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昆山女子医院治疗妇科多少钱昆山哪家医院治疗非淋昆山仁济男科医院男科医生 Noah easily rode a wave of pre-release buzz--and some controversy--to the top of the box office this weekend, grossing $ million in the U.S. and Canada. 借着上映前热炒和影片引发争议的东风,《诺亚方舟:创世之旅(Noah)上周末轻松登顶票房排行榜,在美国和加拿大获得,00万美元票房The results are a relief Paramount Pictures, the Viacom Inc.-owned studio that has weathered significant criticism in recent weeks over director Darren Aronofsky telling of the Genesis ark story. Most of the attention around the million production--Hollywood first biblical epic in decades--focused on the discomt of religious leaders, many of whom declined to offer the full-throated endorsements that can drive churchgoers to the multiplex. Based on pre-release market research, the movie had been expected to make about million this weekend. 这个票房成绩令维亚康姆(Viacom Inc.)旗下派拉蒙电影公司(Paramount Pictures)松了口气最近几周,戴伦#539;艾洛诺夫斯基(Darren Aronofsky)执导的这部关于《创世纪中方舟故事的电影让派拉蒙饱受批评这部成本约1.5亿美元的影片是好莱坞数十年来第一部 经题材的史诗巨片外界对该片的关注大多集中在宗教领袖的不安上--很多宗教领袖拒绝大力推荐该片,而他们的推荐原本会促使虔诚的教徒去影院观影上映前的市场调查显示,这部影片上映首周末票房原本预计约,000万美元Moviegoers grades the Russell Crowe release spoke to the polarizing nature of the film, which took significant liberties with the original text to adapt a spare biblical story into a Hollywood epic. According to the CinemaScore research firm, more than 60% of moviegoers gave the film an A or B grade, while % gave it a D or F. The movie overall score was a C. 观众给这部由罗素#539;克劳(Russell Crowe)主演影片的评价明了该片两极分化的特点这部影片将一段简单的 经故事改编成了好莱坞史诗片,自由发挥的程度很高据市场研究公司CinemaScore的信息,60%以上的观众给该片的评分为“A”或“B”,%的观众评分为“D”或“E”该片的总体得分为“C”Over the past couple of years, Paramount has reached out to faith leaders to try and get religious commies on board with the film. The studio said better-than-usual permances in markets like Oklahoma City, Houston and San Antonio indicated interest from the faithful. 过去几年中,派拉蒙一直向宗教领袖示好,试图吸引宗教群体观影派拉蒙说,俄克拉荷马城、休斯顿和 安东尼奥等市场的表现比通常更好,显示出信教人士对该片有兴趣Noah should perm better overseas than domestically, said Rob Moore, vice chairman at Paramount, since action-packed spectacles do particularly well in international territories and a biblical character like Noah has immediate name recognition. The movie has grossed .1 million internationally so far, in markets that include South Korea and Mexico. Its opening in Russia this weekend was an especially strong $. million. The movie will next open in territories that include Brazil and Germany, but the studio has yet to hear whether the film will screen in the all-important Chinese market, where audiences flock to blockbusters but state censors may resist a biblically inspired film. 派拉蒙副董事长尔(Rob Moore)称,《诺亚方舟:创世之旅在海外市场的表现应该比美国本土更好,因为令人兴奋的特效在国际市场尤其受欢迎,而诺亚是人们耳熟能详的 经人物这部电影迄今为止在包括韩国和墨西哥在内的国际市场票房为5,1万美元该片上周末在俄罗斯上映的票房成绩尤其强劲,达1,7万美元影片接下来将在巴西和德国等地上映,但派拉蒙尚未得知影片能否在重要的中国市场上映中国观众会蜂拥前往影院观看热门大片,但政府审查机构可能会抵制 经题材的电影Domestically, Paramount says it expects Noah to hold well at the box office and in the coming weeks attract older viewers, who tend to see movies later. The teen audience needed to keep Noah and other films afloat will be harder to come by next week when Captain America: The Winter Soldier from Walt Disney Co. Marvel Studios is released and kicks off the summer blockbuster season. its part, Paramount hopes that the debate generated by its film drives moviegoers who want see what the commotion is about. 派拉蒙称,其预计《诺亚方舟:创世之旅在美国本土的票房将保持良好势头,未来几周将会吸引年纪大些的观众,这类观众往往会迟些去看电影迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)旗下Marvel Studios出品的《美国队长:冬日战士(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)将于下周上映,揭开夏季大片季的序幕届时《诺亚方舟:创世之旅和其他影片吸引青少年观众的难度将会更大,青少年是撑这些影片票房的主力群体派拉蒙希望《诺亚方舟:创世之旅引发的争议能促使那些希望了解争议从何而来的观众走进影院It seems like the conversation is just starting, said Mr. Moore. 尔说,看起来对话才刚刚开始In other box office news, Divergent from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. dropped to second place in its second week, collecting an estimated .5 million a cumulative .3 million in the U.S. and Canada. Disney Muppets Most Wanted took third place with $. million a two-week total of . million. 至于其他电影票房方面的消息,狮门影业公司(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.)出品的《分歧者(Divergent)第二周票房跌至第二位,上周票房估计为,650万美元,上映以来北美总票房为9,530万美元迪士尼出品的《布偶大电影(Muppets Most Wanted)上周票房1,0万美元,排在第三,上映两周来的总票房为3,3万美元The week other new release, abotage starring action star and mer Calinia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a DEA agent, was busted on arrival. The Open Road Films movie grossed .3 million in seventh place. 上周另一部新上映的影片《破坏者(Sabotage)开局不利动作影星、前加州州长阿诺德#539;施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)在片中饰演一位美国缉毒局(DEA)特工这部由开路影业(Open Road Films)出品的影片上周票房530万美元,排在第七位In a sign of just how powerful Christian endorsements can be a film. God Not Dead, a faith-based movie starring Kevin Sorbo as a college professor on a journey of faith, collected .1 million from nearly 1,0 theaters in its second weekend. The Pure Flix Entertainment movie added about 360 theaters this weekend and managed a second-weekend gross just % below its debut last week. 《上帝未死(God Not Dead)上映后的第二个周末在近1,0家影院获得票房9万美元,显示出基督教题材电影的强大票房号召力该片是一部以信仰为题材的影片,凯文#539;索尔 (Kevin Sorbo)在片中饰演一位进行一场信仰之旅的大学教授这部由Pure Flix Entertainment出品的影片上周末上映影院新增约360家,第二个周末的票房仅比首周末票房低% 7昆山综合保税区人民医院治疗腹胀多少钱

昆山仁济妇科医院治疗不孕不育怎么样好不好After a decade of preparation and three years of filming, Wong Kar-wai The Grandmaster opened in China on Tuesday, and any lingering questions over whether the movie would live up to its lofty expectations immediately evaporated.经过了年的筹备和三年的拍摄,王家卫执导的《一代宗师(The Grandmaster)本周二在中国内地上映有关这部电影能否达到观众较高预期的疑问一直挥之不去,但在影片上映后马上无影无踪Mr. Wong has made a martial-arts film people who typically wouldnt go to see an action movie, and an art-house film audiences who resist ambiguity in their cinematic experiences.王家卫为一般不看动作片的观众制作了一部功夫片,为讨厌含蓄电影的观众制作了一部文艺片Many of the kung-fu scenes are set in beautifully furnished parlor rooms that suggest the quiet intensity of a high-stakes chess game, but one in which the threats could mean life or death. It in these moments it becomes clear that Mr. Wong is showing his audience that kung fu is as much an intellectual pursuit as it is a sport of strength and physical superiority.片中许多武打场面的背景都是在美轮美奂的厅堂里,如同剑拔弩张的棋局那种平静之下的暗涌,但却是生死攸关正是这些时刻让人们了解到,王家卫在告诉观众,武术不仅是关乎力量和体格优势的一种运动,也是智慧的较量Fans of Mr. Wong, one of Asia most prominent filmmakers and a regular fixture on the international film-festival circuit, have been eagerly anticipating The Grandmaster. More than five years have passed since the Hong Kong director released his last full-length feature film, My Blueberry Nights starring Norah Jones, and it been nearly nine years since his last Chinese-language film, 6.Associated Press1月8日,梁朝伟、王家卫、章子怡和张震在《一代宗师的香港首映式上王家卫是亚洲最杰出的电影导演之一,常常在国际电影节上露面王家卫的影迷们一直在热切期待着《一代宗师的上映这位香港导演的上一部标准长度的故事片《蓝莓之夜(My Blueberry Nights)拍摄于五年前,由诺拉#86;琼斯(Norah Jones)主演而他的上一部华语电影《6距今已有九年Critics were quick to praise The Grandmaster. Variety said the film exceeds expectations, while Twitch described it as an action-packed visual feast.《一代宗师很快得到了人士的好评《综艺(Variety)杂志称,这部电影“超乎预期”,而视频直播网站Twitch说该片是动作场面的视觉盛宴The movie follows the life of Ip Man, the real-life instructor of the Wing Chun style of kung fu, who was born in Foshan in 1893 and died in Hong Kong in 197. (A young Bruce Lee was among his students, although his character doesnt appear in the new film.)这部电影讲述的是咏春拳宗师叶问的生平叶问1893年出生于佛山,197年在香港去世(李小龙曾是叶问的学生,不过这一角色没有在片中出现)Tony Leung Chiu-wai plays Ip Man; Zhang Ziyi stars as Gong Er, the daughter of a powerful martial-arts master from northern China and a kung-fu expert herself; and Chang Chen appears as a mysterious character named Razor. All three actors joined Mr. Wong at a press conference in a crowded Hong Kong shopping mall on Tuesday night the local premiere.梁朝伟在片中扮演叶问章子怡扮演的宫二先生是一位来自中国北方的武术高手的女儿,同时自己也是一名武术大师张震扮演了一个名为一线天的神秘角色周二晚间,这三位演员和王家卫一起在香港一个繁华购物中心出席了香港首映的新闻发布会Mr. Leung, who is known primarily his dramatic roles rather than action, told the Journal that preparing the role was a challenge.Dean NapolitanoThe Wall Street Journal梁朝伟说,该片的武打戏对他来说很难梁朝伟主要是以他所扮演的富于戏剧性的角色出名,而不是以功夫著称,他告诉《华尔街日报,为扮演这个角色做准备做是一个挑战The action part was really tough me, Mr. Leung said. We started practicing a year-and-a-half bee the movie began shooting. … But we trained during the shooting, so we trained like four years.梁朝伟说,武打戏对我来说很难我们在电影开机之前一年半就开始练习了……拍摄期间还接受了培训,所以我们练习了差不多四年The character is very much different from what audiences have seen bee, he continued. With the role this time, we are trying to mix up Bruce Lee and the real man -- Ip Man -- together.他接着说,这个角色和观众以前看到的叶问非常不同这一次,我们试图把李小龙和叶问这两个人物融合在一起The Grandmaster takes place mainly from the late 1930s to the mid-1950s -- a turbulent time in China history, but one that the film doesnt dwell on -- and focuses on Ip Man tentative friendship with Gong Er and his rivalry with other kung-fu masters and their followers. The story also explores the deep patience, obedience and discipline that kung fu demands on its teachers and students.《一代宗师的故事背景主要发生在上世纪30年代末到50年代中期──这是中国历史上一段动荡时期,但是这部电影没有着重突出这一背景,而是主要描写了叶问与宫二之间若有若无的友谊,以及他与其他功夫高手及其追随者的过招故事还探究了功夫对宗师和弟子所要求的极大的耐心、顺从和纪律The Ip Man character has become an extremely popular -- and profitable -- movie character in recent years, most notably with Ip Man and its sequel starring Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen.近年来,叶问成了人气极高的电影角色,也为电影带来了超高的票房收入,其中最有名的就是年的电影《叶问(Ip Man)和年的续集,两部影片均由香港功夫明星甄子丹出演The Grandmaster opens in Hong Kong on Thursday and in Taiwan next week, ahead of its European premiere on Feb. 7 as the opening film at the Berlin International Film Festival, where Mr. Wong is this year jury president. The movie will screen out of competition.《一代宗师周四在香港上映,并将于下周在台湾上映月7日,该片将作为柏林国际电影节的开幕电影在欧洲首映王家卫是今年柏林国际电影节的评委会主席这部电影将不参加电影节奖项的角逐Though the film runs two hours and minutes, Mr. Wong said earlier this week that it could have lasted four hours due to all the footage he shot, which suggests that audiences someday could see a longer director cut.尽管电影时长为两个小时分钟,王家卫本周早些时候说,这部电影的长度本来可以达到个小时,这意味着观众未来或许可以看到更长的导演剪辑版The Chinese movie industry will now turn its attention to box-office receipts The Grandmaster, which took in 9.8 million yuan ($.8 million) on its opening day Tuesday, according to media-research firm EntGroup. By comparison, Lost in Thailand pulled in 39. million on its first day on Dec. .中国电影业都在关注《一代宗师的票房表现根据媒体研究公司艺恩咨询(EntGroup)的数据,《一代宗师周二上映首日的票房为人民币,980万元(80万美元) 相比之下,《人再囧途之泰囧(Lost in Thailand)月日上映首日的票房收入为人民币3,90万元Lost in Thailand has earned 1. billion yuan as of Tuesday, making it the highest-grossing Chinese film ever in the domestic market, EntGroup said.艺恩咨询说,截至周二,《泰囧已经获得了人民币.7亿元的票房收入,成为中国市场票房收入最高的华语电影 069昆山治疗无精症的费用是多少 锦溪镇看妇科好不好

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