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A burglar(窃贼) breaks into a house. He sees a CD player that he wants so he takes it. Then he hears a voice ;JESUS is watching you;. He looks around with his flashlight wandering ;What The HELL Was That?;. He spots some $ on a table and takes it. Once again he hears a voice ;JESUS is watching you;.一个窃贼潜入一户人家。他看到一个喜欢的CD机,他赶紧拿了。就在这个时候他听到有人说:“耶稣正在看着你。”他照着手电看来看去,嘀咕着:“到底是什么人在说话?”这时,他看到桌子上有些钱,他又拿了。那声音又来了:“耶稣正在看着你。”He hides in a corner trying to find where the voice came from. He spots a birdcage with a parrot in it! He goes over and asks ;Was that your voice?;. It said ;YES;. He then says ;What#39;s your name?;. It says ;MOSES;. The burglar says ;What kind of person names his bird moses?; The parrot replys ;THE SAME PERSON THAT NAMES HIS Rottweiler ;JESUS;.他躲到一个角落,想找出是谁在说话。结果看到一只鹦鹉,于是他问鹦鹉:“是你在说话吗?”鹦鹉承认了。 小贼说:“你叫什么名字?”“西”。小贼说:“什么人给鸟取这种名字?”鹦鹉回答:“就是那个给他的罗威那犬取名为‘耶稣’的那个人啊。” /201511/412699

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in China hit 575,000 by the end of October, with 177,000 deaths, said the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday.中国疾病预防控制中心11月30日称,截至10月底,中国有57.5万人携带艾滋病病毒或感染艾滋病,死亡病例17.7万人。Six out of every 10,000 people in China may be infected with HIV/AIDS.每一万人中就可能有6人感染了艾滋病病毒。Sexual transmission is the main infection channel, with infection through heterosexual activities accounting for 66.6% of total cases, those through homosexual activities, 27.2%.性传播是艾滋病传染的主要渠道,其中66.6%为异性传播,同性传播占27.2%。Around 8% of men who have sex with men in China are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the 2015 statistics.据2015年的数据,我国约有8%发生男男关系的男性携带艾滋病毒。Infections among young people have become particularly noticeable, as 2,662 new cases of students living with HIV were reported from January to October, a surge of 27.8% year on year.年轻人群中感染速度明显上升,今年1至10月新增2662个学生感染病例,同比增加27.8%。The 28th World AIDS Day falls on Dec 1, and the theme this year is, ;The time to act is now. Getting to zero;.12月1日是第28个世界艾滋病日。今年的主题是;行动起来,向#39;零#39;艾滋迈进;。 /201512/413163

Mr Porter Goes East to Find Fresh Looks男装购物网站Mr Porter去东方寻找新鲜造型Limited Edition限量版Although spring and summer clothing is now hitting the stores, fashion editors and buyers are looking toward the fall as they jet off to the fashion shows in London, Milan and Paris. Representatives of Mr Porter will celebrate London men’s fashion week with an unveiling of six collections featuring emerging brands previously unavailable outside Japan, in collaboration with Beams, a Japanese department store.虽然春夏装正在到店,但是时尚编辑和买家们在展望秋季装,因为他们开始启程前去观看伦敦、米兰和巴黎的时装秀。为了庆祝伦敦男装周,Mr Porter的代表们与日本百货公司Beams合作,推出来自新兴品牌的六个系列,这些品牌之前不曾在日本以外的地方销售。“First and foremost, we wanted to ensure that these collections had universal appeal, and having contributors from six different brands allowed us that versatility,” said Daniel Todd, a buyer at Mr Porter. “Each brand has a real point of difference, so there is something in there for everyone without having to dilute the story behind each collection. Teatora, for example, makes outstanding technical travel suits whereas orSlow has a fantastic denim offering.”Mr Porter的采购员丹尼尔·托德(Daniel Todd)说:“最重要的是,我们想确保这些系列受到普遍欢迎,六个不同品牌的产品让我们变得多样化。每个品牌都有真正的独特之处,所以每个人都能找到自己喜欢的,不必淡化每个系列背后的故事。比如,Teatora生产出色的有技术含量的旅行装,orSlow生产很棒的牛仔裤。”London Meets Fukui伦敦遇见福井Specs专业人员In Fukui, a coastal city in western Japan, there is a centuries-old community of optical artisans called Shokunin who have been making eyewear, using local titanium and acetate, through a 200-step process. Rohan Dhir, the founder of the London-based online retailer Archibald Optics, is collaborating with the artisans to create slightly retro eyeglasses and shades that bring together British design and Japanese know-how.在日本西部沿海城市福井,有一个有几百年历史的眼镜手工艺人(手工艺人在日本被称为职人[Shokunin]——译注)群体。他们采用当地产的钛和醋酸盐,经过200道工序制作眼镜。伦敦在线零售商Archibald Optics的创始人罗恩·迪尔(Rohan Dhir)正在与这些手工艺人合作,制造略微复古的眼镜和墨镜,把英国的设计与日本的技术结合起来。It’s Back!回归了!Consider考虑一下吧Who would have thought that the fanny pack, long considered an accessory of the clueless tourist, would find its way to the spring 2016 men’s collections? Designers including Tomas Maier and Lemaire have new interpretations of this onetime fashion “don’t.” Saturdays, a brand with an emphasis on surf wear, has introduced a fanny pack in collaboration with the Japanese accessories company Porter-Yoshida. (To put distance between the fanny pack’s fashionable present and its unstylish past, most brands now call it a “waist bag.”) “The waist bag is a perfect travel companion for the man on the run,” said Morgan Collett, a Saturdays founder.长期以来,腰包被认为是无知游客的配饰,谁能想到它会进入2016年的春季男装系列?托马斯·梅尔(Tomas Maier)和勒迈尔(Lemaire)等设计师对这个曾经的时尚“禁品”进行了新的诠释。主要做冲浪装的Saturdays与日本配饰公司 Porter-Yoshida合作推出一款腰包(为了把现在时尚的新设计和过去不时尚的设计区别开来,大部分品牌不把腰包称为fanny pack,而是称为waist bag)。Saturdays的创始人根·科利特(Morgan Collett)说:“对奔忙的男人来说,腰包是完美的旅行伴侣。”O.K., maybe we’ll consider it.好吧,我们也许会考虑它的。A Fashion Alliance时装公司的联盟Collaboration合作Closed, a family-run German fashion brand founded in 1978 that is known for its denim, has hired Hirofumi Kurino, a founder of the Japanese company ed Arrows, to produce two styles of men’s chinos. “Closed and ed Arrows have the same positive vibration and seriousness to be a human-oriented company,” said Mr. Kurino (shown). “The high-level production skill and the rich archive from Closed, together with the sincerity of Japanese fabric and the smart ed Arrows taste — that makes a good chemistry.”创立于1978年的德国家族时装品牌Closed以牛仔裤闻名,它聘请日本时装公司ed Arrows的创始人栗野文(Hirofumi Kurino)生产两种风格的男士牛仔裤。栗野文(如图)说:“Closed和ed Arrows具有相同的乐观精神和认真态度,都是以人为本的公司。Closed高水平的生产技术和丰富的历史资料,加上日本面料的真诚和ed Arrows的时尚品味,会产生很好的化学反应。”A Style Assist From Abroad来自国外的时尚助手Men’s Style Reads男装时尚读物“In the twenty-first century, it is now conventional wisdom that the Japanese ‘do Americana better than Americans,’” W. David Marx writes in his new book, “Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style.”W·大卫·马克斯(W. David Marx)在他的新书《Ametora:日本如何拯救了美国时尚》(Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style)中写道:“在21世纪,大家公认,日本人‘比美国人更擅长创造美国风情’。”With its affectionate takes on classic men’s wear, from bluejeans to Oxford shirts, Japan’s fashion industry has had a longstanding relationship withAmerican style. In a step-by-step account, Mr. Marx traces the history of this cross-cultural sartorial phenomenon, from the Brooks Brothers-influenced “Ivy League” look introduced by the fashion magnate Kensuke Ishizu in 1959 all the way up to Tokyo’s neo-traditionalist designers of recent years.日本时装业一直厚爱经典男装,比如蓝色牛仔裤和牛津布衬衫,所以与美国风尚保持着长久的关系。马克斯一步一步地追溯这种跨文化制衣现象的历史,从1959年时装巨头石津健介(Kensuke Ishizu)引入受Brooks Brothers影响的“常春藤盟校”造型一直到近些年东京的新传统主义设计师。 /201601/422690

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