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南昌大学附属第一医院治疗腋臭多少钱九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县做韩式开眼角哪家好南昌/腋臭手术 (All right. Let#39;s do CPR to her.)(好的,我们来给她做心肺复苏。)In the real world, it#39;s just a dummy torso for practicing CPR, but in the VR world, it#39;s a patient named Ann.在现实世界中,这只是一个用于练习心肺复苏的模拟人。但是在虚拟现实世界中,这是一个名叫安的病人。(Well done. Ann is now saved.)(做得好,安现在得救了。)It#39;s just one of the advances virtual reality can bring to the health care field.这只是虚拟现实可以带给医疗保健领域的进步之一。;There#39;re so many ways that VR can be used, not just for training in education,“VR的用途很广,不仅仅用于教育方面的培训,but they actually help treat patients so to reduce pain or to get people who are confined to one location because they#39;re sick,实际上也可以帮助减轻患者疼痛,或者让因为生病inexperienced to socialize with the outside world or to help elderly people experience things that they no longer can.或帮助缺乏社交经验而受限于一个地点的人去往另一个地方,或帮助老年人经历他们不能再做的事情。So I think VR has so many great applications in health care and we#39;re just only scratching the surface of the potential.;所以我认为VR在医疗保健方面有相当广泛的很棒的用途,我们现在只开发了冰山一角而已。”This sequence allows people to see through the eyes of a patient with macular degeneration, a condition that affects both sight and hearing.该序列允许人们以患有黄斑变性的患者的视角来观察世界,黄斑变性影响人们的视力和听觉。This program attempts to illustrate what the dementia looks in fields like.这个项目试图说明痴呆症在一些领域的症状表现。;Dementia is a difficult condition for people to get there, to get their heads run.“患有痴呆症的人很难开动脑筋。There#39;re lots of mist conceptions that surround dementia.有关痴呆症一词,人们的概念都很模糊。So in order to raise our awareness and challenge those once mist conceptions,所以为了提高我们的意识和挑战那些一度很模糊不清的认识,我们开发了虚拟现实的体验,we developed virtual reality experience to try to put people in the shoes of someone who is living with dementia旨在让人们体会痴呆症患者的感受,and try to show them how everyday life can be more challenging并向他们展示日常生活会因此更具挑战性,and just how some of the symptoms of dementia can affect the way that they go about every lives.;以及痴呆症症状如何影响他们每一天的生活。”;So you (are) now in the Afghan world village, so you now can look around a little bit, you are on little bridge.;“所以你现在在阿富汗的一个村庄,你现在可以朝四周看看。你在一座小桥上。”VR can also give psychologists a new tool to help their patients work through issues like PTSD.VR还可以为心理学家提供一种新的工具,来帮助他们的病人面对像“创伤后应激障碍”这样的问题。;What we do is in addition to just closing your eyes and thinking about it,“我们所做的事情除了让病人闭上眼睛思考,we give patients a way to see some of their experiences, to hear some of their experiences.同时还给患者提供一种方式,让他们看到自己的经历,听自己讲述这些经历。And it#39;s something that the condition can use as additional tool as part of the overall treatment.;而且这可以用作补充工具,作为整体治疗的一部分。”Researchers who are trying to incorporate these technologies into medical practice say they#39;re just getting started.努力将这些技术纳入医疗实践的研究人员表示,他们的研究才刚刚开始。;So here we have the construction of the heart valve,“所以在这里我们在组织培育心脏瓣膜,on close then we can go many other areas and start to look how cancer itself interact for example.然后我们接下来可以研究许多其他领域,并开始看看癌症如何对人体产生影响。You know, conditions that, you know, on the surface we don#39;t see.;你知道,一些情况,表面上我们看不到。”The VR hospital just ended its running in London, but the melting in VR and medicine is just beginning.伦敦的一家VR医院刚刚结束试运行阶段,但VR和医药的结合之路才刚刚开始。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/512648TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463932南昌市第五医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县治疗胎记多少钱原味人文风情:Today, we are presenting you a on an unusual topic. Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant. Just imagine the results. Now we are going to tell you what is going to happen after we are gone.今天,我们要为你展示一部主题不太寻常的影片。想象所有人类突然从这星球上消失。原因不重要。只要想象一下结果。现在我们要来告诉你在我们离开后会发生什么事。Your Mind Is My Warehouse你的脑袋就是我的仓库Several hours after humanity disappears, lights all around the world will start to shut down. Since most power stations work on fossil fuel, without people, there won#39;t be anybody to charge them, so they will stop. Forty-eight hours after registering a sudden drop in energy consumption, nuclear power plants will switch to safety mode. Windmills will keep working until the lubricant runs out. Solar panels will also eventually become useless due to dust deposits. Nearly every region—except for the ones supplied by hydroelectric power stations—will have their power cut off. On the west of the ed States, the generators of Hoover Dam are activated by the water flow from Lake Mead. Thus, it can be left unattended for several months or even years.在人类消失后几个小时,全世界的灯光会开始熄灭。由于多数发电站靠化石燃料运作,没有人类,就不会有任何人替它们添补燃料,所以它们会停摆。在发现能源消耗量骤降四十八小时后,核能发电厂会切换成安全模式。风车会继续运转到润滑剂耗尽为止。太阳能板最终也会因为灰尘堆积变得毫无用处。几乎每个地区--除了那些由水力发电站供电的地方--都会断电。在美国西部,胡佛水坝的发电机是由来自米德湖的水流引动的。因此,它可以不受人看管地被放置好几个月或甚至好几年。Two or three days after we vanish from the planet, most metros in the world are going to be flooded because the pumps that protect them from the underground waters won#39;t work without people. After 10 days, pets locked at home will start dying of starvation and dehydration. Billions of chickens and millions of cows, as well as other farm animals, will be dead. Those who managed to make their way out will enter a ruthless fight for survival. In the brutal world of real wildlife, there won#39;t be a niche for decorative cats and dog breeds, and they will be the first to die out. Bulldogs#39; short legs and terriers#39; small jaws are going to become their main—and quite likely—deadly disadvantages. A few weeks later, there won#39;t be any small dog breeds left anymore. Big dogs will gather in packs and hunt down smaller breeds, as well as other animals.我们从这星球上消失后二至三天,世界上大多数地铁将会被淹没,因为保护它们不被地下水淹没的帮浦若没有人类就不会运作。十天后,被锁在家的宠物将开始因饥饿和脱水死去。数十亿的鸡和数百万的牛只,以及其他农庄动物们,将会死亡。那些设法找寻出路的动物将加入无情的生存之战。在真实野生生物的残酷世界中,不会有给装饰性品种的猫犬生存的空间,而且牠们会是最先灭绝的。斗牛犬的短腿和小型猎犬的短小下颚将满可能会成为牠们最主要的致命不利条件。几个星期后,将不会有任何品种的小型犬留下。大型犬会成群聚集并追捕较小的品种,还有其他动物。About a month after we disappear, all cooling water on nuclear power stations will have evaporated. This will lead to a series of explosions much stronger than the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters. Millions of animals will die of cancer. But overall, the planet will recover from the radioactive contamination rather fast and easily.在我们消失后大约一个月,所有核能发电厂的冷却水都将挥发。这将导致一连串比福岛和车诺比灾难更剧烈的爆炸。数以百万计的动物将死于癌症。但总地来说,这星球会相当快速且容易地从放射性污染中复原。One year after people disappear, strange stars will start to fall from the sky. During our space history, we took dozens of thousands of objects to the earth#39;s orbit. The highest satellites will fall after many years. After 25 years, three quarters or all squares and sidewalks will be covered with vegetation. Where there are plants, there are herbivorous animals. And where there is prey, there is always a predator. The surviving dogs will cross with the wolves that come to the former cities.人类消失一年后,奇怪的星体将开始从天而降。在我们的太空历史期间,我们将无数物体带到地球的运行轨道。最高的人造卫星会在多年后坠落。二十五年后,四分之三或全部的广场和人行道将会覆满植物。有植物的地方,就有草食性动物。而有猎物的地方,总是有个掠食者。存活下来的儿会与来到旧城市的狼群竞争。Without us, the air will become much cleaner. In some cities, the visibility range will become several times longer. Cities like Dubai and Las Vegas will be buried in sand. The desert will take what belongs to it; so will all of nature. After 300 years, metal constructions such as the Eiffel Tower or steel bridges will start to break, since, for all these years, there won#39;t be anybody around to paint and protect from corrosion. Steel rods in armed concrete will bloat up to three times of their initial thickness, and the last tall buildings will go down.没有我们,空气会变得更加干净。在一些城市,能见度的范围会变远好几倍。杜拜和拉斯韦加斯那些城市会被掩埋在沙中。沙漠会拿回属于它的东西;所有大自然也会如此。三百年后,像艾菲尔铁塔或铁桥那样的金属建筑物会开始崩坏,因为这些年来,周遭不会有任何人粉刷并防止锈蚀。混凝土中的钢筋会膨胀到最初的三倍粗,而最后高楼们会倒塌。Vast swamps which formerly occupied America will reappear, and hundreds of bird and animal species will return to their unfairly taken home. Large marine animals will also be very glad not to see us. In the absence of humans, whales will thrive and reproduce to the maximum of the ocean#39;s capacity to feed them.从前占据美国的广阔沼泽们会重新出现,且数以百计的禽兽物种会返回牠们被不当夺走的家园。大型海洋生物也会很高兴不再见到我们。在人类缺席下,鲸鱼会兴旺成长并大量繁衍至海洋的最大承载量。This is how modern cities will look after 500 years without people. After 10,000 years, the only reminiscence that people were here someday will be the remains of a few stone constructions, among which the pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China. Mount Rushmore National Memorial will be there almost intact for several hundreds of thousands of years. In 50 million years, plastic bottles and pieces of broken glass will be the last traces of our civilization. In another 50 million years, they will be gone as well.这是现代都市在人类消失五百年后的样子。一万年后,人类曾在这里的唯一回忆仅会是一些石头建筑物的残留,其中有埃及的金字塔和中国的万里长城。拉什穆尔山国家纪念公园会几乎完整无缺地在原处数十万年。五千万年后,塑料瓶和玻璃碎片将会成为我们文明的最后痕迹。再过五千万年,它们同样也会消失。As you can see, our planet is quite sturdy and can get rid of all of our trash. If, after 300 million years or later, there will be a new rational species, they might not even notice there was a civilization before. So, our planet can perfectly do without us—but we can#39;t without her. Save the planet.如你所见,我们的星球挺经久耐用,而且可以除去我们所有的垃圾。 如果,在三亿年或更久之后,出现一个新的理性物种,他们甚至可能不会注意到过去曾有过一个文明世界。所以,我们的星球没有我们也能完好地生存--但我们没有她不行。救救这星球吧。 Article/201704/502031景德镇市昌江区珠山区开眼角手术要多少钱 A company at Niagara Falls has begun work on one of the most ambitious construction projects ever undertaken.一家位于尼亚加拉大瀑布的公司开始了一项无比巨大的建设项目The world#39;s largest power plant is being built.世界最大的发电厂正在开建And 1,300 men are digging a massive tunnel 2.5 miles into bedrock.1300人正在挖掘一条巨大的隧道 深入岩床2.5英里Once complete, the raw power of the falls will generate a mind boggling 120,000 horse power.一经建成 瀑布的原始力量将产生难以置信的12万马力电能More than all the electricity being produced throughout the country combined.这比全国发电量的总和还要多Niagara is a watershed in the history of the electric industry.尼亚加拉大瀑布是电力工业史的分水岭It shows that it is not only feasible but practical to transmit electricity over distance.它显示出电力不但可行 还能长距离运输The Niagara power station will be capable of generating enough electricity to light the entire Northeast.尼亚加拉发电站所发电量将能点亮整个东北部To take such a incredibly famous place that#39;s got this extraordinary water power and harness it to electricity was going to make the case to the world that this was something you could do everywhere.找到如此著名的地方 利用它丰富的水力资源 驾驭它来进行发电 这是向全世界昭示这是任何地方都可以做到的But the Niagara Power Company hasn#39;t yet decided who will power the generators......Morgan and Edison#39;s D.C. or Tesla#39;s A.C.但是尼亚加拉电力公司还没决定用谁的发电机 是根和爱迪生的直流电 还是特斯拉的交流电 Article/201606/447039南昌市第三医院做丰胸手术多少钱

南昌/94医院治疗痘坑多少钱 This isn#39;t a military deployment.这并非军事部署。It#39;s a medical deployment.而是一次医疗行动。These doctors are heading out on a 50-day-trip to some of the remote parts of Russia to provide basic medical care.这些医生即将出发,前往俄罗斯的一些偏远地区,以提供基本的医疗务,这次行动为期50天。;I know exactly how people live in the places where we are sailing to.“我清楚地知道在我们将要到达的地方,人们过着怎样的生活。We have 39 settlements and know what situation is there (and) what transport accessibility is there. As a doctor and as a person,我们将在沿途39个地点停留提供医疗务,也会了解那里的情况及其运输条件。作为一个医生,作为一个人,I really realize that this is the only way we can provide them with specialist medical care.我真的意识到,这是我们为他们提供专业医疗务的唯一方式。Because even if a person from those areas gets to ask, there is no guarantee that somebody medic is waiting for them.;因为即使这些地区的人要看病问诊,当地也不能保有医护人员为他们提供帮助。”Doctors are not just providing basic medical check-ups, the ship comes with some sophisticated medical equipment.医生不仅提供常规的体检,船上还配备了一些先进的医疗设备。;We try to be most autonomous.“我们希望有更多的自动化设备。We bring ultrasound, our own lab.我们带来了超声波治疗仪,我们自己的暗室。Last year they managed to bring even an extra machine.;去年,他们还设法多带来一台机器。”When the doctors arrive, there are inevitably long lines and long wait.当医生到达时,不可避免地,人们会排长长的队等待。But it is all free from eye exams to ultrasound to medicine.但是,视力检查、超声波检查以及药物都是免费的。;Oh, we eagerly await the doctors because we have problems here.“哦,我们非常盼望医生们的到来,因为我们面临着问题。In our clinic, there is one medic only, no other specialists actually.;在我们的诊所里,只有一名医生,没有其他的专家。”The medical boat costs about 200,000 dollars a year to maintain.医疗船每年花费大约20万美元用以维修保养。But it#39;s changed the lives of the people who live in this remote area of Russia.但它改变了居住在俄罗斯偏远地区的人民的生活。;My husband has got diabetes, hypertension and he broke his leg.“我的丈夫患有糖尿病和高血压,腿又骨折了。He uses a lot of medicines, plenty.他需要使用大量药物。Somewhere the medicines are prescribed for free.有些地方的药物是免费提供的。So either the specialists come here or we go to a town.;所以要么专家到这里来,要么我们去镇子上。”The doctors who work on the boat get paid well.在船上工作的医生享受很不错的待遇。But many say they do it for the help they provide as well as a sense of adventure.但是他们当中的很多人说,自己做这项工作,不仅为了能为别人提供帮助,也是为了寻求一种冒险的感觉。;We work probably in the most unique place on the planet.“我们工作的地方可能是地球上最独特的地方。The Great Vasyugan Swamps, which are the lungs of the planet.例如瓦休甘沼泽,被视作“地球之肺”。That#39;s the endless and wide area with its own nature and people living here.这片地区广袤无垠,拥有原始的自然景观,有人们在这里居住。The population density here is so low that you are more likely to meet a bear rather than a human.;不过这里的人口密度相当低,所以更多时候你会遇到一只熊,却很少见到人的踪迹。”This team will travel about 4,000 kilometers during this trip and most say they#39;ll sign up again next year.该团队将在这次旅途中历经约4000公里,大多数人说他们明年还会再报名参加。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/513942九江祛痣多少钱南昌/哪里激光去雀斑好



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