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Trajan becomes Roman Emperor98 – Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva.历史上的今天-图拉真成为罗马皇帝98年的今天,图拉真在涅尔瓦死后成为罗马帝王。Execution Yue Fei1142 – Execution, believed wrongful, of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei历史上的今天-岳飞处死1142年的今天,宋代名将岳飞以莫须有处死。 Mozart was born1756- composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.历史上的今天-莫扎特诞辰1756年的今天,作曲家沃尔夫冈.阿马德乌斯.莫扎特出生于奥地利萨尔斯堡。Porfirio Lobo Sosa become President2010 – The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis ends when Porfirio Lobo Sosa becomes the new President of Honduras历史上的今天-波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为总统2010年的今天,波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为洪都拉斯新总统,2009年洪都拉斯宪法危机结束。 /201101/12454110 Things That Make Four AM Friends.1) Seeing each other naked is nothing new to you.当你们在一起的时候,很轻松自在。 /200911/89616For summer vacation, the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional photographer to take snapshots and make you look supernaturally gorgeous? 暑假的机票买好了,酒店订好了,行李打包了,但你有没有请一位专业摄影师为你拍照,留下光照人的形象呢? A growing number of hotels and resorts are offering sessions with photographers to chronicle guests#39; vacations. Travelers want to record memorable moments without ruining them stressing about focus and flash. They want more sophisticated shots to share on social media. And vacationers realize that an iPhone may not catch that perfect surfing or skiing triumph. 越来越多的酒店和度假胜地开始提供摄影师务,为游客记录假日影像。游客们希望留下难忘的瞬间,同时又不用因为担心焦距和闪光灯而破坏心情。他们想要更专业的照片在社交媒体上分享。游客们意识到,iPhone可能无法抓拍到冲浪或滑雪成功的完美瞬间。 In May, Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort in Antigua in the Caribbean began offering a #39;Together Package#39; for couples that includes a two-hour shoot with a professional photographer. Earlier this year, the Sanderling Resort amp; Spa in Duck, N.C., launched an #39;Everlasting Memories#39; package with a family photo shoot and a YouTube of the session (a disc of images is guaranteed within a week). 今年5月,加勒比海安提瓜岛(Antigua)上罗斯伍德集团(Rosewood)旗下的Jumby Bay度假村开始为度假情侣提供“共度套餐”,包括一位专业摄影师提供的两小时拍摄务。今年年初,北卡罗来纳州达克市(Duck)的Sanderling Resort amp; Spa水疗度假村推出了“永恒回忆”务,包括一张全家福和一部YouTube视频(一周内可拿到影像光碟)。 The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is planning to unveil a #39;Romance#39; room-service in August that will feature a couples#39; photo session. Walt Disney World in 2010 started selling a 0 one-hour #39;Enhanced Portrait Session.#39; It includes retouching and flourishes such as black-and-white and sepia shots and a customized photo book (prints cost extra). A perk: Getting to wander around the Epcot theme park before it opens to other guests. 波拉波拉岛四季度假村(The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora)计划于今年8月推出“浪漫”客房务菜单,包括为情侣提供拍照务。2010年,迪士尼乐园(Walt Disney World)开始推出一小时“高级肖像照”务,价格为350美元。该务包括对照片进行润饰和美化,例如黑白效果、怀旧效果和定制相簿(印刷需另交费),还有额外优惠:可在Epcot主题公园向其他游客开放前进入游览。 A host of independent freelance wedding and adventure photographers are also starting to offer vacation travel shots, seeing them as a lucrative side business. 许多独立的自由婚纱摄影师与冒险摄影师也开始提供假日旅游摄影,他们将其视为一项有利可图的副业。 Jumby Bay said it came up with the #39;Together Package#39; because its employees were getting so many requests from guests to take their pictures. The surge in multigenerational trips-often the only time an extended family is in the same place and, hopefully, relatively relaxed-is also boosting the popularity of professional shoots. Jumby Bay称推出“共度套餐”是因为许多客户都向员工提出了拍照要求。举家出游的热潮──这通常是一个大家庭聚在一起、相对放松的唯一时光──也让专业摄影大受欢迎。 When family vacation photos were relegated to dusty albums and slide shows, getting quality pictures perhaps wasn#39;t that critical. That#39;s not so when you#39;re sharing your shots with hundreds-or thousands-of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. 当家庭度假照片被放进积满灰尘的相册和做成幻灯片时,对照片的质量要求或许不那么高。而当你与成百上千──或者成千上万──的Facebook好友和Twitter粉丝分享照片时,情况就不同了。 Then there is the perennial vacation photography problem: the missing family member. Shira and Chuck Badger, 35-year-old chiropractors from Henderson, Nev., say they have few vacation pictures that show both of them. They try the extended-arm self-portrait trick but #39;we always end up with double chins in those photos,#39; says Mr. Badger. #39;And we#39;re both in good shape.#39; When the Badgers planned their wedding and honeymoon trip to the Four Seasons Bora Bora this week, they booked a photographer not only for their sunset ceremony, but also paid for a photographer and grapher (equipped with an underwater camera) to accompany them on a snorkeling trip to see manta rays. 此外还有一个长期困扰人们的关于拍假日照的问题:照相时总会少一个家庭成员。希拉#12539;巴杰(Shira Badger)和查克#12539;巴杰(Chuck Badger)来自内华达州亨德森(Henderson),两人都是35岁,都是师,他们说,他们几乎没有两人同时出现的假日照。他们尝试了伸出手臂自拍的方法,但查克说,“在这些照片中我们总是有双下巴。而我们两人其实体型都很好。”当巴杰夫妇筹划本周去波拉波拉岛四季度假村举行婚礼并度蜜月时,他们预订了一位摄影师,这位摄影师不仅负责拍摄他们的婚礼,还负责在他们浮潜看蝠口时跟随拍摄照片和录像(使用水下相机)。 Chad and Katya Bradford of Arlington, Va., booked Jumby Bay#39;s Together Package for their honeymoon. The couple had photos taken of them on bicycles, lounging in a hammock and on a dock at sunset. The couple appreciated #39;having one less thing to worry about on our vacation,#39; says Mr. Bradford, a 32-year-old consultant for the federal government. (The price tag for the Together Package starts at ,500 for seven nights. It also includes meals, a couples#39; massage and other services.) 弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿(Arlington)的查德#12539;布拉德福德(Chad Bradford)和卡佳#12539;布拉德福德(Katya Bradford)为他们的蜜月预订了Jumby Bay的“共度套餐”。摄影师为这对夫妻拍摄了他们骑自行车、躺在吊床上和夕阳下在码头上的照片。这对夫妻很高兴,32岁的美国联邦政府顾问查德#12539;布拉德福德说,“我们在假期中要担心的事少了一件。”(“共度套餐”起价为10,500美元,含七晚住宿。它还包括餐饮、为夫妻提供的和其他务。) Natalie Davis has been vacationing on the North Carolina coast since she was 8 years old and bought a vacation house there last year. #39;We usually just ask anyone lying in the sun, #39;Can you take a picture of all four of us?#39; #39; says Ms. Davis, who is from Vienna, Va. This week, she hired husband-and-wife team Mike and Allie Hawkins to shoot her, her husband and two sons on the beach in Duck. 来自弗吉尼亚州维也纳(Vienna)的纳塔莉#12539;戴维斯(Natalie Davis)从八岁起就到北卡罗来纳州的海滨度假,去年她在那里买了一栋度假别墅。戴维斯说,“我们经常问躺着晒阳光的人:‘你能给我们四个人拍张照吗?’”本周,她雇了迈克#12539;霍金斯(Mike Hawkins)和阿莉#12539;霍金斯(Allie Hawkins)这对夫妻为她、她丈夫和两个儿子在达克的海滩上拍照。 Grant Myrdal, a photographer from Bend, Ore., offers shoots with skiers and snowboarders on the slopes of Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort. #39;When someone is going 40 miles an hour down the hill, an iPhone doesn#39;t do it,#39; says Mr. Myrdal, a former photographer for surfing magazines. #39;I#39;ll snowboard alongside [clients] with my camera firing away and get a sequence of shots of them doing big turns and the spray flying off of the powder,#39; he says. 来自俄勒冈州班德(Bend)的摄影师格兰特#12539;米达尔(Grant Myrdal)为胡德山草地滑雪度假村(Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort)雪坡上的滑雪者们照相。曾担任滑雪杂志摄影师的米达尔说,“当某人以40英里的时速从山上滑下时,iPhone可就不管用了。”他说,“我会跟着[客户]一边滑雪一边不停拍照,拍下一系列他们做出大回转,雪尘飞溅的照片。” Prices for vacation photo sessions can range from about 0 an hour to much more. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii, for example, charges 0 for an hour. A half-day shoot is ,200. 假日摄影的价格从每小时100美元左右到很高的价格不等。例如,夏威夷的哈尔尔莱四季度假村(Four Seasons Resort Hualalai)收费每小时800美元,半日摄影为3,200美元。 Abercrombie amp; Kent, the luxury-travel outfitter, occasionally has clients who hire photographers for their entire vacations. #39;They just want to enjoy the destination without anyone [in the family] being responsible and having to worry about missing a shot or a memorable experience,#39; says Rob Veden, manager of private travel at Aamp;K. Mr. Veden says many clients hire a photographer for hours or a day. 奢华旅游务公司Abercrombie amp; Kent偶尔会有客户雇用摄影师为他们提供全程假日摄影。Aamp;K的私人旅游经理罗布#12539;韦登(Rob Veden)说,“他们只是想享受旅程,而不用[家里]某人负责照相,担心错过某张照片或某个难忘瞬间。”韦登说,许多客户都定购了数小时或一天的摄影师务。 Most pros offer some retouching to digitally erase blemishes and wayward hairs and brighten eyes and teeth. Tara Leigh, a photographer in Nevis in the Caribbean, has had some more involved requests. For a recent maternity shoot with a pregnant vacationer, the client said, #39;I don#39;t want my thighs to be that big,#39; Ms. Leigh recalls. Ms. Leigh, who had worked as a fashion photographer in Toronto, was used to digitally shrinking models. Afterward, the client was thrilled. #39;She said, #39;I look like a supermodel pregnant lady,#39; #39; Ms. Leigh says.多数专业摄影师都会对照片进行某些润饰,用电脑去除暗斑和楞的头发,提亮眼睛和牙齿的颜色。加勒比海地区尼维斯(Nevis)的摄影师塔拉#12539;利(Tara Leigh)的客户则提出了一些更高难度的要求。利回忆说,最近在为一位怀游客拍摄照片时,这位客户说,“我希望我的大腿看上去别那么粗。”在多伦多当过时尚摄影师的利曾用数字技术为模特瘦身。后来,这位客户十分激动。利回忆说,“她说:‘我看上去就像一位怀的超模’。” Some city photographers are starting to get requests. Anna Azarov, a part-time photographer in New York, recently was hired to spend three hours with a vacationing couple from St. Petersburg, Russia. (She got the gig through the couple#39;s travel agency.) Ms. Azarov shot them in Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Bryant Park and #39;we took a little cab ride so they could get their photos taken inside a New York cab,#39; Ms. Azarov says. They also wanted shots of themselves in McDonald#39;s and Starbucks. 有些城市摄影师的客户也开始提出一些特殊要求。纽约的兼职摄影师安娜#12539;阿扎尔诺夫(Anna Azarov)最近受雇为一对从俄罗斯圣彼得堡来度假的夫妇提供三小时拍摄务。(她通过为这对夫妇安排行程的旅行社得到了这笔生意。)阿扎尔诺夫在纽约中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)、时代广场(Times Square)和布莱恩公园(Bryant Park)为他们拍照。阿扎尔诺夫说,“我们搭了一小段出租车,这样他们就可以在纽约的出租车里拍照了。”他们还希望在麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)和星巴克(Starbucks)里拍照。 Last August, Cathy Bork from Egg Harbor Township, N.J., visited Disney World for the 18th time. Her family had not had a professional family portrait taken since their youngest child, Samantha, now 8, was born. They booked a one-hour photo shoot with Disney Fine Art Photography. They were photographed in the Morocco, Japan and France areas of Epcot before it opened for other guests. (Families can#39;t book shots in the Magic Kingdom with its castle: That is reserved for #39;Disney Fairytale Wedding#39; couples.) 去年8月,来自新泽西州蛋港镇(Egg Harbor Township)的凯茜#12539;克(Cathy Bork)第18次游览迪士尼乐园。从她最小的孩子、今年八岁的萨曼莎(Samantha)出生后,他们家就没有拍过专业的全家福。他们预订了迪士尼艺术照(Disney Fine Art Photograph)的一小时拍照务。他们在Epcot主题公园向其他游客开放前,在洛哥区、日本区和法国区拍了照。(家庭不能预定在有城堡的“魔法王国”中拍照:那是专门留给预定“迪士尼童话婚礼”(Disney Fairytale Wedding)的夫妇的。) #39;We wanted to get a family portrait and vacationing and Disney World is what we love to do,#39; says Ms. Bork. Enlarged photos from the shoot are now hanging in their home. Seven of the photos were featured in the family#39;s Christmas card last year. 克说,“我们想要一张全家福,我们喜欢度假和迪士尼乐园。”放大后的照片现在就挂在他们家中。另有七张照片被印在了他们家去年的圣诞卡上。 /201207/191366

Former NBA star and current Bobcats owner Michael Jordan filed suit in a Chinese court against Qiaodan Sports Company Limited, a sportswear and footwear manufacturer, for unauthorized use of his name.前NBA篮球巨星星、夏洛特山猫队现任老板迈克尔bull;乔丹正式向中国法院提起诉讼,指控中国运动饰生产商乔丹体育股份有限公司,在未经授权的情况下使用其姓名。In a statement released through his spokeswoman, Jordan says he#39;s worked hard to establish his name and calls the issue ;deeply disappointing to see a company build a business off my Chinese name without my permission, use the number 23 and even attempt to use the names of my children.;飞人乔丹在通过发言人发布的官方声明中,表示自己是通过不断努力建立了自己的乔丹品牌。提到此次的诉讼他表示,看到乔丹体育公司在的情况下使用他的中文名字开展业务,使用他的球衣号码23号甚至打算使用他的孩子的名字,他感觉深深地收到伤害。Jordan says he#39;s ;This complaint is not about money, it#39;s about principle and protecting my name.;乔丹表示;此次的起诉不是钱的问题,而是关系到原则;,他要维护自己的姓名权。The Chinese company has registered and uses the name ;Qiaodan; ; the moniker Jordan has been known by in China since he gained widesp popularity in the mid-1980s.乔丹体育公司注册和使用了;乔丹;这一名称,早在迈克尔bull;乔丹上世纪80年代中期成名时,这个品牌名称就跟其本人紧密联系在一起。The Chinese company, with registered capital of 450 million yuan and based in Southern China#39;s Fujian province, won approval from the nation#39;s securities regulator in November for an initial public offering of 112.5 million shares.乔丹体育公司注册资本4.5亿元,总部在福建省。2011年11月乔丹体育公司通过了中国券监管机构发审委的审批,目前正在准备上市,计划首次公开筹股1.125亿元。 /201202/172466

A disgruntled viewer is suing Japan#39;s national broadcaster for ;mental distress; caused by an excessive use of words borrowed from English.一位观众因不满日本电视台过多使用英语外来语,以“精神痛苦”为由将日本国家广播公司NHK告上法庭。Hoji Takahashi, 71, is seeking 1.4 million yen in damages from NHK.;The basis of his concern is that Japan is being too Americanised,; his lawyer Mutsuo Miyata told the news agency AFP.71岁的高桥鹏二(音译)向NHK索赔140万日元(约合人民币88213元)。“他主要担心日本过度美国化,”他的代理律师宫田康弘(音译)向法新社解释说。English became more prevalent in Japan after World War II during the US-led occupation. This was followed by a growing interest in American pop culture.二战后美国占领日本期间,英语在日本得到广泛普及,美国流行文化也日益成为日本民众追随的对象。The country#39;s modern vocabulary is littered with borrowed words, many of which are changed to fit the Japanese phonic structure.很多外来词汇也由此进入到现代日语词汇中,其中许多被转化成日语发音。Mr Takahashi, who is a member of a campaign group supporting the Japanese language, highlighted words such as ;toraburu; (trouble), ;risuku; (risk) and ;shisutemu; (system) in NHK#39;s news and entertainment programmes. He accused NHK of irresponsibility by refusing to use native Japanese equivalents.高桥鹏二是保护日语组织的成员,他指出像trouble,system,risk等词在NHK的新闻和节目中经常出现。他指责NHK不负责任地使用这些外来词汇,而拒绝使用日语中原有的对等词汇。;With Japanese society increasingly Americanised, Takahashi believes that NHK, as Japan#39;s national broadcaster, shouldn#39;t go with the trend, but remain determined to prioritise the use of Japanese, which he thinks would go a long way toward protecting Japanese culture,; Mr Miyata told the Japan Times on Wednesday.“日本社会越来越美国化,他相信NHK作为国家级传播机构不应该跟随潮流,而应该坚决以优先使用日语为原则,这样才能保护日本文化。”高桥鹏二的律师周三对《日本时代报》表示。Mr Takahashi filed his complaint on Tuesday with the Nagoya District Court in the central region of Japan, the newspaper said.NHK said it would not comment until it had studied the legal documents.报刊称高桥鹏二已于周二将他的控诉材料提交给位于日本中部的名古屋地方法院。NHK称在他们研读法律文件之前不会给出任何。Vocabulary is also borrowed from other foreign languages. The German ;arbeit; becomes ;arubaito; to mean work, and the Portuguese ;pao; is used as ;pan; for b.日语中也有其他语言的外来语。德语中工作;arbeit;在日语中是;arubaito;,葡萄牙语表示面包的;pao;日语为“pan”。Traditionalists in France and French-speaking Canada also worry about the influx of English words into their native tongue.法国以及加拿大法语区的传统主义者也同样担心英语词汇会影响到它们的母语。France#39;s 1994 Toubon Law makes French compulsory in government publications, most workplaces, advertisements, parts of the media and state-funded schools. However, the French parliament is debating relaxing these rules so that university courses can be taught in English.法国1994年颁布的土伦法规定,在政府刊物、多数工作场所、部分媒体和公立学校必须使用法语。但是,法国议会也正在讨论是否要放松这些规定,以便大学课程可以使用英语教学。 /201307/246846

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is the world's richest person, knocking Microsoft founder Bill Gates into second spot, as the wealth of the world's billionaires grew by 50 percent over the last year, Forbes magazine said on Wednesday。  It is only the second time since 1995 that Gates has lost the crown, the magazine said, estimating Slim's net worth at .5 billion, compared to Gates's billion fortune, while investor Warren Buffett came in at No. 3 with billion。  The trio regained .5 billion of the billion they had lost the previous year, Forbes said。  The number of billionaires around the world has nearly recovered in 2010 after dropping by a third last year during the global financial crisis. There are now 1,011 billionaires, compared with 793 last year and 1,125 in 2008.  The net wealth of those billionaires grew to .6 trillion from .4 trillion last year, but is still down from 2008's .4 trillion, according to the 24th annual Forbes list, which took a snapshot of wealth on February 12 to compile its ranking。  The average billionaire is now worth .5 billion, up 0 million from last year. And the number of women on the list rose to 89 from 72 last year。  "The global economy is recovering and it's reflected in what you see in the list this year," Steve Forbes, chief executive of Forbes, told a news conference. "Financial markets have also made an even more impressive comeback from the lows of just about a year ago, particularly in emerging markets."  "Asia is leading the comeback," Forbes said。  The number of billionaires in the Asia-Pacific region grew by 80 percent to 234 and their net worth almost doubled to 9 billion, which the Forbes ranking attributed to the area's "swelling stock markets and several large public offerings during the past year."  Two Indians round out the top five richest people in the world -- Mukesh Ambani, with a petrochemicals, oil and gas fortune of billion, and steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who is valued at .7 billion。  Of the 97 billionaires making their debut on the Forbes list, 62 are from Asia, while for the first time China is now home to the most billionaires outside of the ed States。  "The ed States still dominates, but the ed States is lagging," Forbes said. "It is not doing as well as the rest of the world in coming back."  The Forbes ranking of the world's billionaires can be seen at www.forbes.com/billionaires。 /201003/98690

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