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星型典句:第一句:When taking delivery, we found that the cargo had been seriously wet by fresh water and putrefied.提货时我们发现货物被水打湿并且已经腐烂了。A: So whats wrong with our goods?我们的货物怎么了?B: When taking delivery, we found that the cargo had been seriously wet by fresh water and putrefied.提货时我们发现货物被水打湿并且已经腐烂了。A: There must be something wrong with the delivery.一定是运送过程出了问题。B: You must compensate us for the loss.贵方应赔偿我方的损失。第二句:On the basis of clause 15 of the contract, we have the right to claim.根据合同第15条,我方有权要求索赔。A: It seems that a negotiation is inevitable.看来谈判是在所难免了。B: On the basis of clause 15 of the contract, we have the right to claim.根据合同第15条,我方有权要求索赔。A: We will go over the contract.我们会重审合同的。其他表达法:应提供的单据,一般应提供进口货物到货通知单、进口货物报关单、合同、发票、提单/运单等。We have to put in a claim against you for all the losses sustained.我方向你方索赔,弥补你方造成的损失。According to the contract, you are responsible to compensate us for the loss we have suffered.根据合同,你方有责任赔偿我方遭受的损失。 /201212/212168。

1.Hospitalization 住院A: Does the insurance pay for hospitalization?B: Yes, 80%. A:这种保险保住院费吗?B:是的,保80%。 2.Insurer 承保人A: Who is the insurer? B: Wan Long Insurance Company Ltd.A:承保人是哪个?B:万隆保险股份有限公司。 3.Insured 保户A: Are you the insured?B: Yes.A:你是保险用户吗?B:是的。4.Liability 必须保险A: What's liability?B: The minimum insurance that covers the damages for the other party.A:什么是必须保险呢?B:是只保对方损失的最低保险。5.Premium 保费A: Who pays for the premium?B: If you are employed, your employer will pay most of the premium.A:谁来付保费?B:如果你有工作,你的雇主将承担你的大部分保费。 /200810/52315。

He is so full of hot air.他真是满口空话。full of hot air 直译过来就是:“充满了热空气”。在英语俚语中,hot air是“空话,大话和夸夸其谈”的意思。所以这个短语的正确意思是:“满口空话,吹牛,夸夸其谈”。因此,当美国人说;He is full of hot air.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;What he says is just empty talk.;、;He is shooting off his mouth.;、;What he says is all jaw.;。情景对白:Shirley: He is y enough with his promises, but often fails to carry them out.雪莉:他总是满口许诺,但常常不履行。Jane: Just ignore him. He is full of hot air.简:别理他,他总是满口空话。搭配句积累:①He is generally regarded as a disgusting guy.大家都认为他是个讨厌鬼。②What he said is simply not credible.他的话一点也没可信。③Never believe in his commitment.千万别相信他的承诺。④Dont listen to him.别听他的。单词:1. be all jaw 全是空话,废话连篇All this could be all jaw without a government that is unified in opinion.如果没有一个思想统一的政府来指导发展,实现这一切只是空谈一场。What he said is all jaw.他说的全是空话。2. commitment n. 承诺,保We made a commitment to keep working together.我们承诺继续合作。They made a commitment to peace.他们承诺要维护和平。He made a commitment to pay the rent on time.他保按时付房租。 /201307/248485。

Welcome back to Business English Pod. In this lesson, were going to take a look at idioms related to time.欢迎回到商务英语播客。这一课中,我们将学习和时间有关系的习语。At work and in business, time is always a concern. We rush to get to the office ;on time;, we work hard to finish projects ;in time; and we sometimes have to work ;overtime; to get it all done. If youre like most people, you watch the clock and the calendar constantly. Its hard not to with such busy schedules and tight timelines.在工作和商务过程,时间总是一个很受关注的问题。我们按时地赶到办公室,我们努力地完成项目,有时我们不得不加班把任务完成。如果像大多数的人那样,你持续地看钟和日历。如果没有紧张的日程和时间安排,事情很难做好。In English, time idioms focus on a few key ideas. We hear the word ;time; a lot, as well as the words ;clock; and ;hour;. Many of the idioms are related to speed, duration, regularity, and how late or early something happens or is finished. We also see a lot of idioms related to time pressure.在英语中,时间习语和一些关键点有关系。我们常常听到时间,还有钟和小时。习语中的许多和速度,期间,规律,和事情发生的早和晚,或者事情的结束有关系。我们也听到过很多和时间压力有关的习语。In this lesson, well hear a conversation between Jeff and Claire, two project managers who are overseeing the development of a mobile phone application and a new website. We will hear them discuss timelines on different parts of the project and different project teams.在这一课中,我们将听到两个监督手机应用和新网站的发展的项目经理杰夫和克莱尔的对话。我们将听到他们谈论在项目不同阶段和其它项目的时间安排。Listening Questions1. What does Claire say about the designers?2. What does Jeff say about the writers?3. Which part of the project is behind schedule? /165070。

(一):Your boss may not be in the best of moods this week. 本周你的上司可能心情不是很好。Your boss may not be in the best of moods this week.本周你的上司可能心情不是很好。Why? What happened?为什么?怎么了?Youd better not go about criticizing your superiors.你最好不要公开批评你的上同。Does your boss treat you and your co-workers equally?你的上同对待你和其他同事是否一样?(二):Hes the head of the sales department.他是销售部门的主管。Whos the man in blue shirt?穿蓝衬衫的那个人是谁?Thats Mr. Lee. Hes the head of the sales department.那是李先生。他是销售部门的主管。Now he heads up the BT department.现在他是 BT 部门主管cHe is part of the mold supervisors.他是模具部门的主管之一He runs BPO.他是BPO部门主管。 /201412/349877。

A: Hello.A:你好。B: Oh, hello, Bobby. How are you doing these days?B:哦,你好,鲍比。你近来好吗?A: Im much better, thank you very much. I am just about to call to tell you how I appreciate the flowers you sent me.A:好多了,谢谢你。我正要打电话告诉你,你送的花我真是太喜欢了。B: Im glad you like them , Bobby. Your wife said yellow roses are your favorite.B:你喜欢,我很高兴,鲍比。你太太说你喜欢黄玫瑰。A: Yes,theyre really beautiful. Thank you very much.A:是的,黄玫瑰真的很美。太感谢了。B: Thats my pleasure, Bobby. Just hope youre feeling better.B:不用谢,鲍比。我多希望你尽快好起来啊!A: I am. The doctor says 1 can go home the day after tomorrow.A:我是好起来了,医生说我后天就能出院了。B: Day after tomorrow-so soon--why,Bobby, thats marvelous. I bet Celia was very happy to hear that.B:后天——这么快——噢,鲍比,棒极了!西莉亚听到这个好消息,肯定高兴得很吧。A: She doesnt know it yet. I found out only an hour ago. I couldnt have reached her so soon.A:她还不知道呢。我也只是一小时前才知道的,还没来得及告诉她。 /201503/364428。

Catherine所在公司过去一年一直业绩可观,信誉攀升,深得消费者信赖,而且在国内已经小有名气。近日,该公司着手策划新的开发投资项目。同事们各个信心百倍,一直昂扬,美国老总也打趣道:We are shoo-in. We are shoo-in. 我们是常胜将军!shoo的本义是“发出嘘声”,此处shoo-in的说法最早起源于19世纪20年代,当时在美国的赛马运动中,人们用shoo来表示“朝指定的方向驱赶动物”。比赛中,除了一位骑手外,其他不诚实的参赛者都有意控制马的速度,结果还是那位骑手获胜。此后人们就把这种比赛的冠军称为shoo-in,现在引申为“十拿九稳的取胜者”,即“常胜将军”。 Benjamin: We have achieved a lot from last several projects. How is the new one going?本杰明:过去的几个项目我们做得很有成效。那个新项目进展如何呢?Todd: Very well. There is no way we can loose. We are shoo-in.托德:很好啊!我们不会输的,我们是常胜将军嘛!背景音乐:Bressanon◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201010/115683。