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弹性工作制有益于身体健康A flexible work life such as telecommuting, is good for your health, researchers said.They found that if people have the ability to work from home and to compress work weeks, they are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices, to exercise more and to sleep better."Perhaps it gives people the time to fit in healthier lifestyle into their everyday regimen or maybe it just enables people to better manage their time," Professor Joseph G. Grzywacz, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, said in an interview.While the primary driver behind the flexibility movement was to help people, especially women, combine work and family, evidence suggests this is clearly not only a women's issue, Grzywacz, who reported the findings in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, said.The researchers looked at Health Risk Appraisals from employees in jobs ranging from warehouse and production workers to executives at a large multinational pharmaceutical company.The firm used for the study is consistently recognized by Working Mother magazine as among the most family-friendly employers in the ed States."This isn't just about high-level office workers, these people perform a wide variety of tasks within the company," Grzywacz explained.He said the research shows public health departments and organizations that they could get something out of giving their employees more flexibility.But, he added, further research was needed to assess the long-term benefits. 研究人员称,远程办公等弹性工作模式有益于身体健康。研究人员发现,如果人们有条件在家工作,压缩工作周的时间,那么他们就可以选择更为健康的生活方式,锻炼身体的机会增多,睡眠也会更好。威克森林大学医学院的约瑟夫#8226;G#8226;格雷兹瓦兹教授在接受采访时说:“可能弹性工作模式让人们能有更充裕的时间来实现健康的生活方式,或者是它让人们能更好地安排自己的时间。”格雷兹瓦兹教授说,弹性工作制最初是为了帮助人们(尤其是女性)同时兼顾工作和家庭,但有关据表明这显然不仅仅是女性的问题。该研究报告在《职业与环境医学》期刊上发表。研究人员对一家大型跨国医药公司职员的“健康风险评估”进行了研究分析,职员涉及仓储、生产和管理等多个不同的岗位。该公司连续被《职业妈妈》杂志评为美国最关心员工家庭的几大公司之一。格雷兹瓦兹解释说:“这并不仅仅针对管理层,而是涉及到公司各个岗位的员工。”格雷兹瓦兹说,该研究能让公共卫生部门和相关机构认识到,给员工更多的自由其实能带来很多益处。但他说,要评估弹性工作制的长期益处还需要开展进一步研究。 /200803/30966Some time ago now I came to realize that how we define particular words - success, happiness, love, etc - can have a major impact on the way in which we live our life. One term that I hear thrown around often is “good life”, eg “he lived a good life” . But what is a good life exactly? This term will mean different things to different people, and yet I believe there are some ingredients that all “good lives” share. Here are a some of these ingredients:Being present in the momentLife is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. - Corita KentTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. - Oscar WildeGratefulnessGratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy - because we will always want to have something else or something more. - Brother David Steindl-RastLoveLove doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. - Franklin P. JonesLife is the flower for which love is the honey. - Victor HugoA life lived for othersWe make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston ChurchillSqueezing the most out of our timeAnd in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln… we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless. - Paul BowlesLiving with purposeThe purpose of life is a life of purpose. - Robert ByrneAcceptance that life will bring sadnessThere are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. - Carl JungLiving without fearOnly when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. - Dorothy ThompsonTwenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark TwainNot taking life too seriouslyDo not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. - Elbert HubbardDo you have a e that you would like to share? Or perhaps even your own definition of what a “good life” is? Please share it in the comments below… 不久前,我认识到我们如何定义一些特定的词-成功,快乐,爱等,就会对我们生活的方式产生重要的影响。我经常听到的一个词就是美好的生活,比如他有一个美好的生活,但究竟什么才算是一个美好的生活?虽然不同的人对此有不同的理解,但我相信所有的“美好的生活”中均分享着一些要素,以下就是这些要素。活在当下生命是时刻的连续,而活在每一刻就是成功。-柯利塔#8226;肯特活着是世上最珍贵的,大多数人只是存在,仅此而已。-奥斯卡#8226;王尔德感恩感恩是我们握在手中的开启快乐生活的钥匙,因为如果我们不懂感恩,那么不管我们拥有多少,我们也不会开心-因为我们总会想要拥有其他东西或者想得到更多。-布拉德#8226;大卫#8226;#8226;斯泰德#8226;赖斯特爱爱没有使世界转动,但正是它,使周游世界变得有价值。-富兰克林#8226;本杰明人生是花朵,爱情是花蜜。-雨果一种为了他人而活着的生活我们靠获得的东西生存,但我们靠给予的东西生活。-温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔最大地压榨我们的时间生命,不在乎享受多少年,只在乎真正活过多少年。-亚伯拉罕#8226;林肯我们可以把生命视为取之不尽,用之不竭的。然而,这一切仅发生在一定数量的时代,且仅占一个很小的数目,这是真的。有多少次你会记得你童年的某一个下午,而那个下午已经成为你生命里最深的一部分以至于你认为你甚至不能设想你的生活没有它?也许你会想起它4次到5次以上,也许甚至没有。有多少次你会观赏月亮的升起?也许是20次。然而,这一切似乎是无限的。-保罗#8226;鲍尔斯有目的地活着生活的目的就是过一种有目的的生活。-罗伯特#8226;拜恩接受生活也会带来悲伤有多少个夜晚,就有多少个白天,并且在一年当中,这两个的时间长度是一样的。即使是一个愉快的生活也要有阴暗的衡量,而“快乐”如果没有“悲伤”的对照,它也会失去了它的意义,-卡尔荣无畏地活着我们唯有不再害怕我们才能开始生活。-桃乐丝#8226;托马森二十年后,当你回顾你所经历的事情时,你将为没有尝试的事情而感到后悔。所以从现在起,仍掉你的安全套结,从安全的港口启航,和信风一起航行,开始探险,去追求你的梦想吧!-马克#8226;吐温不要对生活太认真别对生活太认真,否则你将永远不能摆脱它活着。-艾伯特哈伯德你有你想要分享的谚语吗?或者是你自己对“美好生活”的定义?有的话请吧这些写在下面的评注栏里… /200806/42275The European Commission has stepped up pressure on Google, alleging that it abused its dominance in internet shopping and restricted competition. It also accused Google of stopping websites from showing adverts from the search engine#39;s competitors.日前,欧洲委员会进一步向谷歌公司施压,指控其滥用在互联网购物领域的优势地位,并限制竞争对手开展业务。该委员会还指责谷歌公司在网站上屏蔽其搜索引擎竞争对手的广告。And it strengthened an existing charge that Google favours its own comparison shopping services in search results.此外,欧委会还加大了现存指控的力度,称谷歌在搜索结果中总是优先显示经过筛选的购物商。EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had no right to limit its rivals.欧盟竞争委员会的玛格丽特·韦斯塔格表示,谷歌公司没有任何权力阻碍其竞争对手开展业务。She said: ;Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn#39;t give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate.;她表示:“谷歌公司带来了许多富有创意的产品,改变了人们的生活。然而这并不意味着谷歌具有剥夺其他公司进行竞争和创新的权力。”Google is aly facing formal anti-trust charges. The US company is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition.谷歌现在已经面临正式的反垄断指控。这家美国公司被指控称对使用安卓操作系统的公司提出了苛刻的要求,并且抑制竞争行为。A spokesperson for Google said: ;We believe that our innovations and product improvements have increased choice for European consumers and promote competition. We#39;ll examine the Commission#39;s renewed cases and provide a detailed response in the coming weeks.;谷歌公司的一位发言人表示:“我们相信公司的创新和产品品质的提升为欧洲的消费者提供了更多选择,并促进了竞争。我们将仔细评估委员会发起的案件,并于未来几周出具详细的回复报告。” /201607/456160You Can Rent Movies Online, but Should You? 从网上租借电影光盘的主意现在看起来比两年前要现实得多,当时一个名为“Movielink”的电影光盘租借网站刚刚创建。现在,随着互联网传输速度越来越快,用户已经习惯于在网上租借电影光盘在家庭影院系统中播放,“Movielink”也不再是一枝独秀,其有了一个竞争对手“CinemaNow”。  更重要的是,诸如苹果公司的iTunes和Roxio公司的Napster等网络音乐务的发展已经显示,用户愿意在网上购买价格优惠的电影。但是,电影租赁网站本身并没有像iTunes发展得那样快,尽管他们现在提供的下载速度要比以前快得多。分析人士称,原因是网上租赁业务销售的光盘内容和种类有限,而且与离线零售店相比价格上仍然略高,这使得他们在竞争当中对用户的吸引力不足。另外,虽然现在用户可以在没有下载完整部电影之前就开始观看,但下载的时间仍然较长,如果连接速度不快有时需要等待一个小时。  CinemaNow的下载速度不错,但用户需要拥有足够的带宽才能确保电影的画面质量不打折扣。另外,两家租赁网站的务计费均是从用户开始浏览就计算上了,而不是从下载完成之后才开始计算,这意味着表面的务费比实际上的务费要低很多。  最后,用户还不能将下载下来的电影复制到CD或是DVD光盘上在机器上播放或是将它们转移到另外一台计算机上,除非你拥有一个与电视机匹配的连接器,可以在电视上观看,否则你无法将下载内容转移到其他硬盘上。The idea of renting movies online seems a lot less silly than it did two years ago, when a site called Movielink debuted.Internet connections have gotten a little faster, we've had time to get used to the idea of the computer as home theater and Movielink has been joined by a competitor, CinemaNowMost important, music services like Apple's iTunes and Roxio's Napster have shown that people will buy fairly priced downloads, even when the same stuff is available for free on file-sharing systems.But the movie-rental sites themselves haven't improved nearly as much, to judge from a week of trying out each. CinemaNow and Movielink now offer better downloading options that reduce or eliminate the lengthy wait to transfer a movie to a computer.But they still carry too few titles at too high a price. There's very little here to lure anybody from ordinary movie-rental stores, DVD-by-mail services like Netflix, or cable and satellite pay-per-view options.Both CinemaNow and Movielink look and work alike in some respects. You must run Windows to watch anything at either site. Both require loading their own download-management software as well, but Movielink is more annoying to use -- the site can't even be viewed in any browser but Internet Explorer and was agonizingly slow.Forget using either site without a broadband Internet account -- these movies weigh in at 500 or more megabytes apiece. Although you can start watching movies before they've finished downloading, that still involves a wait of at least a few minutes and as much as an hour, depending on your connection. (Over a 608-kbps digital subscriber line, "Finding Nemo" took 2 hours and 22 minutes to finish downloading.)CinemaNow's streaming-media options permit almost immediate viewing, but to avoid sacrificing quality you'll need enough bandwidth to accommodate its full 700-kbps feed.These sites' rental rates start at .99 for up to 48 hours of viewing -- the clock starts ticking when you first begin watching, not when the download completes -- but all the flicks I rented cost .99 or .99 and allowed 24 hours of use.CinemaNow offers a few other pricing choices. You can sign up for .95 or .95 "Premium Pass" monthly subscriptions that include unlimited rentals; the more expensive plan adds access to an "After Dark" collection of adult movies. The site also sells 30 rather obscure titles as so-called permanent downloads -- "Manilow Live!" can be yours for .99 if you have a hankering for the syrupy singer's work.You can't copy any of these downloads to a CD or DVD for viewing on a DVD player or move them to another computer. If you own a laptop with a TV-compatible connector, such as a composite- or S-Video jack, you can plug it into your set for viewing on a bigger screen, but otherwise each rental stays welded to your hard drive.Movielink offers its titles in RealVideo and Windows Media formats; CinemaNow only provides Windows Media downloads. Picture quality varies but never comes close to DVD; for instance, Movielink's wide-screen-formatted titles have a resolution of 512 by 288 pixels per frame, or less than half that of a wide-screen-enhanced DVD.To my eyes, these services' downloads come closest to regular cable TV, aside from occasional outbreaks of pixilation or blurring in busy or cluttered scenes.Both CinemaNow and Movielink suffer from a pathetically thin selection -- 854 and 747 titles as of Friday afternoon. Since many movies are made available to these sites only for limited periods before moving to cable and satellite TV (for example, "Finding Nemo" was no longer available after Saturday from either service) those numbers fluctuate over time.Unless you're looking for a movie from the past few years, the odds weigh heavily against you finding it on either site. Half of the titles I considered renting -- for instance, "Heathers," "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Office Space" -- weren't available.The older the flick, the worse your chances: Of the top 10 titles on the American Film Institute's "greatest American movies" list, Movielink provides only one ("Lawrence of Arabia") and CinemaNow offers none.Movielink's chief executive, Jim Ramo, explained that until the late '90s, studios didn't buy Internet distribution rights, which means the site must negotiate with individual copyright holders for each movie. Ramo noted that he can't provide "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," because the rights to the song "Twist and Shout," which plays in one scene, would cost too much to obtain.Who would want to put up with services as dysfunctional as this? It's hard to imagine.College students who have broadband Internet but lack TVs in their dorm rooms might appreciate not having to return a DVD to the store. Then again, most college students don't have money either and will probably stick to the free file-sharing services.And I suppose that After Dark library at CinemaNow could also draw customers who are tired of hearing snarky comments from -store clerks.Otherwise, though, the only people these sites seem to have been designed for are movie-studio executives. (Movielink is owned by the five largest studios; a smaller studio, Lions Gate Entertainment, owns CinemaNow.)Until they learn from the example of the music industry -- offer their content at a discount online, but at a quality comparable to what you'd get in the store -- this online -rental business isn't going anywhere. /200804/33394

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