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小学英语作文:我们学校的变化 --9 :19: 来源: The Changes in Our School 我校的变化  I have been in this school five years. In the past five years, quite a few changes have taken place here. On one side of the road, there is a new classroom building. On the other side, where was the playground three years ago, but now stands another new building-our library. The playground is now in the front of the school. We have also planted many trees in and around our school. I think our school is much more beautiful than bee.  我们在这所学校学习已经五年了近五年来,这里发生了好多变化在路的一边是新的教学楼,在另一边,三年前是操场,现在矗立着另一座新楼-我们的图书馆操场现在位于学校的前面我们还在校内和校周围钟了许多树我觉得我们学校比以前漂亮多了。

My New Flat 我的新宅 -- ::3 来源: My New Flat 我的新宅  My family moved into a new flat last winter. We are very happy to live here.  Our new flat is in a high building near Beidajie Street. We can take a lift to go up and down. There are four rooms in our flat, and mine is big and bright. I often study at the desk in the evening, my father is busy with his writing in the study, and my mother watches TV in the sitting room. When I feel tired, I like to stand by the window and enjoy the night sights outside.  去年冬天,我家搬进了一套新房住在这里我们很开心  我们的新家在北大街附近的一座高楼里我们可以乘电梯上下楼家里有四个房间,我的房间又大又亮堂晚上我在书桌旁学习,爸爸在书房忙于写作,而我妈妈在客厅看电视当我疲倦了,我喜欢站在窗户旁边欣赏外面的夜景。

怎样成为一个三好学生(How to become a model student) -- ::1 来源: 怎样成为一个三好学生(How to become a model student)i want to be a model student. what shall i do?i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors. i should throw rubbish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library. i shouldn’t walk and run on the grass. i shouldn’t throw rubbish on the floor. i shouldn’t run in the corridors. i shouldn’t fight. i shouldn’t be noisy in the library.how about you?。

温州的天气(The weather of WenZhou) -- :53:01 来源: 温州的天气(The weather of WenZhou)  wenzhou is my hometown.it's a nice city.the weather of wenzhou is fine.in spring,it's warm.in summer,it isn't very hot.  in autumn,it's cool.in winter,it isn't very cold.i like the weather of wenzhou.。

My Classmate Qiangqiang 我的同学强强 --9 :7:5 来源: My Classmate Qiangqiang 我的同学强强  Qiangqiang is my classmate. He is nine years old. He doesn't study hard. He talks a lot in class, so the teacher is often angry with him. He doesn't like to do his homework, but he likes sports. He plays football very well. In fact, he is the best player in our class.  Qiangqiang's father has a clock, and it is very nice. It sings in the morning to wake up Qiangqiang. "What sings in the clock?" One day he wondered. So he opened the clock and took it to parts. But he couldn't put the parts back.  强强是我班同学,他9岁了他学习不用功,上课总说话,所以老师经常对他发火他不喜欢做作业,可是他喜欢运动他足球踢得好,实际上他在我班踢的最好  强强的爸爸有一个钟,很漂亮它早晨唱歌把强强叫醒“是什么东西在钟里唱歌?”有一天他想弄明白于是他打开钟,把它拆了,可是却不回去了。

职场口语对话:办公室里也能练瑜伽?-- :7:36   Harry Smith: Working at a desk all day can leave you achy and stressed, but yoga can help you deal with that and you don’t even have to get out of your chair. Kristin McGee is a celebrity trainer and Fila’s Yoga Ambassador. Good morning.  哈里·史密斯:坐在办公桌前工作一整天会让你的身体感到酸痛、紧张,但瑜伽可以让你甚至不用离开座位就能得到缓解克里斯汀·麦吉是明星教练兼运动品牌斐乐的瑜伽大使早上好  Kristin McGee: Good morning.  Harry: Tell me some things I can do while I’m at my desk to help relieve my stress and help me feel better.  Kristin: OK, well the first thing I wanna show you is Eagle Arms. So swing your arms out to the sides like an eagle…  Harry: Now, I haven’t warmed up…  克里斯汀·麦吉:早上好  哈里:告诉我一些坐在办公桌前能做的缓解肌肉紧张、使我感觉更加良好的瑜伽动作  克里斯汀:好的,嗯,我要教你的第一个瑜伽动作是“老鹰展翅”,双臂像鹰一样向两边伸展……  哈里:我还没有热身呢……   Kristin: No, you can do this completely, yep, right out of the…OK, take your arm, one on top of the other, good Harry!Now cross at the elbows and tryand press the palms, you can  even just take the back of the hands together, so there’s that tension in the shoulders. You feel that as you lift your elbows,breathe into the upper back…  Harry: Oh, OK.That’s really good.  Kristin: ...works the scapula and then you can do the opposite arm, and you know, we’re on the computer and the Blackberries all day long. Now it’s good the wrists. This is another great one – the Mountain Pose. Now drop the shoulders down away from the ears. Yes, breathe through the nose. That relieves the tension in your neck, your shoulders…very nice. And you can hold this just like you’re doing, three to five breaths, is a great detoxifying…you do a big twist around like this…if you feel like you ate too much  克里斯汀:不用,你完全不用热身就可以做到位,展开双臂……好的,一只手臂放在另一只手臂上,做得对,哈里!双臂在肘部交叉,试着将手掌相贴,你甚至可以做到将手背相贴,你会感到肩部肌肉绷紧了当你抬起手肘,吸气到上背部时你会感觉……  哈里:噢,是的感觉真的很棒  克里斯汀:……这个动作可以锻炼肩胛骨,然后你可以换另一只胳膊你知道,人们一整天都对着电脑和手机,这个动作对手腕很好这是另一个非常好的动作—“山式”( 坐直,双臂举过头顶,十指紧扣,掌心朝向天花板) 肩部向下放,远离耳朵,好的,用鼻子呼吸这个动作能缓解脖子和肩膀的压力……非常好保持这个动作呼吸三到五次,然后伸展双臂,接下来是有益的“旋转动作”如果你喝了太多酒,这个动作是一个很棒的排毒运动……像这样做一个大的旋转( 胸部和腹部向一边转)……如果你觉得某天晚上吃得太多了,可以做这个动作   Harry: Am I going the right way?  Kristin: Yes, beautiful! One hand to the knee and then take your opposite hand back to the chair…  Harry: Oh, wow.  Kristin: …or to the desk,wonderful! You can always make sure you go to both sides, so that you stay even.  Harry: Wow, that is really good.Kristin: Now Th the Needle.You take one ankle over the  knee, and it’s just like thing the needle. You take your hands through and you try and catch the bottom. You could bend ward this way if you want to stretch your hips.And that’s good the lower back because when the hips get tight they pull on the lower back.  Harry: That is really working.  Kristin: Isn’t that wonderful?  Harry: Alright, show us the one that I know I can’t do.  Kristin: The last…OK…so this isScale Pose. This is good your lower abdominals.  Harry: Right.  Kristin: You could start by just lifting…  哈里:我做得对吗?  克里斯汀:是的,非常棒!一只手放在膝盖上,另一只手向后放在椅子上……  哈里:噢,哇  克里斯汀:……或者放在办公桌上,很好!一定要两边都转,这样才能保持均衡  哈里:哇,真的很棒  克里斯汀:现在我们来做“穿针引线”将一只脚踝放在另一条腿的膝盖上,然后就像穿针引线一样,双手穿过去抱住膝盖如果你想拉伸臀部,那么你可以像这样向前俯身这个动作对下背部很好,因为当臀部收紧时,它们会拉动下背部  哈里:真的很有用  克里斯汀:很棒吧?  哈里:好的,向我们演示一下那个我知道自己做不了的动作吧  克里斯汀:最后一个动作……好……最后一个动作是“天平式”这个动作有利于你的下腹部  哈里:嗯  克里斯汀:你只要一开始将整个身体从椅子上撑起来……  哈里:我相信我肯定做不了!  Harry: I’m sure I can’t!  Kristin: First of all, you can lift just your seat.  Harry: Alright, that I can do!  Kristin: Now you can try lifting just your legs.  Harry: Maybe not. Alright  Kristin, thank you so much.  Kristin: Thank you!  Harry: That was really helpful.  克里斯汀:首先,你的屁股先离开  椅子  哈里:好的,那个我可以做到!  克里斯汀:现在,你可以试着将双腿抬起来  哈里:我可能做不到好的,克里斯汀,非常感谢你  克里斯汀:谢谢!  哈里:这些真的非常有用。

旅行游记:澳大利亚大冒险 -- 1:9: 来源: 旅行游记:澳大利亚大冒险There are many ways to explore Australia, but a spirit of adventure will take you to places and vista points unfamiliar to most who toe the tourist line, Raymond Zhou discovers.You can see more sights with a package tour, but you'll be rewarded with a more ungettable experience if you get more adventurous. When I visited Sydney the first time, I did what tourists are supposed to do: I bought a ticket A My Cla,My Cla范文 --19 :19:1 来源: My Class 英语作文网收集整理 题目:My :Class 素材:语文老师:Miss Gu 英语老师:Miss feng 数学老师Miss Li两扇门 6扇窗 38个学生 38个课桌椅 要求:不少于句,要围绕学校的物品来讲不能偏题My class I'm a student.There are 38 desks and chairs in my classroom. And there are 6 windows on the wall. 38 students are in my class.My chinese teacher is Miss Gu ,my English teacher is Miss Feng and my math teacher is Miss Li.I like my class very much .Welcome to my class. I study in class ?and I feel very happy.there are 38 students and desks in my class.my chinese teacher,Miss gu,english teacher,miss feng and maths teacher,miss li,are all very friendly.I like them very much,and I like my class. My Class 英语作文网收集整理 () and boarded a double-decker bus.I love the hop-on, hop-off convenience and do that ritual in almost every eign city the first time I visit.The bus took me to Bondi Beach where gorgeous people lie in the sun. The route also goes through some of the residential areas of the fabulous, an approximate equivalent of the special tour of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.A cruise around Sydney Harbor is probably on every tourist's schedule, and offers lots of photo opporties.What I didn't expect was to climb on top of the bridge. I thought I was simply going to walk along the pedestrian path.But no, that would be like walking on any bridge. BridgeClimb is designed in a similar spirit as a climb on the Great Wall. As an enticement you see photos of celebrities flashing smiles and you get a certificate proving your feat.Who can resist that? Well, my traveling companion who's afraid of heights, could.There were members in my expedition team, a ragtag group from various cities in China.We were assigned a Chinese-speaking guide, a young woman who had emigrated from Guangdong. She was petite and perky, which eased anxiety among the rest of us. If she can sprint up those stairs, through some of which you can see the dark blue water below, shouldn't we be assured the climb is fun? Dressing up the climb was a hassle. We were instructed to don all kinds of gear to prevent an impromptu sky dive or stuff falling from your pockets. Don't even think about bringing your own camera. Your guide will take photos you.What we got was a view of the surrounding area—including the iconic opera house—that was simply matchless. On other bridges, only maintenance crews are able to observe the bridge traffic and details of the structure from that angle. It's not just the height—the Sydney Tower Eye is taller—but the total exposure to the elements that adds a sense of unpredictability, albeit with safety strings attached.Sydney is great walking tours. Even though many modes of transportation are available, the best way to explore the city, especially a first-timer, is probably to walk around.In the Outback, though, walking must be carefully planned. We were advised to take three liters of water with us, but actually one bottle per person would be good enough because tour buses offer refills anytime.The longest walk I embarked on this time was King's Canyon, which lasted three and half hours, but it was early in the morning when the sun was not yet scorching.My first stop was Ayer's Rock, or Uluru in Aboriginal language.It is a sandstone mation that looks like a cleanly cut tofu. It stands 8 meters high, with a circumference of 9. kilometers. Legally you are still allowed to climb it, but your guide will do anything to talk you out of the idea, citing the number of deaths from falls and the mysterious deaths that occurred shortly after the climb. You see, the rock is sacred to the Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area, who still perm certain rituals that even our guide is not supposed to know.Anyway, the best way to marvel at this highly recognizable natural landmark of Australia is from a certain distance and at sunrise or sunset. I partook in both a dawn and a dusk tour.The first and last rays of the sun seem to wave a magic wand over the rock, changing its colors from moment to moment as the light sifts through clouds of ever-changing density and m. There's a glow that almost seems to be from another world, something lifted from scenes of a fantasy film.The day of my sunrise tour, just bee the sun peeped from the horizon, there was a drizzle—a rare event, I was told, in this dry land. As a result of the sudden moisture, two parallel rainbows leapt from behind the rock, with a third struggling to emerge from the mist.Sure, luck had something to do with it, but the magic of the location seemed to manifest pretty strongly.Kata Tjuta, or Mount Olga as it was previously known bee the name reverted to the Aboriginal term, is 5 km west of Uluru and seems to be a less distinguished cousin.But by Chinese standards, it may lend itself to more fanciful interpretation as it consists of 36 domes and covers an area of 1.67 square km. There are all kinds of animal or human shapes you can conjure, depending on where you stand to view it.There are trails that take you deep inside crevices of the domes. And, of course, the colors change with the sunlight just as with Uluru. If you're wondering what happens if the giant rock is suddenly splintered and ms a gorge, you should take a walk into King's Canyon, a couple of hours away from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.Here some of the rock walls are still pale because the iron has not had enough time to oxidize.On the Rim Walk, the initial climb up the 0-meter Heart Attack Hill and the middle descent into the Garden of Eden will send your heart palpitating with excitement.At one point, there is a half-splintered rock at the edge of the gorge which brave souls may step on and jump to see if it will break apart. (The last time a big chunk broke was some 80 years ago, according to our guide.)In my days Down Under, I spotted exactly one kangaroo—on the bus to Alice Springs. It was hopping along a fence, alone.But I twice tasted kangaroo meat. The first time it was probably overcooked, but the second time I would have mistaken it beef. I still have qualms about eating one of Australia's cutest mascots, but locals seem to be OK with it as it has been the staple of the Aboriginals millennia.Speaking of Aboriginals, Australians are very proud of this heritage.Our tour guides would use a tone of hushed reverence when mentioning it. And in downtown Alice Springs, I got up close with many of them even though we are not supposed to look them in the eye—a habit that may sound quaint to Westerners but not so to Chinese because in Chinese culture it is also a sign of aggressiveness.The vastness of Australia's Outback, plus its glaring colors, sometimes gave me the illusion that I was on another planet—an illusion broken only by the pestering of flies. Wearing a fly mask may seem like an approximation with wearing a veil an aristocratic woman, but out at the Outback the real aristocrat is Mother Nature. 旅行游记 澳大利亚。

A Diary -- :58:3 来源: A DiaryThe sixth of MayI got up early this morning. I wanted to clean my room. I opened the window and aired the room. I picked up the paper and swept the floor. Then I made the bed.I played computer games. We had lunch at :00. We had fish lunch.After lunch we went to the park. In the evening I did my homework. We had delicious food supper.Today I was very happy.。