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SITUATION 69情景 69Will you give me credit for the call?请把这个电话销帐好吗?Business Office.Miss Smith speaking.May I help you?业务部。我是史密斯。我能为你务吗?Yes.The call I just made was a wrong number.是的。我刚打的电话号码错了。Will you give me credit for the call?请把这个电话销帐好吗?What is your telephone number?你的电话几号?707-1416.707-1416。All rught.Well cancel the charge and adjust your account.好的。我们会消帐,并且调整你的帐目。Thank you.谢谢你。Operator,I was disconnected.接线生,我给切断了。Im sorry,sir.Ill reconnect you.What number were you calling?以不起先生,我再给你接。你打的是几号?707-1235.707-1235。Im sorry,the line is out of order.对不起,这线路出故障了。Can you give me credit for the call?My number is 232-6868.请把这个电话消帐好吗?我的号码是232-6868。Of course,sir.当然,先生。Operator 63.May I help you?63号接线生。我能为你务吗?Yes.I called New York,but the connection was so bad I had to hang up.是的。我打到纽约,但是接得很不清楚,我不得不挂断。Well give you credit for the call,sir.我们会给你销帐的,先生。Would you like me to reconnect you?要不要我给你再接?Yes,please.My number is 428-6161.The number I called was 212-932-9920.要,请再接。我的号吗是428-6161。我打的号码是212-932-9220。One moment,please.请稍等一下。Thank you.谢谢你。 /201206/185636Li: Hello Im Li! And joining me today is Neil–hello Neil!李:大家好,我是李!今天和我一起主持节目的是尼尔,尼尔,你好!(miaow)(喵)Neil: Hello!尼尔:大家好!(miaow)(喵)Li: Is that a cat in the basket youre holding?李:你拿着的篮子里是有只猫吗?Neil: Its my adorable cat, Spencer.尼尔:这是我的爱猫斯宾塞。Li: Oh Spencer, can I see him?李:哦,斯宾塞,我能看看吗?Neil: Of course...尼尔:当然……(basket opening)篮子打开了Li: Ahhhh-urgh!李:啊!Neil: What do you mean, urgh?尼尔:啊,这是什么意思?Li: Thats not a cat, its a kind of frog-chicken!李:这不是猫,它看上去像青蛙!(offended miaow)(被冒犯,喵)Li: It doesnt have any fur!李:它根本没有毛!Neil: Spencer certainly is a cat. Hes a sphinx cat; they dont have any fur. You dont like him do you?尼尔:斯宾塞绝对是只猫。它是斯芬克斯猫;这种猫没有毛。你是不喜欢它吗?Li: No, no, no, dont get me wrong. Hes just a bit–surprising!李:不,不,不是,别误会我的意思。它只是有点出乎我的意料!Cat: Miaow?!猫:喵?!Li: Dont get me wrong-thats an expression you use when youre worried someone might not understand what you say or be upset by it. When I said Neils cat looked like a frog-chicken, I didnt mean that I didnt like him; I just meant he was... a bit unusual. Here are some more examples:李: Dont get me wrong是一种表达方式,当你担心别人可能不理解你的意思或是可能因为你说的话而感到烦恼时,你可以使用这个短语。刚才我说尼尔的猫看上去像青蛙,我的意思并不是我不喜欢它;我只是说它……有点儿与众不同。这里有更多的例子:Dont get me wrong, I do like James, I just think he can be a bit annoying sometimes.别误会。我很喜欢詹姆斯,我只是觉得他有时有点烦人。Dont get me wrong, Id love to come to your party, but Im busy tonight.别误会我的意思,我很想参加你的派对,但是我今晚非常忙。That coat is very bright–but dont get me wrong, I still think you should wear it.那件大衣太鲜艳了,不过别误会,我认为你还是应该穿着它。Neil: Well, I think Spencer is a beautiful cat.尼尔:我想斯宾塞是只非常漂亮的猫。(miaow of agreement)(喵,表示同意)Neil: And, dont get me wrong, but you dont know much about cats do you?尼尔:别误会,不过你不太了解猫,是吧?Li: Yes I do! I have a Norwegian forest cat. And shes very beautiful with lots of fur! But Spencer is... very strange.李:我很了解猫!我养了只挪威森林猫。它有很多毛,非常漂亮!但是斯宾塞……非常特别。(angry miaow)(喵,表示生气)Li: A kind of gremlin.李:有点像小精灵。(angry hiss)(发出生气的咝咝声)Li: And not very friendly.李:而且不是很友善。(crazed miaow of anger as Spencer throws himself on Li)(生气又发狂的喵喵叫,斯宾塞跳到了李的身上)Cat: Miaow, dont get me wrong, I am only being friendly!猫:喵,别误会我的意思,我只是想表示友好!Li: That is a lie. Get off me, you vicious gremlin! Get off! Get off!李:你在撒谎。从我身上离开,你这只发狂的精灵!快走开!快从我身上离开! /201405/300577拒绝邀请Im not sure about it. Ill have to check.我不大清楚。我看一下吧。A: Are you free next Saturday?下周六你有空吗?B: Im not sure about it. Ill have to check.我不大清楚。我看一下吧。I will be busy all day long.我一整天都会很忙。A: Are you free today?l have something to tell you.今天你有空吗?我有事要告诉你。B: Sorry, I will be busy all day long.对不起,我一整天都会很忙。all day long“整天”I wont be free until Wednesday.周三前我都没空。A: I wont be free until Wednesday.周三前我都没空。B: Then what about Thursday?那周四怎么样?Any time except this Sunday.只要不是这个星期天,什么时间都可以。A:Sorry, any time except this Sunday.对不起,只要不是这个星期天,什么时间都可以。B: Then how about this Saturday?那这个星期六可以吗?except和but都可以作介词来表示“除了…”。I have to work overtime tonight.I have to work extra hours tonight.我今晚要加班。A: Sorry,I have to work overtime tonight对不起,我今晚要加班。B:Then have a cup of coffee with me after work.那你下班后我们一起喝杯咖啡吧。overtimer n. 加班 extra a. 额外的Ill have to attend a conference that day.那天我得出席一个会议。A:Would you like to attend our wedding next Saturday?下周六你能参加我们的婚礼吗?B: Unfortunately, Ill have to attend a conference that day.不凑巧,那天我得出席一个会议。unfortunately ad. 不幸地have to意思是“不得不,必须”,含有不情愿的意思。Id love to, but l couldnt.Id love to, but I cant.我很乐意,但是我不能。A: Lets have some drinks.咱们去喝酒吧。B: Id love to, but I couldnt.我很乐意,但是我不能。I dont feel well.我不太舒。A: Thank you for inviting me, but I dont feel well.谢谢你的邀请,但是我不太舒。B: Then have a good rest. Maybe next time.那你好好休息。或许下次吧。 /201412/347677

Todd: So, what did you do today?托德:你今天做什么了?Ruth: Well, actually, I got up this morning quite early. I couldnt sleep so I was a little bit annoyed and then I went to church and I had some lunch and..鲁斯:实际上,我今天起得非常早。我睡不着了,所以我有点生气,之后我就去了教堂,然后吃了午餐。Todd: OK, but, you said early, like how early?托德:刚刚你说起得很早,那是多早?Ruth: Well, I think it was about 7 oclock.鲁斯:嗯,我想大概是七点左右吧。Todd: Thats not early.托德:那可并不早。Ruth: That is early if you went to bed at 1.鲁斯:如果你是凌晨一点才睡觉的话,那个时间很早。Todd: Thats true. Thats sleeping in for me.托德:那倒没错。对我来说那个时间就是睡过头了。Ruth: Thats sleeping in. Thats true. Youre an early bird arent you?鲁斯:睡过头了。那倒是。你是早起的人,对吧?Todd: Now, last night we went out and had the beers.托德:昨天晚上我们出去喝啤酒了。Ruth: Yeah!鲁斯:对啊!Todd: I was actually quite happy this morning. I had no hangover.托德:我今天早上非常高兴。我没有宿醉的症状。Ruth: Did you not? (No) I felt a little bit queasy this morning, and I was a bit ashamed, and I didnt even drink very much. I wasnt, I didnt feel queasy. I think it was more that I hadnt had any sleep actually.鲁斯:你没有吗?(没有)我今天早上有点恶心,我感到有点不好意思,因为我并没有喝太多。我没有,我没有恶心,我想只是因为我睡得不够。Todd: Yeah, did you feel guilty in church knowing that you still had the beer buzz?托德:是啊,你在教堂的时候有没有因为还在宿醉而感到罪恶感?Ruth: No. I didnt feel guilty about that.鲁斯:没有,我没有为那种事感到有罪恶感。Todd: Yeah, that would be tough one. No, I still got up this morning at 5:45.托德:好吧,那很难。不过我今天早上还是凌晨5点45分起床的。Ruth: 5:45!鲁斯:5点45!Todd: Yeah.托德:是啊。Ruth: You must be a lunatic.鲁斯:你一定是个疯子。Todd: Well, I mean when the light comes up and the light goes through your window, I dont know how people can still sleep. You know? You can sleep when the light, the sunrise still comes up?托德:嗯,我是说天一亮,阳光就会从窗户照射进来,我不理解这样人们怎么还能睡觉。你知道吗?你在天亮了以后,太阳升起来以后还能睡觉吗?Ruth: Yeah, not for too, I mean I cant sleep forever, but like, 7 oclock, 8 oclock, then my body wakes up.鲁斯:是啊,我也不能,我是说我也不能一直睡,比如七、八点的时候,我的身体就会醒来。Todd: The apartment I was at before, it was crazy because there was a rooster outside, and it didnt do what it was supposed to do, like normally when the sun comes up, the rooster is supposed to go, ;er-er-er-er; or whatever, but this thing did it at like 1 and 2 in the morning. It used to drive me nuts, so I used to always wake up at 2 because Id hear this rooster going ;er-er-er; and I just wanted to kill that bird.托德:我以前住得那个公寓很疯狂,因为外面有公鸡,可是它却并没有做它应该做的事情,比如通常情况下太阳升起来以后,公鸡应该打鸣,可是这只公鸡却在凌晨一、两点的时候打鸣,那真的快把我逼疯了,所以那时我总是在凌晨两点醒来,因为我听到了公鸡打鸣,我真想杀了那只鸡。Ruth: Did you go sleep, back to sleep after that?鲁斯:在那之后你还会继续睡吗?Todd: Yeah, of course I went back to sleep, but the bird would wake me up regularly. Yeah. No roosters here.托德:当然,我会继续睡觉,但是这只鸡总是让我醒过来。不过这里没有公鸡。Ruth: Thats not funny is it?鲁斯:那并不好笑不是吗?Todd: Yeah.托德:是啊。 译文属 /201409/328405

Textpectation——短信期待。Hello, everyone!这里是“小强英语”。不知道你有没有这种经历:某天,你给一个很在意的人发了短信,之后你就频繁地看手机,盼望收到他的回复,不由自主地变得焦躁起来。你的这种状态,可以用一个新词来表示,那就是textpectation,短信期待。这是一个合成词,将text和expectation合在了一起。我们来看一下例句:I just texted her for a date – but now the textpectation is killing me.我刚发了信息,说要和她约会。但现在正在苦逼的短信期待中。好了,我们今天学习了新词textpectation,短信期待。虽然这种情况下人一般比较崩溃,但还是希望大家记住那句老话:宁静以致远。大家淡定淡定。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。 与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。 /201404/284288

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