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贵阳天伦医院检查精液好不好贵阳天伦不孕不育医院封闭抗体检查多少钱This weekend, the electronic musical festival called Movement will bring in more than 100,000 people from around the globe to the birthplace of techno: Detroit. Techno is actually a much bigger deal in Europe than it is here. A lot of Detroit techno artists still live in the city, they just have to travel overseas in order to make a living, but changes to Detroits techno scene might change that.Detroit Techno artists have to travel overseas to make a livingWhen Detroit techno artist Kevin Reynolds performed in London for the first time, he got stopped on the subway by a stranger.;A guy grabbed me and asked if I was Kevin Reynolds, and Im like, ‘yeah, are you the police?; Reynolds says, ;(In Detroit), Im just a regular guy.;Like a lot of Detroit techno artists, Reynolds still lives in the city, but in order to make a living he has to travel to Europe or Tokyo to perform every other month or so. Overseas he plays shows for thousands of people.;Here in Detroit I play for 50 people, 100 people, maybe a couple hundred if Im lucky,; Reynolds says.But that might change.A big idea from Berlin to bring techno back to its hometownDimitri Hegemann is the owner of one of the first electronic clubs in Berlin. He wants to bring the scene back to the hometown of techno. He has his eye on the abandoned and run-down Fisher Body Plant in Detroit.Hegemann is full of big ideas.Not only does he want to have an electronic dance club in the Fisher Body Plant, he also wants to have a hostel, a pop up restaurant, and another space that could be used for art exhibits, dance, or even opera performances. ;I think people would come from all over the world to see whats happening, and this is what Detroit needs,; Hegemann says.Detroit vs. BerlinBut Detroit isnt Berlin. Berlin gets a ton of funding to support the arts. Its also easier to use old buildings there.If you want to open up a creative space in a vacant building, and the city doesnt know who owns it, theyll let you use it temporarily until the owner is tracked down.And Berlin doesnt have a curfew. Electronic clubs start hopping around 1 am Friday and the party does not stop until Monday morning.A less ambitious idea so Detroit can embrace its techno artistsMeanwhile, a less ambitious electronic club recently opened up in Detroits Midtown. Amir Daiza is the owner of the new club, called Populux.I went to the club on a Friday night, and by 10:30 there were only about 30-50 people there, and no one was dancing.Daiza says business could always be better, but he says he has ;confidence enough that this is going to be a great place, [but] it takes a while to build a business.;Why techno artists stay in DetroitIn the meantime, Detroit artists like Reynolds will keep traveling overseas to find work to perform, but as Reynolds says, theres just something about Detroit that keeps this city his home base.;I dont know what it is. There is something in the air. Theres something in the water. There is something in the ground. There is an energy here,; Reynolds says. ;That struggle of living in Detroit -- I like that struggle.;Support for arts amp; cultural reporting on Michigan Radio comes in part from a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the arts.201505/376673贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做睾丸静脉曲张手术好不好 Britain Scotlands independence referendum英国 苏格兰独立公投Och aye the No还是投反对票吧Scotland ponders whether independence and separation are the same thing苏格兰思考独立和分离是不是一回事Should Scotland be an independent country or not?苏格兰应不应该独立?In negotiations concluded on October 15th, David Cameron secured the single in-or-out question that he wanted. But the choice facing Scottish voters in 2014, and the campaigns to influence them, will not be nearly as simple as the words on the ballot suggest.在10月15日结束的谈判中,大卫·卡梅伦如愿确保了公投只涉及简单的是或否的问题。但是,苏格兰选民到2014年面临的选择,以及之后会对他们造成影响的各种竞选活动,将远不如选票上的那几个字那样简单。John Curtice, a psephologist at Strathclyde University, says that Scots divide into three roughly equally-sized camps. The first lot want independence. The second prefer the status quo. A final group, accounting for about 30% of those polled, would like to stay in the union but also want more powers for Scotland. In effect, they are the swing voters. With two years to go until the referendum, the campaigns are aly converging on them.斯特拉斯克莱德大学的选举学家约翰·柯蒂斯表示,苏格兰选民分为三个规模大致相同的阵营。一个阵营希望苏格兰独立。一个希望保持现状。最后一个阵营占参与民调的人数的30%,他们仍想留在联合王国里,但也想中央下放给苏格兰更多权力。事实上,他们属于摇摆选民。尽管距公投还有两年时间,各类竞选活动已经在向他们靠拢了。The separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) will try to woo them by making independence seem trivial. The party has aly underlined its enthusiasm for the queen, the B, the pound, the Bank of England’s interest rates and British opt-outs from irksome European Union rules. Its leader, Alex Salmond, talks of a “social union” between England and a newly-independent Scotland. But he will have a hard time convincing Scots he can deliver these things. Independent Scottish participation in sterling, EU opt-outs and the B are not, and will never be, in his gift.独立派的苏格兰民族党(SNP)将通过弱化独立的重要性尝试争取这类选民的持。该党已经强调其爱戴女王、关注英镑和英格兰利率并持英国选择不受欧盟那些讨人厌的规矩的约束。党领袖阿历克斯·萨尔蒙德也谈论英格兰和新独立的苏格兰之间的 “社会联合”。但他想要让苏格兰选民相信他可以做到这些事情,还需要费一番功夫。苏格兰独立后是否继续使用英镑,是否在对待欧盟问题上与英格兰保持一致,是否会让B覆盖苏格兰,都不是、而且也永远不会是由他随意决定的。Unionists, meanwhile, are trying to convince Scots that voting “no” would result in a hefty dose of new powers. On signing the referendum agreement, Mr Cameron called on Scots in favour of more devolution to vote to stay in the ed Kingdom. Labour has launched a commission to draw up a new devolution package, which will report next year and advance a final set of proposals in 2014. The Liberal Democrats have aly proposed far-reaching changes, including a new federal structure for the entire union. Under their plan, Scotland would raise about two thirds of the money it spends.与此同时,统一派则试图说苏格兰人,投否定票会使苏格兰获得大量新的权力。在签署公投协议时,卡梅伦呼吁持权力下放的苏格兰人投票留在联合王国里。工党已经成立了一个委员会来设计一整套新的权力下放议案,该委员会将于明年提出报告,并在2014年拿出最终方案。自由民主党已提议进行影响深远的改革,其中包括在整个王国建立一个新的联邦架构。根据他们的计划,苏格兰获得的中央拨款将增加三分之二。Jeremy Purvis, of the pressure group Devo Plus, hopes that the unionist parties’ schemes will coalesce in the run-up to the referendum. He claims this will present voters with a clear set of commitments, to feature in all three main parties’ manifestos for the 2015 election, showing that a vote against separation is not a vote for the status quo.压力集团Devo Plus的杰里米·珀维斯希望,统一派各党在公投的预备阶段就能将各方方案合而为一。他声称这将使选民看到一整套明确的承诺,并要求使其成为三个主要政党2015年大选宣言的重头戏,从而告诉选民,投票反对分裂并不等于投票持维持现状。If that happens, much of the wind will be taken out of Mr Salmond’s sails. He may be a romantic Caledonian nationalist but many SNP voters (and even some party members) would be perfectly satisfied with the advanced devolution proposed by the unionist parties. Nationalist hopes that a busy Scottish cultural calendar in 2014 and participation by 16- and 17-year-old voters will significantly boost the separatist turnout are optimistic at best.如果珀维斯所言成真,萨尔蒙德就会受到出其不意的打击。他也许是一位浪漫的苏格兰民族主义者,但许多苏格兰民族党的选民(甚至包括民族党党员)将会心满意足地接受统一派各党提出的权利下放方案。但是,民族党希望2014年的各类苏格兰文化节及16至17岁的选民的加入能提高独立投票率,这也算得上乐观。So the referendum is forcing the SNP to make concessions to the union, while pushing unionists towards further devolution. The gap between the visions set forth by the two sides, while roomy, is shrinking. It now concerns questions of identity—citizenship, flags, titles, membership of international organisations—more than retail politics. Can Scotland be sufficiently independent within the UK? Unless Mr Salmond can persuade the average voter that it cannot, the union is safe.因此,公投正迫使苏格兰民族党对联合王国作出让步,同时敦促统一派政党进一步下放权力。双方愿景之间的差距尽管很大,却也正在缩小。现在双方关注的不仅仅是零售政治,还有身份方面的问题,即公民身份、旗帜、名号及在国际组织中的资格。苏格兰能否在联合王国中获得充分的独立?除非萨尔蒙德可以让普通选民相信不能,否则联合王国还是联合王国。翻译:陈莎莎译文属译生译世 /201608/458872On Thursday, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a news conference after a meeting in the Oval Office. 星期四,奥巴马总统和加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多在白宫椭圆形办公室举行了一次新闻发布会。The meeting followed a welcoming ceremony where the White House rolled out the red carpet on Thursday for the first official visit in nearly two decades by a Canadian prime minister. 周四,白宫铺上红地毯欢迎加拿大总理级别近二十年来首次正式访问,随后进行会议。Obama said during the event, ;Were woven together so deeply as societies, as economies, that its sometimes easy to forget how truly remarkable our relationship is.; 会议期间奥巴马说,“在社会、经济上,我们紧紧的交织在一起,有时很容易忘记我们之间的关系是多么的显著。”The president added that he and Trudeau have a common outlook on what the two nations can achieve together. 奥巴马补充道,他和特鲁多有一个共同的观点,两国可以共同实现。译文属。201603/430937贵阳/看生殖器疱疹

贵州市贵阳南明区人民医院性激素检查Small-town movie theaters are in a fight for their lives.Hollywood studios are phasing out 35-millimeter film in favor of going digital. This means theaters are feeling the pressure to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their facilities, or be forced to close their doors.One such theater is The Rialto, about to mark its 100th anniversary in Grayling.Jordan Stancils great-grandfather founded the Rialto Theater in 1915.The Rialto ran a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to upgrade its systems, and Stancil tells us they raised over 0,000 with the support of current and former residents of Grayling.;The theater basically attracts all members of the community, so its a shared experience,; Stancil says of the support. ;They were really willing to help, and it was a pretty inspiring thing to be a part of.;Listen to Jordan Stancil talk more about small-town cinema in the modern era in our conversation above.201506/378038贵州天伦医院官方 Melatonin, sometimes called “the hormone of darkness,” playsan important role in regulating our daily sleep patterns.褪黑素,又名黑素细胞凝集素的荷尔蒙,在调节我们日常睡眠规律中扮演重要角色。This hormone is produced by our bodies and in mostorganismsmelatonin production is higher during the night than during the day.人体自身分泌褪黑激素,而且大多数生物夜晚比白天分泌得更多。In addition to their body’s own melatonin, many people take melatoninsupplements in anattempt to help them sleep, fight jet lag or balance out seasonal affective disorder.此外,一些人通过体外补充褪黑素改善睡眠,缓解飞机时差感、平衡季节性情绪失调。But a study by a group of scientists at the University of Houston suggests that melatonin might have a negative impact on the ability to form new memories.但是,休斯顿大学的科学家们研究表明:褪黑素阻碍记忆形成。The researchers were interested in how the body’s internal clock affects the formation of newmemories.研究人员想弄清楚体内生物钟如何影响新生记忆的形成。They found that small striped minnows called zebra fish learned very well during the daybut very poorly at night, when melatonin levels are higher.研究人员发现斑马鱼白天学习能力很好;夜晚却很差,而夜晚褪黑素分泌旺盛。They wondered if melatonin played a role in learning and memory.研究人员怀疑褪黑素影响学习和记忆。They treated zebra fish with extra melatonin during the day, boosting the hormone levels to night-time amounts.白天,研究人员喂给斑马鱼褪黑素,促进斑马鱼夜晚褪黑素分泌。They discovered that high melatonin did not affect learning per se, but dramatically reduced the fishesability to form new memories, or to remember what they’d learned.研究人员发现大量的褪黑素没有直接影响学习本身,但是却很大程度地使斑马鱼的记忆衰退,斑马鱼不记得学过的东西。Then the scientists inhibited melatonin activity in the fish.接着,科学家们抑制斑马鱼体内的褪黑素的作用:They did this by blocking melatonin receptors with inhibitory drugs.抑制药物阻碍褪黑素受体。The fishsmelatonin levels wereunchanged, but the ability of melatonin to affect the brain was blocked.斑马鱼褪黑素分泌量没改变,但是褪黑素不能影响不了大脑。With melatonin activity blocked, the ability of the fish to form new memories was drasticallyimproved, even at night.褪黑素的作用受阻,斑马鱼新生记忆能力明显改善,夜晚也很好。This research has potential benefits for humans.该项研究带给人类潜在好处。For example, the use of melatoninrecept or blockers could improve performance of night-time cognitive tasks, helping people such as night-shift workers or students cramming for exams.例如,褪黑素受体的阻碍能影响人夜晚的认知能力,那么对于那些夜班工作者和熬夜备考的学生都有所帮助。 201410/339499贵州天伦医院朱秀珍医生

贵州看不育天伦省心 Its a hangover from times when these birds nested on islands with predators.这是它们在有捕猎者出没的岛上筑巢的时期遗留下来的习惯。Flying in and out at night was one way to avoid them.夜晚飞出去是躲开捕食者的一种方法。Parents find each other in the dark by their raucous calls.父母间通过刺耳的叫声找到对方。The pair reaffirms its bond before the returning bird enters the underground nest.它们在进入地面巢穴之前要确定它们在一起。Although theres a little housekeeping to be done first.尽管首先有一点家务需要做。Both parents share nursery duties,and they take turns to fly great distances in search of food.父母分担育儿的义务,它们轮流飞很远去寻早食物。They may be at sea for several days.它们可能呆在海上几天。They leave as they arrived, in the dark.离开和到达一样,都在夜里。Well before sunrise,they line up in clearings like aircraft taxiing for takeoff.日出之前,它们在空地上排好队,就像飞机滑行准备起飞。 译文属201512/414745贵阳/包皮切除手术多少钱贵州省贵阳市天伦医院检测男性生育好吗



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