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Brian Williams P’13, anchor and managing editor of N Nightly News, delivered the Commencement Address Under the Oaks at Elon University on May 25, 2013.201412/348055

You’ve got that right Mr. President, I am a proud Duke alumni. Just to get the energy level up here a little bit, how about you join me in the following chant that I wouldn’t mind if they could hear down on Franklin Street. Here we go... Let’s go Duke! Let’s go Duke! Let’s go Duke! Let’s go Duke! Let’s go Duke! Alright! Way to go 2014.You know, I’m a keen observer of my surroundings and you all look great. Honest to God. Normally if I’m at a commencement there’s beach balls. I’m not giving you any ideas here by the way - champagne bottles and things flying to and fro.But I really want to mention the folks in the stands around you, those who have given you the opportunity to be here today, the parents and children. We walked around the campus a bit yesterday and it’s really remarkable to be back to feel the energy and to feel the, really to feel the love that you all share for and with each other. And so for those you on the field how about we give them in the stands a round of applause.I mention I’m a keen observer of my surroundings... some of you in the back may not hear this, but I know that the folks on the stage are aware of the fact that a family of birds has moved into your architecture here. I think, I never did study birds actually when I was here. Sometimes I felt like I may have been studying birds, but it turned out to be poetry.But these particular birds appear to me to be Chapel Hill warblers, best known for whining about referees and basketball games.OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest, and I know this is probably being live streamed someplace away from here, let me tell you what I really came here to talk to you about today. First of all, nice job Jennifer. You have nothing to worry about, really impressive words and the most impressive part of it by the way was that there was obvious passion behind them. You set the bar very high here today for anyone that has the misfortune of following you and speaking.Class of 2014, as I said I really do share in your excitement and in your pride today.You at leaving and me at returning here to Duke. It probably won’t surprise you to know that as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff there are things that I’ve got to do and then there are things that I get to do. So thank you for the privilege of addressing you here today. It’s terrific to see so many international students among the student body. I trust, I hope, I expect that you formed relationships and friendships that will help us all manage an increasingly complex and in some cases dangerous world. I’m very proud of my Duke education and I often speak of how it shaped me. I’m also proud of many friendships I’ve forged through the years with your professors, with your athletes, with your coaches, on the topic of leadership. My compliments to you: the faculty, the coaches, the staff of this wonderful university as another class moves out into the world to carry the Duke brand. And students, how about you join me in a round of applause for your faculty.There’s always curious moments that happen just before you give a commencement address and I try to capture some of them. One of them happened to me last night at dinner.I was sitting... I’ve famously spoken about getting a C on an English paper that I’d labored over for six months and completely unsettled me. Somehow I thought effort was really what mattered, and output really didn’t have any part to play. But I did have a professor here who made that clear to me. So last night I’m sitting with him, I think they sat him next to me to taunt me, frankly. I was sitting next to him, I won’t name him because I didn’t ask permission to do so, but he sat there for a good bit of the evening encouraging me to write a book. And I said “Professor, you’ve gotta be kidding! I’m the guy that, when I was your student you actually asked me to please stop writing your answers and we’ll do it orally because I can’t stand the way you write.” So what goes around comes around. Now he wants me to write a book. Who knew?201504/368783

Well, welcome to the White House,everybody. And that was one of the best introductions I’ve ever had. (Applause.) So we’re so proud of Kiara for the introduction and for sharing yourstory, and you’re just so poised. And Iknow Geoff Canada is just out there all excited -- (laughter) -- and proud, andI know your mom is proud. I know she is. She should be. Kiara and the rest of these youngpeople grew up in a 97-square-block section of Harlem. It’s a place where the odds used to bestacked against them every single day, even just graduating from high schoolwas a challenge. But with the help ofsome very dedicated adults and a program called the Harlem Children’s Zone,they’re right on track to go to college. Together, students, teachers, administrators, parents, community, they’rechanging the odds in this neighborhood. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today -– changing the odds forevery American child so that no matter who they are, no matter where they areborn, they have a chance to succeed in today’s economy.Now, the good news is that,thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the American people all across thecountry over the last five years, our economy has grown stronger. Our businesses have now created more than 8million new jobs since the depths of the recession. Our manufacturing, our housing sectors arerebounding. Our energy and technologyand auto industries are booming. We’vegot to keep our economy growing. We’vegot to make sure that everybody is sharing in that growth. We’ve got to keep creating jobs, and then we’vegot to make sure that wages and benefits are such that families can rebuild alittle bit of security. We’ve got tomake sure this recovery, which is real, leaves nobody behind. And that’s going to be my focus throughoutthe year. This is going to be a year ofaction. That’s what the American peopleexpect, and they’re y and willing to pitch in and help. This is not just a job for government; thisis a job for everybody. Working people are looking forthe kind of stable, secure jobs that too often went overseas in the past coupleof decades. So next week, I’ll join companies and colleges and take action toboost high-tech manufacturing -- the kind that attracts good new jobs and helpsgrow a middle class. Business owners arey to play their part to hire more workers. So this month, I’m going to host CEOs here at the White House not once,but twice: First to lay out specificsteps we can take to help more workers earn the skills that they need for today’snew jobs; second, they’re going to announce commitments that we’re making toput more of the long-term unemployed back to work. And on January 28th, in my Stateof the Union address -- which I want all the legislators here to know I’m goingto try to keep a little shorter than usual -- (laughter) -- they’re cheeringsilently -- (laughter) -- I will mobilize the country around the nationalmission of making sure our economy offers every American who works hard a fairshot at success. Anybody in this countrywho works hard should have a fair shot at success, period. It doesn’t matter where they come from, whatregion of the country, what they look like, what their last name is -- theyshould be able to succeed.And obviously we’re coming off ofa rancorous political year, but I genuinely believe that this is not a partisanissue. Because when you talk to the American people, you know that there arepeople working in soup kitchens, and people who are mentoring, and people whoare starting small businesses and hiring their neighbors, and very rarely arethey checking are they Democrat or Republican. There’s a sense of neighborliness that’s inherent in the American people-- we just have to tap into that. And I’ve been very happy to seethat there are Republicans like Rand Paul, who’s here today, who are y toengage in this debate. That’s a goodthing. We’ve got Democratic andRepublican elected officials across the country who are y to roll up theirsleeves and get to work. And this shouldbe a challenge that unites us all.I don’t care whether the ideasare Democrat or Republican. I do carethat they work. I do care that they aresubject to evaluation, and we can see if we are using tax dollars in a certainway, if we’re starting a certain program, I want to make sure that young peoplelike Kiara are actually benefiting from them.Now, it’s one thing to say weshould help more Americans get ahead, but talk is cheap. We’ve got to actually make sure that we doit. And I will work with anybody who’swilling to lay out some concrete ideas to create jobs, help more middle-classfamilies find security in today’s economy, and offer new ladders of opportunityfor folks to climb into the middle class.And, personally, I hope we startby listening to the majority of the American people and restoring theunemployment insurance for Americans who need a little help supporting theirfamilies while they look for a new job. And I’m glad the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are workingtogether to extend that lifeline. I hopetheir colleagues in the House will join them to set this right.Today I want to talk aboutsomething very particular, a specific example of how we can make adifference. We are here with leaders whoare determined to change the odds in their communities the way these kids andtheir parents and dedicated citizens have changed the odds in Harlem. It’s now been 50 years since PresidentJohnson declared an unconditional War on Poverty in America. And that groundbreaking effort created newavenues of opportunity for generations of Americans. It strengthened our safety net for workingfamilies and seniors, Americans with disabilities and the poor, so that when wefall -- and you never know what life brings you -- we can bounce backfaster. It made us a better country anda stronger country.201501/355834

Our desktop businesses are very compatible. Both companies lead the industry in reducing cost of ownership by providing the best managed PCs. We lead the Windows NT market for desktops. And Compaq is Microsofts only lead partner for the early deployment of Windows NT 5.0 in corporate environments.我们的台式机业务实际上是彼此兼容的。两家公司均通过提供可管理性最强的电脑来降低客户的总体拥有成本,我们在这一领域都在领导着业界发展的潮流。康柏在台式机的Windows NT市场上占据领先地位。而且康柏是Microsoft在企业环境中率先采用Windows NT5.0版的唯一主要合作伙伴。That leads me to my next point - our commitment to Windows NT.这将把我们带入我的下一个话题,这就是康柏对于Windows NT的承诺。As I said earlier, Windows NT is one of the most important trends in industry standard computing. And Compaq is committed to advance Windows NT as an enterprise operating system.正如以上我所谈到的,Windows NT是工业标准计算领域中最重要的发展趋势之一。康柏有决心使Windows NT成为企业级操作系统。This is another instance where Compaq and Digital have tremendous synergies. We can now deliver the widest range of Windows NT systems and solutions in the industry - from portable computers to Digitals high-end AlphaServer systems.这一点更有力地明了康柏与DEC的共同点。现在我们可以向业界提供最广泛的Windows NT系统和解决方案,从便携式电脑到DEC的高端AlphaServer系统。Our strong partnership with Microsoft as well as our own experience deploying Windows NT throughout Compaq puts us in the best position to help customers implement NT solutions.康柏与Microsoft公司的密切合作关系,连同我们在康柏内部采用Windows NT的丰富经验,使得我们更有能力帮助客户实施NT解决方案。Through advanced technologies like clustering and ServerNet - the system area network developed by Tandem - Compaq is also improving NTs performance, reliability and scalability.通过诸如集群和Server Net(由天腾公司开发的系统域网络)的先进技术,康柏现在正在不断改进NT的性能、可靠性和可伸缩性。Compaq aly owns the performance benchmark for Windows NT systems with more than 27,000 transactions per minute.康柏创造了Windows NT系统最佳的性能表现--每分钟处理27,000次交易。By the year 2000, we expect to deliver clustered NT systems that deliver 500,000 transactions per minute.到2000年,我们预计可以推出每分钟处理500,000次交易的集群NT系统。Through Digitals AllConnect and Affinity programs and Tandems ;Best of Both Worlds; program Compaq also offers industry leading NT inoperability with Digital UNIX, OpenVMS and NSK.通过DEC公司的“All Connectand Affinity”程序以及天腾公司的“Best of Both Worlds”程序,康柏还将提供业界领先的NT与Digital UNIX、Open VMS和NSK的互操作性。This will help protect your IT investments while enabling you to take greater advantage of industry standard technology.这将有助于保护您的信息技术投资,同时使您更加充分地利用符合工业标准的技术。Finally, Compaqs new services organization has more than 2,000 Microsoft certified engineers around the globe to help customers deploy Windows NT-based solutions for the enterprise.最后一点要说的是,康柏新建立的务机构在全球拥有2,000多位经Microsoft公司认的工程师,他们可以帮助客户为企业实施基于Windows NT的解决方案。One question I often get from customers is about Compaqs commitment to Digitals 64-bit architecture, including Alpha, Digital UNIX and OpenVMS.客户经常问我这样一个问题,康柏对包括Alpha、Digital UNIX和Open VMS在内的Digital 64位体系结构有什么样的发展计划。The answer is easy. Compaq will continue to invest in this high-performance, 64-bit platform because it represents the future of computing.非常简单,康柏将继续向这种高性能64位平台投资,因为它代表着计算的未来。201311/266312

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