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Fish oil is now the third most widely used dietary supplement in the ed States, after vitamins and minerals, according to a recent report from the National Institutes of Health. At least 10 percent of Americans take fish oil regularly, most believing that the omega-3 fatty acids in the supplements will protect their cardiovascular health.最近,一份来自美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的报告称,在美国应用最广泛的若干膳食补充剂中,鱼油位列第三,仅次于维生素和矿质元素。至少10%的美国人定期用鱼油,其中大多数人都相信鱼油中的ω-3脂肪酸会促进心血管健康。But there is one big problem: The vast majority of clinical trials involving fish oil have found no evidence that it lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.不过一个明显的问题是:绝大多数有关鱼油的临床试验都未发现任何据足以明鱼油的确可以降低心肌梗死和中风的风险。From 2005 to 2012, at least two dozen rigorous studies of fish oil were published in leading medical journals, most of which looked at whether fish oil could prevent cardiovascular events in high-risk populations. These were people who had a history of heart disease or strong risk factors for it, like high cholesterol, hypertension or Type 2 diabetes.2005年至2012年,顶尖医学期刊上至少登载了二十多篇有关鱼油的严谨研究,其中大部分研究都探讨了鱼油能否预防高危人群患心血管疾病的问题。这里的高危人群是指:具有心脏病史或者具有强风险因素,如高胆固醇、高血压或患2型糖尿病的病人。All but two of these studies found that compared with a placebo, fish oil showed no benefit.这些研究中,除了两项外研究,其他所有研究都发现与安慰剂相比,鱼油未显示任何效果。And yet during this time, sales of fish oil more than doubled, not just in the ed States but worldwide, said Andrew Grey, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the author of a 2014 study on fish oil in JAMA Internal Medicine.然而,在此期间,不只美国,全球的鱼油销售量都翻了一倍以上,2014年在《美国医学会期刊:内科学》杂志上(JAMA Internal Medicine)发表了一项研究的作者,新西兰的奥克兰大学(University of Auckland)的医学副教授安德鲁·格雷(Andrew Grey)说道。“There’s a major disconnect,” Dr. Grey said. “The sales are going up despite the progressive accumulation of trials that show no effect.”“脱节相当严重,”格雷士说。“尽管越来越多的试验都明(鱼油)无效,但其销售量在节节攀升。”In theory at least, there are good reasons that fish oil should improve cardiovascular health. Most fish oil supplements are rich in two omega-3 fatty acids — eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — that can have a blood-thinning effect, much like aspirin, that may reduce the likelihood of clots. Omega-3s can also reduce inflammation, which plays a role in atherosclerosis. And the Food and Drug Administration has approved at least three prescription types of fish oil — Vascepa, Lovaza and a generic form — for the treatment of very high triglycerides, a risk factor for heart disease.至少在理论上,有很多理由使人觉得鱼油应该可以改善心血管健康。大多数鱼油补充剂都富含两种ω-3脂肪酸——二十碳五烯酸(EPA)和二十二碳六烯酸(DHA),这两种物质都像阿司匹林那样对血液有稀释效果,从而降低发生血栓的可能性。ω-3脂肪酸还可以减少炎症,而炎症在动脉粥样硬化中有一定的作用。美国食品和药品监督(Food and Drug Administration)现已批准了至少三种鱼油产品——Vascepa、Lovaza(ω-3脂肪酸乙酯胶囊)和一种仿制药——作为治疗甘油三酯过高(心脏病的一个风险因素)的处方药。But these properties of omega-3 fatty acids have not translated into notable benefits in most large clinical trials.但在大多数大型临床试验中,脂肪酸的这些特性未能转化为显著的效益。Some of the earliest enthusiasm for fish oil goes back to research carried out in the 1970s by the Danish scientists Dr. Hans Olaf Bang and Dr. Jorn Dyerberg, who determined that Inuits living in northern Greenland had remarkably low rates of cardiovascular disease, which they attributed to an omega-3-rich diet consisting mainly of fish, seal and whale blubber. Dr. George Fodor, a cardiologist at the University of Ottawa, outlined flaws in much of this early research, and he concluded that the rate of heart disease among the Inuit was vastly underestimated. But the halo effect around fish oils persists.对鱼油最早的追捧可以追溯到丹麦科学家汉斯·奥拉夫·邦(Hans Olaf Bang)士和约恩·戴尔伯格(Jorn Dyerberg)士在20世纪70年代进行的一项研究。他们认为生活在格陵兰北部的因纽特人患心血管疾病比率非常低的原因是,因纽特人的膳食以鱼类、海豹和鲸脂为主,这些食品富含ω-3脂肪酸。渥太华大学(University of Ottawa)的心脏病专家乔治·福多尔(George Fodor)士列举了这一研究中的诸多破绽,并断定因纽特人中的心脏病率被大大低估了。不过,萦绕在鱼油之上的光环仍然闪耀不息。The case for fish oil was bolstered by several studies from the 1990s, including an Italian study that found that heart attack survivors who were treated with a gram of fish oil daily had a drop in mortality, compared with patients taking vitamin E. These findings prompted groups like the American Heart Association to endorse fish oil about a decade ago as a way for heart patients to get more omega-3s in their diets.该项关于鱼油的研究得到了从20世纪90年代起的若干项研究的持,其中一项来自意大利的研究发现,每日用一克鱼油的心肌梗死幸存者的死亡率较用维生素E的患者有所降低。这些研究结果促使美国心脏协会(American Heart Association)等组织在大约十年前大力推崇心脏病患者用鱼油来补充膳食ω-3脂肪酸。“But since then, there has been a spate of studies showing no benefit,” said Dr. James Stein, the director of preventive cardiology at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Among them was a clinical trial of 12,000 people, published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, that found that a gram of fish oil daily did not reduce the rate of death from heart attacks and strokes in people with evidence of atherosclerosis.“但此后的大量研究却显示鱼油没什么功效,”威斯康星大学医院和诊所(University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics)的预防心脏病学主任詹姆斯·斯坦(James Stein)士说。其中2013年发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》(The New England Journal of Medicine)上的一项涉及12000人的临床试验发现,在存在动脉粥样硬化据的人群中,每日用一克鱼油并未降低因心肌梗死和中风死亡率。“I think that the era of fish oil as medication could be considered over now,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Gianni Tognoni of the Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan.该研究的作者之一,米兰药理研究所(Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan)的詹尼·托尼奥尼(Gianni Tognoni)士说:“我认为,现在是该考虑结束将鱼油当做药物的时代了。”Dr. Stein said the early fish oil studies took place in an era when cardiovascular disease was treated very differently than it is today, with far less use of statins, beta blockers, blood thinners and other intensive therapies. So the effect of fish oil, even if it were minor, he said, would have been more noticeable.斯坦士说,有关鱼油的早期研究出现在心血管疾病的治疗还十分困难的时代,那时,他汀类药物、β受体阻滞剂、血液稀释剂和其他强化治疗的使用都比现在少得多。因此,鱼油的作用——哪怕十分轻微——也会较为显而易见。“The standard of care is so good today that adding something as small as a fish oil capsule doesn’t move the needle of difference,” he said. “It’s hard to improve it with an intervention that’s not very strong.”“如今的医护水平已经非常高,多吃一颗小小的鱼油胶囊不会带来多大改观,”他说。“要改善本来就已经十分强效的干预措施是非常困难的。”Dr. Stein also cautions that fish oil can be hazardous when combined with aspirin or other blood thinners. “Very frequently we find people taking aspirin or a ‘super aspirin’ and they’re taking fish oil, too, and they’re bruising very easily and having nosebleeds,” he said. “And then when we stop the fish oil, it gets better.”斯坦士还提醒说,当与阿司匹林或其他血液稀释剂合起用时,鱼油可能会带来危险。“我们经常发现人们在用阿司匹林或‘超级阿司匹林’的同时用鱼油,这些人身上很容易出现青紫的瘀伤,也容易流鼻血,”他说。“当他们停止用鱼油后,情况就好转了。”Like many cardiologists, Dr. Stein encourages his patients to avoid fish oil supplements and focus instead on eating fatty fish at least twice a week, in line with federal guidelines on safe fish intake, because fish contains a variety of healthful nutrients other than just EPA and DHA. “We don’t recommend fish oil unless someone gets absolutely no fish in their diets,” Dr. Stein said.像许多心脏病专家一样,斯坦士也鼓励他的患者尽量不要用鱼油补充剂,而是注意每周至少食用两次富含脂肪的鱼类(遵循联邦指南中鱼肉的安全摄入量),因为除了EPA和DHA,鱼肉中还含有多种其他有益健康的营养成分。斯坦士说:“除非饮食中完全没有鱼类,否则我们不建议用鱼油。”But some experts say the case for fish oil remains open. Dr. JoAnn Manson, the chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, said the large clinical trials of fish oil focused only on people who aly had heart disease or were at very high risk. Fish oil has also been promoted for the prevention of a variety of other conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression.但一些专家称,有关鱼油的这段公案仍未了结。位于波士顿的布莱根妇女医院(Brigham and Women’s Hospital)的预防医学主任乔安·曼森(JoAnn Manson)士表示,针对鱼油的大型临床试验只侧重于那些已患有心脏病或风险非常高的人。鱼油还被一些人称作可预防多种其他疾病,如癌症、阿尔茨海默氏症和抑郁症。Dr. Manson is leading a five-year clinical trial, called the Vital study, of 26,000 people who are more representative of the general population. Set to be completed next year, it will determine whether fish oil and vitamin D, separately or combined, have any effect on the long-term prevention of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and other diseases in people who do not have many strong risk factors.目前,曼森士正领导开展着一项名为“Vital”的临床试验,该实验选取2.6万个更能代表普通人情况的人作为研究对象,为期五年,计划明年完成。它将确定在无强风险因素的人群中,鱼油和维生素D(无论是单独使用还是联用)对于心脏病、2型糖尿病和其他疾病是否具有长期效果。Dr. Manson says that although she recommends eating fatty fish first, she usually does not stop people from taking fish oil, in part because it does not seem to have major side effects in generally healthy people.曼森士说,她虽然建议优先食用富含脂肪的鱼类,但一般不会阻止人们用鱼油,一部分原因是鱼油对于健康的普通人似乎没有什么严重的副作用。“But I do think people should realize that the jury is still out,” she said, “and that they may be spending a lot of money on these supplements without getting any benefit.”“不过我认为人们应该意识到事情没有最后定论,”她说,“他们很可能花了很多冤枉钱买这些补充剂,却没能获得任何帮助。” /201505/376495Idiot Teacher白痴老师If there are any idiots in the room,will they please stand up?; said the sarcastic teacher .喜爱挖苦人的老师说:“如果在这间教室里面有白痴,就请站起来好吗?”。After a long silence,one rreshman rose to his feet,沉默了很久之后,有一名新生就站起来了。;Now then mister ,why do you consider yourself an idiot? ;enquired the teacher with a sneer.老师就以讥笑的口气问他:“喂, 先生,你为什么认为你自己是个白痴呀?”;Well ,actually I don#39;t,;said the student ,;but I hate to see you standing up there all by yourself.;这名学生说:“ 唉呀,实际上我才不认为我是个白痴呢,而是我很讨厌看着你一个人站在那里啦。” /201504/361483

  Hey, working dads. Do you want greater job satisfaction, a happier household, less bickering with your wife, and praise from your co-workers? Seem too good to be true? Well, a couple of new studies show that you actually can have your cake and eat it, too – you just have to spend more time with the kiddos.Hey,正在工作的父亲们。你想让工作更满意、家庭更幸福、减少与妻子的争吵、更多地得到同事的称赞吗?听起来难以想象?新的一项研究表明,你的确可以鱼与熊掌二者兼得,只要花更多时间去陪伴孩子。A recent study of approximately 1,000 working fathers conducted by researchers from Northeastern University, the University of Massachusetts, and Boston College found that the more time that working fathers spend with their children, the happier they were.最近一项关于1000多个工作的父亲的研究发现,工作的父亲陪伴孩子的时间越长,更快乐。这项研究是由来自东北大学、美国马萨诸塞大学和波士顿学院的研究者发起的。;More involved fathers experience greater job satisfaction and work-family enrichment, and less work-family conflict; and they are less likely to think about quitting their jobs,; the researchers wrote. (Read about one male CEO who actually quit his job to spend more time with his wife and kids, here.)许多接受调查的父亲对工作很满意,家庭工作都很充实,很少有家庭争吵,而且,他们很少去想辞职。调查者这样写道。(有一位男性CEO真的辞去了工作用更多时间去陪伴妻子和孩子。)However Forbes reports a different reality for working mothers: ;The more time they devote to their children, the more conflicted they feel about the time they spend at work.;然而,对于工作中的母亲《福布斯》报道了一个完全不同的事实。陪伴孩子的时间越长,她们感觉在工作时间上越紧张。;Men get high-fives when they leave early [from work to pick up their kids] — people say, #39;Oh, he#39;s such a good dad.#39; With mothers, that#39;s expected, or even looked down upon — co-workers may think, #39;She#39;s leaving early again to pick up her kids,#39;; says Jamie Ladge, one of the study#39;s head authors from Northeastern University, in an interview with The Boston Globe.“男人提前下班去接孩子会得到称赞,人们会说,#39;他是一个好父亲#39;。而对于母亲,这是预料之中的,甚至是被瞧不起的。同事可能会想,#39;她又提前下班去接孩子了#39;。”来自东北大学的研究带头人杰米·莱杰接受波士顿环球报采访时说。The reality is that the stigma that exists for both genders (but especially working mothers) runs so deeply in the veins of society and corporate America that it often goes unnoticed, or worse, overlooked. Fathers typically take on the role of the household#39;s bwinner and they dive headfirst into their careers to provide for their families, because their wives are usually the ones having to rush home to tend to the kids and household responsibilities.现实情况是,这种歧视在两种性别中都存在(特别是在工作的母亲之中),并已经深深渗透在美国的社会方式和公司之中,而且它总是被忽视甚至更糟。父亲的角色主要是挣钱养家,为了供养家庭,首先应该考虑工作中的事情,因为有妻子赶回家里照顾孩子、做家务活。The dilemma now is that working fathers get less and less time with their families because they#39;re locked into their careers, while working mothers are left feeling short-changed because they are sacrificing their careers to accommodate the needs of the family – but, in the same breath, these women would most likely feel tremendously guilty for choosing work over their families. The ideal, then, would be for families to be able to split both childcare and professional commitments.现在的困境是,由于他们埋头于工作之中,父亲陪伴家庭的时间越来越少,而工作的母亲感觉离开吃亏,因为要牺牲自己的事业来适应家庭的需要。但是出于同样的考虑,这些母亲也会因为选择工作而不是她们的家人感到极大的罪恶感。比较理想的情况是,能够把照顾孩子和承担工作的义务分开。Facebook#39;s Sheryl Sandberg touched on this very issue in Lean In: ;When woman work outside the home and share bwinning duties, couples are more likely to stay together. In fact, the risk of divorce reduces by about half when a wife earns half the income and a husband does half the housework.;“脸书”的谢乐尔·桑德伯格在《向前一步》中对这个问题这样说:“当女人在外工作,分享养家糊口的责任,夫妻之间会更有可能维持长久的关系。事实上,当妻子为家庭挣取一半的收入、丈夫能做一半的家务的时候,离婚的风险也减少了一半。”Ultimately, the end goal is for every working professional to attain a satisfying level of work-life balance and meaning, regardless of whether they#39;re male, female, parent, or not.归根结底,最终的目标是使每一个工作者能够平衡工作生活获得满意,不管他们是男性还是女性,不管他们是不是已经做了父母。 /201505/377086

  We care about staying safe during our travels, especially when we take our epicadventures solo. There#39;s no reason for travel disasters when you can prevent them.外出旅行的时候,我们会非常关注安全问题,特别是当我们独自外出冒险的时候。如果我们及早预防,就不会在旅行时遇到不测了。That#39;s why we have special interest in visiting the world#39;s safest cities, as recently ranked in The Economist#39;s Safe Cities Index. The Economist Intelligence looked at 50 cities, selected for factors including their size and availability of data. The cities were ranked on more than 40 metrics that spanned four main categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety.正因为此,我们对那些全世界最为安全的城市就格外有游览的兴致。《经济学人》杂志最近列出了一项城市安全系数,可供参考。经济学人信息部根据城市规模和资料收集的难易程度选取了50个城市,在超过40项指标上对这些城市进行了评分,这些指标主要可归为四大类型:网络信息保障程度、人身健康保障程度、城市基础设施安全性和人身安全性。Wealthy Asian cities, like Tokyo and Singapore. The other top spots went to cities in Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S. .名单上位于榜首的是一些富裕的亚洲城市,比如东京和新加坡,另外还有欧洲,澳大利亚,加拿大和美国的一些城市。And it doesn#39;t hurt that while they#39;re safe, these cities are also pretty incredible to visit. The Economist#39;s 5 safest cities in the world are:顺便说,这些城市不仅安全,还是极佳的旅游去处。《经济学人》评出的全球五大最安全城市为:1. Tokyo, Japan日本 东京2. Singapore新加坡3. Osaka, Japan日本 大阪4. Stockholm, Sweden瑞典 斯德哥尔5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands荷兰 阿姆斯特丹Oh and if you#39;re curious, the cities that came in at the bottom of the list were:哦,如果你感到好奇的话,如下为排在最末的城市名单:46. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia沙特阿拉伯 利雅得47. Johannesburg, South Africa南非 约翰内斯堡48. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam越南 胡志明市49. Tehran, Iran伊朗 德黑兰50. Jakarta, Indonesia印度尼西亚 雅加达The report notes that wealth and economic development is closely linked to city safety but certainly does not guarantee it. Researchers also wrote that, ;Being statistically safe is not the same as feeling safe.;这项报告表明,一个城市是否安全与它的富裕程度和经济发展水平密切相关,但是后者并不能保障前者。研究人员还指出,“从数据上看一个城市的安全程度,与亲身感受这个城市的安全程度是不一样的。”While there are many factors indeed that make a city ;safe; or ;unsafe,; it never hurts to consider the facts before a trip -- and we certainly plan to do so. Cheers to safe travels, everyone!虽然影响一个城市安全性的因素很多,不过在出游前考虑一下这些因素总没有坏处——而且我们也确实是这样做的。希望大家都能安全出游!1. Tokyo 东京2. Singapore 新加坡3. Osaka 大阪 4. Stockholm 斯德哥尔5. Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹6. Sydney 悉尼7. Zurich 苏黎世8. Toronto 多伦多9. Melbourne 墨尔本10. New York 纽约11. Hong Kong 香港12. San Fransisco 旧金山13. Taipei 台北14. Montreal 蒙特利尔15. Barcelona 巴塞罗那16. Chicago 芝加哥17. Los Angeles 洛杉矶18. London 伦敦19. Washington, D.C. 华盛顿20. Frankfurt 法兰克福21. Madrid 马德里22. Brussels 布鲁塞尔23. Paris 巴黎24. Seoul 首尔25. Abu Dhabi 阿布扎比26. Milan 米兰27. Rome 罗马28. Santiago 圣地亚哥29. Doha 多哈30. Shanghai 上海31. Buenos Aires 布宜诺斯艾利斯32. Shenzhen 深圳33. Lima 利马 34. Tianjin 天津35. Rio de Janeiro 里约热内卢36. Kuwait City 科威特城37. Beijing 北京38. Guangzhou 广州39. Bangkok 曼谷40. Sao Paulo Paulo 圣保罗41. Istanbul 伊斯坦布尔42. Delhi 德里43. Moscow 莫斯科44. Mumbai 孟买45. Mexico City 墨西哥城46. Riyadh 利雅得47. Johannesburg 约翰尼斯堡48. Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明城49. Tehran 德黑兰50. Jakarta 雅加达 /201503/362445。

  Rod Drury, an entrepreneur in Auckland, New Zealand, regularly visits the ed States. Sometimes there are multiple visits a day.新西兰奥克兰的创业者罗德·德鲁里(Rod Drury)经常去美国。有时候一天要去若干次。“People here can’t get Netflix, so they get a VPN that gives them a U.S. I.P. address, and watch Netflix like they’re in America,” he said. “If I want something off iTunes, I buy U.S. cards online.”“这里的人看不到Netflix,所以要通过VPN得到一个美国的IP地址,伪装成在美国的样子来看Netflix,”他说。“要是想上iTunes买点什么,我会去网上买美国卡。”Decoding the jargon: Millions of people around the world now pay for virtual private computer networks — a security method that uses encryption to hide Internet traffic — and similar services to hook into a server in the ed States. As far as the and retail services can tell, Mr. Drury is one more American customer.解释一下这堆术语:全世界有成千上万的人在花钱购买虚拟专用电脑网络——一种通过加密来隐藏网络数据往来的安全方法——以及类似的务,为的是连入美国的务器。从视频和零售务商的角度看,德鲁里无非是又一个美国顾客。If the Internet breaks down national boundaries, it may happen from the comfort of our couches. VPNs were originally thought of as a way for companies to guarantee security or dissidents to avoid the prying eyes of their governments. Now they are part of a larger movement for people to work and play anywhere on the planet, at all times.如果说互联网推倒了国界,那么这一切可能是我们舒舒靠在沙发上时发生的。VPN原本是企业用来确保安全的一种手段,或者被异见人士用来躲避政府的监控。如今它已经属于一场涉及面更广的运动,被全世界的人在工作、玩乐中随时用到。And if the software can’t come to consumers, the customers use VPN to get to the software.如果软件不能为消费者所用,顾客就通过VPN主动去使用该软件。“Unblock geo-restricted websites and web services like Netflix, Hulu, B iPlayer, Skype, and many more!” says the webpage of PureVPN, which charges a year to turn you into a virtual American. You might prefer being Canadian, since Netflix Canada has a bigger selection of films.“解除Netflix、Hulu、B iPlayer、Skype等等等等网站和网络务的区域封锁!”PureVPN的网页上写着。该务收取每年45美元(约合280元人民币)的费用,把你变成一个虚拟美国人。也许你应该选择当加拿大人,因为Netflix加拿大站点的电影选择更多。Unblock-us, a service Mr. Drury uses that is similar to a VPN, charges annually. It offers easy access to scores of movie, television and sports s that collectively would probably be impossible to obtain in most countries.德鲁里使用的Unblock-us是一种类似VPN的务,年费50美元。通过它可以方便地获取大量电影、电视和体育视频。在绝大多数国家,同时获取这么多内容都是不太可能的。Uzair Gadit, the co-founder and director of PureVPN, says his company provides services to people in 90 countries who want to go virtually overseas unhindered.PureVPN的联合创始人、董事乌扎尔·加迪特(Uzair Gadit)说,公司的客户遍布全世界90个国家,这些人都希望能自如地虚拟出国。Online gamers use PureVPN to avoid service slowdowns with local Internet providers, as well as cyberattacks by rival gamers. Online retailers in many countries, Mr. Gadit says, need a stealthy way to collect prices from Amazon, eBay and others, to make sure they are competitive. Globally, he figures, perhaps 20 million consumers use VPNs and similar services to reach more than 300 channels that are geographically blocked in some way.网络游戏玩家使用PureVPN来避免被本地互联网供应商的低网速拖累,或是遭到对手的网络攻击。加迪特说,许多国家的网络零售商需要通过隐蔽的方式来搜集亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay等网站的价格,以确保它们能给出有竞争力的价格。他估计全球有大约2000万消费者在使用VPN或类似务,以便获取300余种受区域限制的频道。“You might be amazed how much people want to watch stuff,” Mr. Gadit said. “We had 100 percent growth for each of the last three years, and we’re expecting that again this year. We hear Apple is creating a Netflix-like service — that’s great news for us.”“你肯定猜不到人们有多想看这些东西,”加迪特说。“过去三年我们每年都有100%的增长,今年预计还是有这么大的幅度。我们听说苹果(Apple)在制作一种类似Netflix的务——对我们是重大利好消息。”PureVPN is in Hong Kong, an odd place for a company that also keeps people invisible to state spies. “China only spies on its own people,” Mr. Gadit said. “Most of the world worries about the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand — they spy on everybody.”PureVPN位于香港,对于一个同时还在帮助人们躲开政府监控的公司来说,这个选址是很奇怪的。“中国只监视自己的国民,”加迪特说。“大多数人担心的是美国、英国,澳大利亚和新西兰——它们什么人都监视。”Netflix’s terms of service forbid customers from circumventing regional barriers to its content, though the company is aware this is not universally respected. “There’s not a lot we can do to track that since VPNs by their very nature are set up to be difficult to spot,” Cliff Edwards, a Netflix spokesman, said in an email. Netflix also plans to offer service in New Zealand next month.Netflix的务条款禁止用户规避其内容的区域壁垒,不过公司知道并非所有人都把这条规矩当回事。“我们也没什么办法来搞追踪,VPN本身的特性决定了它很难被发现,”Netflix发言人克里夫·爱德华兹(Cliff Edwards)在电子邮件中说。Netflix还计划下月在新西兰开展务。What drives this enthusiasm for VPNs, it could be argued, is the way media companies are not providing entertainment fast enough in a world where everyone can be hip to the newest movie and television show. New Zealand movie theaters are now showing “Dumb and Dumber To,” which was on screens in the ed States in November.可以说,在这样一个大家都追逐最新影视节目的世界里,媒体公司提供内容的速度却不够快,对VPN热潮起到了推动作用。新西兰的电影院现在放映的《阿呆与阿瓜2》(Dumb and Dumber To),在美国是去年11月上映的。“There is a mismatch between the perception that you get what you want over the Internet and distribution doesn’t matter anymore, and a copyright holder selling things by territory,” said Tim Wu, a professor of media and copyright at Columbia Law School.“一方面你觉得从互联网可以得到想要的一切,发行已经无关紧要,另一方面,版权持有人又在分区出售内容,两者是对不上的,”哥伦比亚大学法学院(Columbia Law School)媒体与版权教授吴修铭(Tim Wu)说。“The industry is depending on 95 percent of the population thinking the technology is too complex for them to use,” he said. “If there is a simple device that does this for consumers, entertainment’s easy assumption of territoriality will change.”“这个产业指望的是95%的人认为技术太复杂,不适合他们用,”他说。“如果有一种简单的设备能帮消费者完成这些事,分区这种想当然的设定就要动摇了。”While it is diverting to consider what these copyright-beating services mean to entertainment, the end of borders and regions because of global networks has significant implications for the workplace.想到这些摧垮版权的务将给带来怎样的改变,固然值得欣喜,但全球网络对国界和地区的终结,在商务层面有着更加深远的影响。Mr. Drury is founder and chief executive of Xero, which makes cloud-based accounting software. He has customers in 150 countries, 2014 revenue of 0 million and 1,100 employees sp over four nations. A substantial amount of Xero’s revenue comes from accountants who make a living by doing the books of companies in countries on the other side of the world.德鲁里是云端财会软件开发商Xero的创始人兼首席执行官。他的客户遍布150个国家,2014年的营收达1亿美元,在四个国家拥有1100名员工。Xero的收入中,有相当一部分来自那些给地球另一端的公司做账的会计员。Xero built a basic accounting software model, then adapted it to a country’s local accounting quirks. It relies on back-end computing that does not need to be near the work.Xero创建了一种基本的财会软件模型,然后根据每个国家的财会偏好做出相应调整。这种务依赖后端计算,并不需要在用户身边。Elsewhere, individuals who toiled online via freelance sites like Elance and ODesk did million worth of work outside their country of residence in January. That was an increase of more than 50 percent in two years. On the Indonesian island of Bali, a tropical paradise popular with foreigners, 100,000 online freelancers are registered with Elance and ODesk, which operate jointly.在别的领域,许多个人通过Elance和ODesk等自由职业者的网站勤奋工作,仅在1月份就在他们所在国家以外的地方挣出了6700万美元。这是在两年内实现了超过50%的增长。在印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,一个受外国游客青睐的热带天堂,10万网络自由职业者在Elance和ODesk上注册。这两家网站是联合运营的。“Tech is globalizing everything, so anyone building just a regional strategy isn’t thinking big enough,” Mr. Drury said.“科技将一切都全球化了,如果有谁还在制定一种地区性的策略,那就是目光短浅,”德鲁里说。 /201502/359845

  We all need a break at one point or another, but perhaps you need one NOW. You may say that you are absolutely too busy to take a break or there is no way that you can let go right at the moment. These are both signs that you need a break TODAY。谁都需要时不时休息一下。说不定此刻你就需要休息。或许你会说太忙没空休息,要么当下根本就无法脱身。倘若如此,说明你确实今天就得歇一歇。If you find yourself saying any of the following, it’s time to take a day off and turn off the computer and all of your notifications and get away。如果你发现自己也有下面这些情况,说明你有必要关掉电脑、丢开报告、花一天时间好好休息一下了。1. There is Only 24 Hours in a Day一天只有24小时Are you one who says that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done? Are you running around somewhat like a chicken with its head cut off? If you continue at this pace, you will always be behind. You are putting tons of items on your plate and only a few items are getting completed。你是不是总觉得一天的时间不够用、事情总也做不完?你是不是像没头苍蝇似的到处乱撞?若持续下去,你肯定会一直赶不上趟。你的日程排得太满、能完成的任务却寥寥无几!2. Your Social Life is Non-Existent没有社交生活If this phrase rings true, then you definitely need a break. It has been said that not spending enough time with friends and family is one of the top regrets of people on their deathbeds. Do you want that to be you?若果真一语击中,那你绝对需要休息。据说很多人临死之前最后悔的就是没多花点时间陪陪亲友。你想成为那样的人吗?If you are missing your children’s events, missing momentous occasions from your best friends, and your family has no idea where you are at, then a break is long overdue。如果你经常错过小孩的活动、好友的重要时刻,或你的家人常常不清楚你身在何处,那么休息绝对是迫切之需。3. A Change Throws You for a Loop改变会让你措手不及Are you flexible? Do you hate change? Change is what should bring you opportunities and a chance to see life in a new perspective. However, if you are continually trying to be in charge of every single aspect of your life without allowing room for change and absolutely detest when someone asks to change a meeting time, then you definitely need to take a deep breathe and schedule a day off。你灵活变通吗?是否讨厌改变?改变带来机会并创造生活新视觉。但是,如果你总试图掌控生活的方方面面,根本不留任何变通余地,要是有人提出改变会面时间,你甚至会心生嫌恶,那么你绝对需要深呼吸、给自己放一天假!4. You Have Dinner at the Office在办公室吃饭Does ordering in for dinner and having it delivered to the office ring a bell? Or what about eating in front of your computer telling yourself that this last deck must get out tonight? If you cannot take 30 minutes to de-stress and eat in a peaceful (note: mobile and work free) environment, then you must start to ask why and make yourself distance away from work. Lastly, schedule a day to disconnect. No email. No calls. No thinking about the to-do lists. A day to yourself。你总是订快餐、然后在办公室解决吧?是不是还一边盯着电脑咀嚼、一边想着某个任务今晚必须搞定?如果你连30分钟都抽不出来、无法保不接电话不干活、安静放松地吃顿饭的话,那可得找找原因、暂时避开工作了。接下来,请给自己安排一天假:不回邮件,不接电话,不想任何工作事情,好好放松自己。5. The Gym Hasn’t Seen You in Months好几个月没去健身了You have not had any injuries. You used to be at the gym five out of the seven days a week, and now you are so busy working from sunrise to sunset. If anytime fitness was closer, then you would try to squeeze in a twenty minute workout, but it is a balancing act between sleep and working out。你并未抱恙受伤。以前,你每周有五天会去健身;现在,你朝九晚五地忙碌,如果到了健身时间,你会挤出20分钟来运动,为睡眠和健身之间寻求平衡。6. Phone Calls Anger You一来电话就生气Hearing the ring of your telephone just sends an overall sense of more work. The words “it never ends” continues to go through your mind. Work is constantly calling or if it is your best friend that you have not talked to in months is calling, you sadly slide the notification to decline. Sighing and saying, “One day, it will be better。” I’m here to tell you that it’s time to take a break and realize that a phone call may just be what you need from your best friend。电话一响你就条件反射地想到又来任务了,脑子里全是“没完没了”的牢骚。不论是工作电话还是好久未联系的好友电话,你都郁闷地按下“拒接”键,叹气安慰自己:“总有一天,情况不再这么糟糕吧。”说真的,或许你该歇口气,说不定会发现电话恰好就是好朋友打来的呢。7. What Used to Bring You Joy is Now A Hindrance以前曾让你开心的事情,现在却变得碍手碍脚That hobby and job that you once loved seems more like an obligation than something that makes you smile. You regret every item that has to deal with the job. It feels as if you are chained to it and cannot escape. As my friend AJ Leon said so eloquently, “I have met many entrepreneurs that leave a job they feel is a prison, only to find that now the door is locked from the inside and they are holding the key。” No more smiles and happiness。曾经喜欢的兴趣和工作,现在更像是义务,已经无法让你感到快乐了。所有跟工作挂钩的事情都让你倍感懊恼。你仿佛被它牵绊着、无法逃脱。我的朋友AJ Leon说得非常形象:“我见过很多辞去围城般工作的企业家,到头来却发现自己手里有钥匙,而门却反锁着。”从此微笑不再、快乐不再。8. You Answer Emails as You Go To Bed and Right When You Wake-up临睡觉或刚睁眼就回复邮件Are you answering work emails in your bed at night and then checking your email immediately upon waking? Taking work with you to bed is a recipe for a high stress lifestyle. Having it by your side 24/7 is a recipe for disaster. You are always thinking about work and adding it to your to-do list, which is not giving you any time to yourself. It’s time for a break。你是否晚上上床了还在回复工作邮件、早上一睁眼又在查收邮件?临睡觉时还在工作是一种高压生活方式。无时无刻不在工作的话,简直是不要命了。你脑子里一直想着工作、任务单上也都是工作,完全没有自己的时间?那么是时候歇一歇了。9. You Have a Quad Americano Three Times a Day一天喝三次美式咖啡Does your barista know your orders based on the look that is on your face when you walk? Do you have a morning, afternoon, and evening order all with at least four shots of espresso? Maybe it’s time to step back and realize that all the caffeine in the world is not going to make your work go away。单凭你走路的神情,咖啡店员就知道你想点什么了吧?你是不是每天早中晚至少要喝四杯浓缩咖啡?那么是时候反省反省了——靠咖啡因刺激不可能长久提高工作效率。10. You Are Never Home从不归家Your roommates don’t believe you exist. They get the rent check but never actually see you. Your house looks impeccable because you have not had enough time to spend there to make it dirty. You have just a couple of groceries in your pantry, and the refrigerator is empty with the exception of condiments that have a two year expiration date. You are literally home to sleep and wake up early to do it all over again. It’s an unsustainable lifestyle. You live and breathe work。你的室友都意识不到你的存在。他们会收到你的房租票,却很难见到你本人。你的屋子看上去完美无瑕,因为你很少呆在里面,更别说把屋子搞脏搞乱了。你的碗柜里有那么几颗蔬菜,冰箱里除了过期两年的调味品便再也没有其他。其实你也回来睡觉,但醒来后便人去屋空。这种生活方式简直不像话——你只为了工作而活!It’s time for a break if you can check off one of these items. It’s time for a week vacation if more than two apply to you. If you have all ten, then you need to take a break, go on vacation, and reexamine this lifestyle because you only have this one and is this how you want to live?如果你发现自己也有以上情况,那么该休息一下了。可能的话,休一两个星期的假吧。要是时间更充裕,那就去度假,反省一下这种生活方式。毕竟,人只有这一辈子,你真想这么过下去吗? /201507/387405Human bodies are frail, easily damaged packages full of parts that can never fully come back once lost. Luckily, researchers worldwide are working on replacing every bit of the body to make us all cyborgs.人的身体是十分脆弱的,有些娇弱的器官一旦破坏就永远难以复原。幸运的是,世界各地的研究人员都在研究能替代我们身体部位的生化机械器官。10.Supersensitive Electronic Skin10.超敏感电子皮肤Skin has the thankless job of coating and protecting your whole body, making it your most easily damaged organ. When you burn or rip off a stretch of skin, your main option right now is to graft some back on from elsewhere on your body. But an effective synthetic replacement skin may not be that far off, thanks to research from Stanford scientists. Stanford#39;s Zhenan Baohas has developed a super-flexible, super-durable, and super-sensitive material that can be the basis for future synthetic skin. People have tried developing synthetic skin before, but Baohas#39;s material handles touch sensitivity better than any predecessor. It contains organic transistors and a layer of elastic, letting it stretch without taking damage. And it#39;s self-powered—this skin contains a series of elastic solar cells.皮肤辛苦的担任着包裹我们和保护我们整个身体的责任,因此它也成为了最容易被伤害的器官。当皮肤被烧伤或者被割破,你最快的选择是从身体其他部位移植一部分过来。然而,感谢斯坦福大学科学家的研究,一种能有效替代人体皮肤的材料,不久后将面世。坦福大学的Zhenan Baohas 研发出了一种具备超弹性、超耐性和超敏感的材料,能够作为未来发展人工皮肤的基础。以前,人们也研究过生化皮肤,但是Baohas的材料比以前研发出来的更具敏感性。它带有有机转换物质和一层弹性材料,保它在不被破坏情况下的延展性。另外,这种材料带有一系列的太阳能电池元件,可以自动充电。9.Beating Hearts Created In A Petri Dish9.在培养皿中跳动的心脏Scientists have long investigated stem cells#39; potential for growing hearts, and they reached a major milestone this year when they created heart tissue than can beat on its own.The University of Pittsburgh team used stem cells made from skin to make MCPs, a special kind of cell that acts as a precursor to cardiovascular tissue. They then placed these cells on a 3-D scaffold designed to support a mouse heart. Within 20 days, the new heart began beating at 40 to 50 beats per minute.This heart is too weak to actually pump blood, which is the primary reason anyone would want an new heart. But the tissue has a lot of potential for patching heart muscles that have suffered damage.长久以来,科学家一直在研究干细胞分化为心脏组织的潜力,今年当他们创造出可以自己搏动的心脏组织时,这一研究工作达到了一个重要的里程碑。匹兹堡大学的研究小组从来自皮肤的干细胞培养出MCPs,一种可以作为心血管组织驱动器的特殊细胞。他们把这些细胞放在一种可以维持老鼠心脏的3-D架上。在20天内,新的心脏开始以每分钟40~50次的速率搏动。虽然这个心脏太虚弱,不能真的输送血液,但是这种细胞组织在修复受伤的心脏肌肉方面具有巨大潜力。8.Prosthetic Hands That Sense Touch8.触感人造手Current prosthetic hands do little beyond filling the arm-shaped space between your body and the air. Sure, they can grasp things all right, and they help in balance, but they lack one of the human hand#39;s most important abilities—the sense of touch. People with prosthetics can#39;t detect if they#39;re in contact with an object without looking at it directly. A research team at the University of Chicago has solved this problem, producing hands that send electric signals to the brain. They#39;ve begun with monkeys as test subjects, studying the animals to see how their brains respond to touch. When outfitted with prosthetic hands that stimulate their brains that way, the monkeys respond just as though they physically touch objects themselves. Programming these same signals into artificial human limbs would give amputees replacement hands unlike anything we#39;ve developed before.现在的假手除了具备手的外形外,几乎没有其他功能。当然,这些假手能够拿东西和保持身体平衡,但是它们缺乏人手最重要的功能之一——触感。装了假手的人在碰触到一样物品时,如果不用眼睛看,是没法判断东西的。芝加哥大学的一个研究小组制造了一种能够向大脑传递信号的假手来解决这个问题。他们以猴子为测试对象,研究动物大脑对触摸信号的反应。当装备了可以刺激大脑的假手后,那些猴子的反应就好像他们身体接触到了物体一样。将这些类似的信号通过编程的方式写入造假肢,会给截肢者带来和以前研发出来的产品完全不同的假肢。7.Thought-Controlled Bionic Legs7.思想控制仿生腿Though bionic legs are of course a huge boon to amputees, they lack actual nerve connections with the body. As a result, walking on them is cumbersome and tiring. But last year, Seattle resident Zac Vawter was outfitted with the world#39;s first thought-controlled leg, a bionic limb that takes signals directly from his mind.This technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. And since a mis signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. As one of the researchers delicately put it, “If you#39;re using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. If the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”Vawter climbed 103 floors of a Chicago skyscraper on his bionic leg, but its designers are still working on improving it. To optimize it for everyday use, they have to make it even thinner and lighter. Its successor (the iLeg Air?) may meet the Army#39;s stated goal for a bionic leg—10,000 steps without recharging.虽然仿生腿对截肢者来说是巨大的福音,但是它们与人体缺乏真正的神经联系,导致依靠仿生腿走路十分麻烦和劳累。但是去年,西雅图的居民Zac Vawter 安装了世界上第一思想控制的腿,一种直接接受从他大脑发出信号的仿生肢体。这项技术曾经运用于武器,但是运用在仿生腿上会更复杂。误读信号可能导致安装者跳下桥或站在开动的车辆前,依靠思想控制的仿生腿需要比武器更为复杂的程序。正如研究者指出的那样:如果你使用仿生胳膊,而胳膊动作做错了,可能只是手肘偏移预订位置。而如果仿生腿动作做错了,那可能就是生命安全问题了。Vawter使用仿生腿在芝加哥一栋高楼里向上爬了103个阶梯,但是仿生腿的设计者们仍然在尝试提高它的性能。为了使它能适用于日常生活,设计者们必须让它更轻更薄。它的衍生品(充气仿生腿)可以满足陆军对于仿生腿的阶段性目标——行走一万步不用充电。6.Miniature Human Brains6.微型人脑Brain death is a bit of an inconvenience if you#39;re a fan of living, and if you#39;re looking to replace yours with a spare, you#39;re out of luck. Sure, maybe we#39;ll one day be able to plant brains into skulls, but the brain#39;s not just another organ. It contains all your thoughts and memories. They can plop a new brain in your head, but you#39;ll still be gone, so the idea of making artificial brains may seem absurd.But that hasn#39;t stopped scientists from growing actual human brains in a lab. Starting with nothing but stem cells, scientists in Austria this year managed to create brains equivalent to those in nine-week-old fetuses. These miniature brains are the size of peas and are incapable of thought—so far. The one thing keeping the brains from growing beyond this stage and becoming fully functional is that they have no blood supply.Though these brains aren#39;t going into anyone#39;s bodies, they#39;re proving a great resource for scientists investigating brain diseases.如果你热爱生存,那么脑死亡是一件不美好的事。而且,如果你想用空闲的大脑来替换,那你是绝对找不到的。当然,也许有一天,我们能将大脑放入头骨中,但是大脑跟别的器官不同。它装有你所有的思想和记忆。人们能在你头里放一个新的大脑,但是你还是不存在,所以人造大脑这种想法看起来很荒谬。但是这并没有阻止科学家在实验室发展人造大脑。今年奥地利的科学家仅从干细胞开始,成功地创造出等同于9个周大的婴儿的大脑。目前,这些大脑只有豌豆大小,也不能思考。阻止这些试验品发育成具有完全功能的大脑的因素是它们没有血液供给。尽管这些大脑没有进入任何人的身体,但是他们给科学院研究脑科疾病提供了原材料。翻译:郑静 前十网 /201507/384411

  Thousands of parents are naming their babies after Downton Abbey characters, new figures have revealed.最新数据显示,成千上万的父母开始用英剧《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)中角色的名字为孩子取名。The TV show#39;s huge popularity has inspired a resurgence of 1920s fashion and hairstyles, and now the old-fashioned names of its characters are also back in vogue.这部具有超高人气的电视剧再度掀起了一股20世纪20年代的复古之风,剧中的饰和发也广受人们追捧。现今,就连剧中旧式的人名也再度流行起来。Edith, Cora, Sybil and Elsie are all soaring in popularity among new parents.初为父母的人们在给孩子取名时,伊迪丝(Edith)、科拉(Cora)和埃尔希(Elsie)都是热门选择。But when the show began in 2010, the monikers were in danger of dwindling into obscurity.不过,该剧在2010年开播时,这些名字还都意味着身份地位卑微。It is now just finished its fifth season running on Sunday night attracting around eight million viewers per episode.该剧每周日晚间播出,最近刚刚播完第五季,每集大约有800万观众收看。Violet, the first name of the matriarchal Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Dame Maggie Smith, has seen a particularly large comeback after it made the top 100 girls#39; names for 2013.剧中格兰瑟姆老伯爵遗孀的名字维奥莱特(Violet)重磅回归,被列入2013年100个最受欢迎女孩名的榜单中。该角色由玛姬#8226;史密斯女爵扮演。Spiralling from 466 girls in 2010 to 709 last year, it has jumped in the national rankings from 123rd to 78th.2010年有466名女孩取名为“维奥莱特”,去年这个数字上升为709名。在全国排行榜中,“维奥莱特”从第123名直升至第78名。And highest of all was Elsie, the Christian name of housekeeper Mrs Hughes, which has rocketed into the thousands in just five years. Nearly 1,200 babies took the name last year compared to 535 in 2010.人气最高的名字为剧中女管家休斯太太(Mrs Hughes)的教名——埃尔希(Elsie)。这一名字在短短五年内迅速从榜单内的几千个名字中脱颖而出。相对于2010年的535人,去年近1200名新生儿取名为“埃尔希”。Parenting expert Dr Fin Williams, who founded the group Parent Perspectives based in Devon, was unsurprised by the trend.在德文郡(Devon)创办了“父母观点”(Parent Perspectives)组织的育儿专家芬#8226;威廉姆斯(Fin Williams)士对此并不感到惊讶。She said: #39;We pick up our preferences for names based on who we are surrounded by but also our experiences of TV characters who have that name.她说:“取名时,我们会首选那些熟知的名字,或者是我们看过的电视剧中角色的名字。”#39;We are less likely to name our children after someone who we feel hasn#39;t got a very nice character, and more likely to name them after somebody we aspire to.#39;“我们很少用品行不端的人的名字来给孩子命名。大多数时候,我们会以我们钦佩的人的名字来给孩子命名。”Cora, the warm-hearted countess of Grantham, and Sybil, her pretty and modest daughter, are among the names that have rocketed.格兰瑟姆伯爵夫人科拉为人心地善良,她的女儿茜玻(Sybil)年轻貌美,端庄典雅。这两个名字在榜单中扶摇直上。The figures, released by the Office of National Statistics, show a 55 per cent increase in the number of girls called Cora in England and Wales, while there are now treble the number of Sybils than there were in 2010.国家统计局近日发布的数据显示,在英格兰和威尔士,名为“科拉”的女孩数量增加了55%,而名为“茜玻”的女孩数量是2010年的三倍。The name Mary - the lead character of the show played by Michelle Dockery - has bucked the trend with a slight decline - just 203 girls were given the name in 2013, compared to 237 in 2010.米歇尔#8226;多克里(Michelle Dockery)是剧中主角玛丽(Mary)的扮演者。与剧中其它热门名字不同,用“玛丽”来命名的人数稍有下滑。2010年有237名女孩取名为“玛丽”,而2013年人数则下降为203名。The top names for 2013 were Oliver and Amelia, followed by Olivia, Emily, Ava and Isla, and Jack, Harry, Jacob and Charlie.2013年最受欢迎的名字顺次为奥利弗(Oliver)和阿米莉亚(Amelia)、奥利维亚(Olivia)、艾米莉(Emily)、伊娃(Ava)、伊斯拉(Isla)、杰克(Jack)、哈利(Harry)、雅各布(Jacob)和查理(Charlie)。 /201412/347303




  Japan is looking into installing toilets and emergency drinking water in buildings#39; lifts in case people are trapped after earthquakes。日本考虑在大楼电梯内配装马桶,并提供紧急饮用水,以备有人在地震后被困电梯时使用。Officials from the country#39;s infrastructure ministry met industry representatives to discuss the proposals in the aftermath of Saturday#39;s 7.8-magnitude undersea quake, which was felt across the country, the Kyodo news agency reports. One idea is that lifts could be fitted with portable toilets featuring a waterproof bag or other absorbent material inside a collapsible cardboard structure。据日本共同社报道,在5月30日日本海域发生7.8级地震后,日本国土交通省官员紧急会见了工业界代表,商讨上述提议。此次地震在日本全国都有震感。商讨中提出的一个安装想法是,电梯内可安装配有防水袋或其它类型高吸水性材料的便携马桶,整个马桶用可折叠纸板结构制成。In the capital, Tokyo, almost 20,000 lifts stopped after Saturday#39;s quake, with 14 of them trapped between floors. In one case, people were stuck inside for more than an hour before being rescued. After the country#39;s devastating 2011 earthquake, some people were trapped in lifts for more than nine hours. About 60% of Japanese lifts are designed to detect tremors and stop at the closest floor before automatically opening their doors。上周地震发生后,日本首都东京约有两万部电梯停止工作,其中有14部停在了楼层中间。有乘客被困于电梯中一个多小时才获救。在2011年日本灾难性大地震后,甚至有乘客被困电梯长达九个小时。日本约60%的电梯都具备地震探测功能,可在地震时快速停在最近的楼层并自动开门。Japanese regularly shaken by earthquakes, but seismologists say it#39;s likely the capital will be hit by a major quake - referred to as the ;big one; - within the coming decades. The government estimates that as many as 17,000 people could be trapped inside lifts in the capital#39;s high-rises if that happens。日本常年遭受地震困扰,有地震学家称,未来十年内,东京可能会遭受一次十分剧烈的地震。日本当局估计,若大地震真的发生,可能将有多达1.7万名乘客会被困在首都高楼的电梯内。 /201506/379830


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