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传统文化是一个国家或民族赖以生存和发展的精神土壤。虽说印度文化中包含的种姓制度、狂热的偶像崇拜和宗教迷信等,与现代文明存在巨大差异和冲突,但却保留着人类最原始、最虔诚的生活态度。India is a country rich in culture and tradition. And although India is changing, one thing remains the same: the cow is sacred. And believe it or not, the cow is so revered here that men and women actually coat their heads and faces…with cow urine.印度是个文化传统很丰富的国度。虽然印度的变化日新月异,但有一样传统是不变的——牛是神圣的。信不信由你,这里的牛备受敬重,以致男男女女都往自己的头和脸上涂——牛尿。For the Hindus of northern India, the cow is not a typical farm animal. These bovine represent motherhood, and their milk sustains and nourishes them. But in this case it#39;s not the milk these men and women are waiting for: it#39;s the urine. Known as a sacred gift from the cow, the urine is commonly sprinkled in the home to protect the surroundings.对印度北部的印度教徒来说,牛不是典型的农耕动物。这些牛代表母亲,牛奶能养活并滋养他们。但在这里,这些男男女女等的不是牛奶,而是牛尿。牛尿被视为牛的神圣礼物,常常被洒在家里以祈求护佑。Woman: These sprinkles beautify our house and keep away evil.女:洒牛尿为的是净化家居,并驱赶邪魔。But this unusual practice doesn#39;t stop there. These men actually rub cow urine into their hair. Some even splash it right on their face.但这离奇的做法不仅限于此,这些男人还把牛尿擦到头发上,有些人更拍撒在脸上。Man: I begin my day with splashing some of it in my eye my head, and consuming a little. It i you know, one of the finest things one can have.男:我每天早上都拍撒些牛尿到眼里和头上,并喝少许。你知道,那是你能享有的极品之一。And this extreme form of worshipping is not a passing fad: it#39;s been around for centuries.这种极端膜拜并不是一时的狂热,而是有着几百年历史的。Man: I have been consuming the cow urine for many, many years today.男:我喝牛尿许多年了。Surprisingly, cow urine is even used by residents as a form of medical treatment. Locals believe it cures anything from liver disease to obesity and cancer. Believe it. 令人感到惊奇的是,居民甚至用牛尿作医药用途。当地人相信它能治百病,肝病、肥胖症甚至癌症都不是问题。不可不信! Hindi believers demonstrate their humility and devotion by making an offering of hair.印度教信徒以献出头发来展示其谦恭和虔诚。Incredibly, 12,000 heads are shaved every day. That means the city is constantly full of hairless worshippers. One local man has even trained his elephant to bestow blessings on the freshly shaven. Often waiting for 10 hours or more, worshippers finally enter the shaving area. Using straight-edged razor the temple#39;s 1,600 barbers are so efficient, they average over 15 heads an hour. The temple then sells the mounds of freshly-shorn hair to local wigmakers. The money is used to help the area#39;s poor and ensure the amazing hair temple of India keeps going at a steady clip. Believe it. 难以置信,每天该庙剃头数达一万两千个。那意味着该市满是秃头信众。当地一名男子更训练其大象给予刚剃头的人施予祝福(用象鼻敲光头)。信众通常要轮候十小时或以上,才最终进入到剃头的场地。利用直缘剃刀,庙内的一千六百个理发师极具效率,平均每人每小时剃超过15个头。寺庙把刚剃下的堆积如山的头发卖给当地假发店,卖得的钱用来协助当地的穷人,并确保印度这座神奇的剃头庙能正常运作。不可不信! /201203/175989On those cold, rainy days when you forget your rain jacket or umbrella, and you want to stay as dry as possible, should you walk and spend more time in the rain? Or should you run, which means you’ll be hitting more rain drops from the side? Assuming you haven’t been fully soaked yet, and you aren’t jumping into the puddles. The answer is simple. As you move out of the way of one falling raindrop, you move into the way of another. So the amount of the rain hitting the top of you is constant, regardless of how fast you’re going.在那些寒冷、下雨的日子里,当你忘记带你的雨衣或雨伞而又想要尽量保持干爽时,你应该用走的,在雨中待上更多时间?或是你应该用跑的,同时也代表你会淋到更多侧边的雨滴?假设你还没有完全湿透,也不会跳进水坑。很简单,当你从一滴雨滴下移开,你也同时移入另一雨滴的路径。所以淋到你头顶的雨水量是固定的,不管你移动有多快。To see this, you can picture that the raindrop themselves are stationary, and you and the earth beneath you are moving upwards through the rain. And since the volume of a parallelepiped (that’s a 3D parallelogram) doesn’t depend at all on its slant, then no matter how fast you’re moving horizontally, the same amount of rain will land on top of you each second. Now, if you’re not moving, the rain from the top is all you’ll get. But if you are moving, you’ll also run into raindrops from the side, and you’ll get wetter.想要了解这个,你可以想象雨滴本身是静止的,而你和脚下的土地在雨中向上移动。而由于平行六面体(也就是个立体的平行四边形)的体积完全不取决于它的倾斜度,于是不管你平行移动得多快,每秒一样的雨量将会落在你的头顶上。现在,如果你不移动,从上方来的雨就是所有你会淋到的。但是如果你在移动,你也将会碰上来自侧边的雨滴,并且变得更湿。So in any given second, you stay driest by standing still, and the faster you move the wetter you become. But if you’re trying to get from point A to point B, then standing still won’t do you much good. And en route from point A to point B, the total amount of rain you run into from the side has nothing to do with how fast you’re going, just like how a snowplow will plow the same amount of snow from a stretch of road, regardless of the exact speed it drives.所以在任何一秒钟,站者不动可以让你保持最为干燥,而你移动的越快,就会变得越湿。但如果你试着从A地到达B地,那么站着不会给你多大的帮助。在A地到B地的路途上,你从侧边碰上的总雨量跟你移动的多快完全没有关系,就像是为何铲雪车不论行驶的确切速度,在一段路程上将会铲等量的雪。In the case of running through the rain, you can figure that out using parallelepipeds again. So over a given period of time, the same amount of rain will hit you from the top, regardless of how fast you’re going. And over a given distance, you’ll hit the same amount of rain from the side — again, regardless of how fast you’re going.在雨中跑步的这种情况下,你可以再次使用平行六面体来理解。所以在一段特定时间内,相同的雨量将会从上方淋到你身上,不管你移动的多快。而在一段特定距离内,你会从侧边淋到相同的雨量–同样的,不管你移动的多快。So your total wetness is equal to the wetness per second for rain from the top times the amount of time you spend in the rain, plus the wetness per meter for rain from the side times the number of meters you travel. So to stay driest getting from one point to another, you should try to minimize the amount of water falling on to you from above. And quite simply, that means getting out of the rain as fast as possible.所以你总共的淋湿程度等于每秒从顶端来的雨水造成之淋湿程度乘上你在雨中的时间,加上每公尺从侧边来的雨水造成之淋湿程度乘上你移动的公尺数。所以若要从一地到另一地时保持最为干爽,你应该试着减少从上方落到身上的水量。而很简单的,那意味着要尽快离开雨中。 /201301/22264693年出生的鲜肉男神宁泽涛刚夺下世锦赛100米自由泳金牌,小编老师的朋友圈就立刻沸腾得像宁男神滑过的池水。看着朋友圈里一条条“好帅”“好棒” 为了配得上宁泽涛这种能刷实力能刷脸的双能男神, 拿出自己的微薄的英语水平,做一名有理想有文化的脑残粉。脑残粉教程之如何用英文夸男神长的帅1. 国际版handsomeHandsome是最常用的夸男生长的帅的词。权威的《牛津英语词典》对这个词的解释直白的让小编脸红:good-looking——两个字,好看!《傲慢与偏见》里的男神达西先生是这样出场滴:His friend Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien。他的朋友达西却立刻引起全场的注意,因为他身材魁伟,眉清目秀,举止高贵。Handsome有时也可以用在女神身上,但这个词是指女神比较健美,有强烈的吸引力,不适合邻家女孩型。2. 美国版cuteCute这个词是可爱的意思。但是在美国口语中,这个词可以指性感、帅气。《老友记》中,女人们是这么八卦的:Hey, Rachel. Cute assistant. What is his story?嗨,瑞秋。说说那个帅助理的事。3. 英国版fit英国口语里如何形容男神帅的性感?他们用fit这个词。Fit不仅可以表示身材健美,还可以在非正式场合表示帅的合不拢腿。4. 澳洲版 spunky澳大利亚人和新西兰人在口语里用spunky形容性感。这个词男神女神通用。小编老师告诉大家一个特别地道的澳式英语句子:She’s a spunky sheila。这句话的意思是她是个性感女孩。sheila在澳式英语中是女人、女孩的意思。上面四个版本的“帅”大家都学会了吗?没学会的同学继续学,小编老师要去刷朋友圈了~(跑开) /201508/391155

Men do far more housework than they are given credit for, according to research that claims women do not notice because their male partners ;don#39;t make a fuss;.一项调查称,男性所做的家务活远比他们得到承认的多。女人之所以对他们的贡献“视而不见”,是因为他们不会表功。Men said they spent 13 hours a week on household chores including cleaning the lavatory, taking out the rubbish and changing the bed linen.调查显示,男性每周在做家务活上所花的时间为13个小时,这其中包括打扫卫生间、倒垃圾和换床单等。But 60 per cent of the 1000 men questioned said their efforts were unnoticed by the woman in their lives because they did not like to make a fuss.在1000名受访男性中,有60%的人说他们的努力常被伴侣忽视,这主要是因为他们不喜欢邀功。Almost half said they felt women were more prone to showing off about the amount of housework they take on.近一半的男性认为女性更喜欢把自己干了多少活挂在嘴边。The task most men said they did was taking out the rubbish – with 85 per cent claiming credit. Carrying the shopping bags was the second most popular chore among men, with 80 per cent saying they take the weight off their wife#39;s shoulders.根据调查结果,男性做得最多的家务活是倒垃圾,其中85%的人承担这一任务。其次是购物时帮忙拎东西,有80%的男性通过这种方式为妻子减轻负担。Food shopping came in third place – with 78 per cent saying they are responsible for restocking the fridge each week.采购食品排在第三,78%的男性说他们每周负责把冰箱填满。The research by Dove, the beauty brand, found men spend 4.7 hours a week on housework as well as 1.5 hours on DIY and 6.9 hours on childcare.这项由多芬护肤品公司开展的调查发现,男性每周花4.7个小时干家务,1.5个小时做一些水管电工活,6.9个小时照看孩子。Paul Connell, brand manager of Dove Men Care, said: ;Our research shows that modern men are becoming more vocal about the contribution they make in the home, and the popular stereotype of men doing nothing around the house is no longer accurate.;多芬男士护肤品的品牌经理保罗·康奈尔说:“我们的调查显示,现代男性更爱直言说出他们对家庭所做的贡献,那种认为男性在家什么也不做的看法现在该改改了。” /201507/388802

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