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年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字 --5 :3:7 来源: 年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字  There are people who believe that some numbers bring good luck, while others bring bad luck. instance, in China the number eight is thought to be lucky. Turning our attention to the West, we find that the number seven is considered lucky, but the number is avoided like the plague.  In spite of all these claims, most people would agree that there is little evidence that numbers have any influence on our lives. In fact, they say, the reverse seems to be the case. one thing, we might expect calculators to break down every time they note the number , and another, although every week has seven days we know that not every week is lucky us.  Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. It is obvious that there is no scientific basis the belief that there is a connection between luck and numbers. All in all, it seems to me to be superstition. 更多四级作文考研英语 近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(8) -- :18: 来源: 对考研英语的复习是一个非常好的向导,我们可以根据来了解考研英语的常考题型和高频词汇,复习的时候就不会盲目了但有些同学观察力和总结能力比较弱,不太会总结常考题型和高频词汇没关系,爱语吧老师给大家总结了近五年考研英语出现过的650个高频词汇下面,爱语吧考研小编给大家分享一下:generate[?d?en?re?t] vt.产生,发生;生殖delight[dla?t] n.快乐v.(使)高兴enlighten[?n?la?tn]v.启发,启蒙,教导deny[dna?]v.否认,否定;拒绝negative[?neg?t?v] a.消极的n.负数density[?dens?ti]n.密集,密度,浓度dependent[dpend?nt]a.依靠的,依赖的,从属的deprive[dpra?v]vt.剥夺,夺去,使丧失privacy[?pr?v?si] n.(不受干扰的)独处,自由,隐私private[?pra?v?t] a.私人的,个人的,秘密的privilege[?pr?v?l?d?] n.特权v.给予特权desirable[dzar?bl]a.值得做的;合意的;期望得到的desperate[?desp?r?t] a.不顾一切的;绝望的despite[dspa?t]prep.不管,不顾detect[dtekt]v.察觉,发觉,侦察determine[dt?:m?n]v.决心,决定;确定develop[dvel?p]v.发展;显现;发育trivial[?tr?vi?l] a.琐碎的;无足轻重的previous[?pri:vi?s] a.先前的,以前的devote[dvt]v.(to)奉献,致力vote [vt] n.投票v.表决indifferent[?n?d?fr?nt] a.冷漠的,不关心的,不积极的dilemma[dlem?]n.(进退两难的)窘境,困境intelligence[?n?tel?dns] n.智力;情报intellectual[ntlekt?u?l] n.知识分子 a.智力的discern[ds?:n]v.发现;辨别disgrace[d?s?gre?s]n.失宠v.使失宠disposal[dspzl]n.处理,处置;布置oppose[pz] v.反对,使对立,使对抗positive[?p?z?t?v] a.肯定的,积极的,绝对的possess[pzes] v.占有,拥有possession[pze?n] n.持有;所有权;(pl.)财产obsession[?b?se?n] n.迷住, 困扰solution[slu:?n] n.解答,解决办法;溶解distinct[dstkt]a.清楚的,明显的;(from)截然不同的disturb[dst?:b]v.扰乱,妨碍,使不安turbulent[?t?:bj?l?nt] a.狂暴的,无秩序的doctrine[?d?ktr?n]n. 教条,教义;法律原则domain[dme?n]n.(活动,思想等)领域,范围;领地dominate[?d?m?ne?t]v.配,统治;占优势prominent[?pr?m?n?nt] a.突起的,凸出的;突出的masterpiece n.杰作,名著dramatic[drm?t?k]a.戏剧的,戏剧性的;剧烈的rough[r?f] a.粗糙的,大致的;粗野的 以上就是“近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(8)”,接下来小编会持续给大家更新,希望各位考研的小伙伴们能在暑期强化复习阶段将这些词汇全部拿下最后,预祝各位考生考研英语获得高分,顺利通过硕士研究生入学考试

最新年月六级考试作文(一) -- ::37 来源: 年月六级考试作文(一)  Directions: Directions: this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on innovation. Your essay should include the importance of innovation and measures to be taken to encourage innovation.You are required to write at least 0 words but no more than 0 words.    It is universally acknowledged that innovation refers to being creative, unique and different. In fact, today it is impossibly difficult us to image a 1st century without innovation.  We should place a high value on innovation firstly because innovative spirit can enable an individual to ameliorate himself, so he can be equipped with capacity to see what others cannot see, be qualified future career promotion, and be y meeting the thcoming challenges. What’s more, we ought to attach importance to the role played by innovation in economic advancement. Put it another way, in this ever-changing world, innovation to economic growth is what water is to fish. To sum up, if innovation misses our attention in any possible way, we will suffer a great loss beyond imagination.  In order to encourage innovation, it is wise us to take some feasible measures. example, mass media should greatly publicize the significance of creative spirit and encourage the public to cultivate awareness of innovation. Besides, those who manage to innovate should be awarded generous prize. Though there is a long way ahead to go, I am firmly certain that the shared efts will be paid off.    众所周知创新意味着有创造力,独一无二和不同事实上,今天我们已经很难想想一个没有创新的1世纪  我们应该重视创新首先是因为创新精神可以让一个人完善自身,这样他才能具备见他人所未见的能力,未来才有资格得到职业生涯的进步,才能做好准备迎接以后的挑战另外,我们也应该重视创新在经济发展方面的作用在这个多变的时代,创新对于经济增长就像水对于鱼一样重要换言之,如果我们以任何可能的形式无视创新的重要性,我们将遭受非常巨大的损失 为了鼓励创新,应该采取一些且行之有效的措施例如,大众传媒应该大力宣传创新精神的重要性,并且鼓励公众养成创新的意识此外,对于那些想法设法进行创新的人要给予丰厚的奖励虽然还有很长的路要走,但是我坚信大家共同付出的努力会得到回报

考研英语 实战演练:名师考研英语阅读理解(二) -01- :01: 来源:   The Supreme Court's decisions on physician-assisted suicide carry important implications how medicine seeks to relieve dying patients of pain and suffering.  Although it ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effect supported the medical principle of "double effect", a centuries-old moral principle holding that an action having two effects—a good one that is intended and a harmful one that is eseen—is permissible if the actor intends only the good effect.  Doctors have used that principle in recent years to justify using high doses of morphine to control terminally ill patients' pain, even though increasing dosages will eventually kill the patient.  Nancy Dubler, director of Montefiore Medical Center, contends that the principle will shield doctors who "until now have very, very strongly insisted that they could not give patients sufficient mediation to control their pain if that might hasten death."  George Annas, chair of the health law department at Boston University, maintains that, as long as a doctor prescribes a drug a legitimate medical purpose, the doctor has done nothing illegal even if the patient uses the drug to hasten death. "It's like surgery, "he says. "We don't call those deaths homicides because the doctors didn't intend to kill their patients, although they risked their death. If you're a physician, you can risk your patient's suicide as long as you don't intend their suicide."  On another level, many in the medical commy acknowledge that the assisted-suicide debate has been fueled in part by the despair of patients whom modem medicine has prolonged the physical agony of dying.  Just three weeks bee the Court's ruling on physician-assisted suicide, the National Academy of Science (NAS) released a two-volume report, Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life. It identifies the undertreatment of pain and the aggressive use of "ineffectual and ced medical procedures that may prolong and even dishonor the period of dying" as the twin problems of end-of-life care.  The profession is taking steps to require young doctors to train in hospices, to test knowledge of aggressive pain management therapies, to develop a Medicare billing code hospital-based care, and to develop new standards assessing and treating pain at the end of life.  Annas says lawyers can play a key role in insisting that these well-meaning medical initiatives translate into better care. “Large numbers of physicians seem unconcerned with the pain their patients are needlessly and predictably suffering, ”to the extent that it constitutes “systematic patient abuse.” He says medical licensing boards “must make it clear ... that painful deaths are presumptively ones that are incompetently managed and should result in license suspension.”  36. From the first three paragraphs, we learn that  [A]doctors used to increase drug dosages to control their patients' pain.  [B]it is still illegal doctors to help the dying end their lives.  [C]the Supreme Court strongly opposes physician-assisted suicide.  [D]patients have no constitutional right to commit suicide.  37. Which of the following statements its true according to the text?  [A]Doctors will be held guilty if they risk their patients' death.  [B]Modern medicine has assisted terminally ill patients in painless recovery.  [C]The Court ruled that high-dosage pain-relieving medication can be prescribed.  [D]A doctor's medication is no longer justified by his intentions.  38. According to the NAS's report, one of the problems in end-of-life care is  [A]prolonged medical procedures.  [B]inadequate treatment of pain.  [C]systematic drug abuse.  [D]insufficient hospital care.  39. Which of the following best defines the word “aggressive" (line 3, paragraph 7)?  [A]Bold. [B]Harmful. [C]Careless. [D]Desperate.  0. George Annas would probably agree that doctors should be punished if they  [A]manage their patients incompetently.  [B]give patients more medicine than needed.  [C]reduce drug dosages their patients.  [D]prolong the needless suffering of the patients.    名师  36. From the first three paragraphs, we learn that 从前三段我们得知  [A] doctors used to increase drug dosages to control their patients’ pain.  医生过去常常增加药物剂量来控制病人的病痛  [B] it is still illegal doctors to help the dying end their lives.  医生帮助病危者结束生命仍然是违法的  [C] the Supreme Court strongly opposes physician-assisted suicide.  最高法院强烈反对医助自杀  [D] patients have no constitutional right to commit suicide.  病人没有宪法赋予的自杀权利   B  【考点】 事实细节题   本题针对第一到第三段的所有内容进行了测试,选项[A]的相关信息可以定位到第三段,但是文中说“近几年医生才用这个原则为自己的行为辩护”文中无法得出“过去常常”的说法选项[B]可以定位到第二段,文中提到“宪法没有赋予这样的权利”所以可以说,本是正确的选项[C]可以定位到第二段,但是法院是持这样的做法的至于[D],显然是错的  37. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?  根据文章,下面哪一个说法是正确的?  [A] Doctors will be held guilty if they risk their patients’ death.  如果医生冒病人生命的危险,他们将被判有罪  [B] Modern medicine has assisted terminally ill patients in painless recovery.  现代医学已经帮助晚期病人进行无痛康复  [C] The Court ruled that high-dosage pain-relieving medication can be prescribed.  法院判决,医生可以开大剂量的镇疼药  [D] A doctor's medication is no longer justified by his intentions.  医生用药是否合法不再取决于他的意图   C  【考点】 事实细节题   由于本题属于事实细节判断题,所以只有对每一个选项都进行辨析选项[A]可以定位到第五段“Annas”的话话中提到“只要医生不是想杀死病人,那么他们的死亡就不能被称为谋杀”可以判定[A]不正确[B]说病危者的无痛康复,在文中没有提到康复问题[C]可以从第二段中找到,高等法院认为只要医生是出于好意,则可以去做可以得出[C]是正确的[D]错误是因为事实上,医生的意图在对于行为是否合法上面是非常重要的

  年6月六级作文题目预测 -- :36:56 来源: 年6月六级作文题目预测预测一 Living alone or Living with Roommates?1. 有人认为大学里应独自生活 . 另一些认为大学里应与别人同住3. 你的看法预测二 Students' Rating of Their Teachers1. 学生给老师打分已经普遍. 人们对其持不同态度3. 我的看法预测三 Should We Help Strangers? 1. 有人认为帮助陌生人是一种美德; . 有人却认为帮助陌生人会给自己带来麻烦和危险;3. 我认为……

  年新重点词汇:Paraller -- 18:18: 来源:qnr Paraller  #7;paelig;r#601;lel; ˋpaelig;r#601;#719;l#6;l adj  (a) (of two or more lines) having the same distance between each other at every point (指至少两条线)平行的: parallel lines 平行线. gt;illus at converge 见converge插图. (b) [pred 作表语] ~ towith sth (of a line) having this relationship with another one (指一条线)与另一条线平行: The road runs parallel with the railway. 该公路与铁路平行.* The road and the railway are parallel to each other. 该公路与铁路相互平行.  exactly corresponding; similar 相对应的; 相同的; 类似的: a parallel case, career, development 相同的事例﹑ 职业﹑ 发展.  gt; parallel n  1 [C] (also ,parallel `line) line that is parallel to another 平行线.   (also ,parallel of `latitude) [C] imaginary line on the earth’s surface, or a corresponding line on a map, parallel to and passing through all points the same distance north or south of the equator (地球或地图的)纬线, 纬度圈: the 9th parallel 第9纬度线.  3 [C, U] person, situation, event, etc that is exactly similar to another 极相似的人﹑ 情况﹑ 事情等: a career without parallel in modern times 当代无匹的业迹.   [C] (a) comparison (used esp in the expression shown) 对比, 比较(尤用於以下示例):draw a parallel between A and B 把A和B相比较.(b) similarity 相似处: I see parallels between the two cases. 我看这两种情况有相似处.  5 (idm 习语) in parallel (of an electric current) having the negative terminals attached to one conductor and the positive ones to another (指电流)并联. Cf 参看 series .  parallel v [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] 1 be equal to (sth); match (sth) 与(某事物)相当, 相匹敌:His permance has never been paralleled. 他的表演举世无匹.  be comparable or similar to (sth) 可与(某事物)相比; 与(某事物)相似: Her experiences parallel mine in many instances. 她的经历多与我的相似.  parallelism -#618;z#601;m; -#719;#618;z#601;m n [U] state of being parallel; similarity 平行; 相同; 相似; 类似; 对应: Don’t exaggerate the parallelism between the two cases. 不要夸大那两件事的相似性.  # ,parallel `bars pair of bars on posts, used gymnastic exercises 双杠. 词汇 词汇 新 重点 考试 Paraller。

  英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 My favourite place -- 18::37 来源: my favourite place is beijing . it's a big city . there are so many people in beijing . there are lots of great places of interest . last year . i visited beijing history museum . there are many things in it . i like beijing .

  3. 60% profit was a reported.英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 Let Join Our English -- :01:7 来源: Let Join Our English English is very important. In 00s,our country is join in WTO. So English is very important. If you want to know how to study English well.You can ask me. I can tell you. But I think you must be interested in English.First you can listen to the teacher carefully.Then you do some exercises.But you must do them bu yourself.There you can study English well.How important English is! Let join our English. OK?考研英语 年影响研究生就业的8大因素 -- :: 来源: 1.专业素养专业是影响研究生就业最明显的因素冷峻的现实告诉我们,如果专业竞争力不强,即使是名牌大学的毕业生,可能也找不到理想的工作,而如果是热门专业,即使是普通院校,也是;香饽饽;;谁是IT人才,谁就拥有金钱;这句话说明了IT业蓬勃发展的势头,也说明了;人才饥荒;使得IT人才极为受宠连续几年,IT、通信人才供不应求与此同时,随着时代和社会的发展,一些与之相关专业,如金融业、保险业、咨询业、会计审计业、法律务业将会迅猛走红,环境科学类、土木建筑类、管理类、外语类、生命科学类专业毕业生也将大显身手校方显然已经意识到这个问题,所以各大高校都竞相推出了很多新的招生专业,例如微生物与生化制药、生物化学与分子生物学、环境工程、诉讼法、刑法、经济史、广播电视艺术学等专业相比之下,一些纯文科如中文、历史、哲学等专业的毕业研究生,就业就比较;尴尬;,他们中的很多人都不得不选择了专业之外的工作.考时代在现在的就业市场上,仅有学历是不够的,还要有其他硬件,书就是最有力的硬件据有关资料,用人单位对职业资格书的重视,已连续呈上升趋势今年一个时期内,学历和职业资格书并重的局面会进一步得到巩固,;持上岗;将成为一种趋势基于这种形势,很多在校生特别是自学能力较强的研究生,都走上了考之路律师、注册会计师、土地评估师、计算机、外语水平书乃至导游、驾驶,都成了热门考试,有的研究生甚至几在手,找起工作来也是游刃有余3.学校力量在就业市场中,学校的招牌很重要一方面,很多用人单位都有些;名校情结;,在同等情况下甚至是有一定差别的情况下,也会优先考虑名校的毕业生,即使来自普通院校的学生更出色些另一方面,名牌大学的信息也更灵通些,招聘会更多也更具规模这是因为用人单位首先想到的往往是去名校设展、招人,而普通院校则常常成为;被机会遗忘的角落;结果是,到了招聘季节,名校里常常挤满了;外乡人;学校的力量还体现在为研究生就业的务上一些学校对研究生就业就像;女儿出嫁;一样热心和细心,不但主动出击,还十分注意研究生就业心理的辅导部分大学研究生院采取了主动出击,提前与用人单位联系,举办了校内供需见面会,为研究生和单位都提供了最广的交流机会.政策影响户口决定了很多人的去留在一些户籍政策仍然比较;严谨;的地方,研究生特别是外地研究生受到很大的局限在就业市场上,很多职位是仅限于;本市户口;的,由于没有进城指标,很多用人单位也是望人才而兴叹一些不具备专业优势的外地毕业生苦不堪言,只能在夹缝中求得出路很多人索性就离开了他本想勤奋耕耘的土地,去他乡或国外效力去了可喜的是,越来越多的城市开始放开户籍政策5.男生女生不一样虽然;妇女解放;已经很久了,但在就业过程中,很多女研究生还是遭遇到了一些不是滋味的事情很多用人单位明里暗里地对性别提出了要求,有的索性干脆就是不要女生,甚至有的招聘者本身就是女性,但却更加;不讲情面;,还说什么;正因为我是女人,所以我知道女人就是不行,我坚决不要女生;而事实上,许多女研究生都是非常优秀的,不仅才智过人,还不失女性固有的宽容、细致、体贴、亲和等优点,在一些岗位上,有着比男生更为出色的表现6.你几岁了?研究生队伍是最具梯队特征的群体,从几岁,到30几岁乃至0几岁,应有尽有不同的年龄、不同的背景,决定了不同的就业要求年纪轻的,多希望去闯一闯,更适应紧张的生活节奏,想法中有很多模糊的成分,而年纪稍大,多希望稳定中求发展,比较倾向自由的工作,想法更加明确而现实用人单位对年纪也各有所求对体能、可塑性有要求的,多倾向要年轻人,而看重经验、从业背景的,则多倾向聘用年龄稍大、有一定工作经验的研究生水就这样流向了不同的方向7.心态第一就像中国足球队的出线是心态的胜利一样,成功就业也需要有一个正确的心态作为基础就业战就像打漫长的世界杯赛,需要实力,更需要体能和良好的心态您需要相信自己,需要锲而不舍,需要心平气和有人戏言,找工作就像追女孩子,你不能不急,也不能太急,等你不急的时候,就该她急了,女孩子也是等不起的十一、二月份时,无论你怎么迫切,多半也不会有人肯与你早早签约;而到了三、四月份,有些单位会显得比你更急找工作,一定要沉得住气8.你做过什么?在激烈的市场竞争中,用人单位也不得不现实起来,如果你没有相应的从业经历,就很难进入一些领域,比如传媒业和财经界这就要求学生在学习期间能进行一定深度的社会实践,对期望进入的行业有所了解研究生兼职和创业已不再是新鲜事,问题是实践的针对性和高度参差不齐有的人在校期间就已经成了很优秀的记者、管理人员,有的还自己创业做了老板,而有的却还在做着中小学生的家教不同的社会实践,也为日后的就业埋下了伏笔,许多研究生找到理想工作都得益于社会实践一些大学也意识到研究生社会实践的重要性,努力给他们联系和提供实践机会部分大学就实施了弹性学制,允许研究生分段完成学业,鼓励研究生承担开发难度高、具有开创性、失败概率大的风险性课题,并建立了开放式培养体系,参与国际交流,允许研究生在学期间根据课题需要到国外大学进行合作研究

    有些网友另辟蹊径,翻译成LOLI (let out let in),可惜英语let in并无“租进来”的意思,不够妥当网友simmon和webweb关于造新词的想法是好的,两个人分别造出了telord和tena-lord两个英语新词,simmon还对如何附加解释进行了详细的说明,这一造词法使我们想起了ungelivable这个流行一时的网络词汇,但我不禁还是要问,我们有权创造英语单词吗?这确实是一个很棘手的问题,尽管语言符号存在着任意性(arbitrariness),但同时语言符号也存在像似性(iconicity)即便是就任意性而言,这种任意性的本质也非符号与意义之间的任意匹配,它一方面受制于社会语言意义上的约定俗成,另一方面受制于符号及符号组合的可能性与适宜性我们作为外语使用者,还是慎重一点为好,毕竟在我看来,我们创造英语词汇的权力要比创造汉语的词汇要小得多  换句话说,翻译的基本单位应该是语篇,而不是词语结构根据系统功能语言学家的观点,语言的实际使用单位是语篇这样的言语单位,而不是词语结构这样的语法单位实际使用的语篇有可能是一个句子、一个句段、一个句群,也有可能是一个词语翻译作为语言交际的一种形式,其实质是用一种语言的语篇材料代替另一种语言与其意义对等的语篇材料翻译是运用一种语言把另一种语言所表达的内容和意义准确而完整地重新表达出来的语言活动

  3M China Limited Guangzhou Branch Office 3M 中国有限公司广州分公司


  四六级资讯 英语考试将有国家标准 高考四六级等级出题 -- ::3 来源: 30日,“外语能力测评体系建设启动会暨中国英语能力等级量表研制总体方案论会”在京召开,这标志着我国正式启动外语能力测评体系建设,将研制中国英语能力等级量表此举将改变当前外语教学与评价脱节、外语考试众多但各自为政的现状,意味着英语能力测试将有“国标”据介绍,教育部(微)将成立外语能力测评体系建设专家委员会和工作协调小组,体系建设预计于年初步完成   目前,我国现有外语考试种类多,标准不一,功能各异考试之间横向纵向均不具可比性,互不沟通,造成学生在毕业、升学、就业、出国、鉴定外语水平时不得不参加名目各异的英语考试这一方面加重了负担,另一方面造成了资源浪费而且,考试多、书多,教学单位、用人单位也难以分辨书的含金量  教育部党组成员、部长助理林蕙青表示,要保考试的科学性,包括保命题的科学性、评分的一致性、组织的严密性、成绩具有可比性和可解释性,这都需要建立国家统一制定的能力测评标准和考试质量标准,即建立起“国标”我国外语基础教育与高等教育也需要有一个连贯的标准体系,各级各类的英语教育教学需要有清晰有序的目标、需要有科学合理的课程组织、需要有先进准确的评价体系,从而形成一个具有中国特色的外语教学体系  据介绍,国家外语测评标准包括制定国家外语能力量表以及适合我国国情的外语考试质量标准  其中,教育部考试中心副主任刘建达介绍,国家外语能力量表将提供多等级的外语能力描述,构建起一个外语学习、教学与测评的完整理论体系,为我国的外语课程大纲、外语教学、外语考试提供适合国情的能力参照标准同时,还要制定一个适合国情的外语考试质量标准,以规范外语考试,提高考(微)试在开发、设计、命题、组考、成绩报告及使用等诸多环节的科学性和规范性,保障考试的公平公正  “在推动教学改革方面,量表要为我国的外语课程大纲、外语教学提供一套适合我国国情的能力标准,推动分级教学,实施因材施教,提升外语教育成效”林蕙青说在推动考试改革方面,刘建达介绍,“量表将对我国英语考试在考试构念、考试内容、形式和方法等方面提供指导、依据,帮助和指导考试组织者制定科学合理的考试目标和能力要求”  林蕙青提出:针对高考改革,量表要推动高考英语考试考查的能力更全面,进一步促进基础英语教学立足于学生听说读写等各方面能力的全面协同发展;要有利于高考英语题库建设,保障一年多次考试的实施;要能为分省命题机构提供统一的能力标准,使各省试卷有一个对比的基础,提高分省命题的质量和科学性量表不仅要能为不同类型考试提供横向比较的基础,也要能为不同层次的考试提供纵向定位和衔接的依据,促进各种学习成果沟通互认,促进各阶段英语教学和考试的有序衔接  另据京华时报报道,北京外国语大学(招生办)副校长、教授孙有中表示,我国各类英语考试较多,如高考英语、四六级考试等,难易度难以测评,教育部希望从全国角度建立统一的标准体系,起到“度量衡”的作用他透露,目前计划国家外语能力测评体系分3个层级,每个层级再分3个级别,共9级每个层次、级别都有相应标准描述,形成一个框架标准将来,高考出题也要对应相应级别设计考题四六级考试在标准出台后,也会在考题上进行适应性调整 英语考试 四六级 国家标准


    8. If an entrepreneur was suddenly given as much money as he wanted would he stop his activities or use the money to develop new ones? History is very much on the side of the new activities.

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