就会和其他孩子一起做,我其实是非常非常喜欢做这些事情的。So Im really pleased with that. Got me sauce done.所以我很乐意做这些事情,调味酱完成。Ive got me smoker on. Im gonna make a lovely little salad, finely sliced, some onions okay.烟桶还在熏着,我现在要做一个沙拉,将洋葱切片。Seasoned with salt and a nice squeeze lemon.之后加入盐和柠檬汁。Then massage it all over to take the heat out of the onion.之后进行搅拌,将洋葱中的热量全部散发出去。Get some watercress and some good old-fashioned cress and dress it with a little olive oil. Job done.之后放些西洋菜,水芹菜,再放一些橄榄油,大功告成。Then we come to our fish. All right these would be done by now.之后让我们来看看这些熏鱼,应该差不多了。A pretty much know when fish is cooked, when you can pull the skin off.如果鱼皮能够拨开,就明熏鱼熟了。Look at that, lets pick up this fillet and I let gravity flake it.快看,拿起鱼片,让它自行脱落。Just let it busted, cooked in its own juices.它自己掉下来了,用鱼本身的肉汁制作了这道菜。Its such an intelligent way to cook.多么精巧的制作方法。And then look, whats quite interesting is that all the heads did fall off off of your head.快看,有意思的是所有的虾头都掉了下来。Why, but whats quite lovely is the flavour of prawn is in the head right?对虾的味道其实都在虾头里,对吗?So as the head falls on the charcoals, like all of the oils from the shell,现在虾头都掉进了白炭里,就像虾油都在虾壳中一样,and the flavor turns into smoke. Do you know what I mean, that what was always about.肉的清香其实都在熏烟中,明白我意思吗,其实这才是重点。Just dress it with a little lemon juice and of course olive oil.之后在肉上放一些柠檬汁,还有橄榄油。I love the little dream of going away with the family with an old fire bucket.我喜欢和家人一起出游的感觉,另外再带一个水桶。You know full of a few little things to do this, imagine.你总会有许多小事情要做,想象一下。And like, you know, picnic but not as you know it.就像野炊一样,但又不是你想的那样。For me, thats what this kind of summer festival food season is all about.对于我而言,这才是夏日美食季的重点。You know what I mean, its about the unexpected. Its about beginning up.明白我的意思吗,你会发现许多意想不到的事情,你会从头开始。Its about surprising yourself with things you can do.你会为你所做的事情而感到惊讶。So there you go,beautiful smoked fish,prawns,trout,美味的熏鱼、对虾、鳟鱼、horseradish sauce and a lovely little watercress and onion salad辣根沙司、西洋菜以及洋葱沙拉。Happy days, hang it in your gob.祝你幸福快乐,我来尝一块。Absolutely gorgeous.人间美味。 201707/516269

栏目简介:A group of women donated their long hair today at a local pediatric hospital. Their hair will be used to make wigs for children with leukemia, who suffer hair loss due to chemotherapy. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201706/513498

When Bear falls out of the aircraft,behind him you see this little island, little island.its like a James Bond moment.贝尔跳出机舱时 你可以看到他身下那个小小的岛屿 简直是007附身We traveled to some of the most remote places on earth.我们的目标是地球上最渺无人烟之地For Sumatra Indonisia,just getting on the ground was a huge challenge.在印尼苏门答腊岛 如何到达地面都是一项巨大的挑战But letting go was the easy bit.其实纵身一跳 还不算什么My plan was to land on the water,but to do that,I need to release the parachute just before entry.我的计划是水上降落 要实现这一目标 我必须在入水前那一刻 和伞包脱离Nothing below me to judge distances,to tell me when to detach,there is a high risk of manoeuver.下方无任何物体可用来判断距离 告诉我该何时脱离 失误的几率很高Release too early,itll be just like hitting concrete.脱离得太早 就会跟砸到水泥地上一样惨That is how to make an entrance.这才是正确的入水方式Number 24 is a time in Montana,when I was faced with one of my toughest ever climbs.第24幕发生在蒙大拿州 在那里有我最艰难的一次攀登经历That must be 200 foot high.At least.肯定有200英尺高 只多不少Stuck in the bottom of a steep-aside valley,my way out was up.我被困于两侧都是绝壁的山谷中 爬上去才有出路Climbing on that railway bridge in Montana I would describe it as butted clenching.蒙大拿的那次攀爬 惊险紧张 我一刻不敢放松It looked big,but once you got pull way up,you really saw how big it was,but also how fragile it was.它看着很高 但只有亲身爬上去 才能体会到它到底有多高 而且非常不稳固I mean, that bridge was, was in excess of a hundred years old.那座桥绝对超过一百岁了201612/481493

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