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由于刚刚公布的零售燃油价格下调政策,中国的司机师傅们将会比往常花费的更少,汽油和柴油价格将降低约百分之三。Chinese drivers will be paying less at the pump as China has just announced a cut in retail fuel prices, starting from Thursday. Gasoline and diesel prices will be lowered by about three percent.It follows declines in international crude oil prices and it’s the first cut since October.As expected, China’s top economic planner has announced it would cut gasoline prices by 330 yuan per ton, and diesel prices 310 yuan per ton.The cut is equivalent to about three percent of current prices, and it’s in response to declining international crude oil prices. It’s the third time this year China has adjusted retail fuel prices, but it’s the first cut since October 2011.The lastest move has triggered discussion regarding the country’s fuel-pricing mechanism. Zhou Dadi, deputy director of the China Energy Research Society says reforms in the mechanism have to be sped up to keep up with the pace of economic growth.Zhou said, ;Retail fuel prices are still relatively low in China. That has caused an imbalance between supply and demand. In the meantime, the government has to subsidize oil firms. This kind of situation will not help build China into a resource-efficient country. So reforming the retail-fuel pricing mechanism is necessary. ;Under the current oil product-pricing system, domestic fuel prices can be adjusted if the prices of a basket of crudes rise or fall by more than four percent over 22 straight working days.The government has indicated it would change the types of crude oil included in the system, shorten the review period and narrow the trigger range under a revised scheme. Article/201205/181674They look pretty determined.#39;它们似乎定好了目标The pack are moving in on their prey,狼群奔跑在捕食的路上and the aerial team are perfectly placed.空中摄制组的位置很好#39;They#39;re making their... definitely making their move.它们肯定是要开始行动了There#39;s buffalo on the move.#39;牛群在奔跑The chase is on.追逐开始了Extreme concentration is now needed, both from the pilot and the cameraman现在飞行员和摄影师都需要非常专心to keep the shots smooth.以保持拍摄顺畅#39;Yeah, there#39;s more coming in now.现在来了更多狼#39;There#39;s a nice tight little pack challenging them.有个不错的小狼群在挑衅它们#39;We#39;ve got a nice shot on the pack,我们把狼群拍得很好the wolves coming up at the back.狼群从后面赶上来You have the still? Yeah. I got them.你一直在拍吗 是的 我拍到了I#39;m going to bring it up a bit. OK, OK, tighten up just a hair.我要抬起一点 好 稍微拉紧一点#39;I want to get two shots of the wolves at the back of the pack.#39;我想在狼群后面拍两个镜头The wolf pack have picked out a young bison.狼群已经锁定一头小野牛Holy !天哪As Michael struggles to hold the shot steady,迈克尔正努平稳拍摄的时候no-one is prepared for what came next.没人能预料到接下来的这一幕#39;Oh! Hey, look, I just knocked him down, pretty much.#39;瞧 他被狠狠地撞倒了A one-ton bull charges through,一只吨级的公牛冲了过去taking out both the wolves and the young bison.撞到了狼群以及小野牛 /201212/211831【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Sometimes asking for what you want isn’t easy, but with practice you will be able to raise your voice without feeling like a jerk.You Will NeedA pen Paper A friend A tape recorder (optional) Step 1: Start small(先向自己信得过的人借一些不重要的东西)Start small by asking for things that are not very important to you from people you trust.Step 2: Identify something important(慢慢试着借一些比较重要的东西)Identify something important to ask for once you have built up confidence from asking for less important things.Step 3: Write a script(将自己要说的话提前写在纸上)Write a script asking for something you want to get a feel of what words you will use.Record yourself speaking your script to see how you sound asking.Step 4: Rehearse(与好朋友反复练习)Rehearse with a friend or a trusted colleague so that you are comfortable saying the words.Step 5: Ask away(准备好后就去借)After you have practiced and prepared, all you now have to do is ask. Article/201002/97200Book a trip with confidence knowing that, rain or shine, you are covered.制定旅行计划,要有信心,无论是大雨滂沱还是阳光灿烂,你都不会扫兴。Step 1 Schedule around the weather1.根据天气来安排Schedule your vacation around the weather. If Jamaica is the place you want to go, don#39;t plan a trip there during late summer or fall, during hurricane season.根据天气状况来安排假期。如果你想去牙买加,不要在夏末或秋季安排旅行,因为那是飓风时节。Step 2 Research the best climates2.调查最好的天气Research the weather in different areas of the country or world during the time you want to travel. Choose a destination that typically has stable weather during the time of your stay.在你想要旅游的时候,调查一下全国或全世界不同地方的天气状况。选择旅行期间天气最稳定的地方作为目的地。Double-check the weather at your destination just before you leave so you can pack appropriate clothing.出发之前再次确认一下目的地的天气情况,便于携带合适的装。Step 3 Learn your airline#39;s policy3.了解航空公司政策Learn your airline#39;s policy for flight cancellations and delays due to bad weather so you know what to expect if it happens to you.了解航空公司由于天气状况不佳而取消航班或航班延误的政策,这样你就了解万一出现状况怎样处理。Step 4 Buy travel insurance4.购买旅行保险Buy travel insurance to protect you in case of bad weather. Make sure you and understand the inclement weather clause of the policy before purchasing the policy.购买旅行保险,以防你遇到糟糕的天气。确保在购买保险之前阅读并理解关于天气的条款。Insurance usually does not cover the cost of your trip if weather disrupts your vacation.如果天气破坏了你的旅程,保险通常不会赔付旅行的费用。Step 5 Research indoor activities5.研究室内活动Research indoor activities before you leave. Choose a couple days worth of fun, not in the sun, and wait for a rainy day --you just might look forward to the rain.离开之前研究一下室内活动。安排几天比较有趣的室内活动,然后等待下雨天——或许你会期待下雨。 /201301/223506

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