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  • Its Friday February 11th. Im Mark Licea and its time to get loaded.今天是2月1日,周五。我是Mark Licea,是时候了解最新资讯了。Nokia is embracing Windows Phone 7 on its future handsets. Microsoft and Nokia announced that Windows Phone will be the primary smart phone OS for Nokia phones but this doesnt mean Nokia will exclusively run Windows Phone 7 on its devices. Bing will be the default search on Nokia phones and Nokia maps will power many Microsoft services on the phone. Nokia and Microsoft will also merge their app stores. No idea how long it takes before Nokias current OS Symbian is phased out.诺基亚未来产品将采用Windows Phone 7系统。微软和诺基亚宣布诺基亚未来智能手机系统将主要采用Windows系统,但这并不意味着诺基亚产品都会采用Windows Phone 7系统。必应搜索将作为诺基亚的默认搜索引擎,诺基亚地图将采用许多微软手机应用。诺基亚和微软还联合推出了应用商城。目前还不得而知诺基亚的塞班操作系统还有多久才会被逐渐淘汰。The Opera mini web browser is coming to the iPad. The company announced that up-to-date Opera mini will launch at Mobile World Congress and be on Android, IOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices along with the iPad. This is the first established browser alternative to hit the iPad after apple safari.Opera移动浏览器将推出iPad版本。这家公司在全球移动大会上宣布将推出安卓,苹果,黑莓,塞班和iPad版本的浏览器。OPera浏览器的更新无疑对苹果的safari浏览器来说将是首次挑战。And ATamp;T doesnt want you to go to Verizon or any other network. Thats why they are offering unlimited cost to any phone on any network for free. Of course its not that simple. You need to have unlimited messaging and a qualifying voice plan. Unlimited messaging is per month or 30 for the family talk plan. ATamp;T is also promoting a sale where Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices can be purchased for a penny with a 2-year contract.美国电话电报公司并不想你成为老对头威瑞森公司的客户。因此他们免费让你想打多少电话或上网都能实现。当然这没你想得那么简单。你必须有无限通讯和语音套餐。每月20美元不限短信数量,或30美元使用家庭话费套餐。美国电话电报公司还为黑莓,安卓,windows Phone 7产品定制了为期2年的话费套餐。And T-Mobile has a great sale today and tomorrow T-Mobile will offer every phone four free customers that signed to your contract.德国电信公司最近生意不错,未来前景也很好。德国电信为每一位购买手机并签订合同的用户提供免费拨打的四个号码。And Windows Phone 7 users can make purchases on Amazon with a new app. Its free and lets you search and buy products from the online retailer. Windows Phone 7 specific swipes are also supported to let you slide between product and files like reviews, related items and details.安装应用,Windows Phone 7将可以再亚马逊上购物。这款应用是免费的,使用它,你可以用手机向在线零售商购买商品。Window Phone 7的这款特殊应用将持用户阅读商品及产品信息,详情评价等。And Google wants to make sure your personal information is safe. They are lauching a feature that anyone can enable and lets you log in to Google using your existing password and a special second password that changes. Google will send you a pass code by text or through the Google authenticator app and then you log in. The set maybe intimidating for some but if your information is worth protecting youll do it.谷歌想要确保用户的个人信息安全。登录谷歌的一个新特点就是要输入已注册的账户名和密码,另外还有一个动态密码。谷歌系统将在你登录时自动把动态密码以短信形式发送到你的手机上。这种设计也许太过严谨,但如果你的信息值得这样被保护,你会选择这么做的。Thats your news for the day and that wraps up your week of getting loaded. Im Mark Licea for CNET.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的新闻,也是本周的最新资讯。我是CNET.com的Mark Licea,感谢您的收看。phased out 逐渐淘汰注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/204104
  • Abroad the country image was defined by Bosonova and as international hit, girl from Panama with its promise of an exotic and romantic land populated by beautiful women. 国外的国家形象是由巴萨诺瓦作为国际冲击定义,从巴拿马来的女孩带着异域风情和居住着漂亮女人的浪漫土地的承诺。In Brazil itself, the mood was very very different. 而巴西本身心情则截然不同。On March 31,1964,the military seized power. 1964年3月31日,军队掌权。The man who overthrew president had polarized country by legalizing the communist party and visited Cubas new revolutionary figure, Fidel Castro. 推翻总统的人经由合法化已经将国家极端化并且访问了古巴的新革命人物菲德尔·卡斯特罗。Goodluck delighted the Brazilian left but horrified many middle class Brazilians and the Americans who feared the Brazil might follow the same path as Cuba. 好运离开巴西但是吓坏了许多中产阶级巴西人及美国人,他们担心巴西可能走古巴同样老路。So there was relief in Washington when the soldiers took over arguing they were saving Brazil from Communism. 所以在华盛顿士兵们的救济接管了争论,他们认为正从从这一主义中拯救巴西。Brazil would remain under military rule for the next 21 years. 在接下来的21年巴西仍然将在军事统治之下。注:听力文本来源于普特201301/222969
  • Business Frankfurt Motor Show Autoficial intelligence商业 法兰克福车展 人工机动智能Where does the car end and the phone begin?传统汽车与智能手机交汇于何方?SHARON can park herself. At a signal from a smartphone, a system of tiny computers activates her engine, gearbox and steering—and she reverses smoothly into a parking space. Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people. Pilotless cars, such as the Volkswagen Sharan (nicknamed Sharon), are no distant dream. Many people at this weeks Frankfurt Motor Show were asking not only how the cars of the future will be powered, but who or what will drive them.SHARON汽车可以进行无人自动停车:先是由智能手机象其发送停车信号,后通过一个小型电脑系统驱动汽车的发动机、变速器和方向盘,然后便顺畅的自动驶进了泊位,而车辆的传感器则避免其撞上行人或其他车辆。无人驾驶汽车已不再只是遥远的梦想,一如大众的一款车:Sharan(昵称Sharon)。在这周的法兰克福车展上,很多人已不只是询问将来汽车将以何为能源,还得问问谁来驾驶。;Where does the car end and the phone begin?; asked Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, at a brain-storming session organised by Audi, a carmaker. A future car will be more like a computer on wheels, networked with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles. Even if it comes with a steering wheel, the ;driver; will have the Knight-Rider-esque option of being piloted while he -conferences, answers e-mails or looks on a screen at an annotated view of the world whizzing by.;传统汽车与智能手机将交汇于何处?;克里斯?安德森作为《连线》杂志的编辑,在参加汽车制造商奥迪公司举行的一场会议中的头脑风暴中如此发问。未来的汽车,其实更像一种带轮子的计算机,可以与周围的公共设施和交通工具紧密相连。就算方向盘依然健在,;司机;也可以选择一项有如;霹雳游侠;里的智能跑车KITT一样的模式,保汽车正常驾驶的同时,他可以进行电话会议,回电邮,或者盯着挡风玻璃上对飞掠而过的世界的注释。The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious. But Frankfurts cabbies are a sceptical bunch. Driverless taxis? Not in my lifetime, says one. ;Its science fiction,; scoffs another.而对于正泊车于展馆以外的出租车司机来说,威胁不言而喻。但法兰克福的的哥们对此集体持怀疑态度。有的说:;无人驾驶的出租车?我这辈子是看不到的。; 有人揶揄道:;这是科幻小说里的吧。;In tough times, many carmakers are innovating like fury. Some are recasting themselves as ;mobility service providers;. This means hawking car-related software and other add-ons. For example, for those who prefer to hire or share cars—as young city-slickers increasingly do—there is software to make them feel at home in any vehicle, by instantly switching the radio and other settings to their tastes. Some carmakers are also tempting buyers with more mundane services, such as priority parking or cheap deals on fuel (whether petrol, hydrogen or electricity). Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.现在市场不景气,汽车制造商们纷纷钻研创新如痴如狂。有些把自己重新定位为;移动务提供者;,也就是说贩卖车用软件及附加产品,例如,有些人愿意租车或者几人共用一辆汽车——特别是越来越多的年轻小市民们喜好如此,有一种软件可以根据不同人的品味迅速切换收音机频道或者其他设备的设定,令他们不管在哪辆车里都觉得像在家里一样舒。有些汽车制造商还提供了更加实用的务以吸引消费者,比如提供停车优先权或者提供低价的燃料(不论是汽油,氢能源还是电)。再或者,有些汽车制造商可能还会一年组织一次急速试驾活动,提供油耗巨大的越野车(SUV),让消费者们过把瘾。Even in changing times, there is still plenty of the old passion for a flash motor. Thus the covetous sighs that greeted the new Ferrari 458 Spider (pictured), which was unveiled on September 13th. Alongside it was Ferraris first four-wheel drive, four-seater. ;Different Ferraris for different Ferraristi!; exclaimed Luca di Montezemolo, Ferraris boss. Even Volkswagens new single-seater electric commuter, with its narrow body and wide wheel-base, looks rather like a 1950s racing-car.就算时光流逝,人们对飞驰的汽车的热情一如既往不曾减退。发烧友们惊叹着迎接9月13日新上市的法拉利458型硬顶敞篷跑车,它的旁边则是法拉利的第一款四驱四座跑车。;不同的法拉利,献给不同的你!;法拉利的老板卢卡?蒂?蒙特泽路说道。而大众公司新推出的电力单座通勤车则拥有狭窄的车身和较宽的轮胎,看起来非常像20世纪50年代的赛车。 /201301/221486
  • Vincent is almost as famous for writing these letters as he is for painting the sun flowers.梵高因为这些信件的出名程度几乎等同于他画向日葵的出名程度。There is so much insight here into his creative thinking, but the very first letter was just a brief note about the weather scribbled to Theo from the Haig in Sep 1872.我们可以洞察到梵高许多的创新思想。但就是在1872年9月,在海格的梵高给提奥写了第一封信,不过这封信简短而潦草,只是讨论了一下天气而已。Theo was a couple of years younger than Vincent, but he also decided to become an art dealer while Vincent was here.提奥比梵高小几岁,当梵高还在海格的时候他也想成为一名艺术品商人。They hoped one day they might work together.他们想也许某天可以一起工作。On the 17th March 1873 a rather glum Vincent wrote to Theo that he was going to be moved.然而在1873年3月17日,梵高难过的写了一封信给提奥,内容是自己将要被调走。It was another promotion, he had done so well in The Hague that he was being sent to London,he was 20.这是又一次晋升,由于梵高在海格的工作做得很好,公司将要把他调到伦敦。而那一年,梵高年仅20岁。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188166
  • Its Friday December 17th, Im Natali Morris. And its time to get loaded. Facebook went down briefly on Thursday but the site came back after the few redesigns. The site now has photo text suggestion feature, the one that weve discussed before. It also has new photo layout, and a few other graphical changes. If you dont see them, you will soon.今天是12月17日,周五,我是Natali Morris。是时候接收最新资讯了。周四,脸谱网股票小幅下跌,但主页重新设计后,脸谱网又人气飙升。脸谱网新添了我们往期讨论过的照片标签功能。此外还更新了照片布局和改变了其他图形。如果你现在还没看到,那么你不会等太久。The Apples Mac Appstore will be open for business on Thursday January 6th. This brings the iphone App store to the Mac, letting you run your apps on your computer. It will be available in 19 countries at launch.苹果公司的Mac应用商城将于1月6日周四开张。Mac应用商城将iPhone的应用带入到Mac产品中,让你通过电脑也能使用应用。Mac应用商城将在19个国家上市。Yahoo is going through a pretty significant round of layoffs. Unfortunately, this means that several Yahoo services will be shut down as a result. Daring fireball reports that the bookmarketing service delicious could be just one of many Yahoo casualties. So, where am I going to save my recipes then. I guess, Ill move them to evernote but I will shed a crocodile tear for the Delicious for what its worth.雅虎正在进行一项意义深远的裁员行动。不幸的是,裁员意味着几项雅虎务将会关闭。根据Daring fireball报道内容共享站点Delicious可能成为关闭的务之一。那我还能去哪分享我的食谱呢。我可能会存到我的Evernote,但我会为Delicious留下鳄鱼的眼泪。Meanwhile, Google is increasingly in hot water in the European Union. The EU is said to be increasing its inspection of Googles practices based on complaints from Germany. The investigation has to do with whether Google gave preferential treatment to its own services when brinking search results blocking out competitors.与此同时,谷歌的发展在欧盟陷入困难。在德国提出申诉后,欧盟国家开始检查谷歌搜索结果。检查结果将显示谷歌是否在搜索结果页上将自己的专业务排在其它公司同类务前面。Google Maps from mobile on Android has a few new good ease. First of all, they come in 3D, you can also navigate them with bounds of multi-touch gestures. And they working in off line mode, this means that the maps will cach when you lose your connection and you can still use them. You do need the connection to start the guidance but if you lose your connection along the way, the map will help you keep easy on down the road. Android users to get this features, get Googles maps from Mobile 5.0 in Android market place.安卓系统手机的谷歌地图应用有了新改进。首先,地图是3D的,可多点触摸手势感应导航。可以离线使用,这就意味着,当你失去网络连接,你仍可以使用。开启谷歌地图的时候需要网络连接,但中途断开网络,谷歌地图仍能为你指引方向。安卓用户只需从安卓商城下载谷歌地图5.0安卓版即可体验。Google is not only working to map your world, they also want to map your body. The Google body browser takes you on the tour of your own anatomy. Well, not your own anatomy obviously, but the general human anatomy, imagine if Google launched your own private anatomy out of the blue with images theyve taken with that map in track. Now that would be a privacy lawsuit worth following, you can find the body browser at bodybrowser.googlelabs.com.谷歌不仅仅提供地图导航,还提供身体导航。谷歌人体浏览器带你从解剖学角度探索自己的身体,当然不是解剖你自己,而是解剖一般人类的,想象一下如果谷歌突然发布了你导入的私人解剖图像会是什么样子。那将是个有价值的隐私诉讼案,谷歌人体浏览器可在bodybrowser.googlelabs.com下载到。An update to hotmail lets you surf the web from inside your email client. This feature is called active views, it lets you visit websites and perform functions like booking travel, ordering movies on netflicks from inside your email massages.更新后的hotmail能让你在电子邮件用户端网上冲浪,这一功能叫做active views,这一功能使你能在收件箱里访问网站,安排行程,预定电影票。And finally the official playstation app is coming soon to Android and iphone. It will let you do things like keep update with your friends, games and statuses. Find new games, replay station announcements, and post your social networks about your gaming life. The Apple will be free.最后一则消息,官方的playstation应用将登录安卓和iPhone。这款应用将持续更新朋友圈,游戏及游戏等级最新信息。应用一款新游戏,发公告,在社交网络上发布游戏的最新动向。这款应用是免费的。Those are your headlines for today and that wraps up your week of getting loaded, remember you can find links to anything we discussed at Cnet.com/loaded. Ill see you Monday, Im Natali Morris for Cnet.com and youve just been loaded. 这些就是今天的头条,本周的资讯就是真么多,登录Cnet.com可以了解更多信息。我们周一再见,我是Cnet.com的Natali Morris,感谢收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201209/201384
  • To really know what makes a great city work, you have to peel back its skin and expose its secret life force. A system of incredible complexity and technology, the millions depend on but few understand. A fantastic voyage now begins, a journey deep inside the worlds megacities-- they call it the Big Apple, the largest metropolis in America.要想真正知道什么使得一个伟大的城市工作,你必须拨开附着在上面的云雾,探寻其内部奥秘。一个系统的复杂性和难以置信的技术, 数百万人依靠,但却很少有人知道。一次深入世界深处的神秘旅程现在开始启航;;他们称它为大苹果,这是美国的大都市。Eight million people scatter across five boroughs, each a city in itself. The core of the Big Apple, the bustling borough of Manhattan. Like no place on earth, New York is famed for its pace, yet life here would slow to a crawl without one vital piece of infrastructure, perhaps the most famous transportation system in the world;;the New York Subway.八百万人分散在这个城市的五个行政区。大苹果的核心是熙熙攘攘的曼哈顿。像地球上的任何地方,纽约以自己的快节奏步伐著称,但这里的生活如果没有一个关键的基础设施将会慢如蜗牛,也许在整个世界最著名的运输系统就是;;纽约地铁。Its the engine to drive this megacity. Seventy five percent of New Yorkers have no car, they dont need one, New York has the best transit system in America, yet the subway is a system under siege. Daily it faces a triple threat, from man, from nature and from time. Count the perils and mind reels. Two thirds of the subway runs under ground, under roads ,under rivers, under skyscrapers, the system truly carries the weight of the city on its shoulders-billions of tons of concrete and steel, asphalt and earth all bearing down. Millions of liters of water threatening to flood in. 100-year-old network struggling to keep up and the most ominous number of all, 9-11. In these dark shadows, the specter of terrorism is no illusion; its a nightmare, New York survived, and struggles daily to never relive.这是驱动这个大都市的引擎。百分之七十五的纽约市民没有汽车,他们根本不需要,纽约有着美国最好的交通系统,但是地铁是一种遭到恶评的系统。每天都面临着一个三重威胁,从人来的,从自然及时间的。三分之二的地铁是在地面下,道路下,河流下,天大楼下。地铁系统真正在肩上扛起了这个城市数十亿吨的混凝土和钢筋、沥青及所有的土壤。数百万公升的洪水涌入。100岁的网络系统疲于应付,最坏的号码就是9-11。在这些挥之不去的阴影中,恐怖主义的幽灵没有幻影;它是一个噩梦。纽约存活了下来,在自己的日常生活中无休止的挣扎着。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170598
  • Its Friday August 13th, Im Mark Licea, and its time to get loaded.The big Google feature that the company announced yesterday is something called voice actions. This will let you make phone calls, send reminder emails, search for directions and music and even set your alarm. You will need the voice search app now in Android market and it requires Android 2.2. Another feature announced is Chrome-to-phone now available for all Froyo users. This lets you click on a new icon in your browser and send links to your Android device.今天是8月13日,周五。我是Mark Licea,是时间收听我们的最新资讯了。谷歌昨日宣布推出声音遥控功能。通过声音,你将能够拨打电话,发送邮件,查看地图,搜索音乐,甚至是设定闹钟。你需要做的就是配备Android 2.2系统,并在下载相关的应用程序。另外,谷歌手机版浏览器对所有Froyo用户可用,通过它你可以将链接轻松发送到你的其他Android系统电子设备上,你要做的只是轻轻点击浏览器上的一个按钮。Anyone interested in first-person shooters will be excited for this. Irrational Games announced a follow-up to the very popular BioShock franchise with BioShock Infinite. The game looks very different from the original BioShock atmosphere and takes place in a floating city called Columbia. I dont want to give out spoilers but the game is slated to come out in 2012.所有喜欢射击游戏的玩家有福了。Irrational Games公司宣布将制作《生化奇兵》续集。这款游戏在背景上将与前作有很大差别,故事设定发生在一座名叫Columbia的悬浮城市。我并不想剧透,所以我只能说这款游戏预计于2012年发售。And you can now tweet an article without leaving the actual article page. Twitters launching a Tweet button that triggers a pop-up with a shortened url to share with others. Right at the gate sites like Youtube, time.com, Hulu, USA today and CNN are using the Tweet button.现在,发一条微不用再粘贴全部的链接地址了。现在发微放入全部链接,会自动显示缩短网址。现在Youtube,time.com,Hulu,USA today和CNN等都已经应用这项技术了。Internet explorer 9 will have their Beta version out on September 15th. The Beta will work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 but no XP. And users will swap out their current IE for the new version. Features include HTML5 support and improved java script engine and the ability to use your computers graphic chip to speed up text and image rendering.IE浏览器9将于9月15日推出测试版。这款测试版只能在Vista,Windows 7环境中运行,而不能应用于Windows XP。而用户必须替换掉原来的版本的IE浏览器才能使用该测试版。这版的IE浏览器应用HTML5,可运行java脚本引擎,并能够应用电脑的绘图芯片加速文本和图片的解码。And ASUS is launching a slew of tablets, the grayscale e-tablet is more of a Kindle competitor with an 8-inch screen. It will launch in October for 300 dollars. The company is also ying the 10-inch EEE pad EP101 TC in March, and it will go for 399 dollars and run Android. And then the EP121 will have 12-inch screen, run Windows 7 and use a special docking station that can turn the tablet into a laptop. Its said to have a price tag close to 1,000 dollars and its scheduled to ship in December or January.华硕公司发售了一系列平板电脑,其中grayscale e-tablet是一款8英寸屏幕的平板电脑,是Kindle的有力竞争对手,grayscale将于10月发售,售价为300美元。明年3月,华硕还将推出10英寸的EEE pad EP101 TC,这款平板电脑将运行Android系统,售价为399美元。在这之后是12英寸的EP121,采用Windows 7系统。特殊架能使它变身笔记本电脑。据说这款电脑将售价1千美元,预计于12月或1月上市。Those are your headlines for today. Im Mark Licea with cnet.com. And youve just been loaded.这些就是今天的头条。我是cnet.com的Mark Licea。感谢您的收看。Cnet.com live is the place to find your favorite Cnet tech shows. From hottest gadgets, to the latest tech news, we stream alive, 5 days a week, at Cnet.com/live.登录Cnet.com就可以观看你最喜欢的节目。不管是最热的电子配件,还是最新的科技新闻,我们都将及时为您报道,一周5期,精尽在Cnet.com。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/189757
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