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看外国老师如何纠正中国人学英文时不正确的思维方式和错误表达。 /165683。

Don't forget to latch the door before you go to bed. 睡觉前别忘了闩门。。

请假 Asking for a Leave今天请假 take/have the day offask for leave todayA: Hello!Mr.Johnson,this is Zhang Qiang.It seems that I have caught a cold. Id like to have a day off.B: Thats fine.Have a rest today.打电话请病假 call in sickA: Where is Emily?B: She called in sick today.A: Ok,I got it.请病假 take a sick dayA: Did Lucy take a sick day today?B: Yes,she didnt feel very good.产假 maternity leaveA: Why is Betty absent?B: She is on maternity leave.带薪假期 paid vacationA: How many paid vacation days do we have?B: Two weeks a year.填请假单 fill in the request form for taking the day offfill in the absence formA: Hey,Cindy,Ive got some family issues so I need to take this morning off.B: All right,please fill in the request form for taking the day off.A: Sure,I will submit it for your approval.B: Ok.安排好手头的工作 arrange everything on handA: Bob,I need to attend a wedding this Thursday,could I ask for a day off?B: Can you arrange everything on hand?A: No problem.B: Ok,fill in an absence form,and I will sign it.我想休假两周。I would like to take my two weeks vacation time.A: Manager,I often feel tired these days,could I take a holiday?B: How long did you have in mind?A: I would like to take my two weeks vacation time.私人事假 personal dayA: Whats a personal day?B: Personal day is when you have to take care of things during work time.A: What are the examples?B: For example,if you have to apply for an ID card and the government office issuing the ID card opens only during your work hours.A: I see,thank you.假期轮值表 holiday rotationA: Morning,Hunter.Id like to talk to you about my vacation.B: Youre lucky,King.Im just going to draw up the holiday rotation this year. So,go ahead and tell me what you want.我会安排的。Ill arrange/fix that.Ill try to meet your request.A: Henry,Id like to take three weeksleave. You know Spring Festival? I want to see my parents in China.B: OK.I know how important Spring Festival is in China.Ill arrange that.找人来接替你的工作。Find someone to cover for you.A: Mr.Martin,I wonder if I could have a few days off. My wife is seriously ill,so I have to take care of her at the hospital.B: In that case,I give you a weeks leave.I can find someone to cover for you. Go ahead,take good care of your wife.我不能给你一天的假。I cannot let you take one whole days leave.A: Mr.Johnson,Im afraid I have to be late this morning. My sons got a serious cold,and I have to take him to the hospital.B: I see.I can give you a few hours,but I cannot let you take one whole days leave. Is that OK?A: Thats enough.Thank you.我不希望你频繁请假。I dont want to see this happen too often.A: Hello!Mr.Jackson,I want to ask for leave today.I am dizzy and coughing. And I threw up a moment ago.I must be ill.B: OK.Ill let you take today off. But I dont want to see this happen too often.你不能让你的家人干扰你的工作! You mustnt let your family mess up your work!A: Mr.Randy,I wonder if I could have several days off next week.B: For what reason this time?A: My parents are coming here next week. And I want to spend some time with them and show them around the city.B: Ah,Peggy,I understand how much your family means to you, but you mustnt let them mess up your work! /201202/170557。

license-plate lottery 车牌摇号交通拥堵,已经成为北京市的“顽疾”。虽然道路一直在新建扩建,但仍出现路修到哪儿,车就堵到哪儿的窘况。其中一个重要原因就是汽车保有量快速增长。近日北京治堵出狠招,今后买车上牌需摇号。请看《中国日报》的报道:Starting on Friday, car registration will be allocated by a license-plate lottery system.从周五(12月24日)开始,车辆登记将采用车牌摇号的方式进行。文中的license-plate lottery就是指“车牌摇号”,今后买车需要先提出摇号申请,获取申请码,确认有效后可获得摇号机会。购买机动车都须进行car/vehicle registration(车辆登记)。此次政策推出后,也有不少人担心会推热对license-plate(车牌)的炒作。此次车市“限购”,引发了一股buying spree(抢购风)。据称各大4S店在新政出台前销量都出现数倍增长。Lottery原意是指“抽给奖法”,比如体育领域的football lottery(足),lottery industry就是“业、票业”。票发行常用来为福利机构募资,这种票叫作welfare lottery(福利票),例如在上海世会期间就发行了Expo-themed welfare lottery(世主题福利票)。 /201101/124359。

1. It's really simple. 很简单. /201001/94945。

340. 虎父无犬子。 [误] A father like a tiger will not have a son like a dog. [正] A wise goose never lays a tame egg.注:英美人看了第一句译文也许会无知所云,或者感到好笑。而第二个句子与中文的意思大致相同,但却是英语中的地道说法。 /02/61865。

李华和Larry一起去附近一家新开的中国餐馆吃自助餐。李华今天要学两个常用语:yum和yuck. LL: There is so much good food at this buffet, Li Hua. I can't wait to eat some of those spring rolls. Yum! LH: 你说yum,那你肯定很喜欢吃春卷!因为我知道,yum在英语里就是可口,好吃的意思。 LL: Hey, Li Hua, you are right! Where did you learn about the word "Yum"? LH: 我前不久跟一帮美国朋友去吃pizza,其中一个人刚咬第一口,就大喊yum!他说自己最爱吃的东西就是pizza. LL: Well, I really enjoy eating spring rolls - especially when they are fresh. And these spring rolls look especially tasty. What makes you say "Yum!", Li Hua? LH: 我最爱吃的菜是鱼香茄子,想想都会流口水。Yum! LL: Well, I am afraid eggplant is not one of my favorites, Li Hua. I don't find eggplant dishes to be very yummy. LH: Yummy肯定是从yum来的吧! LL: Right! Yummy is used to describe a thing - Like yummy spring rolls or yummy eggplant. LH: 所以yummy是形容词,yum则是发感慨的时候说的。 LL: Speaking of being about to eat, let's take our plates over to the table and enjoy this yummy food. LH: 对啊,我们得赶紧吃,吃完第一盘,马上再回来拿,你看他们正在上龙虾呢! Yum! LL: But don't fill up too much, Li Hua. You'll want to save room for dessert. The almond cookies look especially yummy. LH: 杏仁酥看起来确实比红豆面包好,那些红豆面包看起来好像不太新鲜的样子。 LL: Well, I think most of the food here is yummy. What do you think, Li Hua? LH: 跟其他中国餐馆比,味道确实还不错。 LL: But - is it as yummy as the food you used to eat back home in China? LH: 这里的饭菜当然没办法跟我妈做的饭比了! ****** LL: What's that on your plate, Li Hua? Is it a snake? Yuck! LH: 我如果没有理解错的话,这个yuck一定是yum的反义词吧?你觉得吃蛇肉很恶心吗? LL: Right again, Li Hua. Yuck is an exclamation of disgust. And I am sorry, but I find the idea of eating a snake disgusting. LH: 我可不是故意要恶心你。不瞒你说,蛇肉可好吃了,而且在美国,你想吃到蛇肉可不容易。刚才你说yuck的样子,突然间让我想起了我第一次吃奶酪的感觉。 LL: Cheese? Cheese makes you say "Yuck!", Li Hua? What's wrong with cheese anyway? LH: 中国人做饭不用奶酪,以前我在中国的时候也没吃过。 可是美国人都很能吃奶酪。我到美国后,第一次吃奶酪的时候,简直难以下咽。 Yuck! 那种感觉,现在还记忆犹新。 LL: That is interesting. Actually, Li Hua, there are some kinds of cheese that I find pretty yucky, too. LH: Yucky? Yucky肯定又是从yuck来的!就好像yummy是从yum来的一样。 LL: Yucky is used to describe disgusting things. In this case, I was talking about disgusting cheeses. I find blue cheese to be especially yucky. LH: 你也有不爱吃的奶酪?我是从来没有尝过blue cheese, 可是如果连你都觉得yucky的话,那我也就不用尝了。 LL: I don't blame you, Li Hua. No one should have to eat something that yucky. LH: Larry, 你拿的鱼香茄子怎么也没吃啊?不好吃吗?你不会觉得鱼香茄子也yucky吧! LL: I think I told you earlier, Li Hua, that I don't find eggplant to be very yummy. In fact, I do think it is pretty yucky. LH: 既然觉得鱼香茄子难吃,那你干嘛还要拿呢? LL: You told me fish fragrant eggplant was your favorite dish, Li Hua. So even though I think eggplant is yucky, I thought I should still try it. LH: 这就明,一个人觉得yummy的食物,换个人完全可能会觉得yucky. Larry, 我看你呀,还是去吃春卷吧! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是yum或yummy, 是指食物可口好吃的意思。另一个是yuck或yucky, 是指食物难吃,难以下咽。 /200810/54541。

美国习惯用语-第160讲:To shape up or ship out/To rock the boat今天我们要给大家介绍两个和船有关的习惯用语。船在英文里就是: Ship. 船员或者和水上生活有关的人创造了一套他们自己的语言。但是,他们的有些表达形式已经上了岸,成为日常用语了。和 ship 有关的俗语还不少,我们今天只能给大家讲解两个, 我们要讲的第一个是: To shape up or ship out. To shape up or ship out,我们先来看前面一半 to shape up. To shape up 的意思是改进你的工作或行为。后面一半 to ship out 就是离开一个地方。把前后两部份合在一起 to shape up or ship out 就成了一个俗语,意思是:要就改进你的工作,否则就离开这儿。美国的陆军里经常用这个俗语。下面这个例子是一个陆军中士在训斥一个二等兵。例句-1:"Jones, you are without a doubt the worst soldier in the whole company! Your uniform looks like you slept in it! Your rifle is always dirty, and you can't follow a simple order! I'm telling you, soldier -- either shape up or ship out, you hear me!"这个中士很严厉,他说:「琼斯,毫无疑问你是整个连队里最糟糕的兵。你的制皱得好像睡衣似的,你的老那末脏,你连简单的命令都不能执行。我告诉你,你要就做出改进,否则就请你走路,懂吗!」我们上面说 to shape up or ship out 这个俗语在陆军里用的比较多,但是在日常生活中也可能出现的。例如,一个公司的老板对手下一个雇员说:例句-2: "Mary, you often come late in the morning and leave early in the evening, and you are always on the phone talking to your friends. This is not acceptable here. I'm now giving you a last chance, either shape up or ship out. "这个老板说:「玛丽,你经常早上迟到,晚上早退,你还老和朋友在电话上聊天。这种表现在这里是不能接受的。我现在给你一个最后的机会,要就改进你的表现,否则你就离开这里。」这里要指出的是许多美国人工作很紧张,生活的节奏也很快。如果有人迟到早退,又不好好专心工作的话,很有可能会被解雇。但是像这个例句里说的这种人确实存在,这也是为什么有些人难以在一个公司长期工作的原因,因为他们到哪里都不受欢迎。女:美国人有时也把船叫做 boat. 但是,ship 和 boat 之间还是有一点差别的,一般来说boat 总是比ship 要小。我们下面要给大家介绍的一个俗语就是和 boat 这个字有关:To rock the boat. To rock the boat 指的是:找麻烦,或者让人感到厌烦,就像一个孩子站在一艘船当中,故意把船弄得摇摇晃晃,使得船上的人很害怕一样。人们往往会劝别人不要去找麻烦。下面是两个人在办公室里谈论一个很偷懒的同事。例句-3:"Sure, I agree Smith isn't worth the big salary he gets, but I wouldn't tell the boss if I were you. Smith is one of his favorites, and he'll think you're just rocking the boat and making trouble."这个人说:「当然,我同意斯密斯根本没有资格拿那末高的工资。但是,要是我是你,我就不会把这种想法去告诉老板。斯密斯是他的亲信之一。你要告诉他的话,他会以为你想找麻烦呢。」每当暑假来临,美国的学生就开始计划怎么来安排这三个多月的时间,有不少人动手找工作,赚钱为下一年的学费做准备,有的计划先出去旅行,轻松一番再做打算。下面是一个学生在跟他的谈他和几个同学的暑期计划。例句-4:"After much discussion, five of us in the class have finally decided to go to Europe for three weeks. Preparation is aly underway. Please don't rock the boat by telling mother, because I'm sure she wouldn't agree."这个学生对说:「我们班上五个同学讨论了好久,最后终于决定去欧洲三个星期。准备工作已经开始了。我肯定妈是不会同意的,所以请你千万不要告诉妈妈,那样会破坏我们的计划的。」这种偷偷摸摸,瞒着家长出远途旅行的作法当然很不好,使得家长很担心。但是,调皮捣蛋的孩子那儿都有。不是有人说越聪敏的孩子越调皮吗?今天我们给大家讲了两个和船有关的习惯用语。第一个是: To shape up or ship out. To shape up or ship out 翻到中文就是:要就改进,否则就离开这里。我们今天讲的第二个和船有关的习惯用语是: To rock the boat. To rock the boat 是找麻烦,或是破坏某个计划。 /200711/21089。

I have a confession. 我要坦白。 /201002/96135。

我们上次讲了两个由story这个词组成的习惯用语。一个是cock and bull story,意思是虚构不实的托词。另一个是cover story,解释掩盖真相的假话。我们今天还要讲几个带有story这个词的习惯用语。第一个是: inside story。Inside通常解释为内部的,和cover意义相对。如果说cover story是装点门面的表面文章的话,那么inside story就是不得外传的内幕真情了。在一个机构里通常只有几个掌握特权的人物才知晓这些有关隐私或者秘密决策问题的inside story,而这些了解inside story的人就可以称为insider。让我们来听个例子。这是一位外国分析人士在由于北韩政府的封闭政策,外界捉摸不定究竟北韩有没有原子弹。例句-1:The North Korean government keeps telling the world its not building an atomic bomb. But this country is so closed off nobody in the outside world knows the real inside story.这段话说:北韩政府一再对国际社会说,他们并没制造什么原子弹。但是北韩这个国家实在太封闭了,外界对他们的内幕真情是一无所知的。所以inside story就是内幕消息或者真实情况。我们再来学一个习惯用语: fish story。Fish是鱼。Fish story这个习惯用语可能来自的人夸夸其谈的习惯。他们好夸耀自己抓到的鱼有多大,也喜欢对人讲述他们的水上奇遇:例如曾经看到过什么巨大无比的鱼或者稀奇古怪的海怪、湖怪等等。于是人们就把诸如此类夸大其词的故事称为fish story。讲述这种故事是为了夸耀自己见多识广,然而通常并没有蛊惑人心的恶意。让我们来听个例子,说的是关于美人鱼的传说。例句-2:When the fisherman told people in the town he had seen a beautiful mermaid on a rock in the river, they knew it was just a fish story. But the story was so charming that they built a stone mermaid.他说:那个渔夫告诉镇上的人他曾经看到一条美人鱼。根据一般常识美人鱼并不存在,所以人们心中有数他是在夸口,然而这个夸大其词的故事实在太动人了,所以人们雕塑了一个美人鱼的石像。可见fish story是夸大其词的说法。好,我们再学一个习惯用语: sob story。 Sob意思是哭泣。那么sob story是什么样的故事呢? 让我们来听个例子。例句-3:This guy told me a real sob story, how he was catching a train to his moms funeral. But somebody stole his wallet. I dont know whether it was true but I gave him a dollar anyway.他说:这个人对我描述了他的不幸遭遇。他告诉我他如何赶火车去参加母亲的葬礼,钱包却被扒走了。我虽然不知道他说的是不是真的,但是我还是给了他一美元。所以sob story是催人泪下、取同情的故事,也可以解释为悲惨遭遇。 /201202/172806。