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贵州省医院男科电话安顺市人民医院复通输卵管Mr. Brichter #39;has this ability to put himself in the shoes of a five-year-old who tells you in an elaborate language what he#39;s having a hard time doing,#39; says Mr. Leca, who now works at Google.目前就职于谷歌的勒卡说:“布里切特具备这样的能力,能够以一个五岁小孩的角度,用详尽的语言告诉你他觉得哪些地方不好用。”Mr. Brichter#39;s reputation is growing as simplicity and design become more important in the highly competitive apps business. Influencers like Mr. Brichter--as well as former Apple designers Mike Matas, who is now at Facebook, and Bret Victor--thus draw big followings.随着简约和设计在竞争异常激烈的应用程序行业变得愈加重要,布里切特的名声也与日俱增。像布里切特这样的有影响力的人物──还有前苹果公司的设计师、现在就职于脸谱公司的迈克#8226;马塔斯(Mike Matas)以及布雷特#8226;维克托(Bret Victor)──吸引了大批的跟风者。Their ideas often sp informally and rapidly. Rather than patenting and licensing their designs, developers ask each other permission to mimic an idea or do so on their own, sometimes using open-source technology.他们的点子经常以非正式的方式迅速传播。软件开发者没有为他们的设计申请专利和许可,而是互相征询模仿点子的许可,或者有时利用开源技术直接模仿。Mr. Brichter filed to patent the #39;pull-to refresh#39; feature before joining Twitter, and the patent application, expected to be issued soon, is now owned by Twitter. But he says there are ways to build this feature using open-source software, and he has long given anyone permission to use it #39;as long as they aren#39;t a d---.#39; Twitter lets the inventors of its patents veto using them in offensive lawsuits.布里切特在加盟推特公司之前为“下拉刷新”功能提出了专利申请,预计很快就会下达的专利申请书现在归推特公司所有。但是他说有办法通过使用开源软件来创建这种功能,他早就允许任何人使用这种功能,“只要他们不犯混”。推特让其专利的发明人通过法律诉讼禁止别人使用那些专利。Mr. Brichter, whose design aesthetic is inspired by information theorists like Edward Tufte, a proponent of minimizing extraneous information in graphic designs, says he thinks up new features for apps based on how people move objects in the real world.布里切特的设计美学受到了爱德华#8226;塔夫特(Edward Tufte)等信息理论家的启发,塔夫特主张在图形设计里将无关的信息减少到最小程度。布里切特说他是根据人们在现实世界里移动物体的方式构思出应用程序的新功能的。#39;Everything should come from somewhere and go somewhere,#39; he says, adding that he#39;s irked by apps that have s that pop up or collapse on themselves because the interactions aren#39;t real. #39;The most important thing is obviousness. The problem is overdesign.#39;他说:“任何事物都应该有来源有去处。”他还说自己很不喜欢那些菜单自己弹出或者收起的应用程序,因为那种互动是不真实的。“最重要的事情是要显而易见。问题出在过度设计上。”Mr. Brichter, whose favorite apps include the weather app Dark Sky and calendar app Fantastical, says he has been surprised by how much his work has been picked up. #39;It is more neat than anything,#39; he says.布里切特最喜欢的应用程序包括天气应用Dark Sky和日历应用Fantastical。他说自己的创意被那么多人使用让他感到意外。他说:“就是非常地简洁。”Not everything he does has caught on. A gesture for wiping a off a screen in Letterpress hasn#39;t gone anywhere, says Mr. Brichter, because he suspects it is buried in the app.并不是所有他设计的东西都流行起来了的。在Letterpress拼字游戏中,一个将菜单从屏幕上扫出去的动作就没有流传开来,布里切特说,他怀疑是因为这个动作隐藏得太深了。The son of a contractor and a restaurant owner, Mr. Brichter graduated from Tufts University with a degree in electrical engineering in 2006. He lives with his wife and two dogs, working from a small, tidy home office with a large Mac monitor and a framed chart of Tweetie#39;s second version topping the app store revenue chart, a Christmas gift from his father. (The .99 app achieved the status in 2009 while making about ,000 a day.)布里切特的父母分别是一名承包商和一名餐馆老板,他在2006年毕业于塔夫茨大学(Tufts University),获得了电气工程学位。他与妻子和两条生活在一起,工作的地方是一间小而整洁的家庭办公室,屋里摆着一台大屏幕的Mac显示器,还挂着一张裱装好的第二版Tweetie雄踞苹果应用软件商店收入排行冠军宝座的图表,这是他父亲送给他的圣诞礼物。(这款售价2.99美元的应用程序2009年荣登这一宝座,每天揽金五万美元。)Mr. Brichter also eschews conferences and networking gatherings, preferring Twitter and email. Short and fit, he is unassuming yet confident. His feedback and communication is direct, but sometimes tempered in email with a smiley face.布里切特还总是逃避开会和社交聚会,他更喜欢用推特和电子邮件与人交流。他个子不高,身材适中,待人谦和又不失自信。他给人的反馈和交流意见都是直言不讳的,但有时候他会在电子邮件里发一张笑脸来缓和气氛。 /201304/235052贵阳天伦不育不孕医院路线 Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁?The bus was crowded, and as one more man tried to get on, the passengers wouldn’t let him aboard.公共汽车上很挤,当又一个人还是试图上车时,乘客们不让他上。“It is too crowded, “they shouted.” who do you think you are?”“车上太挤了,”他们喊道,“你以为你是谁?”“I am the driver.” he said.“我是司机!”他说。 /201302/223973Most of us are approaching the end of the year with reflections on the past 12 months, along with resolutions and hopes for the future.2012到了年尾,对于我们每一个人来说,是时候对过去一年作下反思,定好新一年的目标和希望。In years past, we may have chalked that future up to genetics and a dose of good luck. But research now suggests we have much more of a hand in our destiny than previously believed. In fact, a number of straight-forward nutrition, fitness, sleep and other health tips can help assure you maximize the life in your years.过去的很多年,我们会说健康的未来看的是基因和运气,但研究表明命运其实在我们自己手中。实际上,很多简单明了的营养、健身、睡眠或其他健康贴士就能帮助你长寿。Here are six of those things that we learned in 2012.这是我们在2012年学会的6个健康生活方式。1. An advanced age is no excuse to give up on healthy habits!1. 年纪大可不是拒绝养成健康习惯的借口哦!A 2012 study showed that exercise, eating right and avoiding harmful habits like smoking helped people 5.4 years longer than their less healthy-intentioned peers.2012年的一项研究显示,锻炼、健康饮食以及避免有害的生活比如抽烟,坚持健康生活的人比他们的同龄人寿命平均长5.4年。2. Exercise Really Works2. 锻炼真的有好处There#39;s nothing new about the fact that exercise helps us live longer. But a recent study did take a closer look at just how powerful regular activity really is: The physically active benefit from several years added to their lives. The study found that for every additional hour of exercise (like jogging or swimming) that a black woman gets, she can gain 11 hours of lifespan.锻炼能让我们长寿,这已经不是什么新鲜话题了。但最近一项研究更加深入地探讨定期的健身到底有多大的魔力:几年的积极健身会增加寿命。研究发现,黑人女士每增加一小时的锻炼(比如慢跑或游泳),生命会延长11个小时。3. Laugh More3. 多笑As part of an ongoing study on genes and aging, researchers found this year that certain personality traits seem to be associated with a longer life, including the propensity to laugh -- a lot!在一项正在进行的研究基因和年龄老化部分中,研究者在2012年发现,长寿也会受到人的性格特征的影响,其中就包括经常大笑。4. Look At The Bright Side4. 处事乐观In the same study on aging, optimism was also linked to living longer. The 243 subjects over the age of 95 ;were outgoing, optimistic and easygoing. They considered laughter an important part of life and had a large social network. They expressed emotions openly rather than bottling them up,; study researcher Dr. Nir Barzilai, M.D., director of Einstein#39;s Institute for Aging Research, said in a statement.同一个关于年龄老化的研究显示,乐观的人会活得更长。243个95岁以上的调查者:“他们个性外向,积极,平易近人,他们把笑声看成是生命很重要的部分,他们有着庞大的社会交际圈,他们会更开放的表达情感而不是将情感隐藏起来。” 爱因斯坦研究会年龄调查负责人Nir Barzilai 士在发言中表示。5. Supplements Can Help5. 维生素也能帮大忙Adults in their 60s and 70s were 9 percent less likely to die over a three-year period when they took vitamin D supplements with calcium, compared to the elderly who went without either supplement.和那些不用任何维生素的老年人相比,六七十岁的成年人若有三年用维他命D补钙的经历,则会减少9%的死亡率。A number of other foods and nutrients have also been linked to a longer lifespan, including omega-3s and certain antioxidants.还有很多其他的食物和营养素都和长寿有关,包括脂肪酸和某些抗氧化剂。6. We Know What To Do -- But We Rarely Do It All6. 我们知道该做什么,但很少真正这么做The most important behaviors for a long and healthy life aren#39;t secrets -- they#39;re things like not smoking, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. In fact, you may even be tired of hearing about them. But just a little more than 1 percent of American adults actually abide by these guidelines, according to a 2012 study. People who do meet all the criteria? Well, they enjoy a 51 percent decreased risk of death from any cause.最重要的长寿健康生活习惯并不是秘密——就比如不要抽烟,多运动,保持健康的体重和血压以及胆固醇水平。实际上你有可能都对这些听烦了。但根据2012年的调查,只有超过1%的美国人能真正遵守这些。坚持做这些的人能有什么好处呢?可以减少51%各种原因的死亡。 /201212/217549贵阳人民医院前列腺炎

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