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TORONTO — One frigid day in February, Kerry McLorg drove to an airport hotel here to pick up a family of Syrian refugees. She was cautious by nature, with a job poring over insurance data, but she had never even spoken to the people who were about to move into her basement.多伦多――今年2月一个寒冷的日子里,凯莉·麦克朗格(Kerry McLorg)开车去某机场酒店接一家叙利亚难民。从事保险数据研究的她生性谨慎,但此前,她并未和即将搬进她家地下室的这家人说过话。“I don’t know if they even know we exist,” she said.“我甚至不知道他们是否知道我们的存在,”她说。At the hotel, Abdullah Mohammad’s room phone rang, and an interpreter told him to go downstairs. His children’s only belongings were in pink plastic bags, and the family’s documents lay in a white paper bag printed with a Canadian flag. His sponsors had come, he was told. He had no idea what that meant.在酒店,阿卜杜拉·穆罕默德(Abdullah Mohammad)房间里的电话铃响了起来,一个翻译告诉他可以下楼了。他的孩子们行李不多,都放在粉色塑料袋里,全家人的文件则放在一个印着加拿大国旗的白色纸袋里。他接到通知,说他的赞助者们来了。他不知道这是什么意思。Across Canada, ordinary citizens, distressed by news reports of drowning children and the shunning of desperate migrants, are intervening in one of the world’s most pressing problems. Their country allows them a rare power and responsibility: They can band together in small groups and personally resettle — essentially adopt — a refugee family. In Toronto alone, hockey moms, dog-walking friends, book club members, poker buddies and lawyers have formed circles to take in Syrian families. The Canadian government says sponsors officially number in the thousands, but the groups have many more extended members.在加拿大各地,有许多普通民众为溺亡儿童和背井离乡的绝望难民感到悲伤,纷纷参与到这项世界上最紧迫的问题中来。他们的国家赋予他们一项罕有的权力与责任:他们可以结成小群体,以个人身份重新安置(实质上等于收养)一个难民家庭。仅在多伦多,因孩子打冰球而结识的妈妈们、遛认识的朋友、读书俱乐部的成员、打扑克的牌友和律师们纷纷组成小群体,接纳叙利亚家庭。加拿大政府说,官方确认的赞助者已达数千人,但是这些小组还有更多成员。When McLorg walked into the hotel lobby to meet Mohammad and his wife, Eman, she had a letter to explain how sponsorship worked: For one year, McLorg and her group would provide financial and practical support, from subsidizing food and rent to supplying clothes to helping them learn English and find work. She and her partners had aly raised more than 40,000 Canadian dollars (about ,700), selected an apartment, talked to the local school and found a nearby mosque.麦克朗格走进酒店大厅,去迎接默罕默德和他的妻子艾曼(Eman),她带着一封信,里面对这项赞助活动做出了解释:一年内,麦克朗格和她的小组会提供经济的以及各种实质性的援助——从食物、房租补助到衣,甚至帮助他们学英语、找工作。她和搭档们已经筹集了4万加元(约合人民币20.6万元),选好了一处公寓,同当地学校谈好入学问题,还在附近找好了清真寺。McLorg, the mother of two teenagers, made her way through the crowded lobby, a kind of purgatory for newly arrived Syrians. Another member of the group clutched a welcome sign she had written in Arabic but then realized she could not tell if the words faced up or down. When the Mohammads appeared, McLorg asked their permission to shake hands and took in the people standing before her, no longer just names on a form. Abdullah Mohammad looked older than his 35 years. His wife was unable, wearing a flowing niqab that obscured her face except for a narrow slot for her eyes. Their four children, all under 10, wore donated parkas with the tags still on.麦克朗格是两个十几岁孩子的妈妈,她走过拥挤的大厅,这样的地方对于新来的叙利亚人不啻为一种折磨。小组的另一个成员手里拿着一块标识,上面用阿拉伯语写着表示欢迎的字样,但她发现自己其实也拿不准这块牌子有没有拿倒。穆罕默德一家出现了,麦克朗格征求对方同意后与他们握了手;他们终于站在了她的面前,不再只是表格上的名字。阿卜杜拉·穆罕默德35岁,但看上去比实际年龄要老,他的妻子则说不清年龄,松垂的面纱遮住了她的面孔,只有一条窄缝露出眼睛。他们有四个孩子,都不到10岁,穿着捐助的冲锋衣,标牌还没有撕去。For the Mohammads, who had been in Canada less than 48 hours, the signals were even harder to . In Syria, Abdullah had worked in his family’s grocery stores and Eman had been a nurse, but after three years of barely hanging on in Jordan, they were not used to being wanted or welcomed. “You mean we’re leaving the hotel?” Abdullah asked. To himself, he was wondering, “What do these people want in return?”对于来到加拿大还不到48小时的穆罕默德一家来说,眼前的种种信号更加捉摸不透。在叙利亚,阿卜杜拉在自家的杂货铺里工作,艾曼曾是护士。但是在约旦逗留三年后,他们已经习惯了遭人厌恶遭人嫌这件事。“你是说我们要离开酒店了?”阿卜杜拉问。他想知道,“这些人要什么回报呢?”Much of the world is reacting to the refugee crisis — 21 million displaced from their countries, nearly 5 million of them Syrian — with hesitation or hostility. Greece shipped desperate migrants back to Turkey; Denmark confiscated their valuables; and even Germany, which has accepted more than half a million refugees, is struggling with growing resistance to them. Broader anxiety about immigration and borders helped motivate Britons to take the extraordinary step last week of voting to leave the European Union.在这场难民危机中,有2100万难民逃出自己的国家,其中近500万是叙利亚人,世界上的大多数地方对于这场危机的回应是犹豫,甚至是敌意。希腊把绝望的难民用船送回土耳其;丹麦没收了他们的财产;就连接纳了50多万难民的德国,对他们的抗拒也在日益增加。对移民与边境日渐增多的焦虑,使得英国人在上个星期采取极端措施,投票脱离欧盟。In the ed States, even before the Orlando massacre spawned new d about “lone wolf” terrorism, a majority of American governors said they wanted to block Syrian refugees because some could be dangerous. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has called for temporary bans on all Muslims from entering the country and recently warned that Syrian refugees would cause “big problems in the future.” The Obama administration promised to take in 10,000 Syrians by Sept. 30 but has so far admitted about half that many.在美国,就连在奥兰多大屠杀制造出对“独狼”恐怖主义日渐蔓延的新恐惧之前,有大半的美国州长表示,他们不希望接受叙利亚难民,因为其中一些人可能是危险分子。稳获共和党总统提名的唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)呼吁,要临时禁止所有的穆斯林进入这个国家,近来又警告说,叙利亚难民可能“在未来造成重大问题”。奥巴马政府承诺到9月30日接受1万名叙利亚难民,但到现在为止仅接受了一半不到。Just across the border, however, the Canadian government can barely keep up with the demand to welcome them. Many volunteers felt called to action by the photograph of Alan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler whose body washed up last fall on a Turkish beach. He had only a slight connection to Canada — his aunt lived near Vancouver — but his death caused recrimination so strong it helped elect an idealistic, refugee-friendly prime minister, Justin Trudeau.然而,在边境对面,加拿大政府却忙于满足人们对他们的欢迎。去年秋天,很多志愿者看了尸体被冲到土耳其海滩上的叙利亚孩子阿兰·库尔蒂(Alan Kurdi)的照片后,觉得有义务采取行动。他和加拿大只有一点点关系——他的阿姨生活在温哥华附近——但他的死引发了强烈的反应,以至于加拿大人投票选举了理想主义的、对难民友善的贾斯廷·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)担任总理。Impatient would-be sponsors — “an angry mob of do-gooders,” The Star called them — have been seeking more families. The new government committed to taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees and then raised the total by tens of thousands.想成为赞助者的民众迫不及待地寻找更多家庭——《星报》(The Star)称他们是“一群愤怒的热心人”。新政府承诺接纳2.5万名叙利亚难民,后来又把总数提高到了数万人。“I can’t provide refugees fast enough for all the Canadians who want to sponsor them,” John McCallum, the country’s immigration minister, said in an interview.“对于那些希望提供帮助的加拿大人,我没有办法马上提供那么多的难民,”加拿大负责移民事务的部长约翰·麦卡勒姆(John McCallum)在采访中说。Advocates for sponsorship believe that private citizens can achieve more than the government alone, raising the number of refugees admitted, guiding newcomers more effectively and potentially helping solve the puzzle of how best to resettle Muslims in Western countries. The fear is that all of this effort could end badly, with the Canadians looking naive in more ways than one.赞助工作的持者们相信,与仅靠政府的力量相比,普通公民可以做得更多,同时增加接受移民的数量,并更有效地引导新来者,甚至还有助于解决如何在西方国家重新安置穆斯林这个难题。但也有人担心,加拿大人在很多方面看起来都太天真,这些努力有可能换来糟糕的结局。The Syrians are screened, and many sponsors and refugees take offense at the notion that they could be dangerous, saying they are often victims of terrorism themselves. But U.S. officials point out that it is very difficult to track activity in the chaotic, multifaceted Syrian war. Several Islamic State members involved in the 2015 Paris attacks arrived on Europe’s shores from Syria posing as refugees.叙利亚人经过了筛查,很多赞助者和难民都觉得,把难民视为危险人物是一种侮辱,他们说,难民也往往是恐怖主义的受害者。但是美国官员指出,在混乱复杂的叙利亚战争中,很难追溯一个人的行为。有几个卷入2015年巴黎恐怖袭击事件的伊斯兰国成员都是伪装成难民,从叙利亚来到欧洲。Some of the refugees in Canada have middle- and upper-class backgrounds. But many more face steep paths to integration, with no money of their own, uncertain employment prospects and huge cultural gaps. Some had never heard of Canada until shortly before coming here.一些来到加拿大的难民有中产或上层阶级背景。但是更多难民需要面对艰难的融合之路,他们没有钱、就业前景不明,还面临巨大的文化差异,有些人甚至到来前不久,才听说加拿大这个地方。And volunteers cannot fully anticipate what they may confront — clashing expectations of whether Syrian women should work, tensions over how money is spent, families that are still dependent when the year is up, disagreements within sponsor groups.志愿者们也不能完全预料到自己可能面对的情况:对叙利亚女性是否应该工作的预期存在冲突;金钱的用途可能导致的紧张;一年过后,这些家庭有可能仍然无法独立;赞助小组内部也会产生分歧。Still, by mid-April, only eight weeks after their first encounter with McLorg, the Mohammads had a downtown apartment with a pristine kitchen, bikes for the children to zip around the courtyard, and a Canadian flag taped to their window.然而,到4月中旬,距离见过麦克朗格第一面仅八周之后,穆罕默德一家已经在闹市拥有了一套带有全新厨房的公寓,孩子们可以在院子里骑自行车,他们的窗户上贴着一面加拿大国旗。Abdullah Mohammad searched for the right words to describe what the sponsors had done for him. “It’s like I’ve been on fire, and now I’m safe in the water,” he said.阿卜杜拉·穆罕默德寻找着合适的字眼来描述赞助者们为他所做的事。“就好像我本来着火了,现在我安全地呆在水里了,”他说。There still was some culture shock. When Abdullah Mohammad took the children to a community pool, he encountered a woman in a string bikini. “I ran away,” he said later. “I’ve never seen that before in my life.”文化冲击还是存在。阿卜杜拉·穆罕默德带孩子们到社区泳池是,遇到一个穿吊带比基尼的女人。“我跑开了,”他后来说,“我这辈子从未见过这样的情景。”In mid-May, at the end of a routine meeting with the sponsors and the Mohammads, McLorg shared news of her own: She had breast cancer. Now that she was facing surgery, she was the one who was vulnerable, and the Syrians were the ones who were checking on her.5月中旬,在赞助者与穆罕默德一家的例会上,麦克朗格说了一件自己的事:她患了乳腺癌。她要做手术了,现在她成了脆弱的一方,那家叙利亚人变成了关照她的人。They brought flowers and chocolates; the other sponsors, now practiced in the logistics of caring, offered meal deliveries and other assistance. “I had no intention of building my own support group, but I have one now,” McLorg said.他们为她带来鲜花和巧克力;其他的赞助人现在负责照顾她,为她送餐,提供其他帮助。“我从来没想过建立自己的援小组,但是现在我有了一个,”麦克朗格说。Bayan and Batoul, the two oldest Mohammad children, made get-well cards using the same set of watercolors the sponsors had used to make greeting signs that first day at the airport hotel. The morning after McLorg’s operation, when she made her way down to her living room, the cards were the first things she saw.穆罕默德家的老大和老二——巴扬(Bayan)和巴图尔(Batoul)用各位赞助人第一天在机场绘制欢迎标识的那套水颜料制作了慰问卡。麦克朗格手术翌日早上,当她回到自家客厅,那些卡片是她看到的第一样东西。 /201607/452454萍乡安源区湘东区莲花县去除腋毛多少钱China, Sweltering, Doles Out Subsidies for High Heat三伏天在户外工作,你拿到高温补贴了吗?BEIJING — After three days of torrid heat in Beijing, with thermometer ings in the upper 90s Fahrenheit, the air in the city’s concrete canyons and on its giant ring roads has cooled a little, to 95. Enough for city officials to drop the health warning they had posted on Sunday, as they do whenever temperatures exceed that threshold.北京——北京经历了三天的酷热,温度计的读数直奔40摄氏度。然后,混凝土峡谷之间及恢弘的环路上的空气似乎冷却了一点,降到了35度,足以让市政府撤销了周日发布的健康警告。每当温度超过35度阈值的时候,他们就会发出这种警告。Sure, it is not the heat of the deserts of Rajasthan in India, where temperatures in May crackled to 123.8 degrees. But the air in Beijing and other parts of China can reach 106 in the summer, and work rarely stops on the 24-hour construction sites even under these “bamboo steamer” conditions, as The Beijing Evening News described them.当然,北京没有印度拉贾斯坦邦的沙漠那么热,今年5月那里的温度高达51度。不过,根据《北京晚报》的报道,北京和中国其他一些地区的夏季气温可以达到42度,但即使在这种类似“蒸笼”的条件下,一些24小时施工的建筑工地也很少停工。China has something rare to address the problem. By law, many people who work outdoors are eligible for a heat subsidy when temperatures go above 95, or 35 degrees Celsius — a pay supplement that in Beijing amounts to 180 renminbi a month, or , China News Service reported.中国用一种罕见的办法来应对这个问题。中国新闻网报道,根据法律规定,当温度超过35摄氏度的时候,很多在户外工作的人就有资格享受高温补贴——在北京,这种补贴的标准是每个月180元人民币。Employers do not always give the money, and workers may not know about it or may fear losing their jobs if they ask, said a business and legal consultancy based in Shanghai.总部设在上海的一家业务和法律咨询公司称,雇主并不总是按规定付这笔钱,员工也许不知道有这种补贴,或者可能担心,要是自己向雇主讨要,就会失去工作。“Employees have the right to file a complaint if an employer fails to pay, but rarely do in fear of repercussions,” reported China Briefing, a newsletter of the consultancy, Dezan Shira amp; Associates. “In many cases, employees aren’t even aware of the allowance.”“如果雇主不发高温补贴,雇员有权提出申诉,但他们很少这么做,担心导致不利后果,”协力管理咨询公司(Dezan Shira amp; Associates)的新闻通讯务China Briefing称。“有很多时候,雇员甚至不知道有这笔津贴”。Several people in Beijing who work on contract, or without any contract, laughed when asked whether they had received the subsidy, as temperatures soared this week.当被问及本周气温飙升期间是否拿到了补贴时,几名在北京工作的工人笑了起来,他们中有些签了合同,有些没有签。“Who gets that?!” asked one man, in a typical response.“有谁拿到了?!”有一个人问。这是很典型的反应。In the face of global warming and rising temperatures that are affecting human health and productivity worldwide, might the Chinese practice, which aims to protect people’s health, catch on? Could such subsidies become a cost of doing business in a hotter world?在世界各地,全球变暖和温度日益上升对人类健康和生产力产生了影响。既然如此,中国用高温补贴来保护大家健康的做法,会流行起来吗?当世界变得更热,这种补贴可能成为做生意的一种成本吗?While there is some public discussion in China about the long-term human or economic implications of global warming, in general the implications of rising heat are poorly studied, wrote Rui-Dan Chen, a scientist at Sun Yat-sen University in the southern city of Guangzhou, and Ri-Yu Lu at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, in a recent review of published material on extreme heat in the journal Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters. The authors defined extreme heat as temperatures that exceeded 95 degrees.虽然在中国,人们也对全球变暖对人类或经济的长期影响进行了一些公开讨论,但广州中山大学的科学家陈锐丹以及北京中国科学院的陆日宇近日在《大气和海洋科学快报》(Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters)上发表的一篇综述文章写道,总体而言,中国关于升温影响的研究非常少。他们把超过35摄氏度定义为极端高温,全面回顾了已经发表的关于这方面的文献。China, like everywhere else, is experiencing those rising temperatures and also rising deaths related to heat, the authors said, ing the World Meteorological Organization. During the decade ending in 2010, they said, 136,000 deaths were caused by heat waves, an increase of 2,300 percent over the 6,000 deaths recorded in the previous decade.作者引用世界气象组织 (World Meteorological Organization)的资料称,在中国,像在其他地方一样,气温不断上升,与高温有关的死亡案例也在增加。在截至2010年的十年中,有13.6万人因热浪死亡,而之前十年的这个数字为6000人,增幅达2300%。“Extreme heat events have become an important public concern,” the authors wrote. But far more attention is paid to “precipitation extremes,” they said, “possibly due to the long history of China as a traditional agricultural country.”作者写道,“极端高温事件逐渐成为公众关注的一个重要焦点。”但人们对“极端降水事件”的关注远远更多,他们说,“可能是因为中国是一个历史悠久的传统农业国。”China has a record of flooding along its rivers, especially in the center and south of the country, and leaders regularly appear at major floods to demonstrate support for rescue efforts.中国河流的洪涝灾害比较常见,尤其是在中心和南部地区。发生大洪水时领导人常常会出面,显示对救援工作的持。Despite the patchy enforcement of the regulations, the government appears to be trying to raise consciousness of the heat subsidies, not least among foreign employers who may need to pay them to their workers.尽管高温补贴的条例执行不力,政府似乎正在设法提高这方面的意识,尤其是针对可能需要向雇员付补贴的外国雇主。In an article in June in its “Learning Chinese” section, the state-run newspaper Global Times offered the following dialogue about the subsidies:官方报纸《环球时报》在“学汉语”栏目6月发表的一篇文章中,刊登了下面这段关于高温补贴的对话:“It’s way too hot today! Too bad, I still have to work,” “A” said.A:“今天太热了!可惜我还得上班。”“Don’t let it get you down,” “B” urged. “Workers that work during sweltering summer days have a right to a ‘high heat subsidy’!”B:“别闷闷不乐了,酷暑时期上班,可享受高温补贴哦!”The amounts vary across the country. Shanxi Province, in the north, offers 240 renminbi a month, while Guangdong, in the far south, provides a relatively low 150 renminbi, according to China News Service.地区不同,补贴的金额也不同。中国新闻网表示,在北部省份山西,高温补贴一个月有240元人民币,南部省份广东只有150元。Some provinces mandate complex calculations based on daily, or even hourly, rates and temperatures, an exercise that might cause anyone trying to figure it out to break into a sweat.一些省份根据温度和日薪、乃至时薪进行复杂的计算,任何人想要算清楚可能都会出一身汗。 /201607/454550九江市第一人民医院激光点痣多少钱Dragging a sleigh laden with enough presents for the world#39;s children - not to mention a famously portly white-bearded gentleman - can be no easy feat.满载着全世界儿童的礼物的雪橇拖起来可不轻松,更别提上面还载着一位大名鼎鼎的白胡子胖先生。But, since time immemorial, this crucial Christmas Eve duty has been performed with distinction by a team of beloved reindeer.但是,自古以来,一群可爱的驯鹿都能出色完成这个圣诞夜的重任。Soon, however, Santa Claus may have to start looking around for a stronger type of animal, as new research reveals the species is becoming increasingly puny.不过,圣诞老人可能很快就得开始寻找更加强壮的动物了。因为新的研究显示,驯鹿正变得越来越瘦小。A 16-year survey on the arctic Norwegian island of Svalbard found the reindeer there have declined in weight by an alarming 12 percent.一项对挪威北极区域斯瓦尔巴特群岛长达16年的调查发现,这里的驯鹿体重下降了12%,这一数字让人震惊。The reduction in average body-mass is being blamed on global warming.全球变暖是驯鹿平均体重减轻的罪魁祸首。In research presented lately at a meeting of the British Ecological Society in Liverpool, scientists will explain how rising temperatures are depriving female reindeer of nutrients during important phases of gestation.日前,科学家们在利物浦英国生态学会的会议上展示了这项研究成果,他们将解释在雌性驯鹿怀的关键阶段,气温升高是如何令其失去营养的。Snow in Svalbard typically covers the ground for eight months of the year, which, combined with low temperatures, limits grass growth to June and July.通常,斯瓦尔巴德岛一年中有八个月都被白雪覆盖,而且气温极低,小草的生长期仅限于六月和七月。But as summer temperatures have increased by around 1.5℃, pastures have become more productive, allowing female reindeer to gain more weight by the autumn and therefore to conceive more calves.但由于夏季气温升高了约1.5℃,牧草地变得更茂盛,这使得雌性驯鹿到了秋天会变胖且能育更多小鹿。However, warmer winters have brought with them greater rainfall which freezes when it settles on the snow, thereby locking out the reindeer from the life-sustaining food below.然而,温暖的冬天带来了更多的降雨,雨水落在雪地里会结冰,阻止驯鹿获得冰面下维持生命的食物。As a result, female reindeer are becoming starved, causing them to abort their calves or giving birth to much lighter young.结果,饥饿的雌性驯鹿就会流产或者诞下体重较轻的小鹿。The average mass of an adult reindeer in 1994, when the survey began, was 55kg, but by 2010 it had dropped to 48kg.1994年调查开始时,一头成年驯鹿的平均体重为55公斤,但是到2010年,成年驯鹿的平均体重已经下降到48公斤。Professor Steve Albon, an ecologist at the James Hatton Institute in Aberdeen, said that, because the mammals have a relatively high surface-area-to-volume ratio, they are no particularly energy efficient.史蒂夫.阿尔教授是阿伯丁詹姆士赫顿研究院的生态学家。他表示,这种哺乳动物的表面积体积比相对较高,他们没有特殊的节能功能。Reindeer can often access the meagre food sources beneath the snow by clearing it away with their antlers, but they cannot break through the hard ice.驯鹿通常用鹿角清除积雪,获得下面寥寥无几的食物,但他们无法弄破坚冰。Without access to the food in winter, calves are being born far lighter than they should be.雌性驯鹿冬天吃不到食物,生下来的小鹿就比应有的体重轻得多。Numbers of reindeer have also soared in the past 20 years, meaning that those which are born are facing greater competition for food.驯鹿的数量在过去的20年里飙升,这意味着生下来的小鹿面临着更加激烈的食物竞争。;The implications are that there may well be more smaller reindeer in the Arctic in the coming decades, but possibly at risk of catastrophic die-offs because of increased ice on the ground,; said Professor Albon.阿尔教授称,“这背后的含义是,虽然未来几十年里很可能出现更多瘦小的驯鹿,但地上的冰面越来越大,它们因此存在灭绝的风险。” Despite the gloomy findings, reindeer appear to be suffering less from the impact of climate change than some other arctic species.尽管这一研究发现很悲观,但是驯鹿受气候变化的影响似乎比其他北极生物要小。Last week the scientists warned that a third of the world#39;s polar bears could disappear in the next 40 years to melting Arctic sea ice.科学家们上周警告称,随着北冰洋冰面的消融,全球三分之一的北极熊可能在未来40年内消失。 /201612/483981南昌/同济整形医院脸部激光美白多少钱

南昌同济医院激光脱毛多少钱南昌/丰太阳穴New residential property prices in China grew faster in October despite a slew of restrictions on purchases, 10月份,尽管中国出台了大量限购措施,中国新建住宅价格增速却仍然加快。but the rate of growth appeared to slow noticeably in a number of top cities.不过,多个大城市新建住宅价格增速似乎已显著放缓。The average price for new residential buildings rose 12.3 per cent in October year on year, according to a weighted average from Reuters based on data from the National Bureau of Statistics. 根据路透社(Reuters)基于中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)计算得到的加权平均值,10月份中国新建住宅平均价格同比上涨12.3%,That is up from a rise of 11.2 per cent in September.超过了9月份11.2%的上涨幅度。That was a less marked jump than the 3 percentage point rise from August to September, however, suggesting recent curbs to property purchases may be having some effect.不过,这一增幅低于8月份到9月份3个百分点的增加幅度,意味着近期的房地产限购措施或许产生了一定效果。That possibility was backed up by a list of top-tier cities the statistics bureau began tracking recently 国家统计局最近开始跟踪研究的大城市的房价数据就持这种可能性。Which showed month-on-month prices had fallen – albeit marginally – in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhengzhou during the second half of the month. 该数据显示10月份下半月北京、天津、上海、深圳、厦门和郑州新建住宅价格出现了环比下滑。Yet when October was taken as a whole, only Shenzhen showed a real month-on-month price fall.不过,如果把10月份看做一个整体,则只有深圳房价真正出现了环比下滑。Countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 62 out of 70 major cities last month, were unchanged in one and fell in seven. 从全国来看,上个月70个主要城市中62个城市的房价环比上涨,1个城市房价不变,还有7个城市出现下跌。Wuxi, in coastal Jiangsu province, retained the top spot for a second month with growth of 4.9 per cent, 沿海江苏省的无锡市以4.9%的环比涨幅连续第二个月处于首位。but that was markedly lower than the previous month’s rise of 8.2 per cent. 不过,这一涨幅显著低于此前一个月8.2%的环比涨幅。In a close second was Changsha, capital of Hunan province, with growth of 4.5.与无锡接近的涨幅第二的城市是湖南省省会长沙,该市环比涨幅为4.5%。Price growth in top cities was slower, however, with Beijing, for instance, reporting a rise of only 0.5 per cent from the previous month, compared to 4.9 per cent in September.不过,最大城市的房价上涨已经放缓,比如北京录得的环比涨幅只有0.5%,大大低于9月份的4.9%。In year-on-year terms prices rose in 65 cities and fell in five. 同比来看,65个城市的房价同比上涨,5个城市房价同比下跌,The cities of Hefei and Xiamen once again led the pack with growth of 48.6 per cent and 45.9 per cent, respectively. 合肥市和厦门市分别以48.6%和45.9%的涨幅再次领涨。But many others cities that have featured prominently in recent months remained relatively undaunted by the new popularity of purchasing curbs, as prices remained substantially elevated from a year earlier.而相对来说,普遍推出的新限购政策,并未让其他许多最近几个月表现突出的城市受到影响,房价同比依然大幅上涨。The continued, albeit slower growth in prices tracks with recent data showing real estate investment ticked upward in October and sales had registered barely any negative impact from the new restrictions.房价尽管缓慢却持续不断地增长与近期数据走势一致,这些数据显示10月份对房地产投资有所增加,新一轮限购对录得的销售几乎没有任何负面影响。 /201611/479516南昌妇幼保健医院瘦腿针多少钱新余市渝水区分宜县脂肪丰胸价格

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