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南昌同济医院耳部整形多少钱南昌医学整形美容做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱Books and Arts; Book Review; New fiction from Japan;文艺;书评;来自日本的新小说;Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side;嗨,去野外散个步吧;A black cat, two moons and a host of nocturnal little people populate Haruki Murakamis new novel. But has he become more conventional?在村上春树的新书里,他将一只黑猫、两轮月亮以及一群夜晚小小人拟人化。但他是否变得更保守点了呢?Haruki Murakami filches from George Orwells “Nineteen Eighty-Four” for the title of his new novel, “1Q84”, making a play on kyu, the Japanese word for nine, by transposing the letter “Q” for the number “9”. Significantly, the action also takes place over the last nine months of 1984. But it would be a mistake to conclude from this that Japans magical postmodernist has spent nearly 1,000 pages writing about a dystopian world where couples make love in an ash glade, hardly daring to speak because of the all-listening microphones in the trees. Mr Murakamis main influence here is not so much Orwell as Philip Pullman; his “1Q84” less a stairway to another world than a heave-ho into a whole new universe.村上春树的新书《1Q84》书名的灵感来自于对乔治·奥威尔( George Orwell)《1984》一书的借鉴(他把“9”改成了“Q;,而在日语里,“9”的发音与Q谐音)。此外,值得注意的是,书里故事发生的时间也是1984年最后的9个月。因此,如果错误地认为这位日本后现代魔幻大师花了近1000页的笔墨,只为描写一个情侣在野外做爱,并由于树上装有所有人都能听到的窃听器而不敢发出丝毫声音的反乌托邦世界,这就错了。但是村上春树在这里的主要影响并不像奥威尔或是菲利普·普尔曼(Philip Pullman)一样,他的《1Q84》一书与其说是通往另一个世界的阶梯,还不如说是完全逃向一个全新的世界。Sitting in a taxi on the gridlocked elevated Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo, Aomame, the skinny heroine with asymmetric breasts (her name means “green peas”), is catapulted into action when she hears Janaceks “Sinfonietta” on the radio. Her cabbie tells her she can beat the traffic by hopping out of the car and down an emergency staircase at the next exit. He warns her that things will not be the same. But it is only when Aomame notices that the policemen have swapped their holstered revolvers for bulky semi-automatic weapons that she realises she has entered a parallel universe.当身材纤瘦、两个乳房不对称的女主角青豆(Aomame,其意为“绿色的豆子”)坐在一辆出租车里,在堵得水泄不通的东京高速公路上蹒跚前行时,车里广播放着亚纳切克(Aomame)的小交响曲,此时此刻,故事开始了。出租车司机告诉青豆说她可以通过走一条附近出口的紧急通道来绕开堵车,不过,他警告说如果她这么做了,事情将会不一样了。但当青豆注意到警察们的左轮手变成了笨重半自动手时,才意识到自己进入了一个平行宇宙。This gripping beginning ensures the er falls for Aomame, forcing Mr Murakami to work extra hard on her counterpart, Tengo, who appears in alternate chapters in the book. Tengo is an unpublished novelist who keeps to himself, working as a private maths tutor in a prep school. His father was a debt-collector who rounded up licence fees for the NHK television network, dragging his son along with him on Sundays as he called on households door-to-door. Tengos beloved mother died when he was very young, and the boys earliest memory is of hearing his mother having her breasts sucked by a man who was not his father. Tengos flat-pack character fills out as the book evolves, in particular in a long passage when he visits his aged father in his nursing home and tries to talk to him about the past.这一引人入胜的开头保了读者会为青豆而倾倒,这迫使村上春树得花更大的力气去塑造他的另一个人物——天吾(Tengo),在书里,天吾的故事与青豆的故事平行进行。天吾在一所补习学校里担任数学老师,他是个孤僻的业余写手,但他的小说从没发表过。天吾的父亲是NHK公司负责上门收费的收款员,周日的时候会拉着儿子跟他一起到各家各户去收电视有线费。天吾挚爱的母亲在他很小的时候就去世了,而他最早的回忆则是听着一个不是他父亲的男人在吮吸他母亲的乳房。随着小说情节的进展,天吾原本单薄的形象逐渐丰满起来,其中有一大段他的形象特别突出,这一段描写了他去养老院探望年老的父亲,并试图与父亲谈论过去。Tengos life changes when a friend, a grumpy editor named Komatsu, persuades him to clean up a raw manuscript by a teenage girl, Eriko Fukada, called Fuka-Eri throughout. Komatsu believes that the girls autobiographical story, about being raised on a rural commune that changes into a sinister cult involved in mind games and child abuse, has all the makings of a bestseller if its style can be improved enough so that it wins a literary prize. Aomame, as might be expected from a woman who shimmies down from an overhead expressway without much concern for her stockings or her chestnut- coloured Charles Jourdan heels, turns out to be a minx on the make, a charming, ball-breaking, feminist do-gooder who likes nothing better than rounding off a days killing with an all-night bout of bisexual sex. Aomame is really a hired gun, who specialises in quietly offing wife-beaters and child rapists, a manga version of Stieg Larssons Lisbeth Salander.当天吾的朋友——性子暴躁的编辑小松(Komatsu)劝他去修改少女深田绘里子(Eriko Fukada)(文中一直叫做深绘里)小说的初稿时,天吾的生活发生了变化。深绘里这部自传体的小说描写了自己生长的村庄公社被转变成了一个邪恶的新兴宗教团,充满勾心斗角和虐待儿童。小松认为如果小说风格能得到很好修改的话,使其拿下一座文学奖,那就足以让它成为畅销书了。青豆,人们原来也许以为她是一个不顾自己还穿着丝袜和褐色佐丹高跟鞋摇摇晃晃地翻过高空中的公路的女子,事实上却是一个野心勃勃的狐狸精,一个迷人而强势的女权主义者,一个妄图替天行道者,最喜欢每天出去干净利落地杀人,然后晚上来场疯狂的通宵性爱,男女不限。青豆实际上是个职业杀手,精于无声无息地除掉那些虐待妻子或侵犯儿童的男人,简直就是史迪克·拉尔森(Stieg Larsson)笔下丽丝贝·莎兰德(Lisbeth Salander)的日本漫画版。Aomames and Tengos parallel stories begin to rub against one another long before the characters do. They both see a black cat and two moons (one shiny and normal, the other misshapen and moss-coloured); and both know about the little people who emerge periodically from the mouth of a sleeping child and disappear under the childs bed. The two heroes were once at school together and even, briefly, held hands at the age of ten. An unresolved longing to recapture that moment permeates both their lives, and the will-they-wont-they question overshadows the whole book.早在两位主角在这个反乌托邦世界里相遇之前,青豆和天吾这两条平行的故事线就开始交织在一起了。他们都看见了一只黑猫和两轮月亮(一轮形状正常,散发着光芒,另一轮却形状诡异,而且是苔藓一般的颜色);他们也都知道小小人:那些小小人会不时从睡着的小孩口中爬出来,消失在床底下。 两位主角是校友,而且,他们在十岁的时候还有过一次牵手。想要重新拾回那个瞬间的渴望无法满足,渗入了他们两人的生活,而全书充斥着他们最终能在一起吗这个问题。Herein lies the conundrum of “1Q84”. Mr Murakamis reputation as Japans greatest literary surrealist is based on a series of short stories and novels, such as “Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”, which came out in 1985, and “Norwegian Wood” two years later. His early works were intensely personal fantasies involving unhappy, virtually disembodied men and suffused with references to Western music and literature. “1Q84” is much longer, but also far more conventional.这里有个关于“1Q84”的谜题。村上春树因一系列超现实主义的短文和小小说而被誉为日本最伟大的文学大师,这些文章包括1985年出版的《世界尽头与冷酷仙境》以及1987年出版的《挪威的森林》等。他早期的作品集中于描写郁闷的游魂般的男人的个人幻想,充斥各种西方音乐和文学的参考资料。相比之下,《1Q84》篇幅要长得多,但也保守得多。Like two American writers, Jonathan Franzen and Jeffrey Eugenides, both known for their fizzy inventiveness but whose recent work is more plot-driven, Mr Murakami seems to have made a conscious move towards romantic narrative. Mr Franzens latest book asks whether the married protagonists will stay together; Mr Eugenidess which of the two main heroes will his heroine end up with (if any). It is Mr Murakamis turn, now, to cut in on the boy-girl gavotte. This has certainly proved a popular move. When the first two volumes of “1Q84” were published in Japanese in , more than 1m copies were sold in just a few weeks; the third volume followed to similar acclaim a few months later. Keeping up originality can be hard work. But Mr Murakamis new direction, like that of Mr Franzen and Mr Eugenides, is bringing him thousands of fresh ers. And that is a good thing.和两位均因创造性而闻名(但他们现在的作品更加注重阴谋)的两位美国作家乔纳森·弗兰岑(Jonathan Franzen)和杰弗里·尤金尼德斯(Jeffrey Eugenides)一样,村上春树似乎也有意描写男女之间的爱情故事。弗兰兹的新书怀疑已婚的主角们是否还会在一起;尤金尼德斯则抛出了女主角会跟两位主要男主角中的哪位在一起(如果她要跟一个人在一起的话)的问题。现在,轮到村上春树来决定男女主角之间的关系了,这显然是最近的流行趋势。年当《1Q84》的前两卷在日本出版时,几周之内就卖出了100多万本;几个月之后,第三卷也卖出了同样数目。追求原创性绝非易事,但是就如弗兰兹和尤金尼德斯一样,村上春树的新方向为他带来了成千上万的新读者。 这是件好事。 /201304/236016南昌省中医医院韩式三点多少钱 Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:I have two sons, 7 and 3, who keep me on my toes. What would be the right age to teach them how to use the kitchen?我有两个儿子,一个7岁,一个3岁,他们让我整天忙个不停。教他们如何在厨房做饭的最佳年龄是多少?My husband doesnt have any idea how to cook a meal for himself, and I dont want my boys to be so helpless. I would like to guide them, step by step, and make them independent in case Im not around someday.我的丈夫不太会为自己做饭,而我也不想让孩子们变得无助。我想要一步步指导他们,让他们独立起来,以防我不在他们身边。I know this could be enjoyable for them, but since they are so small and mischievous, I fear they might create a mess or have a serious accident. When are they old enough to use a gas stove or a kitchen knife? - Chief Cook in New York我知道这对他们来说会很好玩,但他们还很小,又淘气,所以我担心他们会把厨房弄得一团糟,或发生严重的事故。他们什么时候才能够使用煤气炉,或者菜刀?——来自纽约的大厨Dear Chief Cook:亲爱的大厨:Everyone, male or female, should know how to get around the kitchen. Your 3-year-old can set a table (without knives), fold napkins, knead dough, get out pots and pans and help you sweep. He can learn to make a sandwich. Your 7-year-old should be able to peel vegetables and, under supervision, put food in the oven and use a knife. He can learn to scramble eggs and make toast. There will be a mess, but they can help you clean it up.不论是男人还是女人都应该了解如何做饭。你3岁的儿子可以布置餐桌(除了刀具)、叠餐巾,揉面团,把锅和盘拿出来,帮你扫地。他还能学着做三明治。你7岁的儿子应该能够给蔬菜削皮,在有大人的监督下把食物放进烤箱以及使用刀具。他还能学着打蛋,烤面包。肯定会出现烂摊子,但他们能帮你清理干净。You can find lots of information and kids cookbooks at your library, bookstore and in parenting magazines and online forums. Good luck, Mom.你还能在图书馆,书店,亲子杂志以及网络论坛中发现许多适于孩子的烹饪书以及其他信息。祝您好运,妈妈。原文译文属!201307/247050南昌全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市开个眼角多少钱

南昌同济整形医院治疗痤疮多少钱So here is a question for our listeners:那么,我想问问我们的听众:If there were apotion that would allow you to stay young forever, would youtake it?如果有长生不老药,有人愿意吃吗?Thats obvious, Yael?这个问题显而易见,Who wouldnt want to recapture their youth?有谁不愿返老孩童?Im not so sure the answer is obvious.我倒不这么认为。Because the researcher has shown that the olderyou get, the calmer and happier you tend to be.研究人员已经发现人越老越平静、快乐。Wait a second, old age is hard.等等,人老了可不轻松,There is disease, loneliness, and depression.比如:疾病、孤独、抑郁。True, Im not saying that being old age is easy, but social scientists at the University of Texashave found that overall,你说得对,我并不是说人老了轻松,但是德克萨斯州大学的社会科学家发现:aging is associated more with positive, passive emotions instead ofnegative, active emotions.大体而言,老年人情绪更加乐观而被动,并非消极而主动。Passive emotions?被动情绪?Yes, emotions can be passive and active as well as positive and negative. 没错,情绪可分为主动和被动;乐观和消极。So, for example,feeling calm is a passive emotion.比如,淡定就是被动情绪,And its also usually seen as positive.也被看作是乐观情绪。Anxiety and anger, on theother hand, are clearly negative emotions.反之,焦虑和生气很显然是消极情绪。And at least in many cases theyre also active.很多时候,还是主动情绪。Can anger be passive when someone is passive aggressive?因为他人而好斗时,生气就是被动情绪吗?Sure, but the point is that in general, aging seems to make us more emotionally passive.没错,关键是随着人变老普遍的情绪会被动。And being passive seems to correlate more with positive emotions like calm and contentment.而被动情绪和很多乐观情绪相关。Its not clear why aging has this effect, but maybe its because when youre older youre no longer trying to prove yourself, no longer as anxious about getting ahead.比如平静或知足。原因不详,但可能是因为人老了,再也不会试着表现自我,也不会争先恐后。Although, to be fair, the researchers found that the richer and more educated you are, the more you experience positive emotions.公正地说,研究人员还发现越富裕和有文化的人,乐观情绪会更多。 201407/314863南昌哪纹眉比较好 南昌同济整形妙桃隆胸假体多少钱

南昌哪里整容较好Books and arts文艺Bookreview书评Civil liberties公民自由Robocops机械战警Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarisation of Americas Police Forces. By Radley Balko.《战警的崛起:美国警力军事化》RADLEY BALKOS writing has long been by people who care about civil liberties.Radley Balko长期以来撰写公民自由类的文章,对这方面感兴趣的读者一定有所耳闻。First for the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, then for his own blog, “The Agitator”, now part of the Huffington Post, he has written about criminal-justice policy, with a focus on police abuses: not corruption so much as the excesses that have become inherent in ordinary policing.他先供职于有美国自由者智囊团称号的卡托研究所,然后专心撰写自己的客“煽动者”。现在,他是赫芬顿邮报的一名记者,撰写罪犯公正政策类的文章,主要切入点为警察的虐待问题,相对于腐败来说,这个问题是一般执法中固有的问题,而且十分普遍。Mr Balko manages to avoid the clichés of both right and left, and provokes genuine outrage at the misuse of state power in its most brutal and unaccountable form.Balko成功地绕过了左派或右派的陈词滥调,激起民众对公共权力滥用的深刻愤慨。这种渎职行为是极为残酷且无法量化的。Heavily armed police raiding the homes of unarmed, non-violent suspects on the flimsiest of pretexts, and behaving more like an occupying army in hostile territory than guardians of public safety.全副武装的警察闯进手嫌疑犯的家里,这些人无缚鸡之力,仅仅是因为警方臆想的罪责就被当做凶残的恐怖分子一样。这些警察全然没有公共卫士的形象。“Rise of the Warrior Cop”, Mr Balkos interesting first book, explains what policies led to the militarisation of Americas police.Balko第一本有意思的书名为“战警的崛起”,书中介绍了什么样的政策导致了美国警察的军事化。To his credit, he focuses his outrage not on the police themselves, but on politicians and the phoney, wasteful drug war they created.他在书中表示,他并不对警察本身感到愤怒,而是对政治家和制造了无用的毒品战的骗子们感到愤怒。After the obligatory backward glances to the colonial era—in which the sort of social shaming possible only in small, homogeneous communities obviated the need for standing police forces—and the American civil war, Mr Balkos story really begins with the Supreme Courts 1963 ruling in Ker v California, which allowed the police to enter someones home without a warrant and without knocking or announcing themselves.作者必要地回顾了一下殖民地时期,在当时,战警的现象还只是存在于小而均匀的社区中,为的是消除常规警力的必要。同时,书中还回顾了美国的内战时期。而Balko真正要记叙的则是从1963年最高法院的建立开始的。当时的最高法院坐落于加州,法院允许警察不经批准进入居民家中,他们甚至不需要敲门或提前通知。That was the first in a long series of rulings that gutted the Fourth Amendments protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.这是漫长统治时期中第一个破坏第四修正案中保护无正当理由搜查和逮捕条款的做法。The social upheaval of the 1960s caught the attention of ambitious politicians and led them to focus on crime.1960年的社会动荡使得雄心勃勃的政治家们开始关心并关注犯罪。Daryl Gates, then a rising star in the Los Angeles Police Department, created Americas first SWAT team in 1965.达瑞尔盖兹,当时为洛杉矶警察局轰动一时的新星,他于1965年首创了美国第一特警队。Richard Nixon ran successfully for president on a law-and-order ticket in 1968, bolstered by a “Silent Majority” which, in Mr Balkos view, “began to see a link between drugs, crime, the counter-culture and race”.理查德?尼克松因宣扬严肃法纪,在“沉默的大多数”的持下,于1968年成功当选总统,在Balko看来,也正是那时,当权者看到了“毒品、犯罪、反文化、种族和犯罪的联系”。Ronald Reagan made Nixons drug policies tougher.罗纳德?里根上台后,继续强化尼克松的毒品政策。He dramatically increased both federal involvement in combating drugs and asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize goods and property believed to be used in crime or, more controversially, purchased with the proceeds of crime.他在抗击毒品和财产没收中大大增加了联邦的干涉权,这就允许执法能够掌握牵涉到犯罪的商品和财产,更乃至犯罪过程中获得的财物。This gave the police an incentive to find connections between property and drug activity, often at the expense of more serious crimes.这更加激励警察们去寻找财产和毒品活动之间的联系,而这样的寻找往往伴随着更多的恶性犯罪。As Mr Balko notes, “Closing a rape or murder case didnt come with a potential kickback to the police department. Knocking off a mid- or low-level drug dealer did.”正如Balko 说的,对警局来说,结束一宗强奸案或谋杀案并没有潜在利益可图,打击一起中低等的毒品交易商才是利益之源。Financial incentives also came through drug-war grants and, after the attacks of September 11th 2001, homeland-security grants that allowed police departments to buy surplus military hardware of dubious utility.资金激励的来源也正是这些毒品案,2001年9月11日的毒品案告破后,警局用获得的本土安全的奖金购买了一大堆不知道什么用的军事硬件。Fargo, North Dakota, has received m in grants to buy goodies such as an armoured truck with a rotating turret—used “mostly for show, including at the annual city picnic, where police parked it near the childrens bouncy castle”.法戈,北达科他州获得了800万美元的奖励,购买了设有旋转炮的装甲车等物品。多数被用来显摆,无论是一年一度的城市野餐还是其他地方,他们一定会停在孩子的充气城堡边。Mr Balko is adept, in “Rise of the Warrior Cop”, at finding outrageous examples of SWAT-team misuse, such as deploying heavily armed police to break up small-stakes poker games, raid fraternity parties suspected of serving alcohol to underage patrons and arrest barbers for operating without licences.Balko是个内行,在“战警的崛起”一书中找到了大量特警队滥用职权的案例。例如,他们调用全副武装的警察来取缔小赌注的扑克赛,因为怀疑慈善晚会向未成年人提供酒类而突袭晚会,以无照经营的名义逮捕理发店员。But he is too dismissive of arguments that stricter policing may have helped produce the remarkable drop in Americas crime rate.但是他严重忽视了一点,就是在这样严苛的政策下,美国的犯罪率确实有了显著下降。Thanks to his book, Americans will be more aware of the costs of those methods.也正是因为他的这本书,美国人更加注意到了这些方法带来的副作用。But they—and he—should also consider possible benefits.但是他和这些人都应该考虑到这些政策也是有所裨益的。 /201404/285513 Business商业报道German companies德国公司An unhappy business不幸的商业The new governments reforms worry German bosses新政府改革使德国企业的老板们担心不已FOR German businesses, the elections were bad enough.对于德国的商业来说,这次的选举真的糟糕透了。In September voters denied the business-friendly, small-government Free Democrats the 5% of the vote required to stay both in parliament and in the centre-right coalition government.九月份投票者拒绝了对商业友好、小政府型的需要5%投票继续在过会和右翼联盟中待下去的自由民主党员们。The election result has led to a grand coalition between Angela Merkels Christian Democratic Union, its Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union, and the leftish Social Democrats.这个选举结果引发了默克尔的基督民主联盟及它的巴伐利亚党,基督社会联盟和左倾的社会民主党的大联盟。Though the SPD finished well behind the CDU-CSU, their coalition agreement, signed at the end of November, looks to many like a wishlist for the left.尽管跟社会民主党的联合结束远远在CDU-CSU后面,他们的联合协议,11月末尾签字,看上去更像一个左派的愿望单。Business and financial leaders are barely bothering to conceal their disappointment at a new national minimum wage, increased pension payments, lower retirement ages for some workers and new pension entitlements for some stay-at-home mothers.商业和金融领导者们几乎不费劲去隐藏他们对新的全国最低工资、增加了的退休金、对某些工人更低的退休年龄和对一些在家母亲生活津贴权益的失望之情。The head of the Federation of German Industry, Ulrich Grillo, called it a wasted chance that would submit the German economy to new stress tests.德国工业联合会首领,Ulrich Grillo,称之为可能会导致德国经济面临一个新的严峻考验的机会浪费。The Cologne Institute for Economic Research has compared the agreement to a cheque without the funds to cover it.科隆经济研究所将这个协议比作为一个没有资金担保的票。Company bosses are more circumspect than leaders of industry bodies about criticising Mrs Merkel publicly. But they too are wary.公司老板们比工业团体领导人们在公开批评默克尔女士上更加的谨慎。但是他们太小心翼翼了。One German chief executive complains that the chancellor ignored structural reform when she had a business-friendly partner in the Free Democrats, and frets that she can hardly be expected to find new courage with the SPD.一个德国首席执行官抱怨道当她在自由民主党人中有一个对商业友好的伙伴,总理可能会忽略结构性改革,并且他担心道可能很难期待她在SPD的伴随下找到新的勇气。A lobbyist for another big company says that with the Free Democrats you didnt need an interpreter to explain industrys concerns to the government, but now he fears he will.另一家大公司的一个游说者说道有德国自由民主党人的话你不需要一个翻译者去解释政府的工业关注点,但是现在他担心他需要了。He grumbles that Mrs Merkel understands the importance of a free economy but does not actually understand what it means.他抱怨道默克尔女士明白一个自由经济的重要性但是她可能并未真正懂它的含义。He even praises Gerhard Schr?der, Mrs Merkels predecessor and a Social Democrat.他甚至赞赏格哈德施罗德,默克尔女士的前任和一个社会民主党人。Mr Schrder would listen, ask questions, and then say I can do this; I cant do that.施罗德会听、问问题然后接着说我可以做这个;我不能做那个。Mrs Merkel does listen carefully—but then keeps her own counsel.默克尔女士确实听得很认真——但是接着保持她自己的想法。The CDU-CSU has kept one promise: the coalition treaty pledges not to raise taxes, which the parties of the left all favour.CDU-CSU联盟保一个承诺:联盟条约保税收不增加,这也是左派全都持的。Growth-friendly spending, such as on infrastructure and research, will increase.对增长有利的政府花销,如基础设施建设和研究,会增长。But Deutsche Bank estimates that social spending will rise by three times as much.但是荷兰估计社会花费会增长三倍之多。Businesses are far less happy about changes that will affect the labour market.商业会更不乐于见到会影响劳动力市场的变化。Germanys best-performing, export-oriented companies will be little affected by the minimum wage, as they employ few low-skilled workers.德国业绩做的最好的,出口导向的公司几乎不会被最低工资影响,由于他们雇佣很少的技术不高的工人。But the ability to employ workers on short-term contracts will be curtailed.但是他们用短期合同雇佣工人的能力被剥夺了。Some firms have been criticised for abusing such methods as a way of keeping workers from benefits that full-time employees would receive.一些公司曾经批评滥用这些方法作为一种剥夺工人们享有全职雇员能够享受到利益的方式。But now a tool that has made the labour market more flexible, and helped to bring unemployment down, will be made harder to use.但是现在一个工具,可以使劳动力市场更加的灵活并且帮助降低失业率,会更难使用。Energy policy is a particularly sore point.能源政策更是一个痛处。Germanys renewable-energy law has boosted green sources through guaranteed high prices for renewable power, preferred access for renewables to the grid and easier financing, from a tax on electricity bills.德国的可再生能源法通过保可再生能源的高价、对可再生能源管道网络更优先的许可和更容易的来自电力税的融资来促进绿色来源。German industrial electricity prices are among the highest in Europe.德国工业用电价格属于欧洲最高行列。Power-hungry industries get partial relief from the tax that finances renewable subsidies; but they complain nonetheless, of a lack of long-term clarity in energy policy.能源密集型工业通过提供可再生能源补贴税减轻部分负担;虽然如此但是他们仍然抱怨能源政策缺乏长期确定性。Firms are voting with their euros.公司们用他们的欧元投票。The value of fixed capital in energy-intensive industries has declined over the past decade.在能源密集产业的固定资本价值在过去十年下降了。As companies kit is wearing out, they are simply not replacing it, or investing abroad.由于公司的设备磨损了,他们仅仅是不更换它,或者投资国外。The coalition treaty speaks of an energy policy triangle of sustainability, supply security and affordability, but fills in little detail about how the government can achieve all three competing goals.这个联盟条约提起一个集持续性、安全保和可付的能源政策三角,但是没有透露任何关于政府如何实现所有三个具有竞争力目标的细节。The government has set a deadline of April 2014 to publish a fundamental reform of the renewable-energy law, which it hopes to pass by summer.政府设定了2014年4月一个最后期限去公布可再生能源法基础性改革,Udo Niehage, the head of government relations at Siemens, a big engineering firm, is not panicking yet.大型工程公司西门子政府关系部门领导Udo Niehage一点都不惊慌失措。He is certain that the coalition understands the worries of German businesses, and praises Ms Merkels toughness and cleverness.他很肯定联盟很明白德国商业的担忧,并且赞赏默克尔的坚韧和聪明。She is certainly good at wrong-footing political opponents, and so it is possible that the coalition deal is an unreliable guide to what the new government will actually do.她肯定很擅长使政治对手手忙脚乱,所以可能联盟处理方式是一个对新政府实际上会做什么不可靠的指引。But the lack of certainty about future plans is the loudest complaint about the chancellor coming from businesses.但是未来计划缺乏确定性是来自商业关于总理最大的抱怨。Trusting in her cleverness is not enough.相信她的聪明是不够的。 /201312/270912江西省儿童医院整形科南昌省妇幼保健院祛疤多少钱



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