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2018年02月20日 11:20:03 | 作者:周健康 | 来源:新华社
Script:Fear once again took hold, starting in Asia, following on into Europe. Even after Tuesday's strong showing, Europe opened sharply lower, when the credit crunch sp beyond a few US specialty mortgage funds. With an Australian Bank warning some of its investors might lose money, people seem no longer willing to risk the gains they made earlier in the year.I think at the moment, we are trading on fear. We are looking into the abyss, and you know, the worst fear is that this sps, and instead of being a US housing market problem, it becomes a credit cycle problem and the trigger for a weaker global growth.The panic began in the US mortgage markets last month, when complex trades in mortgages tied to people with poor credits started to falter. This has caused the collapse of some hedge funds. The bottom line is if this leads to the cost of credit or loans going up for companies, firms have to pay more to do business, especially in the mergers and acquisition field. And Mamp;A has been driving much of the recent froth and the long bull markets.That the US stock market in particular has been going up for more than four and a half years now, in Europe we've been rising slightly less than four and a half years, but it gained fairly steady gains. As we know, no market, um, goes up forever.Wednesday's early falls in Europe came on the first day of the trading month, a month that is usually the quietest of the year. But thin volumes can exaggerate big swings in the market, so it may be a few holidays are cancelled or curtailed this August.I think it's hard to say the blackberry of the bear minimum is going to be in much use around the holiday resorts of Europe and ed States. August could set the tone for the rest of the year, and it started out on shaky ground.European markets did begin to pare their losses around lunchtime. But in these days of sharp swings, heavy volumes, and uncertainty of whether this is just a blip or the beginning of a bear market. Volatility is expected to continue throughout August. Jim Boulden , CNN, London. Notes:Mamp;A: Merger and Aquisition Hedge fund: A hedge fund is a private investment fund charging a performance fee and typically open to only a limited number of investors200807/44308Hello , Peter, very nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me this lesson in Chinese business etiquette.Not at all. Now I have to ask you, am I dressed for the part?Absolutely perfect for Chinese business meeting, conservative color, long skirt. All right, good to hear. Well let's start the meeting then. Let's go, this way. This is my business card.Thank you.Notice how I present it to you with the English side facing you.Oh, OK , then I should do the same for you.Here is my business card. Oh, wonderful.Should I have ... you get yourself a Chinese name . Notice how I spend a little bit of time paying attention to detail of the card as a sign of respect. A business meeting sometimes ends with a gift exchange. Here are some CNN branded gifts. Would these be appropriate to give in China?Er , some of them like the iPod might be too expensive, it could carry a bribery undertone. But the other side might feel uncomfortable, because we, he would have to reciprocate with something of equal value. Of this , this is a photo CD. Would this be a more appropriate choice?That is a perfect gift , that is , introduce your company, your city or your country.Ok, well, that wraps up the session here but our etiquette lesson will continue tonight over dinner?Ok, I'll see you then. So Peter, tell me, how important is dinning to building a business relationship in China ?It is a cultural way. Chinese people regard eating as one of the most important things in their lives as they say "民以食为天".What does that mean?That means eating is as important as the sky.Now this is the dish that maybe some overseas businessmen or women might find a little bit unpalatable----it’s sea slug. We also have a sautéed bullfrog . If, if you are a business person you are being offered these as a guest in China, and you don't want to eat it. What'd you do?I would just say "谢谢,这个我免了"."谢谢" like this, and then no one's feelings are hurt , (no one's feelings...) everything is fine (right) . And now we have the fish, I notice it's looking at me, it's pointing this direction. What does that mean? That means er, you would have to drink a glass of white liquor because the head of the fish is pointing toward you. Ok, then ...That's that's a custom from the North.If that is a custom, then I would have to drink a glass of white liquor, so please. Ok, now these white liquors are pretty serious stuff. When being served this, can the guest be in a position to decline at all?Yes, but the, the host would naturally prefer that you join him in drinking it. Well, I'm going to have to join the host then to a toast? That's right .Ok, now I've just struggled to get lower than your glass. That's right , and the host , try to lower his glass under yours to show his respect to you. Bottoms up!"干杯!" "干杯"Kristie Lu Stout, CNN shanghai 200809/48178US in Deliberate Study of North Korean Nuclear Position美国仔细研究北韩对会谈的新立场 The State Department says the Bush administration is engaged in a careful study of North Korea's latest position on the six-party nuclear talks, as conveyed to a senior U.S. envoy late last week. Another top U.S. diplomat is still in the region consulting other parties to the talks.美国国务院说,布什政府正在根据北韩上周五向美国高级特使希尔表达的内容,仔细研究北韩在六方会谈方面的最新立场。美国另一名高级外交人员目前还在该地区同参加六方会谈的其它国家代表进行磋商。U.S. officials are refusing to comment on the substance of what Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill learned on a visit to Pyongyang that ended last Friday.美国助理国务卿希尔上星期五结束了对平壤的访问。美国有关官员拒绝透露希尔顿此行所获得的具体信息。But they do say the Hill mission has triggered a high-level review of the North Korean position that included a White House discussion Tuesday between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.不过,他们说,希尔的访问使美国政界高层开始研究北韩的立场。星期二,美国总统布什和国务卿赖斯在白宫就这一问题进行了讨论。The Chinese-sponsored six-party talks, aimed at getting Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear program, have been deadlocked over North Korea's failure to submit a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings it made in June.由中国主办的六方会谈是为了促使北韩废除其核项目,谈判最近陷入僵局,原因是北韩没有交出对其在今年六月所作的核材料声明进行核实的计划。Pyongyang says the ed States reneged on a pledge to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, but U.S. officials say de-listing is dependent on a verification regime.北韩说,美国违反承诺,没有把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,但美国官员说,除名的条件是北韩提交核实的计划。Hill met several North Korean officials, including Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun and a senior army general in a visit spanning three days.希尔在他三天的访问中会晤了几名北韩官员,其中包括北韩外务相朴义春和一名军方高级将领。A South Korean newspaper considered pro-Pyongyang said earlier this week North Korea gave Hill a new proposal along with an ultimatum to walk away from the talks if it is not accepted.韩国的一份亲北韩的报纸本周早些时候说,北韩向希尔提出了一项新的建议,并且发出了最后通牒,也就是,如果不接受提议,北韩就将退出六方会谈。At a news briefing Wednesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said he was not y to provide any details but reiterated Hill's depiction of his visit as useful.美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期三在一个新闻发布会上说,他不能透露具体细节,但是他重申,希尔说这次访问是有用的。"We will give you our full assessment of what Chris heard and the results of his discussion as we saw it," he said. "I think you heard him, as well as the secretary, characterize the discussions as useful. We will see if, in fact, in the end they are productive in moving the process forward."麦科马克说:“我们将会在以后透露希尔和北韩方面进行讨论的结果,并将全面评估希尔所获得的消息。希尔和赖斯国务卿已经说过,希尔这次访问是有用的。我们将看看这些讨论最终是否能起到作用,推动形势向前发展。”McCormack said Secretary Rice discussed the state of the talks by telephone with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, and that senior U.S. diplomat Sung Kim - Hill's deputy - is due back in Washington on Thursday, after consultations with parties in the region.麦科马克说,赖斯国务卿通过电话同韩国外交部长柳明桓讨论了六方会谈的形势,而希尔的副手金成正在这一地区同有关各方进行磋商,并将于星期四返回华盛顿。A senior official who spoke to reporters in Washington said the administration is being deliberate, thoughtful, and conscientious in its internal discussion of the talks.一位高级官员在华盛顿对记者们说,布什政府在内部讨论六方会谈时采取了仔细、周全和审慎的态度。Asked if the negotiations are in a do-or-die situation, the same official said the six-party talks will remain a useful mechanism regardless of whether they move forward right now.当被问到六方会谈是否处于危急关头时,这位官员说,不论六方是否能马上在谈判上取得进展,六方会谈都将继续成为一个有用的机制。North Korea announced last month it was taking steps to restore its partially disabled Yongbyon nuclear complex because of the negotiating impasse.北韩上个月宣布,由于谈判陷入僵局,北韩正在采取步骤恢复被部分拆除的宁边核反应堆。Spokesman McCormack said Pyongyang continues to move in the wrong direction with its activity at Yongbyon. He also said North Korea's reported test-firing of two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday was neither advisable nor helpful in managing regional tensions.美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,北韩在宁边的活动说明它依然在执行错误的政策。他还说,据报道,北韩在星期二向黄海试射了两枚短程导弹,这是不明智的,对处理该地区的紧张关系毫无帮助。But he said it was not a technical violation of a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to North Korea's long-range ballistic-missile program.不过他说,这次试射并没有违反联合国安理会2006年要求北韩停止其远程弹道导弹项目的决议。200810/52433So Anna has expressed her concerns to Paul, the boss.安娜对她的老板保罗说了她的担心。Its up to him to investigate.轮到他去调查了。As long as you have a fair reason to complain about a difficult member of staff, these are some of the phrases you could use.只要你有合理的理由抱怨一个棘手的员工,这些表达方式你就会用得到。Im concerned that shes made a mistake that might affect the business.我担心她做了错事,这可能会影响生意。Shes not pulling her weight.她没有尽力完成份内的工作。Im finding it very difficult to work with her.我发现很难和她一起工作。I wonder how Paul is going to handle the situation?我好奇保罗将如何处理这个情况。Ah, there you are Rachel. Nice cappuccino?你在这儿,瑞秋。卡布奇诺不错吧?Could you step in to my office for a moment… Id like a word.你能来我办公室一下吗……有点话要谈谈。Ya, sure.当然。Ooh, I wonder what thats all about.我想知道是什么事。Do you know Anna?你知道吗,安娜?Hmm, no idea.不知道。Shes probably going to get a promotion and a pay rise… and a custard cream!她可能升职加薪了,还吃了一块蛋奶奶油饼干!Thanks Paul, ciao.谢谢,保罗,再见。What a great guy he is.他真是一个好人。Such a great sense of humour!多么好的幽默感!Looks like were doing some good work Anna!看来我们工作做的不错,安娜!Wwwhat? !什么?!Oh Anna. Im not sure Paul has really sorted out your concerns.安娜,我不确定保罗真的解决了你的担忧。But dont worry, were here to help you out.但别担心,我们来帮你解决。See you next time on English at Work. Bye!下期职场英语见,再见! /201705/507597

But despite the Mongol's attempts to master siege warfare, the Chinese were still much more advanced in their military technology. They responded by filling bombs with crude oil, molten metal, chemicals and excrement. Despite the ferocious bombardment, Genghis Khan ordered his men to advance to the walls. Once again, Chinese prisoners were in the front line. As the city fell, the Chinese commander had just one option. Genghis Khan was so confident of victory that he left his army to capture the city. His final command to his generals was to fulfill his prophecy. He ordered total annihilation. molten: melted, liquefied by heatexcrement: waste discharged from the body, fecesannihilation: destruction, ruin; extinction, extermination200809/50120

Ones own free will ————— 主动,自愿英文释义 Voluntarily; without coercion.例句 My usually lazy teenage son recently surprised me by starting to study vigorously at school of his own free will.我儿子10多岁,一直比较懒,可不久前,他开始主动刻苦学习,让我感到意外。 /201605/443704

Health Officials Battling Child Disease in China中国和外界合作抗击严重肠道病毒  Chinese and international health officials say they are working closely to combat a severe form of an intestinal virus that has aly killed 28 children and infected thousands more.  中国和国际卫生官员说,他们正密切合作抗击一种严重的肠道病毒,这种病毒已导致二十八名儿童死亡,还让数以千计的人受到感染。Two more children were reported dead Wednesday, one in the central province, Hunan, and the other in the southwest region, Guangxi. 星期三有报导说又有两名儿童病亡,一人是在中部河南省,另一人在南部的广西省。Both children tested positive for enterovirus 71. The virus causes a severe form of hand, foot and mouth disease, which can lead to paralysis, brain swelling and even death. 这两名儿童在肠道病毒71型化验中都呈阳性反应。这种病毒导致手、足和口腔的严重疾患, 并可能造成瘫痪、脑部肿胀甚至死亡。Health officials across the country must now report all cases of the disease to central authorities. State-run Xinhua News Agency says the reporting requirement has caused the enumeration of people in China infected with hand, foot and mouth disease to jump to near 16,000.  全国各地的卫生工作人员如今必需向中央汇报疫情。新华社说,这一汇报要求使得全中国患手足口病的患者计数跃升到近一万六千人。The World Health Organization's China representative, Hans Troedsson, says EV-71 is causing less severe problems in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. He says it is not unusual for thousands of children each year to be infected with what he says is normally a benign and mild disease. 世界卫生组织的驻华代表韩卓升说EV-71型肠道病毒在新加坡、马来西亚和越南造成的问题比较不那么严重。他说,每年有数以千计的儿童患这类病症,而通常都是温和不致命的。他说:"It could be unpleasant for the child because it has blisters, and blisters in the mouth, and so on, that could hurt," he noted. "But usually, it's self-limiting within 10 days." “这种病对孩子说来很难受,有泡疹,而且还在口腔等部位,会觉得疼痛。但是通常十天内就会痊愈。”Most of the EV-71 cases in China have been centered around Fuyang, in central Anhui Province. Troedsson says he believes doctors at first did not know what they were dealing with, because patients were displaying symptoms not typical for hand, foot and mouth disease. 在中国,EV-71型病例多半集中在安徽中部的阜阳。韩卓升说,他相信医生起先不知道这是什么病症,因为病人没有手足口病的明显症状。他说:"And, when the clinicians tried to diagnose it, they looked for other causes that could be severe, including avian influenza and SARS and so on, which was all negative," he explained. "Just later, they could identify that this was actually enterovirus 71 and it was reported to the WHO." “当诊所的医务人员试图作诊断时,他们寻找其他可能相当严重的病因,如禽流感和萨斯病等,但是检测结果都是阴性。在一段时间后他们才鉴定这是肠道病毒71型,然后才向世卫组织报告。”The World Health Organization representative spoke at a joint news conference Wednesday with the spokesman for China's Ministry of Health, Mao Qun'an. 这位世卫组织代表星期三和中国卫生部发言人毛群安举行联合记者会,并在会上讲了话,毛群安在会上说:"I was told by the experts that some fatal cases occurred because of the late response time. That is, they were sent to the hospital too late. So, this increased the difficulty to treat them," he said. “根据刚才介绍在一些病例中这些孩子由于就诊时间比较晚,所以可能对临床救治来说增加了一定的困难。”The official China Daily newspaper reports the Anhui government has punished 10 doctors in relation to the outbreak. 中国官方英文报刊中国日报报导,安徽政府已经惩戒了与这次疫症爆发有关的十名医生。In one of the cases, two doctors were given demerits for delaying the transfer of a patient with a fever to a larger hospital. In another, a doctor was fined for giving 17 children an injection he claimed could prevent EV-71, although there is no vaccine for the virus. 其中有两名医生由于延误发烧病人转到大医院去治疗而被记过。另有一名医生由于给十七名儿童注射他所谓的EV -71 型预防针,而被处以罚款。因为根本不存在这种病毒的疫苗。And, despite the current attention, the Health Ministry's Mao says that this is not the first time China has experienced problems with this illness. He said incomplete data from last year show 80,000 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, including 17 cases that were fatal. 卫生部发言人毛群安说,尽管目前对这种疾病的关注,但是这并非中国第一次经历这一疾患的问题。他说,去年的不完整资料显示有八万个手足口病的病例。其中包括十七个致命病例。200805/38055

国家地理:South Pacific Surprise 走访东帝汶Welcome to East Timor, one of the world's newest countries, and for the intrepid few, an emerging tourism destination with unspoiled natural beauty.And I just booked two weeks' holiday here. I went for three or four dives and I think it took us 36 hours to make up our minds that this would, would be where we would hope to spend the rest of our lives. We were absolutely stunned by they, the quality of the marine life here, they, the healthy coral, the, the lack of environmental damage and a huge diversity of marine life.Hundreds of fish species have been recorded in East Timor's waters, a diversity that's enhanced by having very deep water so close to shore. East Timor is a former war zone and lacks a lot of basic infrastructure. After East Timor's vote for independence in 1999, Indonesian militias rampaged through the island. The subsequent recovery effort has been painfully slow. There are many changes to be made if tourism run by expatriates is to boost East Timor's meager economy. The government is anxious that new tourism developments don't ruin East Timor's greatest asset, its natural beauty.We are still developing policies and regulations in relation to, say, the environment, for example, environment protection. So what they should do is they should be very careful to talk to government and not to move ahead without government and, and local administration knowing exactly what they're doing until they're getting the full go-ahead.So, as this new nation struggles to build its economy, it faces an age-old predicament, how to make the most of its natural assets without destroying them in the process.expatriate: someone who lives in a foreign countrypredicament: a difficult or unpleasant situation in which you do not know what to do, or in which you have to make a difficult choicemake the most of: employ to the best advantage200709/17488

Obama to Visit Middle East, Europe Next Week奥巴马将访以巴期望增加外交经验 Reports from the Middle East say US Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama will visit both Israel and the West Bank next week as part of a major foreign trip. Other stops include Iraq, Afghanistan, and several European locations. 来自中东的报导说,竞选美国总统的民主党候选人奥巴马将在下星期访问以色列和约旦河西岸,这是奥巴马一次重要外交访问的一部分。奥巴马此行还将访问伊拉克、阿富汗和几个欧洲国家。The Obama campaign has released few details about the senator's forthcoming itinerary, but Israeli and Palestinian officials say Obama will meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 奥巴马竞选班子没有公布这位参议员出访的细节安排。但是以色列和巴勒斯坦官员说,奥巴马将分别会见以色列总理奥尔默特和巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯。His Republican rival, Senator John McCain, took a similar trip to the Middle East and Europe in March, and has regularly visited Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein. 奥巴马的共和党竞选对手麦凯恩参议员3月也曾访问中东和欧洲。自从美国2003年领导进攻伊拉克、推翻萨达姆以来,麦凯恩经常访问伊拉克。Obama has been a fierce critic of the Bush administration's handling of foreign affairs, especially the Iraq war. Political analyst Larry Sabato, who heads the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says the upcoming trip is critical for a presidential aspirant with limited foreign policy credentials. 奥巴马一直猛烈批评布什政府处理外交事务的方式,特别是批评伊拉克战争。政治分析家萨巴托是美国维吉尼亚大学政治研究中心的负责人。他说,奥巴马即将进行的访问对这位外交政策经验不多的总统竞选人来说至关重要。"He is criticizing our [US] policy in Iraq. He needs to see it on the ground, and he has not been there [to Iraq] in years," he said. "It is important that he talk to the world leaders with whom he may very well be dealing come January [if elected president]." 他说:“奥巴马批评美国的伊拉克政策。他需要到伊拉克去实地考察。他已经很多年没有去伊拉克了。重要的是,他要同世界领导人交谈。如果他当选总统,他在明年1月以后很可能要跟这些人打交道。”Sabato describes the trip as a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for Obama, who could either quell voters' doubts about his command of foreign policy issues with a strong performance or amplify them with any miscues. 萨巴托说,对奥巴马来说,这次出访的风险很大,但是可能得到的回报也很大。如果表现好,他可以消除美国选民对他掌控外交问题的能力的疑问。如果犯什么错误,则会扩大人们的疑虑。International public opinion polls show Obama with high approval ratings in many countries. Sabato says he expects Obama will get a warm reception at most stops on the trip, particularly in Europe. Foreign leaders will have their own agendas, knowing that they could be meeting with the next president of the ed States, according to Sabato. 国际民意调查显示,奥巴马在很多国家都拥有很高的公众持率。萨巴托预计奥巴马在这次出访的多数国家都会受到热烈欢迎,特别是在欧洲。外国领导人有他们自己的日程,他们知道这次会晤的很可能是下届美国总统。"They will want to get off on the right foot with him [Obama]," said Sabato. "They will want to impress him. They will want to educate him about bilateral relations, multilateral relations, and some of the issues with which he will have to deal if indeed he does become president." 萨巴托说:“各国领导人希望从一开始就跟奥巴马搞好关系,给他留下好印象。他们希望让奥巴马了解双边关系、多边关系,了解那些他一旦当选总统就必须处理的问题。”Monday, Obama reiterated his determination to gradually withdraw US forces from Iraq should he win the election, and refocus US military efforts to target al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a column in the New York Times newspaper, Obama said he remains convinced that real political progress in Iraq will be achieved only if America places a time limit on the duration of its troop commitment in the country, but admitted that "tactical adjustments" to the strategy may be needed based on advice from US commanders. 奥巴马星期一重申,如果当选总统,他决心逐步从伊拉克撤军,让美国军队集中力量打击阿富汗的基地组织和塔利班。奥巴马在纽约时报发表专栏文章说,他仍然坚信,美国必须制定在伊拉克驻军的时间限制,伊拉克才能取得真正的政治进步。但是奥巴马承认,也许需要根据美军指挥官的建议对战略问题作战术性的调整。John McCain has blasted Obama for opposing last year's US troop surge that many credit for helping bring a fragile stability to Iraq that could pave the way for future troop reductions. McCain has refused to embrace a timetable for withdrawing US forces from Iraq, saying to do so would embolden America's enemies. 麦凯恩曾抨击奥巴马去年反对美国向伊拉克增兵。很多人认为,那次增兵有助于在伊拉克实现脆弱的稳定。这种稳定可能为将来减少伊拉克驻军铺平道路。麦凯恩拒绝接受撤军时间表。他说,那样作将鼓励美国的敌人。200807/44153

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