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10. ‘Avatar’ is the film from the director of The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens and Titanic。理由十:品质有保!《阿凡达》的导演,曾经为我们带来了《终结者》、《终结者2》、《外星人》以及《泰坦尼克号》这样的大片儿。09. Waiting for 12 long years after Titanic, it’s James Cameron second offering。理由九:十二年磨一剑。詹姆斯·卡梅隆继《泰坦尼克号》之后的又一力作。08. ‘Avatar’ is the costliest movie, 0-million, ever。理由八:看在钱儿的份上啊。《阿凡达》可是史上最烧钱的片子了,3.1亿美金呢!07. The filming of ‘Avatar’ has been done with unprecedented state-of-the-art Sony 4K Digital 3D Projectors。理由七:科学技术是第一生产力。《阿凡达》史无前例地使用了“艺术王国”索尼公司的4K数码3D技术,效果一流。06. The Fusion Camera System technology, specially designed for the film’s production, creates an inhabited Earth-sized moon of Polyphemus and never-before creatures。理由六:一起出来看上帝。特别为电影开发的Fusion摄影系统创造出了与地球等大的卫星波吕斐斯,以及见所未见的神奇生物。05. The movie has the right combination of animation, live action and performance capture。理由五:集大成之作。是动画、真人动作、真人表演的完美结合哦。04. Have you ever experienced Na’avi world in 3D. “Avatar” gives you。理由四:3D的!最爽外星纳美人世界的3D体验,尽在《阿凡达》。03. It is a nature lover’s delight。理由三:绿色环保无污染。是环保人士的最爱。02. ‘Avatar’ is the ultimate good vs. evil battle。理由二:大家都喜欢。《阿凡达》的故事情节很大众,好人和坏人之间的战斗。01. It has romance too (wink!)理由一:甜蜜蜜啊。有浪漫剧情哟 /201001/93916

As the rapid aging of Asia#39;s population creates challenges for governments and societies, new opportunities are emerging for businesses serving the needs of the elderly and their caretakers. 亚洲地区人口迅速老龄化给政府和社会带来了挑战,但同时也为企业带来了务老龄人口及其照料者的新机遇。 While population aging is a global phenomenon, the Asian-Pacific region is expected to see a particularly drastic demographic change over the next few decades. The number of elderly persons in the region-aly home to more than half of the world#39;s population aged 60 and over-is expected to triple to more than 1.2 billion by 2050, when one in four people in the region will be over 60 years old, according to the ed Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 尽管人口老龄化问题在全球普遍存在,但预计未来几十年亚太地区的人口结构改变将尤为明显。根据联合国亚太经济及社会理事会(ed Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)的数据,预计亚太地区老龄人口的数量到2050年将增长两倍,到达12亿以上,这意味着在该地区每四人中就有一人超过60岁。目前全世界超过一半的60岁以上人口居住在亚太地区。 Across Asia, large corporations and entrepreneurs in various industries are racing to come up with new products and services for the elderly, while health-care-related businesses are seeing soaring demand. Among various fields of health care for the elderly, nursing homes represent one of the fastest-growing sectors. 在整个亚洲,医疗保健相关企业面临的市场需求激增,大型企业以及各行各业的企业家都在竞相推出针对老龄人口的产品和务。在老龄人口医疗保健领域,养老院的运营是增长最快的领域之一。 In Japan, companies that previously had little to do with the issue of aging have jumped on the bandwagon. In 2005, Watami Co., which operates Japanese-style izakaya pubs serving food and drinks, entered a new business of running nursing homes. In the most recent fiscal year, the nursing business was more profitable than its izakaya business. Demand for Watami#39;s new business is robust because Japan#39;s population is the world#39;s grayest, according to a 2009 ed Nation report, with nearly 30% aged 60 or older. 在日本,原本与老龄化问题压根不沾边的企业也纷纷进军这一领域。2005年,经营提供餐饮务的日式居酒屋的和民有限公司(Watami Co.)开始涉足养老院经营这一全新业务。在刚刚过去的财年,和民的养老院业务利润超过了居酒屋业务。和民新业务的市场需求强劲,根据联合国2009年的一份报告,日本人口老龄化程度超过全球任何其他国家,将近30%的人口已经达到60岁或60岁以上。 Other parts of Asia, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, are also anticipating a surge in the percentage of elderly citizens. In China, people over the age of 60 now account for 13.3% of the country#39;s population of 1.34 billion, up from 10.3% in 2000, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, and the aging trend is expected to accelerate. 据预计,亚洲其他地区,如中国大陆、台湾、香港、韩国和新加坡的老龄人口比例也将迅速升高。根据中国国家统计局的数据,目前中国60岁以上人口占全国13.4亿人口的13.3%,相比之下,2000年的这一比例为10.3%。预计老龄化趋势还将加快。 In January, China#39;s state-run Xinhua news agency wrote about challenges facing nursing homes, saying #39;there are simply not enough nurses or beds to accommodate the country#39;s elderly population.#39; 今年1月,中国国有媒体新华社(Xinhua news agency)报道了养老院面临的各种挑战。报道说,与老龄人口的数量相比,中国的养老院和床位的数量不足。 In March, Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said at a forum in Beijing that the country needs to take more steps to cope with a rapidly aging population in the years ahead. 今年3月,国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁拉加德(Christine Lagarde)在北京的一个论坛上说,未来几年中国要采取更多措施应对人口迅速老龄化的问题。 Despite varying levels of infrastructure and support from governments, the global market for nursing and health-care services continues to expand, and expectations are rising for businesses that might meet the growing demand. 尽管各国都配备了各种层级的基础设施,各国政府也都给予了持,养老和医疗务的全球市场仍在扩大,人们越来越期待企业能满足日益增长的养老和医疗务需求。 Last month, IHH Healthcare Bhd., Asia#39;s largest hospital operator by market value, staged a strong trading debut in Malaysia and Singapore, after raising US billion in its initial public offering, the world#39;s third-largest IPO this year. 上个月,亚洲市值最高的医院运营商马来西亚综合保健控股有限公司(IHH Healthcare Bhd.)在马来西亚和新加坡上市首日即表现强劲,首次公开募股(IPO)募集资金20亿美元,成为今年全球第三大IPO。 Analysts said that population aging in Asia and the rest of the world makes IHH a good long-term investment. 分析人士说,亚洲和世界其他地区人口老龄化的趋势使马来西亚综合保健控股有限公司成为一个不错的长期投资选择。 Given the opportunities in the market for hospitals and nursing homes, some technology entrepreneurs are focusing on products and services they could sell to health-care institutions. 鉴于医院和养老院市场存在的种种机会,一些科技企业家开始专注开发能够销售给医疗保健机构的产品和务。 Kevin Wong, an engineer from Guangzhou, China, has developed a new product that he thinks will appeal to nursing homes and hospitals. His Hong-Kong based start-up, Ckicom Technology Ltd., sells a disposable adult diaper equipped with a moisture sensor and a wireless system that sends wetness alerts to nursing-home workers via personal computers and mobile phones. 来自中国广州的工程师Kevin Wong开发出一款他认为会吸引养老院和医院的新产品。他在香港的初创企业启通科技有限公司(Ckicom Technology Ltd.)销售一种一次性成人尿片,这种尿片配有湿度传感器以及一个无线系统,可以通过个人电脑和手机向养老院护工发送尿湿程度警报。 A small clip-on sensor device attached to the diaper detects moisture through special carbon ink prints on the diaper#39;s inner surface and sends the information wirelessly to PCs and mobile phones. The clip-on device isn#39;t disposable. 夹在尿片上的一个小型传感器设备通过尿片内侧特殊的碳墨印记检测尿湿程度,并通过无线方式将尿湿信息发送到电脑和手机上。传感器不是一次性设备。 Each disposable diaper costs US.20 or less, and nursing homes also need to purchase or lease the wireless system including the clip-on devices. For a nursing home with 100 beds, for example, the system would likely cost US,000 to US,000, the company said. 每块一次性尿片的成本在1.20美元或以下,养老院还需要购买或租用无线系统(包括夹在尿片上的设备)。该公司表示,对于一家拥有100个床位的养老院来说,配置这样一套系统可能要花费5,000至1万美元。 Ckicom#39;s CAREase diaper, one of the 12 finalists competing for The Wall Street Journal#39;s Asian Innovation Awards, can detect wetness at three different levels, eliminating the need for workers to repeatedly check residents#39; diapers just to see whether they need to be replaced. #39;It helps nursing homes upgrade their services,#39; Mr. Wong said. 启通科技的护理适(CAREase)尿片可以检测三种不同的尿湿程度,使护工不必反复查看被护理人员的尿片以确定是否需要更换。Kevin Wong说,这有助于养老院提升自己的务水平。启通科技的护理适尿片是入围《华尔街日报》“亚洲创新奖”(Asian Innovation Awards)的12件决赛作品之一。 Mr. Wong, 50 years old, came up with the idea of a wetness-sensing diaper for babies more than 30 years ago, during a classroom discussion at the South China Institute of Technology. He never pursued that idea and instead worked for much of the past three decades at a company that develops consumer-electronics products. 现年50岁的Kevin Wong 30多年前在华南理工大学的一次课堂讨论上萌生了发明一款尿湿感应婴儿尿片的想法。不过,当时他没有将想法付诸于实践,过去30年的大部分时间里他在一家公司开发消费电子产品。 Five years ago, one of his college classmates, who lived in the U.S., called Mr. Wong and reminded him of the moisture-sensing diaper idea, which Mr. Wong himself had forgotten about. The friend said that nursing homes for the elderly would want such a diaper. 五年前,Kevin Wong住在美国的一位大学同学给他打电话,提醒他曾经萌生的尿湿感应尿片的想法。Kevin Wong自己倒是忘了这点。这位朋友说,养老院会用得上这样一种尿片。 After conducting research for almost a year, Mr. Wong quit his job and started Ckicom in 2008 to develop the diaper in a project partially funded by the Hong Kong government. 经过了近一年的研究后,Kevin Wong辞职并于2008年创办了启通科技以研发感应尿片。该项目得到了香港政府的部分资金持。 The challenge was to create a comfortable diaper that can accurately determine wetness levels, while keeping the cost reasonable, Mr. Wong said. Kevin Wong说,我们面临的挑战是研发出一款舒适的尿片,既可以准确测定尿湿程度,同时又能保持合理的成本。 The potential market is growing, as Hong Kong expects the percentage of its population aged 65 and over to increase to 26% in 2036 from 12% in 2006, according to the Census and Statistics Department. 这一产品的潜在市场越来越大。香港政府统计处(Census and Statistics Department)的数据表明,预计65岁及以上人口在总人口中占比将从2006年的12%上升至2036年的26%。 Five nursing homes in Hong Kong are now testing the CAREase diaper, while the company#39;s Taiwanese distribution agent has recently received orders for 100,000 diapers. 香港有五家养老院正在测试护理适尿片,而该公司在台湾的分销代理机构最近接到10万块尿片的订单。 Ckicom also has set up an office in Tokyo. 启通科技还在东京设立了办事处。 The closely held company forecasts revenue of about US million in the current fiscal year through March. 这家少数人持股公司预计,在截至明年3月的当前这一财年其收入大约能达到100万美元。 While Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan are its main markets for now, the company wants eventually to expand into the U.S. and Europe as well as mainland China, Mr. Wong said. 虽然香港、台湾和日本目前是其主要市场,但Kevin Wong说该公司希望最终能将市场扩大到美国、欧洲以及中国内地。 /201208/196392

China has overtaken the US to become the world’s largest net oil importer, according to US estimates, as its steady increase in imports crosses over with the steep decline in America. 根据美国的估测,中国已超越美国成为世界上最大的石油净进口国。中国石油进口稳步增长的同时,美国石油进口正急剧下降。 The US government’s Energy Information Administration said yesterday that in September the gap between oil consumption and domestic production averaged 6.24m barrels per day in the US, and 6.3m b/d in China. 美国能源情报署(Energy Information Administration)昨天表示,9月份,美国日均石油消费量比国内日均石油产量多出624万桶,中国的这一数据则是630万桶。 Estimates from analysts vary, but the EIA said the trend was expected to continue next year. 分析师的估计数字各不相同,但美国能源情报署认为,这一趋势明年将持续下去。 David Goldwyn, a former US State Department official who is an energy consultant, said: “We’ve had a radical change in supply and demand in the US, [and] that change is long-term.” 前美国国务院(US State Department)官员、能源咨询师戴维#8226;戈尔德温(David Goldwyn)说:“美国石油供需情况发生了彻底改变,这一改变是长期性的。” The US had been the largest importer since moving ahead of Japan in the 1970s, as a result of a decline in production. 自上世纪七十年代在石油进口量方面超越日本以来,美国一直是世界最大的石油进口国,原因之一是其国内产量呈现下滑。In the past five years, however, the situation has gone into reverse, thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, which have unlocked reserves in shale rock. 但在过去五年里,得益于水力压裂和水平钻井技术的进步,页岩中储备的油气被释放出来,上述局面发生了逆转。 Booming production from shales such as the Eagle Ford of Texas and the Bakken of North Dakota has raised US output of liquid fuels more than 40 per cent since 2008 to about 12.2m b/d. The EIA expects that to reach 13.2m b/d next year. 2008年以来,德克萨斯州鹰滩(Eagle Ford)和北达科他州巴肯(Bakken)等页岩项目产量的迅猛增长,推动美国液态燃料产量增长逾40%,达到每日约1220万桶。美国能源情报署预计,明年产量将达到每日1320万桶。 US oil demand, meanwhile, has dropped about 4 per cent in five years, to about 18.7m b/d, as a result of improved fuel economy and decreased car use. 另一方面,由于燃油经济性的改善和汽车使用的减少,五年来美国的石油需求量大约下降了4%,至每日1870万桶。 During the same period oil demand in China has risen more than 40 per cent, to about 10.7m b/d. China’s oil production has also risen, but only about 10 per cent, to 4.46m b/d. 而同一时期,中国石油需求量则增长到每日1070万桶左右,增幅超过40%。中国的石油产量也有所增长,但只增长了10%左右,至每日446万桶。 Philip Verleger, energy analyst, forecast that US production would keep rising as the shale boom continued, while demand would fall further as a result of new fuel economy standards and a shift from diesel to natural gas for trucks. 能源分析师菲利普#8226;费勒格(Philip Verleger)预计,由于页岩繁荣的持续,美国的产量将继续增长;另外,由于新的燃油经济性标准以及卡车从烧柴油改为烧天然气,美国的石油需求会进一步下降。 Reductions in US oil consumption would persist even if the price fell, he said. “We are past the point where demand is recoverable.” 他认为,即使油价下跌,美国石油消费量减少的趋势也会持续下去。“我们已经过了需求可以回升的时点。” /201310/259679

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