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新余市渝水区分宜县背部脱毛九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县做狐臭手术多少钱I understand an alcohol hangover all too well...但我对醒酒过程的感觉很清楚I try and avoid having them but when我尽量避免有这种感觉 但是I have one I know exactly what it is.一旦我有了感觉 我知道它是什么样的This is unknown and Im not sure而这个感觉是不清楚的what to do to ease the symptoms.我不能确认做什么能减轻这种症状Im also not clear about how its going to last.我也不清楚这个感觉后面会怎样持续Theres a sort of discomfort and slight edge of worry有一种不舒并且轻微烦躁的感觉that is borne out of that new substance.是这种新药物带来的Im not in my hangover comfort zone.我不是在醒酒的舒适状态中If that makes sense.如果这样讲有意义的话Thats one of the reasons alcohol is going to be such a hard act to follow这就是为什么饮酒很难被规范的原因but also why David has to keep trying.同时也解释了为何大卫必须继续实验Alcohols become the devil we know.我们知道酒精变成了魔鬼Weve even forgiven it for the pain it causes.我们甚至宽恕了它所导致的痛苦重点解释:1.clear about 明白例句:She seems quite clear about her future curricula.她对自己未来要学的课程看来很有把握。2.sort of 有几分地例句:That would sort of ruin the point.那会有几分破坏的意图。3.make sense 讲得通; 有意义; 言之有理例句:Can you make sense of this poem?你看得懂这首诗吗? 201508/394936南昌会昌县石城县上犹县兴国县崇义县处女膜修复多少钱 Im so surprised and so touched我真的很惊讶,也很感动that I see this in my lifetime.能在有生之年看到这些When I used to come to China, I thought,当我来到中国时,我想;Oh my God were so behind,is it ever going to catch up?;“噢,我的上帝,我们如此落后,还能迎头赶上吗 ”Now, I see people like Da Dong现在,我看到了像大东这样的人Im sure, Im gonna see many places in China how its changing我确定,我将见更多中国的变化之处It makes me proud, its a...这让我很骄傲,非常…Its like a full circle, coming to terms with who Iam对我而言,我的人生在这种回归中获得了圆满and I was right to be proud, to be a Chinese.我也为我是中国人而自豪Cheers!Its fantastic!干杯!这真的很棒Next time we journey to the Sichuan province.下一次旅程,我们将去四川省The spicy, hot land of China.中国最火辣的地方Wow!Its really numbing heat.哇,真的很麻辣Where the food is firey, and the chillipepper is king.那里的食物辛辣刺激,辣椒即是王者this will actually blow your head off good.肯定会让人辣翻天的Well explore one of the worlds fastest growing megacities.我们将探索世界上发展最快的都市之一I thought it would be a lot of change, but its shocking.我有想过这里变化会很大,但仍震惊无比But still, deeply Chinese.却仍旧具有浓厚的中国味Oh hes massaging your ear.I love it.噢,他在给你的耳朵.我喜欢Well adventure to the rural backwaters.我们会到乡间探险To cook traditional dishes.烹饪传统菜肴This pigs ear is really good, cartilegy! Good!猪耳上的软骨好好吃And find out why Sichuan cuisine了解为何川菜is now been celebrated around the world.在全世界闻名遐迩Im discovering things here,在这我发现了很多that are an inspiration to me.给我带来了灵感201507/384809The Vale of York hoard makes it clear that Viking England did indeed operate on a trans-continental scale. Here is a dirham from Samarkand, and there are other Islamic coins from central Asia. Like York, Kiev was a great Viking city, and there merchants from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan traded their goods via Russia and the Baltic to the whole of northern Europe. In the process, the people around Kiev became very rich. An Arab merchant of the time describes them making neck-rings for their wives by melting down the gold and silver coins theyd amassed from trade:约克郡的宝藏表明,维京人确实一度在整个欧洲大陆经商。宝藏中有一枚撒马尔罕的货币迪拉姆,也有一些来自中亚的伊斯兰货币,基辅与约克一样是维京人盘踞的重要城市,来自伊拉克、伊朗和阿富汗的商人在这里取道俄罗斯和波罗的海,将货物销往整个北欧。居住在基辅周边的人因而变得富裕。当时的一名阿拉伯商人说,这里的人熔化贸易所得的金银币,为妻子制作项圈:;Round her neck she wears gold or silver rings; when a man amasses 10,000 dirhams, he makes his wife one ring; when he has 20,000 he makes two... and often a woman has many of these rings.;女人戴着金银项圈,男人一旦攒够一万牧迪拉姆,就会给妻子打一个项圈,两万牧就打两个…一个女人通常拥有多个项圈。And, indeed, theres a fragment of one of these Russian rings in the hoard.宝藏中确实有一块这种俄罗斯项圈的残片。Although Kiev and York were both Viking cities, contact between them would only very rarely have been direct. Normally the trade route would be constructed through a series of relays, with spices and silver coins and jewellery moving north, as amber and fur moved in the other direction, and at every stage there would be a profit. But this trade route also carried the dark side of the Vikings reputation. All through eastern Europe, the Vikings captured people to sell as slaves in the great market of Kiev-which explains why in so many European languages the words for slave and Slav are to this day still so closely connected.基辅和约克都是维京人的城市,但它们之间几乎没有过直接交流。贸易路线上通常会有好几个中转站,商人到这里将香料、银币和珠宝运往北方,再将琥珀和皮草运往南方,每次转手都能赚上一笔。这条贸易路线也让维京人恶名远扬。他们在整个东欧到处抓人,运到基辅的奴隶市场上贩卖。也因此,在很多欧洲语言中,指代“奴隶” (slave)和“斯拉夫人”(Slav)的词语仍高度相关。 译文属201604/437218九江县共青城市彭泽县武宁县修水县除晒斑多少钱

南昌/有激光兔毛的的医院有没有The Creation of Adam: Neurology and Neoplatonism米开朗基罗:《创造亚当》All right, cherubs. Right now were looking at a detail from the Fresco on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.好的,天使们。现在我们要看米开朗基罗在西斯汀礼拜堂天花板上的局部壁画。This particular detail is often called Creation of Adam and its one of the most recognizable paintings ever made. People often discuss how Michelangelo painted this while lying on his back, or use it for a fart joke Memes, but this has been reproduced for more interesting reasons. It visually tells a story of God giving life to mankind out of dust, which is what Adams name means.这块特定的局部通常被称作《创造亚当》,而它是至今最具辨识度的画作之一。人们通常讨论米开朗基罗是怎么背靠在地上画出这个的,或是把它拿来做恶搞图,但这画被复制是因为更有趣的理由。它以视觉讲了上帝从尘土中给了人类生命的故事,而尘土正是亚当名字的意思。Now thats a big task—how can one paint God? Michelangelo chose to make him look old and wise here, which God should be since hes infinitely old and infinitely wise. But hes also really fit. Check out those triceps. Hes youthful and strong, which God should be since hes infinitely powerful and should be energetic enough to be infinitely present.现在那是个大工程--人怎么可以画出上帝?米开朗基罗选择了让他在这看起来年长又有智慧,上帝应该这样,因为他是极其年老和极其有智慧的。但他同样也非常强壮。看看那些三头肌。他朝气蓬勃又强壮,上帝应该这样,因为他是极其强大、应该要有足够的精力永远存在。Adam is stationary here as dust is, while God is in motion, stretching to give...is it life? Adam aly looks awake, I guess. He kind of has a blank stare here but his eyes are open. He can be viewed as an allegory for dust: lifeless and still, waiting for the breath of life to enter him.亚当在这就跟尘土一样是静止的,然而上帝在移动中,伸展着要给他...是生命吗?亚当看起来已经是醒过来的,我猜。他在这像是有着无神的凝视,但他的双眼是睁开的。他可以被看做是尘土的象征:毫无生气且静止不动,等待着生命的气息进入它。An interesting idea here is that God is giving Adam consciousness or intelligence. This is perhaps the reason that its so popular to discuss the relationship with Gods vehicle, here, to the human brain. I mean, this does look like a brain.这里一个很有趣的想法是,上帝正在给予亚当知觉或智慧。这也许就是为何如此流行讨论神的乘坐工具,这里,与人类大脑关系的理由。我是说,这确实看起来像颗脑袋。This scarf looks like a vertebral artery, and this cherubs leg was like a pituitary gland. Some even claim this section of the painting here represents synapses, which is a part of the neuron to transmit chemical or electrical signals to one another.这条围巾看起来像脊椎动脉,而这个天使的腿像脑下垂体。有些人甚至称画作的这区块代表神经突触,这是神经相互传递化学或电子讯号的部位。Now Michelangelo certainly would not have known about synapsis, but the comparison is fun to think about. He did work with dissection and knew quite a bit about the human body. You can easily see his knowledge of anatomy in the Statue of David. So this brain theory isnt entirely crazy.米开朗基罗当然不会已经了解突触,但思考这比拟是很有趣的。他确实有做过解剖且了解相当多关于人体的事。你可以轻易地看出他对大卫像结构分析的了解。所以这个大脑理论并非完全疯狂的。This part of the brain is called the occipital lobe, and its partly responsible for sight. Sight has an interesting relationship with consciousness, particularly when we think about an intellectual movement Michelangelo was a part of called Neoplatonism.大脑的这部份称为枕叶,它负责部分视觉。视觉和知觉有种有趣的关系,特别是当我们想到米开朗基罗曾参与、叫做新柏拉图派哲学的知识运动。This movement, encouraged by the first Latin translations of Platos work in Florence during the late 1,400s, revived Platonic philosophy and the content of ideal forms during the High Renaissance. Platos works stressed the importance of metaphysical forms, immune to any corruption, over temporary earthbound forms subject to decay.这个运动,由1,400晚期间在佛罗伦斯柏拉图作品的首批拉丁文翻译所引领,在文艺复兴盛期使柏拉图哲学和理想形式的内涵重新流行起来。柏拉图的作品强调了抽象形式的重要性,免于任何在受制于衰败的暂时、受世俗束缚的形式中任何腐化。What we can visually see in the physical realm, using our occipital lobe, is a reflection of a higher ideal form, and in the Christian framework, its a reflection of the light of God.我们可以在物质方面从视觉上看到的,利用我们的枕叶,是更高一等理想形式的反射,而在基督教的架构中,这是上帝之光的反射。Mankind uniquely has this double nature. We have the ability of comprehend like a God, but we have to perceive the universe with flaw senses made from dust. In this painting, Adam has been given the insight to recognize higher spiritual forms through their earthbound shadows or representations.人类独特地拥有这种双重特质。我们拥有像上帝一样理解的能力,但我们必须要用由尘土做成、带有缺陷的知觉来理解天地万物。在这幅画中,亚当被给予识别出更高一等精神形式的洞察力,透过他们受世俗所束缚的幻影或是形象。Michelangelo also plays with Neoplatonic thought by representing mankind in ideal form. I mean, no man in the real world has that kind of muscle structure, or at least Id like to think its not possible. By representing Adam in an ideal way rather than a natural way, hes forcing us to consider the idea of man rather than the physical and temporary real men.米开朗基罗同样也透过以理想形式描绘人类,摆弄新柏拉图派哲学的思想。我是说,在现实世界没有男人拥有那种肌肉结构,或至少我想认为这是不可能的。借由以理想的方式而不是自然的方式描绘出亚当,他正迫使我们思考“男人的概念”、而不是实际上当代的“真正男人”。Its interesting to think this painting illustrates God giving humanity the breath of life through consciousness and a physical brain that is literally the vehicle through which we can perceive the metaphysical by showing God riding on that vehicle.那是很有趣的,想想这幅画描绘出上帝给予人类生命的气息,透过知觉、以及透过其实就是那骑乘工具的实体脑袋,透过那个我们可以借由表现出上帝骑乘着那工具,理解那抽象概念。Just sit with that for a little while.就接受那想法一下下。If you like the way we discussed this painting and want to see more, please subscribe for a new art history every other Monday.如果你喜欢我们讨论这幅画作的方式,且想要看更多,请订阅以在每隔週一看到新的艺术史影片。201502/358480南昌全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市鼻头缩小多少钱 宜春市袁州区高安市丰城市脸部抽脂价格

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