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株洲市二医院激光去痘多少钱株洲市二医院激光除皱多少钱Meeting the landlordBeth: Hello, Mr. Gao. We appreciate your letting us have the apartment.LL: My pleasure. Youre a sweet couple. Do you have any questions?Beth: The ad said rent was thirty thousand. That includes utilities and phone, I assume.LL: No, it doesnt. And there a maintenance fee each month. It ty NT per ping.Beth: That another one thousand six hundred?LL: Yes, but that doesnt include cable. It cleaning and trash removal. You just leave your trash outside your door.参考译文:和房东见面贝丝:哈啰,高先生我们很感激你让我们承租这间公寓房东:荣幸之至你们这对夫妇人很好有任何问题吗?贝丝:广告上说房租是三万元我猜那包括水电瓦斯跟电话费吧房东:不,没有包括而且每个月还有管理费一坪四十元贝丝:那就是还要外加一千六百元?房东:对,不过那不包括有线电视那是清洁跟收垃圾的费用你只要把垃圾放在门外就好了重点词汇:rent (v.,n.)房租;出租A: We also want to move because it too expensive.我们也想搬家,因为太贵了B: Yes, the rent must be really high here.是啊,这里房租一定很贵utility (n.)瓦斯、电力、自来水等设施A: Does your rent include utilities?你的房租包括水电瓦斯费吗?B: It includes water, but you have to pay gas and electricity.包括水费,不过要付瓦斯跟电费assume (v.)假定,假设I assumed you had a boyfriend.我猜妳有男朋友了maintenance fee维修保养费这里是指大楼管理费Maintenance fees are just another way landlords to rip us off.管理费只是房东剥削我们的另一种方法removal (n.)搬运,移动A: What is the government doing about that toxic waste?政府如何处理那些有毒废物?B: The new laws call its removal by .新立法要求在二○一○年之前移除 6中南大学湘雅医学院株洲临床学院双眼皮多少钱 attach附加,bill钞票,change零钱ChangeA professor was giving a big test one day to his students. He handed out all of the tests and went back to his desk to wait.Once the test was over, the students all handed the tests back in. The professor noticed that one of the students had attached a [00:.30]知行英语[00:.73]Listen and Share[00:.6]知行哈哈糖[00:.33]I hung him up to dry[00:.3]我把他吊起来让他晾干[00:.6]Jim and Mary were both patients[00:.66]in a Mental Hospital.[00:.3]One day while they were walking[00:6.]by the hospital swimming pool,[00:7.93]Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end.[00:30.78]He sank to the bottom.[00:3.5]Mary promptly jumped in to save him.[00:35.19]She swam to the bottom[00:36.]and pulled Jim out.[00:38.1]When the medical director[00:39.7]became aware of Mary's heroic act[00:.66]he immediately reviewed her file[00:5.3]and called her into his office.[00:7.]"Mary,[00:8.01]I have good news and bad news.[00:50.]The good news[00:50.99]is you're being discharged[00:53.]because since you were able to jump in[00:5.89]and save the life of another patient,[00:57.7]I think you've regained your senses.[00:59.]The bad news is Jim,[01:01.]the patient you saved,[01:.18]hung himself with his bathrobe belt[01:.55]in the bathroom,[01:.61]he's dead."[01:.5]Mary replied,[01:.5]"He didn't hang himself,[01:.73]I hung him up to dry."[01:.]中文大意[:01.31]语言点[:.]became aware of[:.56]be aware of[:.5]发觉, 注意到[:.65]know[:.63]When she became aware of the danger,[:.70]she left the house immediately.[:.7]discharge[:.33]卸货,解雇,释放[:7.3]出院[:9.79]be discharged from hospital[:3.90]You are going to be discharged[:.7]tomorrow[:38.61]hung him up to dry[:0.]hang up[:3.]吊挂,悬吊[:5.61]Hang up the T-shirtt,please[:50.]hang[:5.7]挂起[:53.70]hang[:56.]hung[:59.]绞死,吊死[:.57]hanged[:.9]hung him up to dry[:.78]把他吊起来好让他能晾干[:.0]to dry[:33.]知行提示 bill to his test with a note saying “A dollar per point.”In the next class the professor handed the tests back out. This student got back his test and change.找零一天,有一位教授给他的学生们准备了一个大测验把卷子发完后,他回到他的桌子边等着考试一结束,学生们都把卷子交了上来教授注意到,有一个学生在试卷上附了一张0美元的钞票,还有一张便条写着“一分一美元”下一节课的时候教授又把卷子发了下去那个学生也拿到了他的卷子,以及6美元零钱1.test测验/卷子在文中“A professor was giving a big test one day to his students.”的test是“测验”的意思而“He handed out all of the tests and went back to his desk to wait.”中的test则是“试卷”的意思. hand out分发,给予I don’t need you handing me out that sort of advice!我不需要你给我那种劝告He was said to like handing out.据说他乐善好施这个短语还有“搀扶”的意思:hand sb. out of the bus扶某人下公共汽车 连起来的handout的意思有:施舍物、传单、新闻通报、声明等3. attach附着这是个很实用的词:a house with a garden attached带有花园的房子;attach importance to sth.认为某事很重要;attach one’s signature to a document在文件上签名He was strongly attached to his home.他对他的家恋恋不舍. bill钞票也有“账单”的意思:pay an electricity bill付电费账;“节目单”Who’s on the bill tonight?今晚是谁上场?5.change找零作名词的change有很多含义:“转变”the change of seasons季节的转换;“更动”make a few changes in the wording文字上作少许更动“换车”By train from Shanghai to my hometown there is at least one change.从上海乘火车到我的家乡,路上至少要换一次车 3株洲背部脱毛

株洲中心医院光子脱毛手术多少钱Dressing Inappropriately Work上班穿着不当Thierry: I know it’s casual Friday, but some people just don’t know how to dress appropriately work.蒂埃里:我知道今天是便装星期五,但是一些人不知道如何着装得体地上班Olga: I was thinking the same thing. Look at Sandy. What she’s wearing is far too revealing.奥尔加:我也在想这个问题看看桑迪,她穿得太暴露了Thierry: I was actually thinking about Jimmy. He’s wearing cutoffs and flip- flops. Where is his professionalism?蒂埃里:其实,我是在想吉米他穿着短裤和人字拖他的职业水准在哪里?Olga: Don’t they know how they’re dressed can affect their careers? Some people can’t see past poor fashion choices.奥尔加:难道他们不知道穿着会影响职业生涯吗?有些人就是理解不了昔日朴素的时尚搭配Thierry: Yeah, so many people are closed- minded and think what people wear reflects their ability.蒂埃里:是的,许多人思想保守,他们认为一个人的穿着能够反映出个人能力Olga: I’ve known a lot of people like that. Me? I always err on the side of caution.奥尔加:我认识很多这样的人至于我嘛,我宁可稳妥起见Thierry: Is that why you never dress down?蒂埃里:这就是你从不穿着随便的理由吗?Olga: That’s right. And I’ve noticed you don’t either.奥尔加:没错我注意到你也是如此Thierry: No, just because we suspend the dress code one day a week doesn’t mean we have to dress inappropriately.蒂埃里:是的每周我们会有那么一天可以随意着装,但这并不意味着可以着装不当Olga: True, though both Sandy and Jimmy look really comtable.奥尔加:没错,尽管桑迪和吉米看上去穿得都很舒适Thierry: Yeah, they do. It must be nice to walk around the office without dress shoes. Maybe, just once, I’ll come to work in shorts next week.蒂埃里:嗯,是的在办公室里不穿皮鞋来回走动真得很舒适没准下周哪一天,我也会穿着短裤来上班Olga: What?! After everything you’ve said?奥尔加:什么?那你刚才还说那么多?Thierry: I was thinking of tasteful shorts, nothing tacky.蒂埃里:我会选择一条雅致、脱俗的短裤Olga: Just remember that it’s a slippery slope, my friend. I hope to never see you here in a tank top!奥尔加:朋友,请记住那样会更糟我可不希望看到你穿着背心来上班译文属 663湘潭绣眉多少钱 Migrant Farming in the U.S.; American Cities: Palm Springs, CA; patronizing versus condescending; to right every wrong; to belong to versus to belong withWords:migrant workermanual laborslaveplantationto deporttacticboycotttoxicplaygroundHollywood typeshigh-endboutiquepatronizingcondescendingto right every wrongto belong 376789湘潭雨湖岳塘区蒜头鼻瘦鼻歪鼻价格

株洲韩美整形美容医院手臂脱毛怎么样tightfisted吝啬的,stingy小气的,Yama阎罗王,escort护送Tightfisted Till the EndWhen a very miserly man nicknamed the ;stingy ghost; died and went to hell, the Yama King reproached him, saying, ;You stingy ghost! When you were alive, you clung hard to everything and wouldnt give to anyone. Even when you saw others in poverty and misery, you refused to offer them help. Also, you didnt take good care of your parents, relatives or friends and let them suffer and starve. your evil karma, youll be dumped into a pot of boiling oil.;The ghost wardens then escorted the man to the pot of boiling oil, and when they arrived, he looked at the pot and said, ;Hey! Wait a minute! There so much oil in it. What a waste! Please drain out the oil, sell it and give me the money.Then, you can simply dump me in a pot of boiling water! There no need oil. Youre using too much oil to cook one person anyway!; 本性难移 有一个人很吝啬,叫吝啬鬼,他死了以后下地狱,阎罗王骂他说:;你这个吝啬鬼,在尘间的时候什么东西都抓很紧不放,什么人都不给,看到贫穷、痛苦的人也不帮助,父母、亲戚、朋友也没有照顾好,让他们都挨饿受苦,你这种凶恶的业障,应该被放入滚开的油锅里面; 鬼差就带他到滚得很热、很烫的油锅那边,吝啬鬼一看就说:;喔,等一下、慢一下!油那么多,怎么那么浪费呢?你们先把这些油倒出来,卖出去后把钱给我,然后丢我在热烫的水里就可以了!何必用油,而且还用那么多油!; 1.reproach责备Beyond reproach无可指摘:十分完美的以至于排除了任何受批评的可能性..warden看守员He is the warden of an old people home.他是一家养老院的管理员3.escort护送Who will escort this young lady home?谁护送这位回家?.drain排空也有;喝光;的意思:Let drain the glass dry.咱们把这杯干了吧 6799 <牛人_句子>株洲茶陵炎陵县去额头上的皱纹价格株洲韩美整形美容医院祛痘怎么样



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